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August 29, 2021

CyberXlink.com Introduces New Line of Premium Plenum Audio Cable

CyberXlink.com, the premier online source for networking solutions, is introducing high quality Plenum Audio Cable to its existing line of products.

Costa Mesa, CA (PRWEB) August 27, 2021 -- CyberXlink.com, the premier online source for networking solutions, is introducing high quality Plenum Audio Cable to its existing line of products.

Plenum Audio Cable is designed specifically for use in the plenum, or air duct areas of buildings and homes. CyberXlink plenum cable contains a special fire retardant jacket that takes longer to burn and emits fewer fumes than a standard cable during a fire.

“This is a cutting edge product far superior to any type of audio cable in the market today” said Richard Navock Vice President of Cyberxlink.com “Very few suppliers offer this type of audio cable to their customers with such high quality and a competitive price”

In addition, CyberXlink is also offering a shielded version of its plenum cable. Shielded plenum contains a special foil material between the plenum jacket and the copper wires that eliminates virtually all electronic interference, producing a very high quality audio signal.

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Plenum Audio Cable Specifications:

• Material: Solid Bare Copper
• Size:18AWG x 2C
• Construction: 65C/0.16 ± 0.003mm
• Insulation Material: PVC
• Min Thick.: 0.52mm
• AVG Thick: 0.53mm
• Diameter 2.3 ± 0.1mm
• Jacket Material Plenum
• Cold Bend Test: -20 4hours No Cracking
• Flame Retardant Test: CM CL2
• AVG Thickness: 0.88mm
• Diameter 6.2 ± 0.15mm

About CyberXlink.com
CyberXLink has been supplying solutions to the telecommunications industry for many years, and has grown from what was once a small company to become a major industry supplier. CyberXLink is supported by a network of companies around the globe that specialize in all aspects of the networking and connectivity. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, CyberXLink is registered as a company compliant with ISO 9002 standards. We pay special attention to providing reliable, high quality products, our products are tested, UL listed, and many of our products meet CUL, CE standards. With this registration we have developed a solid foundation that enables us to offer our customers the finest quality products at very competitive prices.

With our customers in mind we are dedicated to developing long-term personal customer relationships. To do this we continue to focus on current market trends and new applications so we are able to provide you with the latest products in the market. Customer service, quality, and technology are our trademarks. Our reputation stems from the level of service we provide and the superior interconnectivity product designs and solutions we have to offer.

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