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August 17, 2021

Texas Company Invents Chemical Free West Nile Mosquito and Insect Control Agent--A Deet Free Alternative for Flies, Gnats, Fleas, Ticks, No-Seeums, Chiggers and Numerous Other Flying and Crawling Insects

CedarCide Industries of the Woodlands, Texas announces the availability of their People-Pet-Horse and Livestock insect control product in concentrated form. It is now possible for the user to formulate his own ingredient strength. The Chemical Free solution is safe to Children and Pets. It is the only known ONE TIME application Flea control for inside treatment of residential flea infestations. A monumental breakthrough for the protection of Equine from the deadly West Nile Virus Mosquito.

Woodlands, TX (PRWEB) August 17, 2021 -- Cedar Oil has been used as a insect control device since Biblical days recites Dave Glassel, inventor of the popular CedarCide "Chemical Free" insect control products. We have now expanded our range of products to include the Concentrates used to formulate the cedar oil insect control substance used by numerous popular labels. Cedar Oil aromas interfere with a insects pheromones. Scientific research shows all mass emits a Keremone (odor) which flying insects use their Octopomine Neuro Receptors to detect. Cedar aromas interrupt the non-beneficial arthropod receptors ability to find blood donors necessary for survival. Carbon dioxide emission will vary with different human age groups and animals. CedarCide users can now create the recipe he or she desires for the most effective control and duration. We designed the Concentrate to easily mix with tap water Glassel said. It is packaged in a one quart bottle which will make up to 25 gallons of 1% solution. The introductory selling price is a mere $59.95, a fraction of the cost of the toxic chemical sprays such as DEET.

CedarCide PEOPLE-PET-LIVESTOCK Concentrate is currently available on a DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER basis only. It is Globally shipped with next day delivery available. Call 800 842 1464 to order. CedarCide Industries is the Worlds leader in Cedar Oil Technology and is located in The Woodlands, Texas.

Dave Glassel
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