March 24, 2022

Relocation Company Offers Free Consultation and Estimates

Commercial Plant Relocators, Inc, an international relocation contractor offers a free "Consultation and Budgetary Cost Analysis" for companies planning relocations.

(PRWEB) March 23, 2022 -- Planning a relocation or just putting together costs in order to determine the feasibility of a plant move? You will need hard figures from an experienced company. Commercial Plant Relocators, a leader in the relocation industry, with truly "Worldwide Experience" can help.

Commercial Plant Relocators has extensive experience in local, nationwide, overseas and cross-border plant moves to and from USA, Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Thailand, China and Japan. We offer "Turnkey" services including utilities, crating, transportation, documentation and installation of existing equipment and new machinery lines.

Our corporate offices are located in South Carolina, USA and the addition of our new offices located in Prague, Czech Republic provide Commercial Plant Relocators with a solid presence for all EU Countries.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how we may assist you with your relocation. Our team will provide your company with comprehensive details and cost structure for your move which will help your company in its relocation decisions.

With our experience, we can take some of the fear out of the relocation equation. The consultation and estimate is free, so give us a call.

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March 16, 2022

New Stormwater Information Website Launched to Assist Professionals in Making Informed Decisions about Stormwater offers comprehensive, relevant resources, news, and information, to assist civil engineers, contractors, site owners, developers, and municipal planners with stormwater management decisions.

Wilmot, NH (PRWEB) March 16, 2022 -- StormwaterAuthority, LLC, recently launched a new website,, a multi-partnered website designed to assist both the private and public sectors in making informed decisions about stormwater treatment and management.

Comprehensive in scope and interactive in nature, serves the commercial, residential, municipal and industrial construction markets by offering continually fresh news, articles, stories, and leading technology updates from stormwater industry leaders. Specifying engineers, site developers, owners, contractors and regulators can find powerful tools to help them make informed decisions about stormwater and stay up to date on key business happenings in the stormwater management industry.

The website provides access to a variety of tools and expert guidance, including an exhaustive guide of stormwater-related regulations by state. Visitors can find descriptions and information on best management practices in addition to an extensive library of papers and research by industry professionals and experts. In addition, the site hosts the “Storm Pros” list, a free, password-protected network that provides contact information, and referral opportunities for the engineering and construction community. Engineers, contractors and owners also have the opportunity to nominate individuals for the Engineer/Contractor of the Month, and to submit stories, news, and research to share with the stormwater community.

The site is supported by a number of organizations and companies, including Vortechnics, Water & Wastes Digest, Environmental News Service, and a variety of organizations and individuals who have contributed content to the site, including Gordon England, a respected and well known engineer and author in the community. England has over 23 years engineering experience with stormwater and over the last few years, developed and managed a website called stormwater-resources, which has been a popular resource nationwide for professionals to find hundreds of research papers and studies on stormwater.

“I am really excited to see’s presence in the stormwater community,” England said. “I am turning over my web site,, to the company. Now professionals can access the research papers previously hosted on my site in addition to hundreds of others located in the library section of StormwaterAuthority. The knowledge and expertise housed within the new website will be a great resource.”

In addition to the support from stormwater experts like England, StormwaterAuthority is backed by some of the industry’s leading companies and publications. “This site is what the industry has needed for quite some time. It brings everything related to stormwater into one place,” David Miley, CEO of Vortechnics and a sponsor of the website said. “We support this industry portal because we believe that sharing knowledge and information is key to successfully making decisions that impact our environment.

About StormwaterAuthority, LLC
StormwaterAuthority, LLC is a company committed to clean water through the support and sharing of knowledge through its website. The company offers a place where specifying engineers, contractors, developers, site owners and regulators can learn and share information, research best management practices and regulations, and find the latest news on stormwater management and treatment. StormwaterAuthority works to create a community to assist professionals in implementing the best plan, reducing short and long-term costs, and making informed business and environmental decisions.

For more information about StormwaterAuthority visit or call 1-800-729-0604.

For more information about StormwaterAuthority visit

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March 15, 2022

Concrete Washout Systems’ Aggressive Expansion Continues Into Central California

California Waste Recovery Will Be Servicing Builders and Contractors in Fast Growing California Counties; San Joaquin and Stanislaus

Elk Grove, CA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) March 15, 2022 -- Concrete Washout Systems, Inc., announced today that it has signed a licensing agreement with California Waste Recovery Systems (Calwaste) who will distribute and service Concrete Washout Systems (CWS) in San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties of California.

Calwaste, an established solid waste hauling company led by Dave Vaccarezza, an industry veteran in the waste hauling industry, will begin servicing the San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties in addition to their current operations. Calwaste was using a similar product to Concrete Washout Systems patent pending invention as they saw the demand and need developing, but realized the value added proposition of a strong partnership with the leading authority in the concrete washout and recycling marketplace.

“California Waste Recovery Systems welcomes the partnership of Concrete Washout Systems to our family of businesses. Together we are poised and ready to meet the challenges of the booming construction Industry in the Central Valley with this new and innovative product,” stated Dave Vaccarezza, Owner of California Waste Recovery Systems.

“We are very excited to have and industry veteran with Dave’s accomplishments and experience come aboard, realizing the value and opportunity in our business model,” stated Kevin Mickelson, Vice President of Concrete Washout Systems, Inc. “Calwaste has a proven and distinguished track record within the waste hauling industry and with its customer base we feel they are a great addition and asset to our business,” added Mr. Mickelson.

CWS is currently seeking licensed partners in numerous markets across the nation. Each partner will own and operate a Concrete Washout Systems business in their designated region, where they will be responsible for all aspects of the business.

The patent pending CWS is a portable, self-contained and watertight bin that controls, captures and contains concrete washout material and wastewater. It allows trade personnel to easily washout concrete trucks, pumps and equipment on site and facilitates easy off site recycling of the same concrete materials and wastewater, while protecting the storm drain system from potential illegal discharges. The off site recycling component creates an even more environmentally sound application as concrete material is diverted away from landfills and recycled. This system replaces other outdated washout BMP’s, which are costly, unsightly and damaging to the environment since their containment value diminishes, due to inherently faulty material, over use and lack of maintenance.

About Concrete Washout Systems, Inc.
Concrete Washout Systems is a risk management specialist and industry pioneer in concrete washout and wastewater removal, treatment and recycling. The patent-pending Concrete Washout Systems provides a cost effective, environmentally friendly and compliance alternative for homebuilders, contractors, ready mix and pump operators and environmental engineering firms. For more information visit

Roger Engelsgaard
Concrete Washout Systems, Inc.
Fax: (916) 689-0592

Dave Vaccarezza
California Waste Recovery Systems

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March 10, 2022

Wal-Mart Stores May Be a Safety Concern in California

The Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local #3 in conjunction with other Alameda County Building Trades will gather in Oakland on Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 9:30 am to discuss the events of Frazier Masonry at the Wal-Mart project in Oakland, CA. Frazier Masonry has been cited by the city of Oakland for improper installation of various sections of the concrete block walls. Many sections of the walls had to be removed and re-installed to meet local and state building codes. This substandard construction is the result of Frazier Masonry attempting to increase their profit at the expense and safety of the community. It has come to our attention that Frazier Masonry has constructed and will construct numerous Wal-Mart stores throughout California. Wal-Mart currently has 30 stores scheduled to open in Northern California in the next 1 to 2 years. The Wal-Mart is located on Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA on the west side of 880 at the Hegenberger exit.

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) March 10, 2022 -- Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local #3 are committed to continue job actions until the issues of building construction, and area wage and benefit standards are appropriately addressed by Frazier Masonry and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart only requires “contractors and subcontractors to follow all laws … and do the right thing” (, January 24, 2022). Due to recent violations of building codes, it seems that Frazier is not following all laws and doing the right thing. It seems apparent that Wal-Mart supports the substandard work of this contractor by taking a non-responsibility approach; when asked for comment by KTVU on February 4, 2022 on the situation, a Wal-Mart spokesperson stated the “General Contractor has the right to hire any subcontractor they want.”

The construction of this site fails to address the issue of local community standards and the economic impact of allowing the use of contractors that try to subvert the law and pay substandard wages and benefits. Wal-Mart seems to support the substandard building construction and the degradation of standards by subcontractors to benefit their interests and not the interests of the community. Local 3 have members who live in the Oakland area who are California State Certified professional masons that are more qualified to do this work.

Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers represents approximately 3,000 Bricklayers/Stonemasons, Tile Layers and Finishers, Pointer Cleaner Caulkers, Marble Setters and Finishers, Terrazzo Mechanics and Finishers, and Refractory Bricklayers who work various aspects of the industry in the Northern 46 counties of California.

We ask you to attend our meeting on Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 9:30 am to show support in defending the standards that the citizens of this community have established.

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March 07, 2022

Bob Moore Construction Safety Director Named to AGC Committees

Dino Sideris, Safety Director for Bob Moore Construction, has been invited to participate in two of Quoin’s top Safety-related working groups. Quoin is the North / East Texas Chapter of the Association of General Contractors (AGC), the oldest and largest trade association in the construction industry.

Arlington, TX (PRWEB) March 7, 2022 -- Dino Sideris, Safety Director for Bob Moore Construction, has been invited to participate in two of Quoin’s top Safety-related working groups.

Quoin is the North / East Texas Chapter of the Association of General Contractors (AGC), the oldest and largest trade association in the construction industry. A major component of Quoin’s support to Texas general contractors is providing safety program education, to help general contractors protect their employees and subcontractors and comply with OSHA requirements.

QUOIN’s Safety Forum is a group of local AGC members who meet monthly to discuss and resolve common safety-related issues in a consistent manner. Sideris has been selected to join the forum. He will also present on how Bob Moore Construction implemented the new Design Build Objective Two (DBO2) program, a PDA-based system for managing and documenting jobsite safety inspections that was developed by QUOIN and AGC.

The Safety Leadership Committee is a select group of Quoin members who drive greater quality and awareness in safety throughout the local AGC community. Sideris was invited to support this committee's effort to develop a mock emergency drill for Safety Forum members to test their responses to a real-world situation.

“This is just a natural progression of what we’re doing at Bob Moore Construction,” said Dino Sideris. “Our superintendents have been certified in CPR, first aid and OSHA 30-Hour Awareness Training. We’ve implemented the DBO2 tracking system to ensure that an aggressive inspection schedule is followed and documented. Future enhancements may include improved communications via our website at We’re using the latest technological advancements, rigorous training procedures, heightened awareness at all levels of the company and strict adherence to regulatory requirements to keep our jobsites as safe as possible for our employees and subcontractors. Quoin is working to drive that same focus and awareness in the rest of the Dallas / Fort Worth construction industry, so I’m very happy to support what they’re doing.”

“We’re pleased to see Dino’s expertise being recognized by Quoin,” said Ed McGuire, Vice President of Construction for Bob Moore Construction. “Safety is an important part of our business. OSHA pays very close attention to our industry; 47% of their inspections each year take place at construction job sites. More and more we find that clients review our safety program as part of their process for choosing a general contractor; our longstanding focus on safety has become not just a moral imperative and legal requirement, but a strong selling point as well. In 2004 we added Dino to our team to take our excellent safety program and make it an exemplary one. Dino has done that, earning recognition from the St. Paul\Travelers Group insurance company as well as Quoin. We hope that Quoin and AGC can leverage Dino’s expertise to improve working conditions at jobsites all across North Texas, and not just at Bob Moore Construction projects.”

About Bob Moore Construction, Inc.
Established in 1946, Bob Moore Construction, Inc. designs and manages quality commercial construction projects in Texas and across the United States. Bob Moore Construction has delivered a wide range of commercial and industrial building projects for some of the most recognizable companies on the Fortune 500 List. The company combines the latest innovations in construction technologies and practices with traditional values like customer service and integrity to deliver quality construction projects on time and in budget. This blueprint of success has made Bob Moore Construction one of the most reliable, largest volume general contractors in Texas. is the best source of information about the company, its projects and more. The website is updated regularly with press releases, newsletters, completed project write-ups, jobs bidding information and construction articles.

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February 14, 2022

NY State Hospital Review and Planning Council Recommends Approval of Good Samaritan Hospital Cardiac Surgery Application

New York State Hospital Review and Planning Council recommended granting approval of Good Samaritan Hospital’s Certificate of Need (CON) application for an adult cardiac surgery program at the Rockland County hospital.

(PRWEB) February 14, 2022 -- Accepting the endorsement and recommendation of the state Department of Health, New York State Hospital Review and Planning Council recommended granting approval of Good Samaritan Hospital’s Certificate of Need (CON) application for an adult cardiac surgery program at the Rockland county hospital.

A final decision on the application will be rendered shortly by Dr. Antonia C. Novello, M.D., M.P.H., Dr. P.H., New York State Commissioner of Health, who will act based on the Council’s recommendation.

When approved by Commissioner Novello, Good Samaritan Hospital will add a comprehensive cardiac program to its service area in Rockland, Orange and Sullivan Counties. Good Samaritan’s program builds on established clinical partnerships with Westchester Medical Center, who will act as academic affiliate. Construction on the new facilities is expected to begin within three months, with the actual surgical suite to open in approximately 18 months.

Mr. Dominick Stanzione, CEO of the Bon Secours Charity Health System, a regional Catholic health system of which Good Samaritan Hospital is a member, commented on the approval, saying, “We are gratified that the process of approval has moved forward. The people of Rockland, Orange and Sullivan Counties deserve convenient access to the highest level of interventional cardiac care that this surgical program will provide. Having these services available to the growing population base will save lives in our region, and enhance the quality of life for scores of people living in these communities.”

Community support for this application has been both widespread and highly vocal. Support from county, regional and community officials, business leaders, the labor unions, major health and civic organizations, and representatives of virtually every one of the community’s diverse religious communities weighed in with their support. But perhaps most importantly, over 4,000 letters of support from the citizens of Rockland, Orange and Sullivan Counties were received in Albany.

Once Commissioner Novello’s final approval is granted, Good Samaritan’s cardiac surgery program will fill a critical void for residents of Rockland, Orange and Sullivan Counties by making comprehensive cardiac care and educational outreach more readily accessible. Although Good Samaritan began performing life-saving emergency angioplasty procedures on patients experiencing heart attacks as of October 31, 2003, no medical institution in the 130-mile corridor west of the Hudson River – from the New Jersey border to Albany – was able to offer comprehensive cardiac surgery. This region’s growing population is currently underserved in cardiac services, which has created the potentially life-threatening situations that this program is designed to combat.

The need for interventional cardiac services in the Rockland, Orange and Sullivan County service area was pointed up in testimony delivered to the committee by Dr. David Brogno, an Interventional Cardiologist with privileges at Columbia-New York Presbyterian Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital, as well as at both Valley and Englewood Hospitals in New Jersey. Dr. Brogno highlighted alarming statistics in his testimony that showed cardiac mortality rates to be higher than the national average in Rockland, Orange and Sullivan Counties, partially attributable to these patients traveling out-of-state for cardiac care.

Dr. Brogno also testified that Good Samaritan Hospital recently became the first hospital in the nation to be awarded a Certificate of Distinction for the Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). The certification was awarded following an extensive on-site review of the hospital’s protocols, systems and procedures for heart attack patients by the prestigious health care rating body. This disease specific certification by JCAHO means Good Samaritan has met the highest quality national standards for the management of patients who present in the emergency department with a heart attack.

The Bon Secours Health System has promised a substantial capital commitment to develop the needed facilities and programs for cardiac surgery at Good Samaritan. Bon Secours, parent organization of Good Samaritan Hospital, has the financial depth to make the initial capital investment, and will support working capital needs during the program’s initiation. This commitment is estimated at approximately $17 million, all of which will be provided without any New York State bonding.

Good Samaritan Hospital has already established the medical relationships it requires to carry forth this initiative. Expert clinical guidance and support for the cardiac surgery and angioplasty programs will be provided by Westchester Medical Center. Over the past ten years, Good Samaritan has built a solid clinical relationship with Westchester Medical Center in several clinical areas such as neonatal care and trauma services.

Significantly, eleven cardiologists – representing a total of 23 practicing cardiologists from Greater Rockland County, stood during committee testimony to show their support for Good Samaritan’s application.

“This approval is an important step forward in providing critically-needed cardiac services to the people of the Lower Hudson Valley,” commented Stanzione. “We are grateful for the heartfelt and vocal community support and the support of the medical community that helped to bring this issue to the forefront for consideration. We look forward to a positive outcome with Commissioner Novello, and to quickly developing the necessary facilities, staff and protocols needed to conduct a very successful surgical program that serves our community.”

Good Samaritan Hospital is a member of Bon Secours Health System, Inc., one of the nation’s leading Catholic healthcare systems. It is also part of the regional Bon Secours Charity Health System, which includes St. Anthony Community Hospital in Warwick, NY and Bon Secours Community Hospital in Port Jervis, New York. Additionally, Bon Secours Charity Health System provides the services of a Certified Home Health Agency, two long-term care facilities, an assisted living and adult home facility and several other medical programs. For more information about Good Samaritan Hospital, or any of its programs, contact Good Samaritan Hospital at 845-368-5000, or log on to

Media Contact:
John Lonsdorf
R&J; Public Relations
(973) 331-1070

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