April 21, 2022

Sensory, Inc. Joins MontaVista® Partnering Program

World Class Speech Recognition Technologies Now Available for Embedded Linux Developers

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) April 20, 2022 -- Sensory, Inc., the leader in embedded speech technology, today announced it has joined the MontaVista® Partner Program. Embedded developers using MontaVista® Linux® Professional Edition can now implement speaker independent speech recognition functionality and an improved user interface for a wide variety of consumer electronics applications with Sensory’s FluentSoft® SDK.

“Sensory has over ten years of experience in developing embedded speech technologies,” says Todd Mozer, President and CEO of Sensory. “Our FluentSoft SDK has been ported and tested with MontaVista Linux Professional Edition, which will enable quick customer deployment of voice enabled projects, such as next generation mobile communications.”

MontaVista Linux Professional Edition boasts the industry’s most comprehensive support for embedded processor architectures, CPU boards and software components. It is a complete development platform and operating environment for communication devices. Pro, which now targets more than 30 processors from eight industry-leading architectures, is one the most widely deployed embedded Linux platforms in the market today. This award-winning product contains an impressive array of cross-development tools for system and application development, unparalleled processor and board support, and hundreds of deployable utilities, libraries, drivers, and other run-time components.

“We are excited that Sensory has joined the MontaVista Partner Program,” said, Peder Ulander, Vice President of Marketing, MontaVista Software. “Many developers are looking at MontaVista Linux as a strategic development platform. Together with Sensory, we can deliver a robust speech recognition Solution."

The FluentSoft® SDK offers advanced features like word spotting, phrase spotting, and continuous digit recognition all working together to eliminate the limitations of discrete word command-and-control. Recognition sets can be dynamically built on the device on the fly, and are created using text-based input with no training required. For a limited time, qualified MontaVista Partners may obtain a fully functional copy of the FluentSoft® Software Development Kit by contacting Sensory Sales at 408-240-1577 or e-mail protected from spam bots.

About Sensory, Inc.
Sensory, Inc., based in Santa Clara, CA, is the world leader in embedded speech technologies. Sensory’s speech technologies include language training, speech recognition, speaker verification, speech synthesis, and animated speech, and are used in consumer electronics, cell phones, PDA’s, Internet appliances, interactive toys, automobiles, and other applications where low cost and high quality is essential. Sensory offers a complete line of integrated circuit and embedded software solutions to customers such as Hasbro, JVC, Kenwood, Matsushita, Mattel, Mitsubishi, Sharper Image, Sony, Toshiba, Uniden and many others. Sensory is a profitable, privately held company founded in 1994. More information can be found at www.sensoryinc.com.

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. MontaVista and DevRocket are trademarks or registered trademarks of MontaVista Software, Inc. Fluent Speech is a registered trademark of Sensory, Inc. All other names mentioned are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

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All-In-One Network-Enabled Computer With Integrated Colour LCD And Touch Screen Supports Java

Snijder Micro Systems today announced the public release of the new SmartControl product line, a family of rugged, network-enabled HMI computers with colour LCD and touch screen integrating a wide range of I/O and interfacing possibilities and featuring full support for the Java programming language.

Deurne, The Netherlands (PRWEB) April 20, 2022 -- Snijder Micro Systems today announced the public release of the new SmartControl® product line, a family of rugged, network-enabled HMI computers with colour LCD and touch screen integrating a wide range of I/O and interfacing possibilities and featuring full support for the Java™ programming language.

The SmartControl SC-210/211 are all-in-one single-board computers featuring a 5.7" LCD QVGA display with integrated touch screen, built-in Ethernet controller, up to six serial ports (RS232/RS485), analog and digital I/O, and a wide range of additional interfacing options. The system is based on a high performance 32-bit ARM processor with up to 64 MB of SDRAM and up to 256 MB of flash for solid state storage of application code and data. Additional onboard peripherals include a watchdog, temperature sensor, real time clock with battery backup, programmable slave microcontroller, unique factory-programmed 64-bit ID, digital contrast and backlight control, buzzer, etc. Different enclosure options are available.

The SmartControl SC-21x firmware integrates a industry-leading real-time kernel and Sun-certified Java Virtual Machine which translates all bytecode to native code at runtime, before execution, achieving unrivalled performance and minimal footprint. The system can be programmed completely in Java, including full support for the AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit) graphic libraries, without the need for any proprietary or non-standard development tools. Programming in assembler and C/C++ is also possible.

The extended temperature range, low power consumption (less than 1000 mA including the display and backlight), and rugged nature of the SmartControl units make them ideal for a wide range of applications, including industrial process control and automation, automotive/transportation, medical equipment, domotics, points of sale, survey terminals, etc. The system opens up endless possibilities combining the local user interface based on the built-in LCD display and touch screen, and a Ethernet-based interface for remote control and maintenance. The support for Java makes it possible to reduce development costs and shorten development cycles and time to market.

For more information, please visit: http://www.embedded-web.com/

Pricing and availability:
The SmartControl SC-21x is available now. Prices depend on volume and configuration and are in the EUR500-EUR800 range. There are no additional licensing costs or royalties for the OS, JVM, and runtime libraries. Please contact Snijder Micro Systems for detailed pricing information.

About Snijder Micro Systems:
Founded in 1986, Snijder Micro Systems is a front runner in industrial automation. Snijder Micro Systems is using industry-leading technology to design tailor-made solutions and customisable products, featuring an object oriented RTOS and high-performance JVM. The main development goal at Snijder Micro Systems is to conquer the complexity of designing and maintaining a general-purpose Java platform and provide a ready-to-use product to OEMs and embedded system integrators. For further information, please visit Snijder Micro System’s web site at: http://www.snijder.com/

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Fastrax Announces New Versions of iSuite 3 GPS Software Development Kit and iTrax03 Firmware

Fastrax Ltd., a leading provider of open and portable OEM GPS Software Development Kit (SDK) environments and programmable OEM GPS receivers, today announced the latest versions of the Fastrax iSuite™ 3 SDK and iTrax03 GPS receiver firmware with numerous new features and updates that significantly improve GPS reception in difficult conditions such as urban canyon environments.

Helsinki, Finland (PRWEB) April 20, 2022 -- Fastrax Ltd., a leading provider of open and portable OEM GPS Software Development Kit (SDK) environments and programmable OEM GPS receivers, today announced the latest versions of the Fastrax iSuite™ 3 SDK and iTrax03 GPS receiver firmware with numerous new features and updates that significantly improve GPS reception in difficult conditions such as urban canyon environments.

The Fastrax iSuite 3 SDK can be used to rapidly modify the features and functionality of a GPS receiver, allowing receiver performance and power management to be tailored for any usage scenario. By utilizing the spare CPU and memory resources of the GPS receiver, the Fastrax iSuite 3 SDK can significantly reduce the bill of materials and non-recurring expenses of GPS products.

The iSuite 3 SDK is used to develop customer-specific applications to be executed on Fastrax iTrax03 OEM GPS receivers. These applications can utilize the on-chip memory and file system for data and software code storage, and access the various I/O lines on the iTrax03. The SDK is well suited for demanding application development such as interfacing with external sensors and peripheral devices. This allows Fastrax iTrax03 receivers to be used in independent solutions such as wireless asset tracking devices and applications based on geo-fencing databases.

The new firmware for Fastrax iTrax03 OEM GPS receivers has significantly improved performance and includes numerous new features. Highly accurate carrier phase measurements, measurement rates of up to 100 Hz, and improved data logging enable completely new market segments for iTrax03 receivers. The firmware is available for download at http://isuite.fastrax.fi.

New or improved features in version 3.11 of the iSuite SDK include:
- Costas PLL tracking loops with accurate carrier phase measurements
- Logging system with interval and automode
- Odometer
- Pull Fix mode that allows users to query location data
- Advanced debugging features, including CPU load measurement (SDK only)
- Support for measurement data rates up to 100 Hz
- Improved multi-path and cross-correlation mitigation for better performance in urban canyon environments
- Improved data decoding sensitivity down to -142 dBm
- Reacquisition sensitivity -147 dBm
- Faster reacquisition time
- Improved navigation sensitivity down to -153 dBm
- Improved static circular accuracy: 50% 0.30 meters; 95% 1.16 meters

Further information on the iSuite SDK for software developers can be found at http://isuite.fastrax.fi.

Fastrax OEM GPS receivers offer industry-leading benefits in performance, size, power consumption and versatility. Fastrax products enable the implementation of position-aware features into practically any device. The GPS modules are ideally suited for both industrial tracking systems and small battery-operated products such as mobile phones, asset tracking devices, handheld computers and sports accessories.

Fastrax contact:
Matti Räty
President / CEO
Tel. +358 400 431 124
e-mail protected from spam bots

Fastrax agency contact:
Netprofile Tech PR
Juha Rantanen
Tel. +358 9 6812 080
e-mail protected from spam bots

About Fastrax Ltd
Fastrax provides industry-leading receivers and software solutions for optimal utilization of GPS (Global Positioning System) and other GNSS location services (Global Navigation Satellite Systems). Fastrax transforms GPS technologies into highly scalable iTrax and iSuite solutions with open interfaces, combined to ultra low power consumption and miniature hardware design. With industry-leading performance, Fastrax GPS receivers navigate continuously even in extreme conditions. Receivers are ideally suited to both industrial location applications and high-volume consumer products such as cell phones and sports accessories. Fastrax Engineering Services provide expert services in application design. Headquartered in Finland and founded in 1999, the company is privately owned and backed by leading venture capital investors CapMan, Eqvitec, Startupfactory and Innocap, with a strategic investment by Suunto Corporation, a subsidiary of Amer Group, a leading global supplier of sporting goods equipment.
More information: www.fastrax.fi.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide satellite navigation infrastructure funded and controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense, originally developed for U.S. military purposes. GPS provides satellite signals that enable GPS receivers to calculate their exact position and velocity. The GPS infrastructure has three segments. The space segment consists of 24 satellites that orbit the earth every 12 hours. The control segment consists of tracking stations located around the world, with the master control station located at Falcon Air Force Base in Colorado. The user segment consists of GPS receivers and users utilizing the information provided by the system. GPS is widely used in applications such as marine navigation.

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March 24, 2022

New Excelsior JET 3.7 Focuses on J2SE 5.0 and Parallelism

Excelsior JET 3.7 enables software developers to improve performance and hinder decompilation of their Java applications by converting them into optimized native executables running directly on hardware. This release focuses on J2SE 5.0 API support, parallel execution on multi-CPU systems and code performance improvements.

Novosibirsk, Russia (PRWEB) March 24, 2022 -- Excelsior, LLC, a Russian vendor of software development tools, has announced today the general availability of the latest edition of its flagship product, Excelsior JET 3.7. Designed to improve performance and hinder reverse engineering of Java applications through ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation, Excelsior JET now supports the latest version 5.0 of the J2SE API, and its new runtime library is optimized for execution on parallel hardware.

About Ahead-Of-Time Java Compilation
Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compilation, the distinctive core feature of Excelsior JET, enables developers to maximize performance of their Java applications by transforming them into conventional binary executables that run directly on hardware. At the same time, Excelsior JET fully supports Java dynamic class loading facilities through provision of a redistributable Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler, so it is a complete Java Virtual Machine implementation.

A nice side effect of AOT compilation is the application's improved resistance to reverse engineering, achieved without the performance penalties inherent to Java bytecode obfuscation.

New in Excelsior JET 3.7
Based on customer feedback, support for J2SE 5.0 API enhancements is the most anticipated feature in Excelsior JET 3.7. Excelsior engineers have also made numerous achievements in application performance over the previous version, particularly in string handling and data processing involving 64-bit operations, such as encryption.

Excelsior JET 3.7, Professional Edition introduces a new runtime library that is optimized for parallel execution. It enables concurrent memory-intensive applications, such as Java servers, to fully utilize the computing power of today's multiprocessor systems and the upcoming dual-core chips.

"Historically, we have been positioning Excelsior JET as a solution for acceleration and protection of desktop applications and low-end Java servers," said Dmitry Leskov, Excelsior's Director of Marketing. "But our customers have discovered that it may be used, with much success, to improve the throughput of their large-scale enterprise Java applications, and demanded better support for high-performing multiprocessor hardware."

The new Excelsior JET runtime library is available in three flavors tuned for different application types and hardware configurations:
- The Desktop Runtime is optimized for use in applications typically running on conventional desktop and notebook computers, such as rich clients.
- The Workstation Runtime is best suited for technical client applications such as visualization and engineering design, which often run on high-end workstations.
- The Server Runtime enables highly concurrent server-side applications to make the most of multi-CPU servers.

The runtime library found in the previous versions of Excelsior JET is also available under the name of Classic Runtime.

Visit http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetlatest.html for the full list of new features and changes in Excelsior JET 3.7.

Excelsior JET 3.7 System Requirements and Interoperability
The minimum hardware requirements for Excelsior JET 3.7 are Pentium III 800MHz CPU, 256MB of RAM, and 200MB of disk space, with to 650MB extra required temporarily during setup. 512MB of RAM is recommended for compiling J2SE 5.0 projects. Graphical tools need display resolution of 1024x768x256colors, otherwise command-line tools may be used.

Excelsior JET 3.7 for Windows runs on Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 98. Excelsior JET 3.7 for Linux requirements are 2.4 level kernel, glibc 2.2.5, and either LinuxThreads 0.9 or NPTL 0.29, or higher versions. Excelsior JET 3.7 interoperates with Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition, versions up to and including 1.5.0_02.

For details, see http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetsysreq.html

Availability and Pricing
Excelsior JET 3.7 is available today. To download a free evaluation copy, please visit: http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetdleval.html

Excelsior JET is priced per developer seat, and can be purchased directly from the Excelsior Web Store at: http://www.excelsior-usa.com/store/ and through authorized resellers. List prices range from $150 for Excelsior JET, Standard Edition with no service contract to $3,375 for a bundle that includes both Windows and Linux version of Excelsior JET, Professional Edition plus one year of Premium Support and Maintenance services. Users of previous versions qualify for substantial upgrade discounts.

An introductory offer is in effect until April 15, 2004. For details, please visit: http://www.excelsior-usa.com/store/specials.html

Runtime license fees apply to production use and redistribution of applications that include Excelsior JET Workstation Runtime or Excelsior JET Server runtime.

The Workstation Runtime is priced at $10,000 per named application with unlimited copies. The Server Runtime is priced at $1,000 per server. Volume discounts are applicable.

About Excelsior
Excelsior, LLC provides advanced software development solutions - optimizing compilers, source to source translators, program debug, analysis and reengineering tools, and related services since 1999. Privately held, Excelsior, LLC, has its headquarters in Novosibirsk, Russia, and is on the Web at www.excelsior-usa.com.

Contact Information:
Dmitry Leskov
Excelsior, LLC
Tel: +7 (3832) 138 649 (6AM-6PM GMT)
Fax: +1 (509) 271 5205

Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo, Java and all Java-based logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other products, services and companies are trademarks, registered trademarks or servicemarks of their respective owners in the U.S. and/or other countries.


Fully functional review copy available on request.

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Kozio Announces Support for AMCC's New High-Speed, Low-Cost 440GR PowerPC Processor for Networking Applications

Kozio, Inc., a leading developer of embedded systems software, today announced its support of Applied Micro Circuits Corporation’s (AMCC) [NASDAQ:AMCC] new 440GR PowerPC® processor for networking applications. Kozio develops software solutions that verify design and validate hardware for embedded single-board computer systems.

(PRWEB) March 24, 2022 -- Kozio, Inc., a leading developer of embedded systems software, today announced its support of Applied Micro Circuits Corporation’s (AMCC) [NASDAQ:AMCC] new 440GR PowerPC® processor for networking applications. Kozio develops software solutions that verify design and validate hardware for embedded single-board computer systems.

"We’re pleased that Kozio’s kDiagnostics solutions will be available for our 440GR customers, “said Charlie Ashton, director of PowerPC software at AMCC. “We’re confident that by using kDiagnostics to verify their embedded system designs, our customers will be able to reduce their internal costs and accelerate their time-to-market."

"We're pleased to build on an existing successful relationship with AMCC by providing support for their newest PowerPC processor," notes Kozio President, Joseph Skazinski. "We're dedicated to helping product development teams using the 440GR, 440EP and all other AMCC PowerPC processors, turn their prototypes into products faster than ever."

Based on the PowerPC 440 superscalar core, AMCC's 440GR is targeted at networking and storage control plane applications. The low-power, low-cost PowerPC 440GR offers increased processor speed, memory performance and integrated dual fast Ethernets. Ideal for line card, system control and multi-radio devices, the PowerPC 440GR operates at a clock frequency of up to 667 MHz.

For developers of AMCC 440GR and 440EP-based products and a wide range of other processor families from leading manufacturers, Kozio provides a completely integrated diagnostics solution – including drivers for peripherals, as well as turnkey test suites for Ethernet, I2C, USB, HSS and other features provided through the core processor architecture. Kozio also leverages its extensive hardware expertise to provide professional services supporting boot loader and OS integration to custom platforms.

Kozio delivers a complete diagnostics and functional test solution for hardware board bring-up, manufacturing test and production-ready power-on self-test through its products: kDiagnostics for system-level diagnostics of embedded designs; kMfgTest for automated embedded manufacturing and functional test; and kPOST for off-the-shelf Power-On Self-Test (POST). All products are delivered as pre-built binaries fully ported to custom hardware. For more information on Kozio products and free evaluation kits, visit www.kozio.com. For more information on AMCC’s PowerPC 440GR please visit www.amcc.com.

About AMCC
AMCC provides the essential building blocks for the processing, moving and storing of information worldwide. The company blends systems and software expertise with high-performance, high-bandwidth silicon integration to deliver silicon, hardware and software solutions for global wide area networks (WAN), embedded applications such as PowerPC and programmable SOC architectures, storage area networks (SAN), and high-growth storage markets such as Serial ATA (SATA) RAID. AMCC's corporate headquarters are located in San Diego, California. Sales and engineering offices are located throughout the world. For further information regarding AMCC, please visit at http://www.amcc.com.

About Kozio, Inc.
Kozio, Inc. develops software solutions that verify design and validate hardware for embedded single-board computer systems used in products such as ADSL gateways, wireless access points, network routers, voice solutions, security and test equipment, and aerospace systems. Kozio's products provide comprehensive test solutions, including diagnostics for board bring-up, automated manufacturing test, and built-in self-test software for manufactured products. Kozio's customers design, develop and manufacture boards used in computer-based electronic systems for the aerospace, networking, defense, test and wireless industries. Kozio products ease many embedded systems development challenges, from design through manufacturing and support, saving customers time and money. Kozio also provides custom software services leveraging its extensive knowledge of numerous semiconductor technologies. The company is privately held and based in Longmont, Colorado, and counts ADI Engineering, Intel and IBM among its major customers and partners. For more information, visit www.kozio.com.

kDiagnostics, kMfgTest, kPOST and Flash-N-Run are registered trademarks of Kozio, Inc. AMCC is a registered trademark of Applied Micro Circuits Corporation. PowerPC is a registered trademark of the International Business Machines Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Contact: Joseph Skazinski, Kozio, Inc., (303) 776-1356, e-mail protected from spam bots, or Brad Shannon, Shannon Marketing Communications, (970) 461-4906, e-mail protected from spam bots.

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March 09, 2022

PhatWare Announces PenCommander for Tablet PCs

PenCommander for Tablet PCs includes several customizable features and increases productivity.

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB via MobilityNewswire) March 9, 2022 -- PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announced today the launch of PenCommander for Tablet PCs. The new stand-alone application features a new powerful scripting technology which was first introduced as a part of PhatWare’s PenOffice handwriting recognition application.

PenCommander allows users to use the pen to call up commands that can control Tablet PCs in almost limitless ways, such as editing documents, inserting often-repeated text into documents, and launching applications. To execute a PenCommand, simply write a PenCommand name on the PenCommander input panel. PenCommander is the best tool for entering repetitive data, accessing frequently used applications and documents, and overall extending Tablet PC functionality and user’s productivity, providing a simple and fast way to functions that typically take longer to complete.

PenCommander interprets instructions from the commands’ definitions one by one until the end of the definition. The software has several predefined commands that allow users to launch Microsoft Windows applications, perform standard editing functions, add their signature and the time and date, and more.

"PhatWare is pleased to add PenCommander for Tablet PCs to our line of productivity solutions," said PhatWare President Stan Miasnikov. "This stand-alone application promises to make computing easier for those who mainly use the pen and a Tablet PC."

The new application also includes Visual PenCommander Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which provides a rich and easy-to-use user interface that allows users to create, edit and test PenCommand scripts. There is no limit to the amount of commands users can create with PenCommander. In addition to written commands, users can assign PenCommands to up to 50 custom buttons on the application’s skin. PenCommander includes 10 predefined skins and a comprehensive documentation to help users create their own skins from bitmap (.bmp) files, giving consumers a way to personalize the application.

"We are excited to see PenCommander launched as part of PhatWare’s line of products, and believe its short command productivity features will further enhance and extend the Tablet PC user experience," said Susan Cameron, group product manager for Tablet PC at Microsoft Corp.

PenCommander for Tablet PCs costs $29.95, and can be purchased directly from the PhatWare Web site or any of PhatWare’s network of authorized retailers. For more information about PenCommander for Tablet PCs or any of PhatWare’s other productivity solutions for mobile or desktop PC use, visit www.phatware.com

About PhatWare
Founded in October 1997, PhatWare Corporation is a leading provider of easy to use powerful software products and professional services for the mobile and desktop computing marketplace. PhatWare specializes in handwriting recognition, digital ink, note taking, and database and network management software development. PhatWare Corporation is a founding member of Microsoft Mobility Partner Advisory Council (MPAC) - a unique partner program developed by Microsoft Corp. to serve as a focused feedback mechanism for Microsoft Windows Mobile platform development, and to provide leading companies with the tools and resources they need to bring the most innovative and successful mobility solutions to market - a Microsoft Certified Partner, Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner and Microsoft Tablet PC Premier Partner. To learn more about PhatWare, visit www.phatware.com

* PhatWare is a registered trademark of PhatWare Corp. Other product, company, or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

Press Contact:
Billi Cruse
Dittoe PR
317-202-2280 ext. 17

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