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January 31, 2022

TrakSoft Inc. Announces the Release of PFS-Trans, Local Version, a Project Funding System for Local Transportation Departments and Private Transportation Companies

TrakSoft Inc., a professional software development firm, today announced the January 31st release of an innovative and professional Project Funding System for Local Transportation Departments (Cities and Counties) and Private Transportation Construction Companies.

Tallahassee, FL (PRWEB) January 31, 2022 -- "PFS-Trans (Local Version) provides the capability to plan, manage, and track the funding for Transportation construction Projects," said Gary Harris, Director and Chief Developer, "and can provide a wide range of data search options and management reporting."

PFS-Trans will manage and track all information about transportation construction projects to include Funding, Approval Dates, Authorizations, Modifications, Expenditures, and much more. Local Governments will be able to know how much funds are appropriated to projects as well as what is available to be appropriated at any time. Private Transportation Construction Companies will be able to manage their funding resources to ensure all projects stay within budget.

PFS-Trans is extremely flexible and powerful. It has an extensive Project Search Engine that allows its users to search for projects based on over 40 different data elements. Other capabilities include intuitive screens, extensive reporting, project document management, two levels of security, and support for handling multiple organizational units. The detailed reporting capabilities will allow easy reconciliation with other systems.

In addition to the Local Version, PFS-Trans is available in a version for State-Level Departments of Transportation. It provides the capability to track and manage federal and local funding for State-Level Projects. Additionally, PFS-Trans will transmit (via FTP) project and funding data, and electronic signatures to the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) FMIS-4 System. This will eliminate the need for double entry and speed up Federal Funding Approvals. It will provide the capability to States for balancing their figures against the figures provided by FHWA's system, increasing data integrity and user productivity.

"This is an outstanding that can be used to manage and control construction costs," said Gary Harris, "and fully functional free trial download versions are available."

TrakSoft Inc., in Tallahassee, Florida, specializes in professional and unique software for both the government and private sectors. For more information, please visit

Posted by Industrial at 03:16 AM | Comments (0) Releases New Site to Showcase Commercial Construction Resources has announced the release of their new website featuring information about commercial construction. The new website features a showcase of more than 90 completed commercial construction projects, links and extensive articles on steel buildings, tilt-up construction and other industry-related topics.

ARLINGTON, TX (PRWEB) January 31, 2022 -- has announced that their new website featuring information about commercial construction has been released to the public.

The new website features a showcase of more than 90 completed commercial construction projects, including warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, flex-tech buildings and call centers. The commercial construction project showcase is broken out by building type and size, and projects are also organized by state for easy searching and viewing. States in the showcase include Texas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Oklahoma, Virginia and Wisconsin. features articles on various construction topics. One series of articles features tilt-up construction and tilt wall concrete construction – historical information, a description of the process of building with cement tilt wall panels, the advantages of tilt-up concrete construction, etc. Also featured is a multipart article on metal buildings and steel buildings. This very general steel building discussion features the pros and cons of steel building construction, the history of commercial metal buildings, a comparison of steel buildings versus tilt-up construction and concrete buildings and more. is sponsored by Bob Moore Construction, a leading general contractor, construction manager and design build contractor in the Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area. Along with the general contractor information and resources, the new website also features information about Bob Moore Construction, including company history and business ratings, press releases, company newsletters and contact information.

“The release of marks a significant entrance into the construction internet community for us,” said Mike Moore, CEO of Bob Moore Construction. “As one of the top construction companies in Texas, we wanted to establish our position on the WWW. provides an educational resource covering a wide range of general contractors and commercial construction topics as well as specific information about Bob Moore Construction.”

As part of the new site launch, is actively seeking reciprocal link exchanges with other quality websites related to architecture, real estate development and commercial construction. Owners of construction-related websites should visit for more information.

About Bob Moore Construction
Established in 1946, Bob Moore Construction, Inc. designs and manages quality commercial construction projects in Texas and across the United States. Bob Moore Construction has delivered a wide range of commercial and industrial building projects for some of the most recognizable companies on the Fortune 500 List. The company combines the latest innovations in construction technologies and practices with traditional values like customer service and integrity to deliver quality construction projects on time and in budget. This blueprint of success has made Bob Moore Construction one of the most reliable, largest volume general contractors in Texas. is the best source of information about the company, its projects and more. The website is updated regularly with press releases, newsletters, completed project write-ups, jobs bidding information and construction articles.

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Feb 1 Deadline Ahead: Employers Must Post Injury & Illness Summaries by Feb 1, Reminds Safety Managers

Clear a space on the company bulletin board. reminds safety managers that OSHA regulations require that OSHA’s 300A form, a summary of all 2004 workplace illnesses and injuries, must be posted prominently in the workplace between February 1 and April 30 2005

Old Saybrook, CT (PRWEB) January 31, 2022 -- Clear a space on the company bulletin board, folks. OSHA regulations require that OSHA’s 300A form, a summary of all 2004 workplace illnesses and injuries, must be posted prominently in the workplace between February 1 and April 30 2005. Failure to comply with OSHA recordkeeping requirements could result in fines of $10,000 (some organizations are exempt because of size or type of business).

Steve Quilliam, editor at, a website that makes safety training and compliance easier, explained some other changes in the new law, which went into effect for injuries occurring in 2003: “One of the most confusing concepts of recordkeeping has been restricted work. The new rule,” he explained, “clarifies the definition of restricted work or light duty and makes it easier to record those cases.” Restricted work activity occurs as the result of a work-related injury or illness that keeps an employee from doing the routine functions of the job or from working the full workday.

Quilliam points out another key difference: “OSHA is trying to better define work-related injuries, to ensure that cases clearly unrelated to work are excluded.” OSHA says that an injury or illness is considered work-related if an event or exposure in the work environment caused or contributed to the condition, or significantly aggravated a preexisting condition.

The 300A summary must list the total numbers of job-related deaths, injuries, and illnesses that occurred in 2004 and were logged on the OSHA 300 form. Employment information about annual average number of employees and total hours worked is also required.

Safety Meetings and Safety Talks
Business & Legal Reports, Inc.’s website,, features hundreds of safety meetings – in PowerPoint®, outline, or talk formats — plus safety tools like checklists and clipart. Plain-English interpretations of all federal and state OSHA regulations are also provided. offers a free download of its members-only summary of OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements. To get the download go to, or call 800-727-5257.

About BLR
Old Saybrook, Conn.-based BLR provides plain-English compliance and training tools for safety, environmental, HR, and compensation managers. For information and a free catalog, call 800-727-5257 or visit

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Sunstate Equipment Company Uses National Equipment Register to Combat Equipment Theft

Sunstate Equipment Company, a major equipment rental company in 8 southern states has registered its equipment fleet with the National Equipment Register (NER) in order to help Sunstate and its clients deter theft and increase the chances of recovering stolen equipment.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) January 31, 2022 -- Through its 24-hour hotline and the Internet, NER provides expert identification advice and ownership information from its databases of millions of equipment theft and ownership records to law enforcement seeking to identify suspicious equipment. NER will now be able to identify equipment belonging to Sunstate – even before a theft has been detected or reported.

Sunstate’s Corporate Risk Manager, Don Cash, noted that “theft is a significant problem for rental companies and their clients, particularly in southern states. Having closely observed NER’s development over the last two years Sunstate considers that NER’s unique services compliment our existing theft prevention efforts – it is also a very cost effective solution that can be implemented immediately and across our entire fleet.” Don Cash added “we only need to deter or recover one or two thefts for the service to pay for itself. It is also the right thing to do as it will positively impact our clients and the industry as a whole”.

All mobile Sunstate units are being marked with decals that clearly warn thieves that the equipment is registered on a national database used extensively by law enforcement, and that the chances of being detected while moving, storing or selling the equipment are greatly increased.

What if the thief removes the decal? “It doesn’t matter”, points out David Shillingford, president of NER, “the item is still registered on the database and can still be identified in a number of ways - and thieves knows this.” NER also encourages officers to investigate suspicious equipment through a national training program that explains the common ‘red flags’ displayed by stolen equipment and the basics of equipment identification.

NER now has over 1,000 law enforcement agencies using their databases regularly, which has already resulted in the recovery of over $4 million of stolen equipment.

About Sunstate
Since 1977, Sunstate Equipment Co. has provided construction, industrial, and special event companies with rental tools and equipment. Reliable service and dedication have helped clients get their job done efficiently and safely.

Renting a full line of quality, well-maintained equipment, from hand tools to heavy equipment, Sunstate has continued to grow from its Arizona home. Sunstate Equipment Co. currently has locations in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Sunstate’s success stems from providing the highest level of service possible. Everyone in the Sunstate family works collectively to ensure orders are completed and delivered on time, all the time. This level of excellence permeates the entire organization.

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January 30, 2022

Millennium Group Announces C. P. Morgan Company, Inc Now Utilizing THE NAILER in its Homebuilding Construction

THE NAILER, a green building product and drywall fastener for supporting interior drywall corners welcomes C.P. Morgan Company, Inc to its list of customers.

Loveland, CO (PRWEB) January 30, 2022 -- C.P. Morgan Company, Inc., a prestigious residential land development and homebuilding company serving metropolitan Indianapolis area and surrounding markets has now incorporated the green building product, THE NAILER in its construction projects. Founded in 1983, C.P. Morgan has built nearly 14,000 homes in over 75 neighborhoods, and has received national recognition for quality community development and ethical practices.

THE NAILER is a drywall fastener for supporting interior drywall corners. Made from 100% recycled plastic, it is a green building product that saves money on lumber and labor. THE NAILER replaces wood backing and metal drywall clips when installing drywall and is easy and rapid to install. Builders and drywall contractors are experiencing substantial labor savings while simultaneously helping the environment.

“We are very pleased that C.P. Morgan has incorporated THE NAILER” into their home construction”, said Andy Pizer, CEO of The Millennium Group and inventor of THE NAILER. “It has been difficult to get large builders to embrace green building and alternative building methods. C.P. Morgan is an outstanding builder in all regards. Their excellent reputation has been earned by improving people’s lives, listening attentively to human needs, and creating environments that encourage true community building. They honor a larger ecology and it shows in their customer service and home construction.”

Committed to exploring construction practices in order to increase employee productivity, C.P. Morgan field tested THE NAILER for months and listened carefully to their construction crews before switching from using metal drywall clips. Builders save up to $1200 per 2000 sq ft home by using THE NAILER. Plumbing, electrical and insulation installation is much easier with no wood blocking to cut through and THE NAILER helps prevent cracking due to truss uplift. Additional information about THE NAILER or The Millennium Group can be found at

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The Millennium Group welcomes M. Ecker & Co. to its List of Clients Using THE NAILER, a Green Building Drywall Fastener

M. Ecker and Co., headquartered in Rosemont, Ill., is the first national drywall/painting contractor to incorporate THE NAILER into its extensive construction services, heralding an increase in awareness of Green Building across the country.

(PRWEB) January 30, 2022 -- THE NAILER, a drywall fastener for supporting interior drywall corners, is a green building product made from 100% recycled plastic. THE NAILER replaces expensive wood blocking or metal drywall clips and provides substantial savings on labor and lumber. “We were thrilled to have M. Ecker & Co. incorporate our product”, said Andy Pizer, CEO of The Millennium Group and inventor of THE NAILER. “M. Ecker has a reputation for using the best tools to get a job done. Due to their strong vendor supplier relationships, they are constantly being introduced to the newest technologies for equipment utilized in their work and they test them thoroughly. THE NAILER passed their field tests and they adopted it.”

M. Ecker & Co. is a 100% employee-owned company that has been in operation for over 80 years. It is the first drywall/painting contractor in the state of Illinois to be certified through the NAHB Research Center's prestigious National Housing Quality (NHQ) Certified Trade Contractor program. The NAHB Research Center, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), offers the certification program and provides rigorous, independent, third-party evaluations of participating contractors. “To have a company like M. Ecker join us is a true compliment to both our product and our service. It is sign that the construction industry is growing more sophisticated in its awareness of its responsibility to the environment as well as its customers and the financial bottom line”, commented Mr. Pizer.

THE NAILER offers savings up to $1200 per 2000 sq ft home and is being used nationally by small and large builders across the country. The general contractors and builders who hire an Ecker Enterprises company enjoy the time and cost savings of dealing with a single subcontractor for multiple trades while M. Ecker enjoys the ease and savings of using a simple product like THE NAILER.

For more information on this green building product, please call The Millennium Group at 1-800-280-2304 or visit

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Ted Lansing Corporation Comes Up Golden

Ted Lansing Corporation is celebrating its 50th Anniversary during 2005. This will mark TLC as the longest continuous ownership of any specialty exterior building products company in the US.

(PRWEB) January 30, 2022 -- In an industry that is otherwise dominated by corporate giants that are bought and sold on a regular basis, Ted Lansing Corporation has found a powerful niche that is growing exponentially. Established in 1955, Ted Lansing Corporation has grown to nearly 60 locations in 21 states. Their growth has been fueled by a philosophy that was initiated in 1955 by the Founder, Ted Lansing.

TLC is a privately held company that is owned by Chris Lansing, their CEO and President. In entering their 50th year, Ted Lansing Corporation wanted to make certain that they remain a progressive, lean-forward company. Hence, their slogan for the 50th celebration is: "Building on 50 years of Excellence".

Ted Lansing Customers know the basis for their mission statement is part of the original philosophy of the founder. Respect, Service, Excellence keeps TLC associates focused on developing customer and supplier relationships.

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January 29, 2022

New Sales Outsourcing Alliance Announced – Helping U.K. and U.S. Companies Trade

The APH Group and The Business Periscope Ltd today announced a new alliance to facilitate trade by UK and US companies through Sales Outsourcing.

Savannah, GA (PRWEB) January 29, 2022 -- The APH Group of Savannah, Georgia today announced a new strategic alliance with The Business Periscope, based in Cardiff and with a presence in Cheshire, UK to assist UK and U.S. companies in exporting their products through Sales Outsourcing.

Realizing that many companies fail to explore the advantages of exporting and entering new markets because of the costs involved, this new alliance offers Sales Outsourcing Services in the United States and the United Kingdom. Sales Outsourcing is a viable strategy enabling companies to get to market quickly and cost-effectively with a salesforce that has instant access and established relationships with the seller’s targeted customer base.

The Business Periscope will represent The APH Group in the United Kingdom for US clients that need access to the UK and European markets. The APH Group will represent The Business Periscope in the United States for UK clients that want to export their products to the US.

Through their vast networks of independent sales agents and knowledge of markets and distribution channels, this alliance can quickly develop sales strategies and outsourcing programs for their clients at a fraction of the cost of the client entering new markets on their own.

“We look forward to working with The Business Periscope. With them as our U.K. liaison we will be able to offer our clients local support and increased avenues of communication. In turn, we can offer U.S. companies help in exporting their products by working with Periscope to develop sales outsourcing programs in the U.K. and European markets,” said Tony Higgins, President of The APH Group.

Paul Gilbert of The Business Periscope stated “For some time we have been seeking an effective market building and distribution company with good reach across the US, and we are confident that we have found this in The APH Group. Their strategic location is an immense asset. We look forward to an effective and enjoyable partnership, to the benefit of UK and US businesses”.

About The APH Group
The APH Group was founded in 1996 and initiated its Sales Outsourcing Services in 2003 to overseas companies wishing to enter the United States market. They provide the Missing Link to trade in North America with their extensive experience and knowledge in developing entry strategies, hiring and managing U.S. salesforces. They provide a complete turn-key sales operation that handles sales, marketing, administration, shipping, export logistics and warehousing.

The APH Group is headquartered in Savannah, Georgia with an office in London, England and Business Developers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Israel and South Africa.

For additional information, please see or call 912 352-1805.

About The Business Periscope
The Business Periscope is a partnership of specialists in international business support. Operating through partners in a number of European markets, particularly the new Central European members of the European Union where growth is outstripping most of the world, Periscope are able to bring significant added value to companies wishing to develop their international sales or reach. Whether the desire is to distribute products or services, find a manufacturing partner or set up a new site, Periscope has the experience and networks to make it happen.

The Business Periscope is based in Cardiff, South Wales with offices in Cheshire, Birmingham and Newcastle giving ready access to much of England (key cities being Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and Newcastle). Partners in key European Union markets provide ready access to Continental Europe.

For additional information please call 029 2081 3335 in the UK, +44 29 2081 3335 from outside the UK

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Sustainable Hardwood Alternative Gives Building Designers Greater Choice

Aware of the sensitivities of using hardwoods, building components fabricator Octaveward have introduced Envirowood. Made from up to 70 percent recycled styrene and totally maintenance free, the material gives low lifetime cost of ownership and the assurance that after many years service it remains 100 percent recyclable. Envirowood has the surface finish and feel of real wood but without the drawbacks. Realistic simulated oak, ash, cedar, mahogany and other finishes can be specified to harmonise with any construction project.

(PRWEB) January 29, 2022 -- Aware of the sensitivities of using hardwoods, building components fabricator Octaveward have introduced Envirowood. Made from up to 70 percent recycled styrene and totally maintenance free, the material gives low lifetime cost of ownership and the assurance that after many years service it remains 100 percent recyclable. Envirowood has the surface finish and feel of real wood but without the drawbacks. Realistic simulated oak, ash, cedar, mahogany and other finishes can be specified to harmonise with any construction project.

Architects and designers can use Envirowood for a variety of building and garden applications, from doors, frames, architraves and cladding to garden furniture, planters and fencing. The material is UV stable and will not rot, warp, delaminate or harbour woodworm or other pests. The weight and density is very similar to natural wood. Extruded sections are impact resistant and can be sawn and drilled to take mechanical fixings in exactly the same way as wood. Envirowood can also be welded.

While the initial cost of a fabrication in Envirowood is 10 to 20 percent higher than the equivalent of finished hardwood, thereafter maintenance is not required so through life cost savings are made. Samples have withstood immersion in water for more than 30 years without deterioration, so the material will have a long working life.

Designers can select from a range of natural wood colours and finishes and there are many different profiles available. Octaveward provide a complete fabrication and installation service to enable site work to proceed quickly.

More information: Trevor Williams, Octaveward Ltd, Tel. +44 (0)1254 773300 Fax. +44 (0)1254 773950 E-mail: e-mail protected from spam bots Web:

High/low resolution images are on the web at

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January 28, 2022

Florida Land Surveyors Board Approves Online Education

Florida land surveyors can reduce travel and education costs by taking required professional education courses online instead of traveling to a limited number of traditional classes and seminars., which offers more than 2,500 courses for design and construction professionals, was recently approved by the Florida Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers to provide online continuing education.

(PRWEB) January 28, 2022 -- Florida land surveyors can reduce travel and education costs by taking required professional education courses online instead of traveling to a limited number of traditional classes and seminars., which offers more than 2,500 courses for design and construction professionals, was recently approved by the Florida Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers to provide online continuing education.

Florida’s 4,000 licensed land surveyors are required to take 24 hours of courses every two years. The next deadline for completion of this requirement is February 28, 2005.

At least six (6) credits must be from an approved course on Florida’s Minimum Technical Standards (MTS) or an approved course on Florida’s laws affecting the practice of surveying and mapping. offers six-hour courses on each of these subjects to meet these requirements.

Other courses for approved RedVector courses for Florida land surveyors include:

• Akin v. Godwin- A Dave Gibson Lot & Block Case (2 hours)
• Barba v. Walker- A Dave Gibson Public Lands Case (2 hours)
• Boundary Agreements (4 hours)
• Dave Gibson's All-Star Lot & Block Boundary Cases (6 hours)
• Dave Gibson's All-Star Metes & Bounds Cases (6 hours)
• Easements: Part 1 Basic Elements (3 hours)
• Easements: Part 2, Roads & Highways (2 hours)
• Easements: Part 3, Reversion Rights (3 hours)
• Ethics for Surveyors and Mappers (1 hour)
• Frost's Survey- A Dave Gibson Metes & Bounds Case (2 hours)
• Giving a Deposition (1 hour)
• Henderson et al- A Dave Gibson Metes & Bounds Case (2 hours)
• Lot 21- A Dave Gibson Lot & Block Case (2 hours)
• Palm Court- A Dave Gibson Lot & Block Case (2 hours)
• Palm Harbor- A Dave Gibson Lot & Block Case (2 hours)
• Rivers vs. Lozeau- A Dave Gibson Public Lands Case (2 hours)
• Sequential vs. Simultaneous Conveyancing (4 hours)
• Simple 300x100 Parcel- A Dave Gibson Metes & Bounds Case (2 hours)
• Stefanic et al- A Dave Gibson Metes & Bounds Case (2 hours)

Surveyors can take any of the courses whenever they choose using any computer with a browser and an internet connection.

About, Inc.’s online course library currently features more than 2,500 technical and business related titles for design and construction professionals, authored by more than 200 exclusive subject-matter experts. Courses are designed to meet state and professional organization continuing education requirements. is dedicated to helping professionals achieve their goals, advance their careers and enrich their lives through education. For more information, log on to or call 800-877-5159 ext. 504

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January 27, 2022

Burgess Construction Consultants, Inc. Report 60% Increase in Business for Fiscal Year 2004

Burgess had a 60% increase in business for the fiscal year 2004 compared to that of the previous year.

Richardson, TX (PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- Burgess Construction Consultants, Inc., a Third-Party Quality Assurance Real Estate Inspection firm, announced today a 60% increase in business for the fiscal year 2004 compared to that of the previous year.

"We are thrilled to report an increase in business again for 2004, and believe that we are starting the new fiscal year with the right employees and services for continued growth,” said Chief Operations Officer Nick Bernier. "In looking ahead, we expect the positive momentum to continue into 2005; we are projecting our business will grow significantly."

The Company said that their success is being driven by progressive builders who know that Quality Assurance is critical to their bottom line. The higher sales, together with significantly improved profitability in the Houston market, contributed to 60% increase in business over the previous year. With the aim of building a firm foundation for future growth and profitability, Burgess opened offices in Denver, Orlando, San Antonio and Tampa in 2004.

“I am pleased to report that business company-wide remains strong,” said Burgess Construction Consultants, Inc. Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Glenn Burgess. “We are highly encouraged regarding the outlook for what is our Company’s nineteenth year in business. We intend to build on this momentum by intensifying our focus on our client’s needs, quality and consistency. I am confident that these efforts will put us in an excellent position to achieve further gains in growth and profitability."

About Burgess Construction Consultants, Inc.
Burgess Construction Consultants, Inc. is a Third-Party Quality Assurance Real Estate Inspection firm working exclusively with homebuilders performing in-process inspections at the foundation, pre-drywall, and final stages of construction. Burgess develops monthly analysis reports on the progress and improvement on each home by measuring trades and superintendent’s building processes. Burgess also performs superintendent training, warranty inspections and construction consulting. Founded in 1986, the company is headquartered in Richardson, Texas, with offices in Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio and Tampa. Further information about Burgess can be obtained via phone 972-644-6488, or on the Web at

Media Contact: Ashlea Orton

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Ultimate Kitchen Renovation Contest Comes to Long Island

Smithtown, NY: NDA Kitchen Co. is holding it's first ever "Ultimate One Week Kitchen Renovation" contest kicking off Jan 28-30th at the “Living it Up on Long Island” Home Show being held at the Huntington Town House, located at 124 East Jericho Tpke and running through March. The contest is open to anyone residing in Suffolk County with a "special need or situation" requiring a professionally designed and installed complete kitchen renovation.

(PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- Ed Rowland, the owner of NDA Kitchen Co. is setting out to make someone's dreams come true by providing all necessary designs, labor and material for a complete one week "Ultimate Kitchen Renovation" at no cost to the contest winner.

All anyone needs to do to enter is simply send us your name, address, phone number, photos of your kitchen and a brief description of your "special need or situation" that makes you deserving of consideration. Other ways to apply are through our website at or at our upcoming Home Shows, The Long Island Home & Garden Expo at the SCC Sport & Exhibition Complex at 1001 Crooked Hill Road Brentwood on February 25-27 & The North Shore Home Improver Show at the Sport Plus Event Center, 110 New Moriches Road Lake Grove on March 4-6. The winner of our contest will be surprised at their door during the week of April 25th.

NDA is setting out to make someone's dream come true and will be doing this all at no cost to the contest winner, all in ONE WEEKS TIME. For more information about this Ultimate Kitchen Remodeling contest please feel free to contact the following.

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Wal-Mart Using Frazier Masonry in Oakland, CA

The Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local #3 and Hod Carriers Local 166 in conjunction with other Alameda County Building Trades will begin picketing the construction of Wal-Mart in Oakland on Friday, February 4, 2022 at 6:00 am. We would like to express our concerns that Frazier Masonry does not meet area wage and benefit standards. The Wal-Mart is located on Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA on the west side of 880 at the Hegenberger exit. It would be appropriate for representatives of the community to show their support by attending this job action.

(PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local #3 and Hod Carriers Local 166 are committed to continue job actions until the issues of area wage and benefit standards are appropriately addressed by Frazier Masonry and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart only requires “contractors and subcontractors to follow all laws … and do the right thing” (, January 24, 2022). Wal-Mart fails to address the issue of local community standards and the economic impact of allowing the use of a contractor that pays substandard wages and benefits and employs out of state workers. Currently, Frazier Masonry is paying below the area wage and benefit standard, which does not appear to be the “right thing” to do. By admission through Wal-Mart’s policy regarding subcontractors, they (Wal-Mart) are supporting the degradation of the wage and benefit standards that the citizens of the community have spent years to establish. Frazier Masonry and Wal-Mart are not attempting to create jobs for local workers during construction. The out of state workers are not spending money locally or paying taxes here. Local 3 has approximately 200 members who live in the Oakland area who are professional masons that are more qualified to do this work.

Currently, Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local #3 health coverage is more than $7.25 per hour (approx. $14,000 per year) and our retirees just received a 40% increase in their premiums. Union workers are indirectly subsidizing companies like Frazier and Wal-Mart who don’t fully cover insurance for their employees and dependents. Frazier Masonry only provides partial coverage for its employees and no coverage for dependents.

As you know Wal-Mart is no friend to it’s employees or the men and women who build their facilities. Their disregard for the local community seems to contradict their latest public relations campaign and creates an environment that will exploit the standards of wages and benefits of the people that live in the community. Wal-Mart will move into the neighborhood, devour our local businesses and lower community living standards.

Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers represents approximately 3,000 Bricklayers/Stonemasons, Tile Layers and Finishers, Pointer Cleaner Caulkers, Marble Setters and Finishers, Terrazzo Mechanics and Finishers, and Refractory Bricklayers who work various aspects of the industry in the Northern 46 counties of California.

We ask you to attend our action on Friday, February 4, 2022 to show support in defending the area wage and benefit standards that the citizens of this community have established. Please contact our office as soon as possible so that we may meet with you regarding this issue.

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Extremely Limited Home Building Standards Adopted by the Texas Residential Construction Commission

The newly created Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC) approved new home warranty standards for home construction in Texas. These standards provide little protection for homeowners and ample excuses for homebuilders.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- The newly created Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC) approved and posted new home warranty standards for home construction in Texas. These standards have been in work for over a year, yet fall short of providing adequate protection for new homebuyers.

The Commission, to their credit, held workshops and public hearings to allow the public and consumer groups to provide input. The final standards are a compromise instead of a standard based upon common building practices and quality workmanship. The building industry will claim these standards will provide protection for consumers, when in fact it provides excuses for shoddy building.

Unfortunately the standards allow for cracks in the walls, in the foundation, and in the exterior of the home which consumer groups and the general public deems unreasonable. It also requires homeowners to "maintain" foundations by correct watering techniques therefore providing a builder excuse for foundation failures. These are only a few of the many serious flaws in these standards that must be brought to the attention of our elected officials.

Because of the low standards, many quality homebuilders in Texas will now have to compete with shoddy builders using the warranty standards as an excuse instead of a guarantee. Instead of having common sense good workmanship, homeowners will now have just one year of protection for the biggest investment of their lifetime.

Although the Commission worked with all interested parties, the Commissioners should have taken more time before making their decision on this very important document.

The warranty standards can be found at the TRCC's website and are in effect June 1, 2021

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StormSlide™ – Erosion Protection for Pathways, Roads & Trails

StormSlide, Inc., introduces the new solution for stormwater erosion for walkways and roads. The patent pending StormSlide™ is lighter, safer, easier, stronger and more economical than previous metal products.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- Strong, lightweight, UV protected polyethylene, the StormSlide™ downdrain channels surface water away. At only 3 lbs, the StormSlide™ is much lighter than metal products making it much easier to move and install. The StormSlide™ has none of the metal products’ hazardous points or edges. It also stands up to forces that deform and corrode the old metal products. Its stackable design provides easy transport and the self anchoring design means simple installation. The StormSlide™ perfectly handled these latest storms in California, according to US Government personnel.

Parks & Recreation, landscapers, golf courses and many others now have a new ally in the fight against erosion. Stormwater damage and erosion control are hot topics today. Now, StormSlide™ provides a new, improved answer.

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Toxic Black Mold - Home Owners are Dying - Is the Media Looking Sideways?

Stachybotrys and many other strains of toxic, health threatening molds are becoming everyday household words in America that very few understand

(PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- Toxic Black Mold or Mold that is Black? Stachybotrys and many other strains of toxic, health threatening molds are becoming everyday household words in America that very few understand. Now you can find informative and educational content, free mold brochures, toxic mold inspectors and remediation/abatement companies, toxic mold/tort attorneys and much more at one great location on the Internet,

Horror stories are pouring in by the thousands everyday. Insurance companies are running scared. Families are being forced out of their homes for months on end. Some are burning them down to rid themselves of the problem. Schools and businesses are being shut down. Mr. and Mrs. John T. America are becoming seriously ill, young children and the elderly are severely sick and/or dying from this mysterious and little understood airborne toxin.

WHY? Because this epidemic, although around for millions of years, is brand new to most and just becoming public knowledge. Very few professionals, including doctors, have taken the time to study up on and train themselves about the problem at hand, much less educate the general population about the dangers that exist in their everyday lives. The simplest thing in the world and something we should all be able to take for granted has been tainted. The air we breathe inside of our homes and workplace.

Since 1997, has been a driving force on the Internet to educate and provide quality resources to homeowners wanting to improve their homes inside and out. In the last few years, they and their sister site at have made it their # 1 GOAL to inform, educate and provide life long solutions to their visitors on how to live safely inside of those homes that they care so much about. has done the research, compiled the information and is making it readily available to everyone. They provide everything from informative articles and news releases, to government and medical findings. They provide a free national search for pre-qualified and certified toxic black mold professionals to inspect for and eliminate toxic black mold, toxic tort attorneys to assist those that may be in need of their services and simple do it yourself mold kits for under $10.00. They also provide a free 35 + page brochure from the site that details everything from simple identification to insurance procedures, cleaning procedures and elimination. They've covered it all.

"This is something that I take very personally," states Jimmy McDonald, the man who initiated the change in direction for the site. "I am a fairly new Grandfather and my Granddaughter became violently ill when she was only a couple of months old."

"We found the problem to be an accumulation of Stachybotrys and Penicillium molds in the house she was visiting, which ended up in her lungs. The people in that house, friends of the family, were moved out of their home for the better part of a year, lost cherished valuables and life in general was turned completely upside down for them. That opened my eyes and made me want to come up with some solutions that all of us can apply to our everyday lives."

"Our site does that and more for people now and it feels great." provides education, protection and solutions for your peace of mind. This site is definitely one that you will not want to pass up.

For the Health of It.

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January 26, 2022

Mold: Understanding the Science Behind Today’s Hottest Topic

January 26, 2022

Mold is a growing concern. Whether a part of construction, building management, real estate, the medical industry, legal trade, an environmental consultant, or basically involved in anything else, mold could be lurking around your business today. How is mold affecting you and your clients? Is it all bad? Georgia Tech Research Institute is offering upcoming courses on mold, which will take an objective approach to the true problems of these tiny spores.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 26, 2022 -- An Executive Overview of Mold will be offered April 13, 2022 from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm. This course will outline the current state of the science on harmful effects of mold exposure and a sample of the policies available in regards to mold. Course attendees will gain a better understanding of technical information in assessment and remediation techniques.

A second course titled Mold for the Construction Industry is being offered the following day, April 14, 2022 from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. This course is geared toward minimizing potential problems faced by design, engineering, and construction professionals. This course will look at mold issues and the legal ramifications from both the construction and building owner perspective. In an increasingly competitive construction market, mold exposure claims can wreak havoc on any business.

Don’t let mold have an affect on your business. Sign up today for either or both of these courses and educate yourself, your co-workers and clients on how to better detect and prevent mold and the hazards surrounding it. Call 404-385-3500 to register today or go to and click on MOLD under “Browse by Subject”.

Attendants for either course will earn Continuing Education Units, AIA or Health, Safety and Welfare Learning Units. Both courses will be held at the Global Learning Conference Center on Georgia Tech’s campus in Atlanta, Georgia.

Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is the nonprofit applied research arm of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. Our approximately 1,200 employees perform or support more than $100 million in research yearly for more than 200 clients in industry and government. To learn more about GTRI, visit

Katie Pyner

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James Hardie® Launches Colors for Fiber-Cement Siding Products

James Hardie® Building Products Introduces a New System of Twelve Designer Colors for its Pre-Finished Fiber-Cement Products

(PRWEB) January 26, 2022 -- James Hardie® Siding Products today announced a new system of designer colors for its pre-finished house siding with ColorPlus® Technology. The color system is based on combinations of colors complimentary to each other, and were chosen based on market demand as well as taking color samples to builders, architects and developers to identify favorites and preferences. The colors were chosen with the assistance of Leslie Harrington, a color consultant with 16 years of experience with LH Color, Pottery Barn, Crayola, Avon and Benjamin Moore Paint. Leslie Harrington has been featured on Good Morning America, HGTV and the Discovery Channel, as well as in publications including the New York Times, Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal.

“The James Hardie color system was chosen to help builders provide consumers with a color palette that fits the personal style of the homeowner,” said Harrington. “We took the most popular colors from the previous color palette and made additions to give the entire color system flexibility and allow for the creation of many different styles and looks.”

James Hardie® has also expanded its ColorPlus® Technology to existing James Hardie products: Hardiplank® lap siding, Harditrim® XLD planks and Hardisoffit® panels. All of the products feature improved quality and consistency of finish, a mar-resistant coating and a 15-year finish warranty for additional value to homeowners. The addition of pre-finished Harditrim and Hardisoffit gives homeowners a complete house siding solution from James Hardie fiber-cement siding products.

With the only R & D facility in North America devoted solely to fiber-cement technology, James Hardie is continually making enhancements to meet the growing demand for high-quality, low-maintenance building materials. James Hardie is the leading house siding manufacturer in the United States. James Hardie is committed to furthering best installation practices, including providing installation videos and collateral as well as scheduling trade events to support its siding products.

About James Hardie Building Products
James Hardie Building Products manufactures durable, low-maintenance, non-combustible, fiber-cement siding. James Hardie house siding has the beauty and character of wood without the maintenance problems. Its proprietary fiber-cement formulation helps provide resistance to fire, moisture, severe wind, impact damage and termites. James Hardie siding was introduced to North America in the early ‘90s and now protects more than 3.5 million homes in the United States.

For more information, please visit

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