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August 23, 2021

Government Grants License to Oregon Company to Sell Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Protection Devices for Overpressure Filters for Bomb Shelters and Safe Rooms

The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Military Affairs and Defense Trade Controls have granted an export license to, American Safe Room Inc. to manufacture and sell their Safe Cell 100N to anyone in America as well as export the device to approved foreign countries for use by their military.

(PRWEB) August 21, 2021 -- American Safe Room Inc. of Sutherlin, Oregon has started shipping a controlled military device to the general public. Their ASR-100N is a positive pressure air filtration unit for stripping nuclear fallout, weaponized biological toxins and chemical gases from the airflow. It works by taking outside air and pushing it through its filter banks and on into the room creating an overpressure with the safe insuring that toxins from the outside cannot migrate into the protected space.

Among improvements over its predecessor, the ASR-100, has the ability to run on any voltage of any electrical service used worldwide. It can also switch automatically from normal line voltage to an emergency battery back-up if the grid power fails and as last resort can utilize an optional hand operated pump in case of long term power failure.

The ASR-100N was the brainchild of Len Henrikson one of the engineers at American Safe Room Inc. Henrikson says “It was my intent to develop an easy to install and affordable military CBRN air filtration unit to offer the general public and still follow the military specifications of the Army Corps of Engineers for for a collective protection filtration device”

Henrikson explains, the options for civil defense against nuclear fallout, weaponized biological agents and warfare gases, are very limited. At the bottom end is "duct tape and plastic." One step up is gas masks. Both of these "solutions" have serious limitations. Sealing up a room is almost impossible without an overpressure (a relative atmosphere of higher pressure inside the room) and the inherent problem of replenishing the room with oxygen and discharging the carbon dioxide that people exhale. This is the same system and grade of equipment employed by the military in their collective protection shelters and armored vehicles to keep toxin out of the crew compartment, “this is what we make”.

The Safe Cell ASR-100N and other military devices can be seen by visiting their company’s website www.americansaferoom.com/

American Safe Room, Inc., an Oregon corporation formed by a group of engineers in response to the attacks of September 11, 2001, committed to quick, reliable, and affordable protection from intentional or accidental release of atmospheric nuclear, biological or chemical agents.

Posted by Industrial-Manufacturing at August 23, 2021 12:45 AM