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August 22, 2021

Record Temperatures Slow the Soundproofing Industry

Why sales are slow in the acoustical treatment and soundproofing industries.

(PRWEB) August 20, 2021 -- The intense heat and humidity throughout the United States has slowed the sales of acoustical products across the board. There are people searching for soundproofing and acoustical products, but they just aren't purchasing at this time. We have learned that 95% of all incoming calls do indeed turn into sales. It may be 3 months down the line, but generally most people who call do indeed buy. From my experience, most soundproofing sales take place in the Fall, Winter, or Spring. The competition is fierce, but there is geneally enough business to go around.

The older more established companies thrive via their reputation in the industry, and the newer companies find it a little intimidating swimming with the "Big Fish". Just remember, that the little guys are the backbone of this country's economy, so the next time you are looking for a good soundproofing supplier, look past the top ten listings on Google, Yahoo, or MSN, you might be surprised at the quality of service the little guy provides. That's my perspective, we welcome yours.

As Always,

Dr. Bob

Posted by Industrial-Manufacturing at August 22, 2021 02:29 AM