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August 24, 2021

Mr Test Equipment Launches Technology Recapture Program (TRP)

Mr Test equipment is pleased to announce the public release of its proprietary “Technology Recapture Program” (TRP).

(PRWEB) August 24, 2021 -- Mr Test equipment is pleased to announce the public release of its proprietary “Technology Recapture Program” (TRP). The Technology Recapture Program is specifically designed to significantly reduce the acquisition cost of electronic test and measurement equipment involved with existing and emerging electronic technologies in North America, Europe and Asia.

Within the last decade, electronic technology corporations have become far more cost and value sensitive when making strategic acquisitions. With the Technology Recapture Program (TRP) from Mr Test Equipment, financial savings and gains create an impressive result that often saves corporations hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mr Test Equipment has partnered with electronic technology engineering firms in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Ireland, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (USA) to help minimize the acquisition cost of high value electronic test equipment.

This is of particular interest to corporations developing technologies such as 3G, 3GPP, 4G, ADSL, ANI, ASIC, ATM, BIST, Bluetooth, CATV, CDMA, CDPD, CLEC, CMOS, DFT, DSP, EDA, EDGE, EMS, ESMR, FDDVI, FPGA, F-TDMA, GPRS, GSM, ICs, iDEN, LPFM, LPTV, MAS, MEMS, MMDS, MSS, NANP, PCS, RF, RFID, SCADA, SMR, TDMA, TIREM, VSAT, WCDMA, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, WLL, WSP, WWAN, ZigBee, etc.

Prior to making new, high value acquisitions, engineers and purchasing agents alike, should check with a quality vendor specializing in a Program approach to technology acquisition cost savings. As outlined below in brief, this Program refines new and existing acquisition techniques and strategies.

Mr Test Equipments Technology Recapture Program (TRP) Overview

1. Check with the original manufacturer. Do your homework. Check with the manufacturer and obtain a price and lead time quote from the manufacturer indicating new price, option configuration, warranty and calibration status of the considered equipment. Shop this same requirement to a quality vendor specializing in not-new equipment, like Mr Test Equipment.

2. Quality Check. When considering high quality electronic test and measurement equipment, a quality vendor will always offer a comprehensive parts and labor warranty and calibration certificate (included in the price). Engineers should only ever consider equipment that is sold by a vendor who offers a comprehensive parts and labor warranty and as well, sells the equipment calibrated with a certificate. Buying equipment with a valid calibration certificate, in most cases, will ensure the equipment meets the original manufacturer’s performance specifications. A comprehensive parts and labor warranty, in addition to a valid calibration certificate helps minimize the risk of faulty and out-of-spec performance. Without exception, Mr Test Equipment always sells equipment with such a warranty and with a valid calibration certificate.

3. Delivery Times. It is not uncommon when buying new equipment from the manufacturer that wait times, or leads times for delivery can be weeks or months. This may not meet your R&D; and/or Production schedule. Consider a faster delivery of quality not-new equipment (with a comprehensive parts and labor warranty and calibration). Many times, Mr Test Equipment can ship the same day with overnight express shipping.

4. North America & Europe: International Price Differences. It is not uncommon for a product manufactured in the U.S. to cost 20-30% more in Europe when sold as new. Conversely, European manufactured equipment sold in North America will also come new from the manufacturer with typical import margins and higher import prices. These types of price differences can be minimized through buying through an international broker like Mr Test Equipment. International equipment brokers are best able to minimize international price differences.

5. Online Auctions: Caveat Emptor. Sometimes, interesting deals can be found in an online auction format. However, considering only the auction sale price is not taking into account all risks and pitfalls associated with online auctions. In brief, here are only some of the many issues to consider:

Is the auction seller a scam and/or a rip-off artist specializing in preying on unsuspecting electronics industry professionals?

Has the equipment been stolen by a disgruntled and/or fired layed off employee?

Is the equipment working properly? Does it meet the manufacturer’s original specification?

Is the equipment calibrated? What about warranty?

What about reliable packaging and shipping of the instrument?

What about paying and receiving money risk free?

What happens if payment is sent and nothing arrives? What recourse do I have?

Also remember that the online auction and payment company will typically only offer limited assistance in terms of recouping lost money. Typically, any refund issued by the online auction will only be a fraction of the money lost. There is no additional compensation for lost time, lost credibility and/or compensation for lost time and/or profit due to unreliable acquisitions. Many times, online auctions and payment companies will simply refer you to your local police department to attempt pursuit of justice.

If saving money is a priority, purchase previously owned, reconditioned, calibrated equipment with warranty from only a quality, known and reliable reseller of electronic test equipment whenever possible. It is a significantly lower cost option as compared to buying new. Buying reconditioned equipment is also excellent value as compared to renting.

Mr Test Equipment is an international company, with offices and inventory around the globe, that specializes in international shipping and sales of previously owned electronic test and measurement equipment like oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal generators, calibrators… all sold with warranty, valid calibration certificate).

For more detailed information, contact Stephen Hopkins, Mr Test Equipment by email at e-mail protected from spam bots or call 905 274 6200 or visit http://www.mrtestequipment.com/

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