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August 22, 2021

Window Repair Systems, Inc. Helps School Districts Save Money While Protecting the Environment

School districts can save on energy and have more to spend on the students. Windows are the hidden budget drain, but there is a solution.

Victor, New York (PRWEB) August 22, 2021 -- Window Repair Systems announced today that it is helping schools districts maximize savings in energy and operating costs while earning the ENERGY STAR label for buildings, the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) national symbol for superior energy performance.

As a provider of energy-efficient services and products, Window Repair Systems is improving the energy performance of its clients through upgrades and implementing proven energy management strategies. Clients can strive to earn the ENERGY STAR label for their buildings and positively impact their operating expenses and shareholder value.

At the Troy State University at Dothan, Window Repair Systems was contracted to repair roughly 200 windows. With their TURBO II balance retro-fit, Window Repair Systems not only made the windows significantly more safe but the retro-fit decreased the CFM (air infiltration/ cubic feet per minute) from 15 CFM to 3CFM. This decrease in CFM is roughly five times, reducing indoor temperature fluctuations and reducing the amount of energy used to regulate those temperatures.

The Dothan project will pay for itself in energy savings in two years. "Imagine what school districts can buy with the money saved with the TURBO II retro-fit. New computers, more building renovations and updated school materials, are just some of the benefits that can be seen after the correct energy program is implemented," stated Marketing Associate, Michael W. Fox.

Not only does Window Repair Systems retro-fit windows with their TURBO II balances that decrease air infiltration and increases safety, they also carry various “energy kits” which consist of products that range from window shades to window film.

"Investments in improving energy performance can achieve competitive rates of return while cutting energy costs by 30 percent," said Jean Lupinacci, branch chief, EPA.

Window Repair Systems has committed to helping its customers achieve superior standards of energy performance in their buildings. This will help these customers reap financial rewards and position themselves as environmentally responsible citizens.

EPA estimates that by 2010, the savings from energy-efficient investments will reduce the annual greenhouse gas emissions in the United States by 2.4 million tons – the equivalent of the pollution produced by 1.7 million cars – and save taxpayers more than $750 million per year.

For more information about ENERGY STAR, visit www.energystar.gov
For more information about Window Repair Systems, Inc., visit www.windowrepairsystems.com

About Window Repair Systems, Inc:
Window Repair Systems, Inc. has built a solid reputation by supplying high quality window hardware and being the leader in the window repair industries since 1989. Specialists at Window Repair Systems, Inc. have over 25 years in sales, service and product development experience. Our reputation has grown exponentially through the years spanning over 9,000 schools such as, Denver School District, New York City Public Schools, St. Louis Public Schools and Los Angeles Public Schools.

A leader in the window hardware industry, and also a leader in repair innovations. No other company can offer such high-end services, innovations and hardware. What separates WRS, Inc. from the others is reputation, loyalty and knowledge.

Window Repair Systems, Inc.
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