March 17, 2022

Who are you?

A new patent pending system helps homeowners and businesses find contractors while maintaining their privacy.

Westland, MI (PRWEB) March 17, 2022 -- In the information age, privacy is something to value and protect. Giving out personal information in one's daily life is often unavoidable. This free-floating information can result in spam emails, unsolicited phone calls, and junk mail. Innovations such as the "do not call list" can help prevent unrequested contact, but what about when you willingly give out your personal information on the internet when you are in need of a product or service?

When seeking the services of a contractor or other home improvement professional, it is important to get estimates from several different companies. This can mean your name, phone number, and maybe even your address is willingly given to 3 or more companies who may now send you junk mail or share your personal information for years to come.

A new system, launched on February 19, 2005, allows people in search of a contractor or other service provider to get competing offers and maintain their privacy if they choose. The individual seeking services can communicate with service providers using message board technology, designed by, without releasing any personally identifiable information such as name, phone number, or email address. By using's patent pending system, one can get several offers from local companies for any type of project and rest assured that he or she will not receive unwanted solicitations as a by-product of using the service. Please visit to learn more.

Ten tips to help safeguard your privacy on the internet:

1. Read the privacy policy of all websites you visit. Pay special attention to the parts that discuss how the company intends to use the information you provide. Do not use a website that does not have a privacy policy.

2. Find out if the website has partners or affiliates and learn about their privacy policies as well. Find out if the website shares information with the partners and if you can opt-out of receiving emails with special offers or marketing messages from third parties.

3. If it seems like a company is asking for too much information, they probably are. Don't give out your bank information, social security number, etc. If you are supplying credit card numbers, read the privacy policy to learn how the information is used and make sure the website uses encryption.

4. Be careful what you download. Some applications come with "spyware" that is meant to spy on your internet habits and report information back to whomever you downloaded from. Find a program that can detect and remove spyware from your computer.

5. Disable cookies in your web browser and only enable them for sites that require them or sites that you know you can trust. Cookies are little pieces of information stored on your computer by the websites you visit. Some are useful and necessary to make a website work correctly, others attempt to collect information about you and track your surfing habits.

6. When creating a password, use a combination of numbers and letters, preferably words that you cannot find in the dictionary. Change your password occasionally and/or if you think someone may have discovered it.

7. Get a secondary email account that you can use when signing up for online services or the like. This way if you start receiving spam, your primary address will not get bombarded.

8. When using a public computer, always close the browser before leaving. You may even want to empty the cache, found in the tools folder in your browser.

9. If you are going to be sending sensitive information over the internet such as credit card information, check that the page is secure. Look for "https://" in your browser instead of just "http://".

10. Realize that there are always risks on the internet. There is no such thing as perfect security online, but by taking the proper precautions you can help protect your privacy and avoid identity theft.

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March 14, 2022

Concrete Washout Systems, Inc. Signs Exclusive Manufacturing Agreement With The Nations Leader in Plastic Liner Manufacturing

Horn Plastics, Inc. Will Exclusively Manufacture Its Proprietary Super-Slide® Blue-Stripe™ for Concrete Washout Systems™ Containers

Elk Grove, CA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) March 14, 2022 -- Concrete Washout Systems, Inc., (CWS) announced today that Horn Plastics, Inc., the industries leader in plastic lining applications, has signed an exclusive agreement and will manufacture and supply its Super-Slide® Blue-Stripe™ plastic liner for the patent pending Concrete Washout Systems™ containers.

“Horn Plastics is excited to be partnered with Concrete Washout Systems since this is the first time that Super-Slide has been put to use in a sealed container for liquid concrete waste. This application has been very successful and we look forward to the upside potential that Concrete Washout Systems brings in this new niche market,” stated Phil Horn, President of Horn Plastics, Inc.

“We are very pleased to have Horn Plastics as an exclusive manufacturing partner. Their manufacturing capabilities coupled with their service and outstanding product line has been an asset to our business,” stated Mark Jenkins, President of Concrete Washout Systems, Inc. “Horn Plastics is at the forefront of their industry, as we are, and our relationship will strengthen as we forge ahead with our businesses,” added Mr. Jenkins.

The patent pending CWS is a portable, self-contained and watertight bin that controls, captures and contains concrete washout material and wastewater. It allows trade personnel to easily washout concrete trucks, pumps and equipment on site and facilitates easy off site recycling of the same concrete materials and wastewater, while protecting the storm drain system from potential illegal discharges. The off site recycling component creates an even more environmentally sound application. This system replaces other outdated washout BMP’s, which are costly, unsightly and damaging to the environment since their containment value diminishes, due to inherently faulty material, over use and lack of maintenance.

About Horn Plastics
Horn Plastics was founded 22 years ago in 1983 by Phil Horn. The company is based in Fargo, ND with a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Our mission statement is “Providing solutions with engineered plastics”. The sole reason for our existence is to solve customer problems with our Superslide brand of materials. Superslide liners are slippery and tough plastics used to eliminate sticking and abrasive wear. The benefits are lower maintenance costs, higher productivity and increased safety. For more information visit

About Concrete Washout Systems, Inc.
Concrete Washout Systems is a risk management specialist and industry pioneer in concrete washout and wastewater removal, treatment and recycling. The patent-pending Concrete Washout Systems provides a cost effective, environmentally friendly and compliance alternative for homebuilders, contractors, ready mix and pump operators and environmental engineering firms. For more information visit

Roger Engelsgaard
Concrete Washout Systems, Inc.
Fax: (916) 689-0592

Phil Horn
Horn Plastics, Inc.

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