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August 22, 2021

Laboratory Director to Present at Wood Coatings Conference

Introducing an Immobilized Antimicrobial Coating to the Building Products Industry

MIDLAND, MI (PRWEB) August 22, 2021 -- Robert Monticello, Ph.D., Laboratory Director and Vice President of ÆGIS Environments, will present at the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology’s (FSCT) AC Series Conference “Coating and Wood Composites: The Changing Future” September 26, 2005, at the Marriott Charlotte Executive Park in Charlotte, North Carolina.

His presentation, entitled “Bridging of Industries Makes Old Technologies Seem New: A Commercial, Registered, and Immobilized Antimicrobial Agent Available for Use on OSB and Composite Lumber” will address and present data on an immobilized antimicrobial agent currently used in the textile industry and its applicability in the building and construction industry, specifically when applied to composite lumber such as OSB and engineered composite lumber such as deckboard or trim materials. In addition, appropriate test methods and their relativity to real-life performance will be presented.

From the abstract:

In the world of antimicrobial agents, not all are created equal. For this reason, the application process, performance, expectation, and test methods must also be different. The new and adapted chemistries involved in such actions differ in their ease of use, mode of action, spectrum of activity, and toxicity to humans and the environment. The call for safer, less toxic antimicrobial agents is made in every industry that uses preservatives and protectants as a performance enhancer or product stabilizer – the Building/Construction industry is no different.

With the loss (voluntary ban) of CAA and increased awareness of the toxicity profile of other common antifungal/antialgal additives, the wood and composite industry is demanding the availability of new technologies to help combat mold and mildew in and on their products. For biocidal product manufacturers, the research and development involved to create new molecules is a relatively simple hurdle compared to regulatory registration hurdles that must occur on national (US-EPA) and international (EU-BPD). The time and expense involved in creating new antimicrobials almost seals their fate. The use of older well-tested technologies currently used in other industries provides a new source of registered antimicrobial agents w with excellent safety profiles. This is true in the established textile market where performance claims for antimicrobial agents can range from simple odor control to treating with sanitizers and disinfectants to producing hygiene surfaces capable of eliminating infectious microorganisms to mold and mildew control, both on the textile and for the surfaces they contacts. Traditional antifungal/antialgal agents used in the wood and construction products industry have been eliminated because of their negative environmental and human toxicity legacy. Test techniques have had to be able to be modified for evaluating new antimicrobial agents.

For more information regarding this conference, please visit http://www.coatingstech.org. For more information on the presentation or to inquire about ÆGIS’ antimicrobial products please visit www.microbeshield.com.

About Us: ÆGIS Environments - Originally developed in the 1970’s, the ÆGIS Microbe Shield™ technology is the world’s first antimicrobial for the treatment of goods which is odorless, colorless, non-leaching, long lasting and effective against fungi, bacteria and algae.

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