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August 18, 2021

Murayah Launches New Form of Wall Art, Handcrafted Marble Tile Murals for Home and Business Decor

After selecting and acquiring proprietary rights to fine art from Museums around the world the Denver-based company creates these masterpieces on Italian marble tiles for homeowners and business owners who wish to make an artistic impression.

Denver, CO (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) August 18, 2021 -- Murayah has launched its new collection of fine art wall murals on Italian marble tiles. These fabulous tile murals will transform any kitchen wall, bathroom, shower, foyer, bar or wine cellar into an artistic statement of wall art. The company uses its own proprietary process for creating some of the world's finest art on Italian marble tiles.

Thousands of art pieces from more than 70 museums, private collections and fine art institutions throughout the world were reviewed and considered for the Murayah mural collection. The result of this three years extensive effort is a stunning collection of fine art murals on tiles that will enhance any living or working environment, and create wonderful wall art.

The mural collection includes over 200 fine art wall murals, accent tiles and artistic border tiles. Each marble tile is quarried in Italy and tumbled to reveal its own natural veins and unique character. The murals and tiles are maintenance free; they arrive pre-sealed, are water and oil proof and can withstand every day's living conditions. The Murayah collection can be viewed at www.murayah.com.

Launching Murayah was a gradual process that started in 1994 when Gadi Friedman, Murayah's founder and president, attended an art class at the University of California in Los Angeles. While viewing some of the world's finest art in museums and private art collections throughout Los Angeles, Gadi couldn't help but hear the same comments repeatedly: “If I could just afford those beautiful paintings.”

He thus started wondering if there was a way to recreate those masterpieces into wall art without compromising the integrity of the fine art.

“It was an exciting idea,” says Gadi, “and one that I felt had the potential to enrich people's life. I wanted to create the art on a material that not only would reflect the art in its best, but also be durable enough to withstand every day's living conditions. It didn't take long before I stumbled upon natural stone and tumbled marble tiles and realized that their unique character and natural beauty would be a perfect medium for those masterpieces."

Gadi Friedman, who was passionate about wall art, got hooked and in the next year developed a process for hand-printing images on stone. It took another three years to put together a fine art collection that would complement the different décor styles, whether Mediterranean, Tuscan, Traditional, Victorian, French Country or contemporary.

Many people believe that wall murals are out of their reach, that they are cost prohibitive and too fragile. But Murayah makes sure this is not so, said Gadi.

“Our concept is unique,” he added, “because we bring the world's finest art to homes and businesses around the world, at affordable price and without compromising the integrity of the art. Although our artisans were not engaged in painting the original art, they add to it another dimension of beauty and longevity by creating it on natural stone.”

The result is an original masterpiece and authentic representation of the world's best artists. Each piece of wall art is individually crafted, and no two murals are alike.

“Visiting our web site www.murayah.com is like taking a tour at a private museum," summarized Gadi. “The Room Scene section shows different mural installations in kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, wine cellars, restaurants and hotels. The Gallery section features a large collection of the world's fine art masterpieces. It is quite fascinating to see how a beautiful mural can transform any living or working environment into an artistic statement."

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