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August 29, 2021

Mining People's Minds to Stimulate New Product Development in the Wine Country

A California new product development company is mining the minds of retirees and housewives and using the uncovered frustrations and annoyances of everyday life to stimulate a flow of new products and share the revenue with everyone involved. Their goal is to increase society's capacity for creation.

(PRWEB) August 29, 2021 -- An innovative new product development venture in California's wine country is looking for pioneering, collaborative, abstract thinkers to turn their knowledge and experience into money through a dynamic new product development process based on a new paradigm of inventing.

Are you a CEO, CFO, VP of marketing, new product development, licensing, skilled in joint ventures, alliances, manufacturing, or a single mom with a creative streak? Do you live in the future and think about what might be, rather than just what currently exists?

Do you have a broad overview of markets and what they need? Or do you have experience in a field where you know there are tremendous opportunities for change and improvement and loads of problems to solve that have been ignored for years?

Now you have someone who will listen to you.

Edison Innovations LLC, a Sonoma county venture, seeks to enlist experienced executives, whether retired or employed and other experienced workers for the development and testing of a new patent-pending Needs-to-Market™ process expected to produce a flow of new products for a broad range of industries and markets.

"We recognize the vast experience of retired and underemployed individuals and their underutilized intellectual assets, including their knowledge and experience. This is an opportunity for individuals to put their experience to work and increase the capacity for creation in society," said Larry MacDonald, CEO of Edison. Edison's process is designed to monetize life experience (i.e. turn knowledge and experience into money).

MacDonald believes the process will also help provide creative solutions to pressing social problems, as well.

Using Internet-enabled collaborative tools, Edison will assemble collaborative teams to discover opportunities, evaluate the business case, invent solutions, and spin-off or license new products into the marketplace.

Their collaborative model is intended to share future revenue from royalties or sales with all participants on the basis of the value of their contribution.

Edison Innovations is accepting resumes at this time from observant individuals who can notice and record life's little irritations and frustrations, as well as those experienced in new product development, licensing, finance, marketing or manufacturing who wish to be considered as future participants in our marketing/licensing, software development, finance, industrial design, legal and venture capital departments.

MacDonald says, "We are not looking for those looking for a pay check at this time; we are looking for those leaders, thinkers, creators, who are collaborative, have high integrity, and are interested in becoming an integral part of a new way of solving problems and creating wealth for themselves and all other participants in the process."

"This is a long-term process that will have plenty of room for everyone to make a contribution. It will be fun and exciting and challenging, and you will make a difference," said MacDonald.

If you are one of the few people in the world who can't resist creative brainstorming and out of the box thinking, send your resume and cover letter explaining your interests to be considered for a part in the early stages of this exciting opportunity to Edison Innovations LLC, Box 357, Kenwood, CA 95452.

The company will employ an Internet-based platform enabling people from all over the country, and ultimately from around the world to be involved. The stimulus for the company's process and name came from Thomas Edison's invention factory, which produced the greatest volume of patents of any inventor.

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