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August 22, 2021

Construction Equipment - $284 Billion Dollar Transportation Equity Act Signed

If you are in need of Construction Equipment, we can assist you with the financing aspect of your search. When choosing from the many dealers of Construction Equipment, or the brokers of Construction Equipment, or having to choose from the brand of Construction Equipment can be a timely process. Phoenix Financial Partners are here to make the purchase an easy transition when you have chosen the Construction Equipment that best fits your needs. Whether your Construction Equipment is new off of the showroom floor, or up to ten years old. It doesn’t matter if you decide to purchase the Construction Equipment with all the bells and whistles. Phoenix Financial Partners can assist your Construction Equipment purchase up to $250,000 dollars. Regardless if you are a new business or an established business your Construction Equipment will be funded. A one-page application is all that is needed for your Construction Equipment.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) August 21, 2021 -- Phoenix Financial announces a new “funding partner”, for transacting leases of “Heavy Equipment”, “Yellow Iron” and other truck and titled vehicle products on a nationwide scale.

Sergio Ordaz, President & CEO for Phoenix Financial Partners a division of The WORLD is MINE Corporation, a sales and marketing company, states, “This new Financial resource will provide leasing solutions for many different types of heavy/construction equipment. With the new $284 billion highway bill signed recently by the President of the United States, the demand for heavy/construction equipment is going to increase. The demand for and need of infrastructure and other related construction projects would further stimulate the need for this type of equipment.”

The steps required to obtain funding is quick and effortless. Perfecting this need, we can receive funding approval in as little as 48 hours and complete transaction process in as little as 1 (one) week. With a one (1) page application and NO FINANCIALS NEEDED up to an amount of $250,000. Phoenix Financial Partners can foresee a growing number of construction and heavy equipment companies taking advantage of this funding solution.

“Our goal is to assist these businesses in the building or expansion phase”, continued Mr.Ordaz, “The Transportation & Construction industry have a new ally in tailoring loans specific to these types of businesses”. Although this option is not new, not everyone is aware of the alternatives. The criteria for approval: “A-D” credit, a ONE (1) page application up to $250,000, NO FINANCIALS NEEDED! We also assist START-UP businesses. This makes it very appealing to owners/principals.

This also assists Equipment Brokers, Vendors and Buyers in offering a fast and convenient leasing solution for their clients. Payments vs. Price, a selling benefit, Tax benefits depreciation, are value propositions that protect cash and enhance value. Preserving cash is the goal of every business owner. Whether buying new or used, we can help.

“There is intense interest in this no hassle funding solution,” says Mr. Ordaz. “We chose to align ourselves with these funding partnerships because we believe their process provides the very best solution for the right markets at the right time.”

Contact: Sergio Ordaz – President & CEO
Phoenix Financial Partners a division of The WORLD is MINE Corporation Phone: (480) 894-1515 Fax:(480) 323-2150
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