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August 29, 2021

Video Surveillance Solutions Developer ioIMAGE Releases API to Provide Seamless Security Camera Systems Integration

ioIMAGE, specializing in developing video surveillance solutions for the homeland security industry, has announced the release of its Application Programming Interface (API) to be used for the development of customer-specific applications based on its TotalTrack® video motion detection system. TotalTrack® is the world’s most advanced video motion detection system for detecting and tracking of security threats, intrusion detection, illegal car parking detection, theft detection, abandoned objects and object removal detection

Herzliya, Israel (PRWEB) August 29, 2021 -– ioIMAGE (www.ioimage.com), specializing in developing video surveillance solutions for the homeland security industry, has announced today the release of its Application Programming Interface (API) to be used for the development of customer-specific applications based on its TotalTrack® video motion detection system. The API allows system integrators to seamlessly integrate TotalTrack® TRK units into existing command & control centers as well as to enhance the feature-set of existing and future systems.

TotalTrack® is the world’s most advanced video motion detection system for detecting and tracking of security threats, intrusion detection, illegal car parking detection, theft detection, abandoned objects and object removal detection. The TotalTrack system, based on a powerful Video Digital Signal Processor (DSP), is easily and seamlessly integrated with any existing stationary camera, transforming it into a real-time proactive device able to detect and alert on threats. TotalTrack can also be plugged to any Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera and automatically track intruders for wide-areas and at great distances without human intervention.

“Among ioIMAGE main objectives when developing the TotalTrack® system was to offer a suite of development tools to make it easier to integrate TRK units’ built-in VTD™ (Video Threat Detection) technology for adding functionality to existing command and control centers and applications”, said Roni Kass, ioIMAGE CEO. “With this API release we expect to broaden the market for our partners and meet the needs of current and future customer.”.

The TRK-API allows easy interface and extensive control of TRK units over IP networks. Programmers can simultaneously receive video, audio, and security events data from one or more TRK Units. This allows software developers to synchronize inputs among different security systems. The information can be distributed to meet security requirements, whether to a single location or multiple dispersed locations. The API is built as a C++ interface compliant with industry standards and provides a convenient control suite for software developers.

Israeli Parliament (the Knesset), one of the ten most secured sites in the world, has made TotalTrack a key component of their security system, and has been successfully using these features for always vigilant unrelenting security. In addition to this, ioIMAGE received certification from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), one of the world leading organizations in term of implementation of anti-terrorism protection technology and tactics. TotalTrack has proven to be successful in protecting the US Department of Energy (DOE) Sandia Labs, nuclear power plants and chemical plants in United States.

About ioIMAGE
Founded in 2000, ioIMAGE is a leading security technologies company and maker of VTD™ technology, TotalTrack® products, and intelligent video surveillance systems. ioIMAGE focuses on research and development of new innovative product for the homeland security and public safety industry. The company is located in Herzliya Pituach, Israel’s prominent technology valley.

TotalTrack® family of products includes two modules. IntrusionTrack™, an intelligent intrusion detection for fixed cameras, and PTZTrack™, a unique and innovative solution that transforms manually controlled Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras to automatic intruder tracking systems keeping the intruder in focus and centered in the video frame. For more information please visit ioIMAGE website at www.ioimage.com

Media Contacts
Daniel Doron
ioIMAGE, Ltd.
Tel: +972-9-9546003

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KUA Joins Hurricane Katrina Restoration Effort

Kissimmee Utility Authority crews will depart for Key West, Fla. on Saturday, Aug. 27 to assist in the restoration of power.

Kissimmee, Fla., August 26, 9:30 p.m. – Responding to a request from a storm-battered utility, crews from Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) will travel to south Florida on Saturday to assist in the restoration of power.

Keys Energy Services, a municipal utility based in Key West, made a special request for KUA crews after Hurricane Katrina devastated the island on Friday. The utility is still determining the extent of damage to its electric system.

KUA linemen will depart at 5 a.m. Saturday from the utility's service center located at 2850 N. John Young Parkway in Kissimmee.

On Thursday, two contract tree trimming crews from KUA were sent to Miami to assist with power restoration. A third tree trimming crew was requested and sent Friday.

Founded in 1901, KUA (www.kua.com) is Florida's sixth largest community-owned utility providing electric and telecommunication services to 170,000 residents in five Central Florida counties.

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August 26, 2021

Millennium Group Sues Prest-on Company in Patent Infringement Case

Conlab, Inc., dba Prest-on Company, Pulte Homes, Del Webb Sun City, Ecker Enterprises, Inc., and Spruzzi, Inc. were named in a patent infringement suit filed in Illinois Northern District federal court by Milpond Group, Inc., dba The Millennium Group.

Loveland, CO. (PRWEB) August 26, 2021 -- Milpond Group, Inc., dba The Millennium Group, owner and distributors of The Nailer- A Drywall Fastener for Installing Interior Drywall Corners, announced today that it has commenced federal litigation against Conlab, Inc., dba the Prest-on Company alleging that the Arkansas based drywall clip company is a contributing infringer against Patent No. 5,581,964, ('964 patent) a "wall panel support and securement combination", trademarked as The Nailer.

In a complaint filed August 19, 2021 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Civil Action No. 05C 4788, The Millennium Group is seeking unspecified pecuniary relief from Prest-on Company was well as a permanent injunction barring the manufacture and sale of Prest-on Company's Framerback, Model 4030, which The Millennium Group alleges contributes to the infringement of its patent. Four other defendants were named in the suit, representing large national builders and drywall companies that have allegedly infringed, induced and/or committed acts of contributory infringement in regards to the '964 patent.

The Millennium Group has been a leader in inventing and distributing innovative products and has a reputation as a trendsetter in the construction industry, pushing towards sustainable building. "We are committed to acting quickly and vigorously to protect the value of our intellectual property," said Millennium Group President, Andrew Pizer. "As an inventor, it is essential to protect the rights of patents and to insure that the marketplace is fair and equitable."

Prest-on Company is a competing company that sells Corner-back and Insta-back metal drywall fasteners.

Information about Patent '964, The Nailer, can be found at www.thenailer.com or www.milpond.com.

For further information, please contact:

Jinx Davis
The Millennium Group
2300 W Eisenhower Blvd.
Loveland, CO 80537

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Cherry Names Nigel Ball Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Cherry Corporation announces the appointment of Nigel Ball to the position of Vice President, Sales and Marketing for the Cherry Electrical Products Division.

Pleasant Prairie, WI (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) August 25, 2021 -- Cherry Corporation announces the appointment of Nigel Ball to the position of Vice President, Sales and Marketing for the Cherry Electrical Products Division.

Ball will be responsible for the marketing and sales of all Cherry products in North America, South America and Australia. He will report to Robert Terwall, President of Cherry Electrical Products, and has re-located from Cherry UK to the company's Pleasant Prairie, WI facility.

Said Terwall, “As a long-time employee of Cherry UK, Nigel's background gives him strong product and market knowledge in all three of our business units – Automotive, Computer Input Devices, and Switches & Controls. All in all, I find him uniquely qualified to lead our important growth initiatives.”

Ball has an MBA from The Open University, Milton Keynes. He has held positions of increasing responsibility in engineering and sales throughout his 17-year career at Cherry. Since September 2001, he has been the Managing Director of Cherry's UK business, Cherry Electrical Products, Ltd.

About Cherry Corporation

Cherry Corporation manufactures standard and custom electrical switches, sensors, electronic keyboards and controls for the worldwide automotive, computer and consumer/commercial markets. The company is headquartered in Pleasant Prairie, WI and has seven wholly owned subsidiaries in Germany, England, France, Czech Republic, China, Mexico and Australia. For more information, visit www.cherrycorp.com.

Janet Killen
Adventive Marketing, Inc.

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August 22, 2021

Force Gauge and Torque Gauge Designer & Manufacturer Announces Appointment of New Managing Director

John Page has been appointed as managing director of Mecmesin Limited. Mecmesin is the specialist designer/manufacturer of force and torque gauges, and other tension, compression and torque testing instruments and systems, for quality control testing in manufacturing industry.

(PRWEB) August 22, 2021 -- Mecmesin Limited, Europe's largest designer and manufacturer of force gauges has appointed John Page as Managing Director.

Since joining Mecmesin in 1988 John has held a number of key roles within the company including: Application Engineering Manager, UK Sales Director, and Business Development Director. It was during his time in application engineering that Mecmesin established an enviable reputation, not just as a leading manufacturer of force gauges and torque gauges for quality control testing of manufactured products, components and materials, but as a provider of turnkey system solutions designed to meet the specific measurement requirements of particular customers.

John comments that, "Following my involvement with the development of the new instruments and systems which we have been releasing, and shall be continuing to release throughout the year, I find this an extremely exciting time to be taking over. I am also looking forward to meeting the new challenges which lie ahead, as we consolidate our position in our established markets, and build our reputation within those new markets which our new product ranges now enable us to enter."

John takes over from Terry Curran who retired on 19th August.

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Construction Recruiter Reveals Secret to Hiring Top Management Talent

Follow these four steps to hiring better candidates.

(PRWEB) August 22, 2021 -- When it comes to hiring top management talent in the construction industry, the concepts are very simple to understand. It's just a matter of doing those things that win the most desirable candidates to your team. "It really is that simple," says Scott Love, a ten-year veteran of the executive search industry. Love's firm, Scott Love Associates, recruits senior level executives within the commercial construction industry. He says, "The problem is that most people never take the time to find out what really motivates the candidate."

Love says that there are four critical steps to make your company more appealing to the talent that everyone else is chasing after. In an increasingly competitive market, you need to think out of the box and focus on how you can serve the prospective candidate pool.

1. Get clear on the uniqueness of your organization and the opportunities within it. Love states that most construction companies miss the mark when it comes to this because they've never taken time to look at their hiring process from a marketing perspective. "Marketing is all about differentiation, so you need to find out what is different about your firm and what is different about the experience that a recent graduate or seasoned manager will feel when working there." Love recommends talking to existing managers and employees and getting their feedback through confidential surveys. Ask them why they joined, why they stay, and if there was one bit of information that they could pass on to a prospective candidate, what would it be?

2. Find out from the candidate what motivates him or her beyond compensation and show how your company can deliver on those desires. Find out what the top three things are that they would need to see in an opportunity (outside of compensation) and present your prospective position in those terms. Love sums it up by saying, "Don't sell your company based on why you joined it or why you find it appealing. Instead, find out why someone else would join it, and show them that your opportunity will help them achieve what they really want. Remember, it's not about you. It's about them."

3. When the candidate transitions, stay with them. At the time they turn their notice in, they are susceptible to changing their minds and taking a counteroffer to. "That's the most critical time of the whole deal and the time that they need to build positive relationships with as many future colleagues as possible." Love says that the mistake most employers make is to assume that the deal is closed when the candidate accepts the offer. "It's not closed until they show up, and even then sometimes it's not really closed."

4. Love says to tell stories of how a future colleague is experiencing what that prospect wants to experience. Tell success stories which validate that the motivations of the candidate can be realized within your company. "Credibility is built on specificity. If you back it up with factual evidence, such as stories, then it's not your opinion but an irrefutable fact. If you tell them your opinion, then it loses credibility. But if you say, 'Let me tell you about one of our senior level executives and how he is doing what you are telling me is important to you,' then you win them over completely."

Love is also the author of two books on recruiting and writes a nationally syndicated leadership column called 'Leading to Win.' He conducts senior-level searches within the construction industry and speaks professionally at corporate and association meetings on leadership, rain-making, and building authentic employee motivation. He can be reached at 828-225-7700 or at www.constructionleadership.com.

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Specialist Online Store Offering Replacement Remote Controls Relaunched With a Huge Offering of More Than 100,000 Models

AV (UK) Ltd., replacement remote control suppliers in the UK, announce the relaunch of their website with a huge addition of new brands and models to their database. The current database is more than 100,000 models covering more than 600 brands.

Birmingham, UK (PRWEB) August 20, 2021 -- If your dog ate your TV remote, you lost it during a house move or your current handset is simply worn out, stop worrying because now there is help available at the click of a button. AV (UK) Ltd. a company that specializes in supply of replacement remote controls for all kinds of audio visual equipment like televisions, video, VCR, sky digital, cable-box, minidisc and satellite boxes have launched their website http://www.avukltd.com with a huge and updated database of remote controls which now has over a hundred thousand models and a very easy to use search system to find your model.

In the business of supplying remote controls for more than four years, AV (UK) Ltd have been supplying those to the UK and European consumers ever since they started. The sheer number of models, a very easy to search and order engine on the website, availability of most of these models in stock and rapid delivery of orders are the qualities that make their service unique.

According to the webmaster for the company Mr. Jaskirat Singh, "We are probably the biggest supplier of remote controls in the UK today and cover more than six hundred brands. The number of a hundred thousand models in our database is also probably the highest in the industry. Even then we some times get a query about a model which we do not have in our database, and we do our best to find those models for our clients, because that is what we specialize in and our goal is to supply a replacement for every model of any brand of audio visual equipment that any one uses in the UK or Europe."

"Even Google recognizes the importance and quality of this website. If you enter keywords "remote control UK" (without quotes), in the Google search box, www.avukltd.com comes out on top of 7,380,000 other web pages. Google being the most popular and the most trusted search engine in the world today, leads to a lot of new customers coming to our website looking for remote controls every day", said Mr. Jaskirat Singh.

For information: http://www.avukltd.com or
Contact: e-mail protected from spam bots, e-mail protected from spam bots
Phone: 0044-8707580614

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Amptronix, Inc. Introduces A New Battery Care Product

Amptronix, Inc. is introducing ABC-DS12, an innovative 12V Battery Desulfator. This product is fairly new to the US market, but has been a popular money saving product in Europe.

Walnut, CA (PRWEB) August 20, 2021 -- Amptronix, Inc. is introducing ABC-DS12, an innovative 12V Battery Desulfator. This product is fairly new to the US market, but has been a popular money saving product in Europe.

In order to keep batteries in good shape, they require maintenance just like any other product. The Battery Desulfator was developed to do just that for lead batteries. By utilizing the power of the battery and returning it as a surge or pulse, it actually delays and reduces sulfation within the battery. “Sulfation is the primary cause of premature battery failure,” explains Yvonne Wu, Vice President of Amptronics, Inc. “The Desulfator actually has the ability to revive old batteries back to a state of normal functionality.”

The ABC-DS12 is available immediately by calling Amptronix, Inc. at (909) 839.2858 or visiting its Web site at www.amptronix.com.

About Amptronix
Amptronix, Inc. manufactures and markets a variety of mobile electronic products, including 3-stage battery chargers, true sinewave / pure sinewave inverters, modified sinewave power inverters, battery-care products, automotive TFT displays, MP3 player, MP4 players with 2.5" to 7" display, and mobile coolers. With more than 20 years of OEM experience, our manufacturing has successfully supported name brands worldwide with quality products. With a strong R&D; capability and TUV audited ISO-9001 production facilities, we are dedicated to providing our partners with competitive services in price, quality, and local support.

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August 19, 2021

New Technologically-Advanced Speakers Bring Unique Sound Quality Into 'Focus'

Focused Sound speakers already making an impact at venues nationwide. http://www.dakotaaudio.com

Bismarck, N.D. (PRWEB) August 19, 2021 -- New technologically-advanced speakers are bringing unique sound quality into 'focus.'

It's a product that has already shown its prowess at venues like the Country Music Hall of Fame, select national museums and even the Mayo Clinic. Now Dakota Audio is aiming to bring its innovative speaker technology to many other venues worldwide.

Focused Sound is a compact product from Dakota Audio that controls sound in a unique manner so listeners can experience high quality sound directed to a specific area without being distracted by large, obtrusive speakers.

How Does Focused Sound Work?: http://www.dakotaaudio.com/howItWorks.shtml
Multiple small, high-quality loudspeakers comprise Focused Sound, which provides excellent sound quality and control in thin, almost inconspicuous packages. Patent-pending technology allows Dakota Audio to design arrays for specific situations and provide coverage patterns not available with other technologies.

"The combination of thin, unobtrusive looks, low distortion and excellent frequency response is unsurpassed in the field of directed audio," says Lynn Mader, inventor and developer of Focused Sound.

Dakota Audio mounts the multiple loudspeakers on a flat surface, eliminating the sonic coloration of domes. By strictly controlling the "launch" time of the sound from each loudspeaker, all speakers act together in concert at the target location. This control, known as correlation, allows Focused Sound to deliver well-controlled sound dispersion, adjustability and coverage patterns that are not physically possible with a dome.

Typical focused arrays give a reduction in volume of more than 20 decibels as a listener steps from the sound's "target zone" to the untargeted area just a few feet away. By varying the design of the array and the timing of the speakers, different patterns and focal lengths may be obtained. The thin (3 inches "thick") arrays are much less conspicuous than a "flying saucer convention" of dome speakers. The 36-inch square arrays can be customized to almost any shape or size.

Normally, the arrays are mounted overhead using thin aircraft cables. However, Focused Sound also can be mounted under grates in the floor, either under directly under the listener, or offset several feet from the listener (with the sound projected at an angle).

"We welcome side-by-side comparisons with any other technology for controlling sound," says Mader. In fact, that's exactly how Dakota Audio proved itself and landed its biggest clients, including the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tenn.; the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.; the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia; the Stax Museum of American Soul Music in Memphis, Tenn.; and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Dakota Audio can customize Focused Sound to meet indoor and outdoor acoustical needs. Information about the product is available online: http://www.dakotaaudio.com or by calling (800) 428-3461.

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August 18, 2021

New Wrap-N-Strap® Untangles the Frustrating Mass of Power Cords Plaguing Clutter-Conscious Americans

Wrap-N-Strap® – an adjustable rubber strap designed to neatly bundle electrical cords – represents a unique new solution to “power cord clutter.”

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) August 14, 2021 -- Wrap-N-Strap® – an adjustable rubber strap designed to neatly bundle electrical cords – represents a unique new solution to “power cord clutter.” An easy-to-use cord securing system, Wrap-N-Strap makes quick work of managing and storing power cords for everything from kitchen and personal care appliances, to computer peripherals, to air and water hoses, to extension cords, Christmas lights, hundreds of corded power tools and all of the electrical items people can’t seem to live without.

“Our society is constantly bombarded with electrical gadgets designed to make our lives easier and more convenient,” said John Joseph, President of Star Tech International who produces the product. “But, manufacturers have failed their customers by not providing a method to compactly store the cords on these items,” continued Joseph, better known as “JJ. “Tools with loose cords create ‘chaos!’ Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of reaching into the garage cabinet for a power drill only to find it ensnared in a wad of cords to other tools…or quickly trying to grab the blender for a batch of smoothies and finding the coffee bean grinder, hand mixer and waffle iron along for the ride?”

Enter Wrap-N-Strap: an inexpensive cord organizer that quickly and easily bundles power cords into compact coils. Here’s how it works: the strap is attached to the plug end of the electrical cord using the plastic button. The user bundles or coils the electrical cord, stretches the rubber strap around the bundle and secures it again to the plastic button. The operation takes only seconds, yet ends the inconvenience of tangled, unmanageable cords for a lifetime. Its most unique and useful feature, according to Joseph and dozens of customers, is that, unlike plastic twist ties or other cord wraps, the Wrap-N-Strap “stays attached to the cord”, eliminating the risk of losing or misplacing it and enabling customers to use it over and over again.

With the increasingly widespread use of laptops, the Wrap-N-Strap provides a quick, compact storage solution for external power supply cords in the limited space of laptop carrier bags. Wrap-N-Strap’s benefits also extend into the office environment, bundling office and computer equipment cords to make it an ideal space-saver for any business. A recent corporate customer purchased 100 - 12” and 100 - 9” Wrap-N-Straps to organize and manage the office power cords and Ethernet wiring cables, saying “The Wrap-N-Strap works great…it’s fast and easy to, use, and it’s already freed-up a lot of extra storage space, which is always at a premium around any office.”

Star Tech experienced tremendous early success with the Wrap-N-Strap at two major conventions, beginning with the International Quilt Market in Houston – where the product was first introduced – selling more than 400 bags in three days. Storeowners loved the product, while customers found that they could easily wrap and store glue guns, heat guns, steam irons and sewing machine cords. At the Annual Machinery show in Sacramento, Star Tech sold more than 200 bags in two days. “To our surprise, many of the machinery customers owned RVs and were ecstatic to find the 18” strap would keep their water supply hoses in a neat compact coil,” said Joseph.

The Wrap-N-Strap is offered in three sizes to solve any cord problem: 9-inch (yellow/black & white), 12-inch and 18-inch models (yellow/black). The product features an MSRP of $7.99 for a package of five 9” straps and $9.99 for (5) 12” straps or (3) 18” straps. “For a small price, you can tame power cords for good and conquer the cord clutter in kitchen and garage cabinets, easily storing items until the next time they are needed.” said Joseph. Wrap-N-Strap is now distributed nationally by Checkers, United Notions, Quilters Resource, Keepsake Quilting, and retailers such as the CB tool Group, Quilt In A Day, and the Clotilde catalog.

Wrap-N-Strap is patented and manufactured by Star Tech International, LLC, a Sacramento-based company specializing in products that simplify daily living. Founded by John Joseph in 1982, the company also manufacturers “Match Makers,” a tactual marking system for the visually impaired (color blind to total blindness) to identify clothing, food items and personal care products without the need to read Braille. Star Tech is associated with Paula Jean Creations, a sister company producing time- and finger-saving quilting products including the Kwik Klip, bearing the official recognition of a “must have tool for quilters,” and Quilter’s Delight Safety Pin Grip Covers. Both products are featured on the PBS show “Quilt In a Day” hosted and personally endorsed by the famous quilter and author, Eleanor Burns. More information is available from http://www.startech-intl.com/.

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August 15, 2021

AlfaMag Electronics New Line of Low Cost EI Laminate Transformers

AlfaMag Electronics is now offering a new line of standard low cost EI laminate transformers with power ranges 50VA – 500VA.

Rolla, Missouri PRWEB) August 15, 2021 -- AlfaMag Electronics has a new line of EI laminate transformers with power ranges 50VA, 90VA, 180VA, 250VA, and 500VA, with standard input voltages at 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz, and standard dual output voltages of 5V, 12V, 18V and 115V (connected in parallel) and 10V, 24V, 36V, and 230V (connected in series).

Electrostatic shield between primaries and secondaries optional. These transformers are low cost and high quality, constructed with a UL recognized class B insulation system. UL recognized class F and class H insulation systems are available. Dielectric strength 3500Vrms minimum. Full specification and dimensionsal information can be viewed on the Product Index link on the AlfaMag website.

For additional information, contact Rick Eissinger, Sales Manager at AlfaMag Electronics, Phone: 800-413-6693 or 573-364-2422, Fax: 573-364-5390

AlfaMag Electronics specializes in high frequency magnetic components, linear and switching power supplies, and EI laminate transformers. They offer the convenience of local technical and sales support, with the ablilty to produce most of their magnetic components in-house for quick engineering sample turnaround and the economy of offshore manufacturing for production quantites.

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Extension Module and Curved Covers for DIN Rail Enclosures from Camden Electronics

Camden Electronics has introduced a new extended height module and curved cover options for its range of DIN rail mounting enclosures.

(PRWEB) August 15, 2021 -- Camden Electronics has introduced a new extended height module and curved cover options for its range of DIN rail mounting enclosures.

The new extension module adds 15mm to the height of the original enclosure and enables two additional PCBs to be mounted horizontally. It simply snap fits to the top of existing enclosures enabling additional space to accommodate larger components and sub-assemblies where necessary. Like the original enclosures, the new extension module is moulded from Lexan polycarbonate to ensure the finished moulding fully meets UL94V0 flame retardancy ratings.

The new curved covers are designed to provide improved aesthetic appeal for the enclosures and offer an enhanced look that allows customers to deliver their systems in housings that appear to be custom designed rather than a standard box from any supplier. They are available in solid grey, clear, red transparent and smoky grey transparent. The design allows the hinged lid to be locked in the opened position so adjustments can be made to circuits within the enclosure without having to hold the cover.

Like their flat counterparts, the new curved covers can be supplied with or without a small hole that enables units to be sealed with wire, preventing unauthorised tampering with circuitry.

Camden's UK-manufactured snap-fit DIN rail enclosures sport a wide variety of features allowing users to produce housings to meet almost any conceivable requirement.

Unlike competitive products, Camden’s patented DIN rail mounting enclosures are fully UL94V0 flame retardant as they are moulded in polycarbonate instead of Noryl and other lower grade materials. Seven versions are available offering lengths of 17.5, 36, 53, 71, 89, 106 and 160mm all 90mm wide.

Offering greater versatility, Camden’s design features PCB guides to ensure boards are held in place firmly and moulded screw holes in the base to facilitate mounting of PCBs with heavier components such as relays or transformers. Up to three PCBs can be mounted horizontally while there are four mounting positions for vertical boards. The extension module adds two further horizontal positions.

The enclosure base is fully sealed with none of the holes that are found on competing products avoiding the need for any insulating pads and reducing assembly costs for users. The design of the enclosure is such that all tabs on the body have been eliminated to avoid small lugs that might break off.

Standard colour is grey (RAL 7035) although Camden can supply mouldings in black, green, red or blue for volume orders. In addition, the company can incorporate ventilation slots in its tooling for volume customers to avoid the need for machining by the end user. Besides reducing costs for the end user this facility also results in a stronger moulding compared to a similar enclosure with machined ventilation slots.

The new curved covers complement the original range of standard snap-in panel covers available in grey, transparent red or clear. Enclosures can optionally be supplied with a moulded top panel that can be screen printed also enabling transparent red or clear snap-in panels to be mounted with a label underneath for example.

Additional special features include snap-on terminal covers to IP20 finger protection with perforated screwdriver and wire entry holes and tabs as standard and spring loaded DIN rail clips that can be snapped open to allow chassis/surface mounting. Camden can also supply an optional adaptor for G-rail mounting. Terminal covers, snap-in panels and curved covers can also be provided to customer specifications for volume orders. Other optional special features include alternative black higher rated RTI material and EMC shielded metallic coated boxes.

Camden Electronics Ltd., based at St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK, is a leading manufacturer & supplier of PCB terminal blocks, fuses & fuseholders, sealed lead acid batteries, LEDs, miniature switches, interface modules, enclosures, IC & PLCC sockets and relay bases for the electronics, telecommunications, lighting, and electrical industries. The company has ISO 9002 accreditation and exports a significant proportion of its production to Europe and the Far East.

Information from Camden Electronics Ltd., 15 Porters Wood, Valley Road Industrial Estate, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, AL3 6PQ, England. Tel.: +44 (0)1727 864437 Fax: +44 (0)1727 855400.
Web site: http://www.camdenelec.com

Press information from: Tim Jennings, Marshall Jennings PR Ltd, Wyvols Court, Swallowfield, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 1WY, England. Tel: +44 (0)118 988 0288 Fax: +44 (0)118 988 0388.
Web site: http://www.mjpr.com

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August 12, 2021

Powerful Web Sales Tool Becomes Available to the Power Generation and Automotive Industry

This Power-Classifieds website, www.Power-Classifieds.com is now for sale and is a popular website that promotes the sales of power equipment, industrial / truck engines and parts. It is a powerful php programmed database driven website that is search engine optimized and designed to launch all of your classified listings to the top of the search engines. Extensive internet linkage structure already established after 4 years of business.

(PRWEB) August 11, 2021 -- A popular website that promotes the sales of power equipment, industrial and truck engines and parts, www.Power-Classifieds.com, is now for sale.

Power-Classifieds.com is a powerful php programmed database driven website that is search engine optimized and designed to launch all of your classified listings to the top of the search engines. Its extensive internet linkage structure is already established after four years of business.

The website is already linked to Paypal for users to register products. Owner simply enters a paypal ID and are able to begin accepting payments online. The website owner manages everything from how the website looks to how the website works, all from one webpage.

The website has a user-friendly website interface. The owner can broker equipment by allowing the contact information to be displayed, or enable the paygate to require payment for listings. The owner can display the customers' information for contact in this mode.

Power-Classifieds is special because it submits its own listings to the internet without intervention.

Owner Tami Robertson notes that "Even if the website does nothing but sit there, it brings in approximately $7,000 a year from Google Adsense (clicks by consumers), but in the hands of an equipment distributor, manufacturer or broker, it can bring in thousands of dollars a day".

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August 10, 2021

Arco Electronics Bandpass Filters Feature High Performance

Bandpass filters designed for wireless applications.

Camarillo, CA (PRWEB) August 10, 2021 -- Arco Electronics, an industry leader of passive components, today announced its full line of bandpass filters. Arco Electronics offers bandpass filters in a wide range of configurations from 1.8ghz-5.4ghz, boasting the largest offering of filters. These filters have excellent temperature stability and high performance and are designed for use in wireless applications.

According to John Drake, CEO, Arco Electronics, “low insertion loss and strong frequency response are key to effective bandpass filters and our filter technology promises to exceed these expectations. Our wide-range of technologically advanced bandpass filters combined with our excellent customer service sets us apart from our competition.”

Arco Electronics’ bandpass filters offer a low insertion loss and excellent frequency response perfect for wireless applications including cell phones, LAN/WAN networks, Bluetooth, and satellite up and down links. Because of its versatility, Arco’s filters are also used for audio equipment such as pre-amps, power supplies, audio amplifiers, studio equipment, broadcast equipment, ultrasonic medical and cleaning equipment. Arco Electronics bandpass filters’ high reliability guarantee quality wireless applications.

Arco Electronics is widely recognized in the industry as a leader, their line of bandpass filters is no exception. Arco Electronics’ bandpass filters features high performance at low industry pricing.

About Arco Electronics
Based in Camarillo, California, Arco Electronics has been a leading manufacturer of passive components for more than 50 years. Able to offer same-day service and delivery, Arco Electronics prides itself in the highest customer service capabilities. Arco Electronics currently manufactures a full line of mica capacitors, chip mica capacitors, ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, polyester and metalized polyester film capacitors, and band pass filters for Bluetooth, LAN, WAN, GPS and other applications.

Michelle Suzuki
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Bilingual Guidebook Offered by Landscape Lighting Manufacturer

CAST Lighting publishes a new Spanish/English guidebook for professional landscape lighting installation. This first-of-its-kind manual serves the growing number of Spanish-speaking workers in the landscape lighting industry.

(PRWEB) August 10, 2021 -- CAST Lighting, a leading manufacturer of outdoor lighting products, announced the release of a newly revised edition of its instructional guidebook, “Landscape Lighting Installation.” This new edition features both English and Spanish versions in a back-to-back format.

David Beausoleil, President of CAST Lighting, explains, “Professional Landscape Lighting is a fast-growing industry that employs large numbers of Spanish-speaking workers. There are limited resources for the training of these workers and virtually no instructional manuals in Spanish. We decided to invest in the translation of our manual because it provides a simple, yet comprehensive, step-by-step approach to landscape lighting installation. This learning resource empowers the Spanish-speaking worker to fully understand the process and achieve greater success in the business.”

While it is a relatively young company, CAST Lighting has gained a reputation as an innovative solution provider. Countering many prevailing trends in the lighting industry, CAST Lighting offers a small line of high quality solid bronze and copper fixtures and price them affordably. CAST also attributes its increasing success to its focus on education and support. This year, over 1,000 contractors from across the nation received intensive hands-on training from CAST.

David Beausoleil remarks, “Training and support are our number one priorities. The CAST sales staff spends more time in the field with new contractors than they do selling. We also have an aggressive ongoing project to build an online knowledge base of the Art and Science of Landscape Lighting. First time visitors to our website are surprised to find hundreds of pages of education and online tools to support their lighting businesses.”

The bilingual CAST Lighting manual, “Landscape Lighting Installation” is included along with CAST transformers and is also available free-of-charge by contacting CAST Lighting at (800) 914-CAST or info @ cast-lighting.com. The document is also available as a download from the CAST web site.

About CAST Lighting
CAST Lighting manufactures solid bronze landscape lighting fixtures, low voltage transformers and other system accessories. More information about their products and training are available at www.cast-lighting.com

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Landscape Lighting Manufacturer Launches Interactive Image Gallery

CAST Lighting announces the launch of an interactive online image gallery. The new gallery is a showcase meant to educate both homeowners and professional lighting installers. Extensive navigation allows users to select landscape lighting photos based on architectural style, lighting technique and many other criteria.

(PRWEB) August 10, 2021 -- CAST Lighting, a leading manufacturer of outdoor lighting products, announces the launch of a newly designed image gallery in its corporate website (www.cast-lighting.com). The new gallery features an extensive navigation that allows the viewer to select images based on architectural style, lighting technique and other criteria.

Stephen Parrott, CAST's Media and Marketing Director, designed the gallery using Macromedia's Flash technology. He explains the concept behind the endeavor, “Over the past several years we documented dozens of landscape lighting projects resulting in nearly 200 high resolution images. We wanted to make these images available to homeowners and lighting professionals in a gallery that acts as both an educational and promotional tool.”

Explaining the technical decisions involved, Mr. Parrott states, “Since a great majority of homeowners have high-speed Internet access and high-quality monitors, we felt comfortable with the decision to go with large photos and Flash technology. This allowed us to create an interactive gallery that gives a truer experience of the visual impact of Landscape Lighting.”

CAST Lighting is well known for its commitment to education. Founder and President David Beausoleil has been teaching landscape lighting installation and design for the past 12 years through courses at Rutgers University and through hands-on seminars sponsored by CAST.

Beausoleil further explains the importance of the gallery, “Our new interactive gallery represents hundreds of hours in programming and development – time well spent since the result is an extremely useful tool. We feel that presenting images in this way helps the entire industry; now, homeowners can better see the value of professionally designed landscape lighting and experience its artistry.”

The new interactive gallery can be viewed at the CAST Lighting website, www.cast-lighting.com.

About CAST Lighting
CAST Lighting manufactures solid bronze landscape lighting fixtures, low voltage transformers and other system accessories. More information about their products and training are available at www.cast-lighting.com or by calling (800) 914-CAST.

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August 09, 2021

Spirit Quest Ocean Survey is developing a new alternative energy

New way of making power without fuel, wind, solar, wave or water

PRWEB) August 9, 2021 -- A new concept in alternative power generation with schools, hospitals and third world countries in mind
is being advanced by Spirit Quest Ocean Survey. This alternative power does not use fuel, wind, waves, solar or chemistry.

"I was asked some years ago how to generate electricity in a new way. Picking up the challenge, I came up with an idea that uses an energy source we see and use everyday," Roy Dymond said, Principle to
Spirit Quest.

Spirit Quest Ocean survey develops high speed subsea submersibles which carry cameras and sonar for underwater filming. The team is dedicated to advancing other technologies and new and effective solutions.

Alternative energy is nothing new to Spirit Quest which has designed small hydro power generating systems for farms.

"We have reached the final stage of development now in building and optimizing this amazing system," Dymond says. "We are in discussion with interested manufacturers and welcome more contact from
independent investors who could help to accelerate and advance this unique product into service globally."

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August 04, 2021

Research and Markets : Presenting the Business Ratio Report on Dryers & Finishers for period 2005

Dublin (PRWEB) August 4, 2021 -- Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c21782) has announced the addition of Dyers & Finishers - Business Ratio Report 2005 to their offering

This Business Ratio report focuses on the leading 51 companies operating as dyers and finishers.

The report analyses company and industry performance over the three years up to 7th October 2004. During this period, the average company has seen a 2.9 percent increase in sales, from £11.5 million in 2001/02 to £11.9 million in 2003/04 after a high in 2002/03 of £12.3 million. Pre-tax profits declined marginally over the same period, from £528,000 in the first year of analysis to £523,000 in the final year.

Companies Mentioned:-
Advartex Ltd
Ainsworth Finishing Co. Ltd
A.T.C. Manufacturing Ltd
Autofil Yarns Ltd
Belmont Holdings Ltd
The British Millerain Co. Ltd
British Textile Mnfctrg Co Ltd -The
Brother Care Ltd
Buckfast Spinning Co. Ltd
Camborne Holdings Ltd
Cherry Pie Ltd
Colinette Yarns Ltd
Crystal Dyers Ltd
Daleside Dyers Ltd
Dartex Coatings Ltd
Dawson International Trading Ltd
Euroflam F.R. Ltd
Fashion Fabric Transprinters Ltd
Gamma Beta Holdings Ltd
Guilford Europe Ltd
Halley Stevensons (Dyers & Finishers) Ltd
Hanes International UK Ltd
Hicking Pentecost Textiles Ltd
Hollings Mill Processors Ltd
Homeserve Care Solutions Ltd
Hubdean Ltd
J.T. Inglis & Sons Ltd
I Q Textiles Ltd
R.A. Irwin & Co. Ltd
James Dewhurst Ltd
John Heathcoat & Co. (Hldngs) Ltd
Kabetex Ltd
Langholm Dyeing Co. Ltd
Lewis & Wood Ltd
Pennine Yarn Dyeing Ltd
Pin Croft Dyeing & Printing Co. Ltd
Pollock & Cochrane Ltd
Prints Direct Ltd
Quantum Clothing Group Ltd
Rochdale Textile Supplies Ltd
Rossendale Cmbnng Co Ltd (The)
Shirtworks Ltd
Spinalong Ltd
Springbrook Ltd
Spring Shades Ltd
Stead, Mcalpin & Co. Ltd
Swift Trading (UK) Ltd
Tellar Holdings Ltd
Toray Textiles Europe Ltd
Viktor Achter (U.K.) Ltd
Worthington Fabrics Ltd

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c21782

Laura Wood
Senior Manager
Research and Markets
Fax: +353 1 4100 980

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August 01, 2021

European power, control and electronics cables from GCE Cavi and In2Connect

With a shrinking base of indigenous cable producers, In2Connect is helping to alleviate UK cable supply problems by introducing for the first time to engineers, OEM buyers and distributors the extensive products and services of G.C.E. Cavi Elettrici of Italy.

(PRWEB) July 31, 2021 -- G.C.E. Cavi Elettrici is a medium sized cable manufacturing group with much experience in the design and production of those power, control, electronics, machine tool and custom cables for low voltage applications popular in the UK; and In2Connect is a company with over 40 years experience of UK cable and interconnect manufacture.

Together they provide the highest levels of service and quality associated with experienced staff, new production plant and quality assurance to ISO 9001 and holds numerous approvals and certification by VDE, IMQ, HAR and DESINA. As well as European standard cables, UL and CSA listed, approved and certified types are manufactured.

As a major supplier to the European machine tool industry the G.C.E. factories support the DESINA® concept of decentralized cabling as a basis for factory standards.

G.C.E. has already adopted the European directive on the use of hazardous substances, EU RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC as a standard across all product ranges.

Cable insulating and sheathing materials used are many and various ranging from PVC to TPR and PUR, and braided copper and/or Aluminium foil screens.

*Control and Power Cables
PVC Control cables 300/500 volt:
LSF control cables with enhanced flame retardance 300/500 volt
UV resistant PVC control cables 0.6/1 kV
Oil resistant PVC control cables 300/500 volt
Flame Retardant Non Corrosive control cables 300/500 volt
Polyurethane control cables 300/500 volt
Zero Halogen PUR control cables 300/500 volt ~ 450/750 volts

*Electronics Cables
PVC Electronics cables
LiYCY paired
PVC electronics cables, individually screened pairs
FRNC electronics cables
Interface cables for industrial use
UL/CSA listed PVC electronics cables
UL/CSA listed ‘Low Capacitance’ PVC electronics cables

*Trailing Cables
Trailing cables for Cable Chains 300 volt ~ 300/500 volt ~ 600volt ~ 0.6/1 kV

*Cables for Factory Automation
Heidenhain® measuring systems, Bosch® controls, Indramat® controls and tachymeter systems, Siemens® controls, Sinumerik® cabling, Baumuller® controls, Berger Lahr® motion controls
Sensor actuator cables for M12 connectors
Valve plug cables for M12 connectors
Composite cables for M12 actuator sensor boxes
Power and Servo cables

*Special Copper
Braided square copper ropes
Circular section plaited copper
Multi-wired copper strands

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