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August 12, 2021

KMx Migration Program for Pathlore Learning Management Suite Clients

Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. (KMSI), a leader in web-based training and e-learning solutions, today announced its "KMx Migration program for Pathlore Learning Management Suite clients" special offer.

LINTHICUM, MD (PRWEB) August 15, 2021 -- Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. (KMSI), a leader in Web-Based Training and E-Learning Solutions, today announced its "KMx Migration Program for Pathlore Learning Management Suite clients" special offer.

KMSI is pleased to announce its "KMx Migration Program for Pathlore Learning Management Suite clients" special offer. This special offer lets corporations and Government agencies that have licensed software from Pathlore Software Corporation migrate to KMx Enterprise at a substantial discount.

Through December 31st, 2005, organizations that have licensed software from Pathlore Software Corporation can migrate to KMx Enterprise and receive a 33% discount. Because KMx Enterprise is licensed without any per-user licensing fees, this offer may provide Pathlore customers with additional savings totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Other competitive products may also apply. Contact KMSI's sales office at (603) 382-2262 to confirm product qualification or to learn more about this special offer. Proof of licensed purchase of competing products is required. KMx Enterprise includes KMx Performance Management LMS, KMx Learning Content Management System, KMx Development, KMx Live Presentation Tools and product training.

Organizations that have incurred the significant expense and time required to implement the Pathlore Learning Management Suite may be reluctant to consider alternative solutions, fearing additional expense and delays. In order to counter these reservations, KMSI offers a solution specifically designed for organizations that have already licensed learning management technology from a Pathlore Software Corporation. KMSI's comprehensive solution provides Pathlore clients with the ability to:
-- Migrate existing courseware, student/employee training records,
catalogs and training schedules from the Pathlore Learning Management Suite
to KMx Enterprise, normally within one week.
-- Replicate client sponsored modifications, integrations and branding to
smooth the introduction of KMx to the client's business process and
-- Deliver training to an expanded group of employees, customer and/or
suppliers without incurring any per-user license fees using KMx Performance
Management LMS.
-- Quickly and easily convert existing instructional materials to
standards conformant on-demand e-learning with KMx Development.
-- Provide virtual classroom training to an unlimited number of users
without incurring per-seat license fees with KMx Live Presentation Tools.
-- Create and manage a reusable learning content object library to
expedite development efforts and provide just-in-time training and
performance support with the KMx Learning Content Management System (LCMS).

KMSI's extensive references and Fortune 500 client list quickly removes any reservations that Pathlore Software Corporation customers may have had when considering abandoning the use of the Pathlore Learning Management Suite.

Explains KMSI President Jack E. Lee, "Over the past year, there has been significant consolidation in the e-learning and learning management technology industries. Leading providers like Docent, Thinq, Saba and Click2Learn have either acquired, been acquired, or merged with one of their most significant competitors. The KMx Migration Program for Pathlore Learning Management Suite clients was created following the announcement that SumTotal Systems Inc. would acquire rival Pathlore Software Corporation. KMx provides the solution for Pathlore customers who realize that the Pathlore Learning Management Suite may quickly become obsolete. The program will enable Pathlore Learning Management Suite clients to move forward with their initiatives without the worries of product uncertainty, availability of software support and maintenance and the inevitable technology conflicts that arise when competitors merge."

Explains KMSI CTO Mike Binnix, "When we founded KMSI, we had a vision of what could be done to reinvigorate the learning technology marketplace. Our founding team brought over 100 years of hands-on experience with nearly all of the leading learning technology platforms and e-learning development suites. Our plan was simple; identify the major areas for improvement in both technologies and processes and use that information to create a company and a platform that could ensure the success or our client's initiatives."

About KMx Enterprise

KMx Enterprise is an Advanced Distributed Learning Platform that provides fully integrated e-learning content development, learning management, performance management, learning content management and virtual classroom technologies in one easy to use solution. KMx enables rapid content creation and delivery by a wide range of content creators including instructional designers and subject matter experts. KMx is accessible using standard desktop applications and browser technologies and supports popular learning, content and document management technologies. KMx is available as both an installed application and as an ASP hosted service.

About Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc.

Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative learning and knowledge management solutions for Fortune 2000 companies and Government agencies. For more information, please visit www.kmsi.us

KMx is available to all government agencies via the General Services Administration (GSA) Contract GS-35F-0461M with Velocite Systems, Inc.

Pathlore Learning Management Suite is a trademark of Pathlore Software Corporation

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