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August 10, 2021

PayKiosks Internet Terminals Opens International Office

PayKiosks Internet Terminals, Inc., one of North America’s leading suppliers of public access Internet terminals and wireless hotspots, has opened the doors on its first overseas office just outside of Tokyo.

(PRWEB) August 10, 2021 -- PayKiosks Internet Terminals is rapidly expanding their network of Wi-Fi enabled public access Internet terminals throughout North America via an innovative distributorship program. These terminals offer high-speed Internet access to customers for a small fee payable by cash or credit card. In addition, each terminal creates a wireless (Wi-Fi) hotspot that can be accessed by customers with wirelessly enabled laptops or PDA’s. For Scott McInnes, President of PayKiosks Internet Terminals, the decision to expand internationally was an easy one. “For the past several years we’ve conducted a significant amount of business overseas without having a dedicated international office. The international demand for our Wi-Fi Internet terminals has grown steadily over the past year and it’s now at the point where it makes sense to have an office dedicated to servicing these markets.”

For Todd Lowrey, PayKiosks International Business Development Manager, the decision to run the overseas office was an easy one. “When you consider the huge opportunity that many of these untouched markets offer our distributors it’s really quite amazing. No other company is in a position to offer what PayKiosks is bring to the table.”

The demand for wireless Internet access has exploded over the past couple of years and PayKiosks allows entrepreneurial individuals the opportunity to profit from this new technology. “Where it once was optional, nearly every laptop that is currently manufactured is Wi-Fi enabled. Huge companies such as Intel, Microsoft and T-Mobile have invested billions into this technology. Our products allow our distributors to own and profit from managing their own network of wireless Internet terminals” said Scott McInnes, President of PayKiosks Internet Terminals.

Because not everyone travels with a wirelessly enabled laptop or PDA, customers can access the Internet or email right from the terminal. In addition the terminal has the ability to display multimedia advertising content as well allowing customers to play games, and send video/picture postcards. “We are constantly exploring new avenues to increase the ROI for our distributors. As we introduce new revenue streams into this business model our older units incorporate these features through our Live Software Update,” said Scott McInnes.

PayKiosks Internet Terminals provides a complete turnkey package for entrepreneurs interested in building a network of Wi-Fi Internet terminals. For more information on PayKiosks please visit www.paykiosks.net

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