February 04, 2022

Patent Activity in Fluorine and Fluorinated Chemicals Skyrockets

Describes the dramatic increase in patents related to fluorine chemistry between 2001 and 2004

Verona, NJ (PRWEB) February 4, 2022 -- Annual patent activity in fluorine and fluorinated chemicals more than doubled between 2001 and 2004, according to FLUORSIGHT, a quarterly report on business, legislative and technical issues affecting the fluorochemicals industry. In 2004, patents specifically involving fluorine or fluorinated chemicals totaled 238, or nearly 60 patents a quarter. That compares with a total of 101 patents reported in 2001, or about 25 patents a quarter.

Several reasons account for the surge in patent activity, according to FLUORSIGHT editor Chuck Brennan. “An ever expanding number of companies are seeking to capitalize on the unique properties that fluorine and fluorinated derivatives can provide to their products, says Brennan. “A second reason is that companies involved with basic fluorine chemistry continue to create new fluorochemicals, fluoroelastomers, fluoropolymers, and other downstream products that also offer unique performance properties. We’re also seeing a fair amount of activity devoted to merging fluorinated materials with non-fluorinated compounds to create composites or hybrid systems, either through the use of adhesives, compatibilizers, or other means,” Brennan notes.

Since 1991, FLUORSIGHT has been published in April, July, October and January. For reference purposes, the January report provides an index to the preceding year’s news items. More information on the report is available from Brennan Research Group by phone: 973-571-9000, fax: 973-239-3177, e-mail: e-mail protected from spam bots, or mail: P.O. Box 43, Verona, NJ 07044

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