August 25, 2021

Sulzer Sales in First Half up by 18% - Net Income Nearly Doubled

August 25, 2021

Core Divisions Boost Operating Income by 31%

In the first half of 2005, Sulzer continued to grow profitably. Sales were up 18.4% year-on-year (adjusted 14.2%) at CHF 1157.8 million. Operating income (EBITA) rose by 25.4% to CHF 76.9 million, and net income amounted to CHF 58.9 million.

Sulzer Chemtech posted record results; orders received were up 19.3% on the previous year at CHF 200.2 million. Sales rose by 28.7% (adjusted 32.5%) to CHF 192.0 million. Operating income (EBITA) of CHF 19.6 million was achieved due to high volumes and increases in efficiency,
while return on sales was 10.2%. Further, large orders are expected in the coming months, and the outlook for Sulzer Chemtech remains positive.

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March 16, 2022

Expanded Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device & Skin/Cosmetic Training from the Center for Professional Innovation & Education (CfPIE

The Center for Professional Innovation and Education (CfPIE) is expanding its European pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and skin/cosmetic training course offerings. Course topics will range from current good manufacturing practices (GMP) and drug development training to regulatory affairs and quality assurance. Expanded courses begin in May, 2005

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) March 16, 2022 -- The Center for Professional Innovation & Education announces the expansion of its training programs and educational offerings in Europe. CfPIE will provide its broad array of in-depth training courses in Europe to professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and skin/cosmetic industries. These courses cover a multitude of topics in the field of clinical research and development, GMPs and GLPs, drug development and regulatory affairs. CfPIE educational conferences are designed to address the latest issues affecting R&D;, quality assurance, manufacturing and regulatory affairs and increase the knowledge base of each attendee.

Training courses provided by CfPIE have been utilized by over 600 corporations, federal and state governments and numerous non-profit agencies. A number of these organizations have designated CfPIE as their primary provider of external training. “We have been consistently ranked as one of the premier providers of training and educational services with both our extensive public course schedule and our customized on-site programs,” said Mark G. Mazzie, Managing Director, CfPIE. “In addition to the 120 public programs scheduled in North America and Europe during 2005, we will deliver over 150 on-site programs designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.”

Courses in Europe will begin on May, 2005 and initially consist of May 24 & 25, 2005 - Stability Testing of Proteins, Peptides & Other Biomolecules; May 26 & 27, 2005 - Writing Effective Standard Operating Procedures & Other Process Documents; May 26 & 27, 2005 - International GMPs for Biopharmaceuticals & Biologics; May 30 & 31, 2005 - Effective Document Management for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Industries; May 30 – June 1, 2021 - Biostatistics for Non-Statisticians; June 2 & 3, 2005 - Understanding and Interpreting Data & Results in Medical Literature

For further information, contact us at 610-688-1708 To register online, please visit

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Research and Markets: The Western European Market for Industrial Wood Coatings Revisited

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of The Western European Market for Industrial Wood Coatings, 5th Edition to their offering.

(PRWEB) March 16, 2022 -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of The Western European Market for Industrial Wood Coatings, 5th Edition to their offering.

This new fifth edition is a revision and expansion of the previous wood coatings report dated December 2000. Its coverage extends to the following 16 countries in Western Europe:
- Austria
- Belgium
- Denmark
- Finland
- France
- Germany
- Greece
- Ireland
- Italy
- Netherlands
- Norway
- Portugal
- Spain
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- UK

With this new edition new market breakdowns have been incorporated in accordance with industry requests to include, for every country:
- Split of the polyurethane sector into the 1-K and 2-K markets
- Split of parquet finishes into 1-K and 2-K markets
- Division of markets by application

Markets are also analysed according to the main chemical technologies associated with the sector, and according to companies on the basis of market share.

The result is a statistically-rich report containing all the key facts and figures surrounding the markets in 2003, complete with a market forecast to 2008.

Contents include:
- Industry Overview
- Market Review by Country
- Summary of Market Data
- End-User Industries
- Statistical data and trends in end-use sectors
- Market Forecast
- Projection of the market to 2008
- Directory of Industrial Wood Coatings Manufacturers

For more information visit

Laura Wood
Senior Manager
Research and Markets
Fax: +353 1 4100 980

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March 03, 2022

Theramedix Taps Nutraceutical Industry Expert, Kalyna Hanover for Top Position

The innovative enzyme therapy company, Theramedix has brought industry expert, Kalyna Hanover on board to spearhead the launch, development and marketing of their professional line of enzyme therapy products to healthcare professionals.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 3, 2022 -- Theramedix, a nutraceutical company that provides health care practitioners with pharmaceutical grade enzymes, announced today that they have brought nutraceutical industry expert, Kalyna Hanover on board for their top position of Director. Hanover will be responsible for the overall marketing direction, vision and strategy to promote the specialty line of products to the health care professional market.

“We’re very excited that Kalyna has joined the company as Director of Theramedix,” said Tom Bohager, President of Theramedix. “One of our formulas for success is to bring in the best people in the industry. Armed with her 15 years of experience in international advertising, nutraceutical sales, management and marketing, Kalyna will successfully lead Theramedix into the future.”

Hanover will also be responsible for the sales team, customer service, public relations, website, marketing materials and training. In addition to her years of experience in the industry, she is also certified in Holistic Health, obtaining her credentials from the California Naturopathic College in Del Mar, California. Originally from Chicago, Kalyna has lived in Eastern Europe, Southern and Northern California, and is currently based in San Francisco, CA. She was previously the Sales and Marketing Director for EcoNugenics, a dietary supplement and nutraceutical company.

Theramedix, a subsidiary of Enzymedica, manufactures and sells a premiere line of plant derived pharmaceutical grade enzymes to health care professionals. The product line has a proven, proprietary delivery system called Thera-blend,™ which guarantees the integrity and strength of each enzyme formula in all ph ranges. Theramedix offices are located in San Francisco. Log onto to learn more.

Contact Constance St. John, The St. John Group at 415-454-2243

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February 16, 2022

New Self Cleaning Eco Filter System Produces Wealth of Benefits for Neville Chemical

Neville Chemical found that modernizing its resin filtration system enabled significant productivity gains, reduced waste, and eliminated a laborious task that was risky to workers’ health.

(PRWEB) February 16, 2022 -- When Neville Chemical Company opened its Anaheim, California plant in 1958, its major competitors in the hydrocarbon resin industry were domestic giants such as Eastman and Exxon. Today, with a strong lineup of Asian competitors, the market has become much more competitive, particularly for smaller manufacturers like Neville Chemical.

“With all of the competitive forces out there, productivity and safety are essential to our survival,” says Rob Lonergan, GM of Neville Chemical’s Anaheim plant.

A recognized leader in synthetic hydrocarbon resins and coumarone-indene resins, Neville Chemical determined that updating its resin filtration system with a state-of-the-art system on the finished goods line would improve productivity and reduce waste.

“The call to upgrade our filtration on the solid resin line was beneficial in several ways,” Lonergan says. “It not only enabled us to operate leaner through improved productivity and reduced waste, but also led us to vastly reduce the health and safety hazards that were present with our old system.”

Neville Chemical has used a variety of different systems for filtration of impurities from its finished products for many years. While filter bags performed well in removing impurities, the use of these bags was costly, required continual changing that interrupted production, was a difficult task for workers, and was also potentially hazardous.

All of those problems were completely eliminated when Neville Chemical replaced that bag system with a state-of-the-art self-cleaning Eco Filter® system from Russell Finex ( of Pineville, North Carolina.

Neville Chemical’s bag filters in question were located on the molten resin line, where the material is heated to 400-500 degrees Fahrenheit in order to permit flow. After being filtered, it goes through a flaking process and becomes solidified and then packaged.

The combination of the heat and build-up of contaminants causes these bags to load up and decompose so they must be changed at regular intervals. “Unfortunately, those intervals require stopping product flow before a batch is complete,” Lonergan explains.

Manufactured by Russell Finex, the Eco filter is a self-cleaning system that integrates directly into the pipeline and completely eliminates the need to change bags. By means of a unique spiral wiper design, the filter element is kept continuously clean, which ensures optimum efficiency of filtration. The systems also has a unique Q-Tap valve that allows the sampling of freshly filtered material without interrupting production. This resulted in substantial savings of both downtime and labor.

Due to the heat and “stickiness” of the resin, changing bags had also been difficult, messy and potentially dangerous. “Each bag was about three feet long, and they became quite cumbersome when full. If the person changing the bags spilled, it could stick and possibly burn. The new system completely eliminates that risk,” says Lonergan.

“Too often the workers would have to muscle out the bags because they were sticky. So, to some extent the bag changing task was a back injury waiting to happen,” adds Lonergan. “Fortunately, we have not had any serious injuries in this area.”

Lonergan points out that his workers had to also be wary of other risks, such as potential respiratory risks due to heavy fumes from the product. Consequently, bag changers wore face shields, respirators and high temperature gloves.

The totally enclosed Eco Filter now protects the operators from harmful fumes and spillage.

“All of these potential risks have now been eliminated because of the new Russell Finex system,” says Lonergan.

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AstraZenica Training Team Use Business NLP Techniques to Increase Self Awareness in Communicating with Customers

Both The NHS and the Drugs and Healthcare industries are going through a series of re-organisations and major change. Developing a stronger partnership with customers is essential for navigating such changes. James Prior, an employee of AstraZenica, is involved in leading this journey.

London, U.K (PRWEB) February 16, 2022 -- AstraZenica is putting significant development into ensuring it has the best sales force in the UK, moving towards being partner of choice with its customers. This means developing a stronger appreciation of the wants, needs and values of their customers, together with a greater awareness of their own communication styles.

James Prior is Skills Development and Speciality Care training lead, who works with a team of 5 to develop speciality care skills packages for a sales field force of 1200. He approached PPI Business NLP, a bespoke provider – as he believed that Business NLP could help him achieve his objectives. As a starting point he wanted to demonstrate the benefits of a focused business NLP approach for himself.

AstraZenica sponsored James to complete his master practitioner accreditation; he chose to study modules in leadership, change management and executive coaching. He instantly recognised the benefits in both raising his own self awareness and giving him an additional set of tools to use. James explains “I noticed the impact of my own communication and I was immediately able to put into practice skills that I had been learning for some time. This made me easier to talk to and in turn enabled me to raise the value and worth of my own team.”

James added “Understanding my own personal communication styles was a key step in building on my current skills to communicate with others”

Two techniques that James found exceptionally valuable were ‘values’ and ‘timeline.’ ‘Values’ is a questioning and listening approach that enables the practitioner to find out what’s important to his or her client. ‘Timeline’ is a visualisation or kinaesthetic approach to explore and achieve future goals. James continues “Both are easy in principal; the art is in developing the skill set to do them well.”

James believes that this training will have a profound benefit in providing a comprehensive tool set those working in the care industry.

James choose PPI’s NLP Master Practitioner course because of their business experience and the focus of their team, the small numbers in their seminars and that the accreditation was licensed by Richard Bandler one of the Co-founders of NLP. He is planning to continue his studies with the hypnotic influence module and other master-class modules.

Clients of PPI Business NLP include Abbey, Accenture, ACCA, Argos, AstraZenica, Barclay’s, Birmingham University, BT, BAe, Centrica, ODPM, the PM’s Strategy Office as well as the main public services.

Taster sessions – at no charge are available in London and Milton Keynes.

PPI's website has had over 380,000 hits over the last four years demonstrating the interest in Business NLP. Further news releases are available from . Their monthly newsletter from goes out to over 3000 subscriber’s world wide.

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January 15, 2022

Oxford Performance Materials Expands Advisory Board with Addition of Kevin Cronin

Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) has announced the appointment of Mr. Kevin Cronin to the firm’s Advisory Board. Mr. Cronin will chair the newly formed Committee for Strategic Market Development.

Enfield CT (PRWEB) January 15, 2022 -- Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) has announced the appointment of Mr. Kevin Cronin to the firm’s Advisory Board. Mr. Cronin will chair the newly formed Committee for Strategic Market Development.

“We are very pleased that Kevin has accepted an Advisory Board position with OPM, said Scott DeFelice, President. Kevin has been down the road we are traveling with the PPS business and his insights and relationships are invaluable to us” Mr. Cronin will specifically support OPM in development of strategic customers.

“OPM is methodically building a high performance materials business in a manner that capitalizes on their technological advantage, leverages assets and relationship, and builds customer loyalty. I find their approach very well tuned and I look forward to supporting them as they accelerate up the growth curve”, said Kevin Cronin.

Mr. Cronin’s most recent position was as the President of Forton Industries. Fortron Industries is a Joint Venture between Kureha Chemical Industries and Ticona, which produces Polyphenelyne Sulfide (PPS) a high performance thermoplastic. Prior to this assignment Mr. Cronin held several commercial leadership roles including global eBusiness Director, Marketing Director and Sales Director. His background also includes product management, as well as application and product development.

Founded in March 2000, OPM has rapidly become an industry leader in the ultra-high performance thermoplastic polymers market. The firm's versatile OXPEKK® polymers are currently being used in space and defense, medical, semiconductor, and industrial markets worldwide. For additional information, please visit

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January 10, 2022

Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. Announces the Appointment of Jim Serre as Director, Professional Services for the Western United States

Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. (KMSI), a leader in Web-based Training and E-Learning Solutions, is please to announce the appointment of Jim Serre as Director, Professional Services for the Western United States

(PRWEB) January 10, 2022 -- KMSI is pleased to announce that Jim Serre has joined KMSI as director of its professional services organization in the Western U.S. The consulting support provided by KMSI’s professional services staff along with a growing partner network, is designed to assist customers with the deployment of KMSI’s flagship Advanced Distributed Learning Platform, KMx

“KMSI is please to have Jim join our team,” said Bob Danna, KMSI’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “Based in Northern California, Jim will provide configuration support for the KMx platform, front-end analysis and design of learning solutions, development and conversion of learning content, and associated consulting services. Jim brings almost 30 years experience to KMSI including past management positions at, PeopleSoft, RWD Technologies and General Physics Corporation.”

KMx is an advanced distributed learning platform that is globally scalable and provides an integrated environment for developing, managing, and delivering performance support documentation and learning content. KMx enables rapid content creation and delivery by a wide range of content creators including instructional designers and subject matter experts. KMx is a Tiered Enterprise Class Web-Application built using MS .Net and MS SQL Server 2000. KMx is accessible using standard desktop applications and browser technologies and supports popular learning, content and document management technologies.

About Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc.
Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative knowledge and learning management solutions for Fortune 2000 companies and Government agencies. For more information, please visit

KMx is available to all government agencies via the General Services Administration (GSA) Contract GS-35F-0461M with Velocite Systems, Inc.

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