March 19, 2022

Loans on Yachts, Aircraft, Gems, Fine Art, Oil Tankers, Large Construction Equipment

Short Term Loans / Lines of Credit Tied to High Net Worth Collateral $10 thousand - $100 Million Maximum

(PRWEB) March 19, 2022 -- One of the dilemmas of being mega-wealthy is locating a place to Loan against your valuables. Now, through our partner, there is a solution... Through our alliance with this niche finance company, who is essentially a pawnbroker to the rich and, we can offer short or long-term loans and/or Lines Of Credit from $10 thousand to $100 million. We can arrange to lend on: yachts, aircraft, gems, fine art, oil tankers, large construction equipment and much more.

This Niche market is designed for the Super Rich these are the individuals who have many assets and may be looking for some quick cash in these bad economic times. The individual would place his assets in a Special Vault in Florida with an “SKR”. The Assets would remain there until such time as the Loan is replenished. Through our alliance we can offer short and Long-Term Loans and/ or Lines of Credit from $10 Million to $100 Million. We can arrange to Lend on all of the items in below. Client lucky enough to posses such assets can expect the royal treatment when it comes to our partner in Florida. They will provide Air Transportation to South Florida, Limo service to a water front hotel, fine dining and the full treatment at a day spa – Luxuries No Bank could offer.

The Circumstance of these loans might be a margin call, Tax Liability, Trust Income, unexpected bill or a one time Emergency. We can help a company who may be slipping into Bankruptcy or disarray by loaning the money based on their asset. For Example there are a lot of companies and individuals in the Silicone Valley who are looking to unload some of their assets.

Unlike a Bank, we can move quickly in providing client money because it does not have to put clients through the same type do analyses a bank does. We do not consider a clients credit, length of employment or debt to income ratios. They look at one thing, the assets. We value the assets, and we loan the sum of money based on the value of the assets to our customers. Loan Process and appraisal is 7-10 Day process.

- Yachts
- Private Jets
- Gems, Fine Cut & Polished (only) No Un-Cut Stones). No Rubies
- Gold Bullion, Gold Bars
- Fine Art, Sculptures, Molds held in an SKR
- Large Construction Equipment
- Oil Tankers
- and more

- Evaluation Form must be sighed and dated by the Principle
- The Assets are held in a secure Location “SKR”
- Lender Must Perfect a 1st Lien on the Assets
- LTV 10% - 80% will depend on Transaction
- Full appraisal paid for by the Funder
- Front End Fee Agreement Paid out simultaneously with Funding

Procedure for Loan Against Gems:
If gems are anything other than diamonds or gold, gems must have cross collateral Cross collateral preference is real estate (commercial building, corporate mansions) Other forms of collateral assignable Certificate of Deposit or assets that can be easily liquidated in the event of default Obtain clean copies of appraisals, purchase history Speak directly to appraiser (verify value & condition, GIA certified).

Inquire about insurance - get copy of policy
Are Gems in safekeeping (Bank, Vault, etc.)
Will principal move Gems to another location for safekeeping
LTV for diamonds, gold 70 - 90%
LTV for other gems 50-60%
If all this checks out,W borrower fills out Form Affidavit & Loan Request Form Loan Process begins.

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March 17, 2022

Pacific Security Capital Selected as Exclusive Placement Agent for a 1 Billion Euro Real Estate Opportunity Fund in St. Patrick’s Day Deal

Commercial real estate investment bank, Pacific Security Capital, will be the exclusive placement agent for a €1Billion Euro fund raised by an Irish investor.

Beaverton, OR (PRWEB) March 17, 2022 -- - Pacific Security Capital a leading provider of commercial real estate loans, structured finance and advisory services, is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with the acquisition of a major €1 Billion Euro contract.

Pacific Security Capital will be the exclusive placement agent for an Irish investor that has raised in excess of €200 Million Euro that will be leveraged into a €1 Billion Euro closed-end opportunity fund that will invest in US real estate assets. The closed-end fun will make investments by acquiring, lending or investing in office, industrial, retail, multifamily, hospitality and residential real estate located in the US.

“This is the first Irish fund that has been created for investment in US real estate” said Mike Myatt, executive managing director. “A lot of wealth has been created in Ireland over the last decade due to the strong Irish economy. With the strength of the Euro combined with the stability of the US real estate market the fund should be very successful,” said Myatt.

The fund’s investments will be concentrated in first- and second-tier markets, with the placement of funds beginning toward the end of the second quarter.

Pacific Security Capital is widely regarded as a leading commercial real estate investment bank and was selected for this engagement based upon the strength of their market knowledge and contacts coupled with their transactional and professional services capabilities. Earlier this year, the company relocated and expanded its corporate headquarters to accommodate a 40 percent growth in its origination staff.

Learn more about Pacific Security Capital at or call 1-800-844-6085

About Pacific Security Capital
Pacific Security Capital (PSC) is a leading commercial real estate investment banking firm. PSC provides debt, equity and hybrid capital for the acquisition, development, construction, renovation, bridge, mezzanine, and permanent financing of commercial real estate projects located in the United States and most parts of Canada requiring more than $3MM in financing. PSC is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon with other offices around the United States. More information about the company can be found at

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March 14, 2022

Cash Flow Notes

Do you or your clients need quick cash? Do you or they own notes or structured settlements? Learn how to turn them all into quick cash. By Russ Dalbey, CEO and founder of Winning in the Cash Flow Business.

(PRWEB) March 14, 2022 -- There is a wide variety of privately held (and usually privately originated) debt and other cash flow instruments that are actively bought and sold. Operating somewhat like secondary markets in the banking and institutional lending arenas, the private cash flow market provides cash flow asset holders several huge advantages not often obtainable through traditional funding pipelines - including flexibility, availability, and softer underwriting requirements.

For professional advisors representing holders of these cash flow instruments, awareness of these advantages, and a basic grasp of the possibilities, provides the opportunity to fulfill the most important service they have to offer their clients - solutions.

Seller-financed transactions have existed for decades - and potential buyers for these seller-originated cash flow debt instruments have existed right alongside. Essentially taking root in the private real estate note arena some 60 years ago, the private cash flow industry has gradually grown to encompass a wide spectrum of diversified debt instruments throughout the past few decades - as more and more participants continue to explore, and underwrite, potentially profitable financial niches.

Alternative Cash Flows
Driven by small, independent cash flow professionals at the local level, the brokerage side of the industry has fueled the growth of investors purchasing alternative cash flows. As networking in the secondary market has grown and become somewhat more structured, a developing investor’s interest in purchasing non-debt related forms of cash flow instruments has been kindled as well. We have seen such esoteric cash flow instruments as annuity agreements, structured settlements, viaticals, lottery awards and similar prize entitlements, pension benefits, royalty agreements, deferred casino winnings, deferred sports contracts, and more, all joining the parade of purchasable cash flows.

Approximately 60 identifiable debt and cash flow instruments - including the non-debt-related instruments above and others such as commercial receivables, business notes, medical receivables, automobile, marine and aviation paper, equipment leasing contracts, timeshares, government contract payments, retail installment contracts, manufactured housing paper, and the granddaddy of them all, real estate notes - are all actively bought and sold in private secondary markets.

The ability to tap into the liquidity that these cash flow instruments represent creates a buffet of possible options for sellers, and their advisors, to access funds quickly. In addition, being aware of the various options available in the private secondary cash flow markets can assist in both forward planning and mitigating situations where liquidity may not be a primary issue, such as avoiding excessive taxation and other forms of transactional friction, estate planning, family law issues, partnership dissolutions, portfolio building, and even asset protection under the right circumstances.

I have demonstrated some of these techniques in previous issues, as they relate to private real estate paper. The same concepts often apply across the whole spectrum of cash flow instruments and can frequently make a huge difference in solving a problem for your clients, whether they are doctors, debtors, investors, business owners, business buyers, developers, contractors, retirees, beneficiaries, devisees, or divorcees! And, as our secondary markets have grown and adapted, we have begun to see some crossover with traditional lending markets. With growing frequency, bank and mortgage company paper assets (including both performing and nonperforming portfolios) are being marketed through our services. And, we are seeing increasing numbers of loan origination packages coming through the door, particularly for the larger and more difficult to close lending transactions, including commercial, development, and residential related hard money and construction funding deals.

The crossover of these alternative cash flows trading into the private cash flow industry has allowed professional cash flow brokers to expand their product lines and greatly diversify the scope of solutions they may be able to bring to you and your clients' situations - either as direct investors or as conduits to other viable funding sources who specialize in funding the type of transaction involved.

As a cash flow professional, I have the basic due diligence information gathering and evaluation skills to help create and present packages to a wide variety of cash flow buyers and investors. And what I can't answer, I can usually find out through my networking resources. Don't hesitate to contact me to explore the possible range of solutions we might be able to come up with together, when the situation arises for one of your clients. And please feel free to visit our website if you would like to find out more about the benefits I might be able to offer your clients.

Also visit our 40 page index on buying Real Estate Notes and other related information at:

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