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August 02, 2021

Affordable Architectural Stained Glass Meets Design Challenges - Glass Made All the Difference

Esthetic Accents Offers first case study to document a breakthrough process in mass-customized stained glass production.

Portland, OR (PRWEB), August 2, 2021 -- Remodeling an older home often presents the owners with a series of challenges. Scott and Robin, home improvement professionals themselves, faced several. Since Scott is a long-time home improvement expert, one often featured on regional television lifestyle programming, they also knew how to get the help they needed.

Their house had great potential but realizing it would mean solving some tricky problems. The solution to many of the most difficult ones was found in the unique approach to stained glass provided by Esthetic Accents. Remarkably, the cost was a fraction of what it would have been if artisan stained glass were used. EA’s product line is highly attractive and durable, and can be manufactured to specifications within 90 days.

Because the house is located in particularly desirable area, the view from the house’s kitchen might not seem to be the sort of problem a homeowner should expect. But it was one – not only for Scott and Robin – but it is a concern for nearly 50% of our customers. The bay window was a major problem in this house. It provided a view all right, but one dominated by a stellar up close and personal view of one side of their next door neighbor’s house. It wasn’t at all what they had in mind. Whenever Scott or Robin were in the kitchen, the house next door was always there with them. The kitchen itself was striking. It had already been extensively remodeled, had huge bay windows, cushion-top tile, granite counter tops, and was always pleasant and filled with light.

To preserve the light and the overall style of the kitchen, Scott and Robin worked with Esthetic Accents to enhance its look with a stained glass window that would allow the sunlight to remain one of the kitchen’s most important natural design elements. It would also give them the privacy they wanted. As this was a new bay window, they did not want to replace the glass. Instead, they chose to install the stained glass against the existing glass. A clear tape was used on the top and bottom of each of six panels. A bead of clear silicon was used to seal the panels in place. The glass beautifully complemented the design of the rest of the room. It even took full advantage of the bronze and grey color scheme of the room and reflected the shape of the cushion tile used in the kitchen.

Other challenges were also overcome with Esthetic Accents unique stained glass solutions. Robin and Scott had a stunning antique hutch that was obviously made to house glass. The hutch is in the dining room adjacent to the kitchen. The problem was that it had only an empty place where the glass should be. This gave them an opportunity to choose a stained glass look that would perfectly complement all of the other design elements used in the kitchen. Something that would match it in uniqueness.

The look they chose was a surprisingly elegant chicken wire motif that fits the overall theme perfectly. Rooster figures were also placed in the front of the bay window over the sink in the kitchen to accent the look.

The kitchen also has a sitting area connected to it – with two sidelights and a French door that make use of a similar stained glass design glass for a look that is completely compatible with what was done in the kitchen. It serves to pull the two rooms together by using common design elements with the bay window. Because the sidelights and door are older, inserts were used to replace the existing glass.

The installation required the glazier to remove the old glass inserts and replace them with the new stained glass inserts. He removed old glass and old glazing tape and installed the new glass and tape. The installation was done in a fully professional manner and now provides complete weather sealing.

“It all works beautifully together,” says Robin. “The glass was the final touch. We now have a look that we enjoy living with every day.”

Scott adds, “As a professional, I am used to searching out solutions to touch design challenges. This works as well as any I’ve ever found.”

About Esthetic Accents
Esthetic Accents design professionals combine personalized service and the convenience of the Internet to provide excellent customer service nation-wide. Our online showroom and design center, toll free number and knowledgeable design staff make navigating through the design process straightforward and enjoyable. Esthetic Accents leverages the power of the Internet by accessing PRWeb’s Online Visibility Engine, making easier for interested parties to learn about its breakthrough custom architectural stained glass technology.
About Scott Hanley

Since 1994, Scott Hanley has been the contractor for many of Portland's most beautiful homes and won the 1999 NARI award for excellence. He has worked with some of the Pacific Northwest's leading interior designers and architects and works with a wide range of styles, designs and materials. He and his crew are particularly attuned to the challenges and considerations involved in creating remodeled spaces that complement all areas of the home and business, not just those undergoing renovation. He has been a host and contributor for several home improvement television programs, including segments on KATU-TV AM Northwest, where he was known as the “Project Pro” and Fox 12‘s “Good Day Lifestyles.”

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