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August 18, 2021

New Wrap-N-Strap® Untangles the Frustrating Mass of Power Cords Plaguing Clutter-Conscious Americans

Wrap-N-Strap® – an adjustable rubber strap designed to neatly bundle electrical cords – represents a unique new solution to “power cord clutter.”

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) August 14, 2021 -- Wrap-N-Strap® – an adjustable rubber strap designed to neatly bundle electrical cords – represents a unique new solution to “power cord clutter.” An easy-to-use cord securing system, Wrap-N-Strap makes quick work of managing and storing power cords for everything from kitchen and personal care appliances, to computer peripherals, to air and water hoses, to extension cords, Christmas lights, hundreds of corded power tools and all of the electrical items people can’t seem to live without.

“Our society is constantly bombarded with electrical gadgets designed to make our lives easier and more convenient,” said John Joseph, President of Star Tech International who produces the product. “But, manufacturers have failed their customers by not providing a method to compactly store the cords on these items,” continued Joseph, better known as “JJ. “Tools with loose cords create ‘chaos!’ Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of reaching into the garage cabinet for a power drill only to find it ensnared in a wad of cords to other tools…or quickly trying to grab the blender for a batch of smoothies and finding the coffee bean grinder, hand mixer and waffle iron along for the ride?”

Enter Wrap-N-Strap: an inexpensive cord organizer that quickly and easily bundles power cords into compact coils. Here’s how it works: the strap is attached to the plug end of the electrical cord using the plastic button. The user bundles or coils the electrical cord, stretches the rubber strap around the bundle and secures it again to the plastic button. The operation takes only seconds, yet ends the inconvenience of tangled, unmanageable cords for a lifetime. Its most unique and useful feature, according to Joseph and dozens of customers, is that, unlike plastic twist ties or other cord wraps, the Wrap-N-Strap “stays attached to the cord”, eliminating the risk of losing or misplacing it and enabling customers to use it over and over again.

With the increasingly widespread use of laptops, the Wrap-N-Strap provides a quick, compact storage solution for external power supply cords in the limited space of laptop carrier bags. Wrap-N-Strap’s benefits also extend into the office environment, bundling office and computer equipment cords to make it an ideal space-saver for any business. A recent corporate customer purchased 100 - 12” and 100 - 9” Wrap-N-Straps to organize and manage the office power cords and Ethernet wiring cables, saying “The Wrap-N-Strap works great…it’s fast and easy to, use, and it’s already freed-up a lot of extra storage space, which is always at a premium around any office.”

Star Tech experienced tremendous early success with the Wrap-N-Strap at two major conventions, beginning with the International Quilt Market in Houston – where the product was first introduced – selling more than 400 bags in three days. Storeowners loved the product, while customers found that they could easily wrap and store glue guns, heat guns, steam irons and sewing machine cords. At the Annual Machinery show in Sacramento, Star Tech sold more than 200 bags in two days. “To our surprise, many of the machinery customers owned RVs and were ecstatic to find the 18” strap would keep their water supply hoses in a neat compact coil,” said Joseph.

The Wrap-N-Strap is offered in three sizes to solve any cord problem: 9-inch (yellow/black & white), 12-inch and 18-inch models (yellow/black). The product features an MSRP of $7.99 for a package of five 9” straps and $9.99 for (5) 12” straps or (3) 18” straps. “For a small price, you can tame power cords for good and conquer the cord clutter in kitchen and garage cabinets, easily storing items until the next time they are needed.” said Joseph. Wrap-N-Strap is now distributed nationally by Checkers, United Notions, Quilters Resource, Keepsake Quilting, and retailers such as the CB tool Group, Quilt In A Day, and the Clotilde catalog.

Wrap-N-Strap is patented and manufactured by Star Tech International, LLC, a Sacramento-based company specializing in products that simplify daily living. Founded by John Joseph in 1982, the company also manufacturers “Match Makers,” a tactual marking system for the visually impaired (color blind to total blindness) to identify clothing, food items and personal care products without the need to read Braille. Star Tech is associated with Paula Jean Creations, a sister company producing time- and finger-saving quilting products including the Kwik Klip, bearing the official recognition of a “must have tool for quilters,” and Quilter’s Delight Safety Pin Grip Covers. Both products are featured on the PBS show “Quilt In a Day” hosted and personally endorsed by the famous quilter and author, Eleanor Burns. More information is available from http://www.startech-intl.com/.

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