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August 08, 2021

Early Show & Best Magazine Test Aquapac Waterproof Cases

High tech has gone waterproof. And to demonstrate ways that you can waterproof your electronic gear without breaking the bank, Best Magazine reviewed Aquapac Waterproof Cases on the CBS Early Show.

(PRWEB) August 8, 2021 -- On the CBS Early Show, senior editor of Best Magazine, David Gregg demonstrated Aquapac cases’ ability to keep tech-gear 100% dry in and around the water this summer. Gregg submerged both a waterproof cell phone case and a waterproof ipod case in tubs of water to prove there are alternative ways to protect high-tech equipment -- and Aquapac cases topped the list. You can even listen to your tunes while your iPod is inside the case with the Swimman waterproof headphones.

Aquapac provides airtight, waterproof casing for cell phones, mp3 players, video cameras, point & shoot and digital cameras, gps, pdas and just about any portable device you want to take out in the elements. In the past, consumers would have to buy new tech-gear that was manufactured to be waterproof, which often added hundreds of dollars to the cost of the equipment. Or, consumers could play it safe and keep the cameras and cell phones at home away from the water. Today, people can safely and easily operate their tech-toys anywhere when the equipment is protected by Aquapac’s amazing technology. Just slip the digital or video camera into its Aquapac case and take sharp, beautiful pictures at the beach with no worries about sand, salt or water damage. A great way to get a waterproof digital camera at a fraction of the cost. Cell phones, mp3 players and the like are also protected securely within their fitted Aquapac cases.

During the Early Show segment, Gregg also explained the difference between water resistant and waterproof. When something is water-resistant, it is protected only if it is exposed to moisture or a few drops of water. Better than that, Aquapac’s waterproof cases protect your equipment even when they are totally submerged. All tech-gear is completely secure from water and moisture in Aquapac’s airtight, waterproof casing.

In pursuit of electronic mobility, CS Ideas has offered a complete line of Aquapac cases that protect tech-gadgets and toys since 2001. The company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is well known for its outstanding, personalized customer service. Cases can be purchased on their waterproof cases website.

CS ideas specializes in marketing niche products through their network of websites. Other products that tech-savvy customers enjoy are waterproof mp3 player from Waterproof Music as well as personalized gifts for all gift giving occasions at A Perfect Wallet.

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