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August 08, 2021

Industry Leaders Work with StormwaterAuthority to Improve Water Quality

StormwaterAuthority forms editorial committee comprising of industry leaders and professionals to help assist civil engineers, contractors, site owners, developers and municipal planners with stormwater management decisions.

WILMOT, New Hampshire (PRWEB) August 8, 2021 -- StormwaterAuthority, LLC announces the formation of an editorial & expert advisors committee, comprised of industry leaders and professionals throughout the U.S. to help guide the content of the national website, www.StormwaterAuthority.org.

StormwaterAuthority, LLC, recently launched stormwater treatment and management. Since the launch, the site has provided access to a variety of tools and expert guidance, including Ask the Expert, where questions and answers are submitted through the site.

“Many professionals throughout the country are facing stormwater issues, from understanding regulations and available best management practices, to site design and cost management,” said Lisa Begin, Manager of StormwaterAuthority.org. “The Editorial & Expert Advisors Committee is here to help answer those questions as well as provide insight and fresh ideas to the ongoing development.”

The committee is comprised of leaders in both the public and private sectors, including engineering firms, government agencies, and watershed organizations across the U.S.

“As a registered professional engineer, I rely upon proven techniques so that a project's design can be implemented effectively & efficiently,” said Charlene Johnston, Project Manager for Weston & Sampson Engineers in Massachusetts. “At the same time, I am obligated to consider the public's health, safety, and welfare, which includes its environment. My goal is to assist StormwaterAuthority as it educates stormwater professionals and land developers in the latest sustainable stormwater practices.”

Visitors are encouraged to submit questions to the expert committee and share ideas about what will help them make informed decisions on stormwater.

“The StormwaterAuthority serves as a central locale for various entities to access information in the field of stormwater managment. It is an invaluable tool in obtaining the most current and innovative information.” said Larry Weidmann, President of Watermann Water Quality Inc. “Owning a company committed to stormwater treatment, I am encouraged by the work of the StormwaterAuthority in their relentless efforts to improve water quality around the country.”

For more information about StormwaterAuthority visit www.stormwaterauthority.org

About StormwaterAuthority, LLC
StormwaterAuthority, LLC is a company committed to clean water through the support and sharing of knowledge through its website. The company offers a place where specifying engineers, contractors, developers, site owners and regulators can learn and share information, research best management practices and regulations, and find the latest news on [stormwater management and treatment. StormwaterAuthority works to create a community to assist professionals in implementing the best plan, reducing short and long-term costs, and making informed business and environmental decisions.

For more information about StormwaterAuthority visit www.stormwaterauthority.org or call 1-800-729-0497.

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