April 21, 2022

X-Digital Systems Deploys Linux-based DVB-IP Encapsulator Using Digital Media Processor Solution

X-Digital Systems Inc. (XDS), today announced it has deployed a Linux-based DVB-IP Encapsulator (IPE) using the TMS320DM642 digital media processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). Leveraging TI’s high-performance, peripheral-rich digital media processor, X-Digital built a media distribution system providing customers with the ability to directly broadcast MPEG content stored on a server into DVB transmission systems currently used in the media broadcast environment.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 20, 2022 -- X-Digital Systems Inc. (XDS), a technology innovation and licensing company focused on broadcast transmission systems, today announced it has deployed a Linux-based DVB-IP Encapsulator (IPE) using the TMS320DM642 digital media processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). Leveraging TI’s high-performance, peripheral-rich digital media processor, X-Digital built a media distribution system providing customers with the ability to directly broadcast MPEG content stored on a server into DVB transmission systems currently used in the media broadcast environment.

“Using TI’s DM642 device, we have created a low-cost solution allowing the distribution of multimedia content over DVB broadcast networks. Our IPE technology will allow USEN Broadcast to operate their network more efficiently while giving users added features,” said Ian Lerner, president, XDS. “We are excited to have deployed this technology into USEN’s system, which services over 1.3 million home and business subscribers. In early 2006 this system will be expanded into the mobile networks throughout Japan.”

"We are pleased that X-Digital has chosen to build its media distribution system for the Japanese DVB-IP broadcast market utilizing TI’s digital media processors,” said Charlie Gonsalves, business development manager for the Streaming Media group, Texas Instruments. “X-Digital has demonstrated a strong commitment to this market with the development of its Linux-based IPE.”

"The presence of X-Digital Systems Inc. is imperative to the broadcast and multimedia marketplace in Japan. Its broad portfolio of high-performance DVB broadcast systems and its unique customised solutions have changed the entire system architecture of USEN Corp., in that, it ensures USEN's reliable, efficient digital broadcast needs. We are extremely proud and excited to represent X-Digital Systems Inc. in Japan", said Masahiko Shimada, president of MBK Microtek Inc., a company promoting X-Digital's network solutions to Japanese market.

About X-Digital Systems
X-Digital Systems Inc. is a technology development and licensing company with over 10 years of expertise in the IP networking and data distribution fields. X-Digital has developed and licensed communications products in the US and Japan. X-Digital provides its customers complete solutions including back office systems in addition to the distributed client systems. For more information, please see www.xdigital.com.

About USEN
USEN Corporation is a leading company providing broadcasting services, and has expanded into other areas including retail businesses, the karaoke business, Internet services, and the broadband business. For more information, visit the USEN Web site http://www.usen.com.

About MBK Microtek Inc.
MBK Microtek Inc. was established and organized in 1985 as the 100% subsidiary company of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. The Company's mission is to bring value to the semiconductor/LCD manufacturing industry, as well as to develop an alliance with leading electronics, IT and solution business segments worldwide.

X-Digital Systems Inc. Contact:
Ian Lerner, President
Tel: (858) 452-2010
e-mail protected from spam bots

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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March 24, 2022

Super Universal US, Asian & European Remote Control Turns Off Virtually any Television - Anywhere

A Brand New "Super Universal US, Asian & European Remote Control that can turn off Virtually any Television in the world" is now available online from Los Angeles internet company.

(PRWEB) March 24, 2022 -- A Brand New "Super Universal US, Asian & European Remote Control that can turn off Virtually any Television in the world". This New Super Remote is now available to television viewers. One no longer have to suffer in hotel waiting rooms, airports, bus terminals etc.

Think of all the waiting done in emergency rooms where and having to endure mindless soaps, the bars and Pubs have been silenced into submission by a cocktail of football or MTV – depending on which end is where the TV is. This is the gizmo most have wished for that would quell the cacophony then their wish have been granted.

A gadget cunningly disguised as a car alarm remote clandestinely switches off television sets by the simple press of a button now exists. Getting your hands on one of these and going for a pint could yet again become the social event that it was forty years ago – before the art of conversation was overcome by wide-eyed silence punctuated by disjointed applause and laughter.

The gadget with a moral dimension has a name with a biblical ring, and like the parting of the Red Sea it will silence the attention sapping scourge in any public area. When activated, the universal remote control with a mission will spend about a minute flashing out 209 different codes to turn off televisions, attacking the most popular brands first. There is an American-Asian model and a US, Asian & European one, using different codes.

This Super Universal US, Asian & European Remote Control offers Safe. Effective. Fun. Hangs on your keychain.

Directions for using your Super Universal US, Asian & European Remote Control:

Point it at a TV set Press the button (no need to hold the button down).

Keep pointing it at the TV until the TV turns off which may take up to 69 seconds).

Super Universal US, Asian & European Remote Control is very much like any other tv remote control. It is harmless to televisions. It is harmless to humans and other animals (in fact, it is quite beneficial, since it turns televisions off).

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March 08, 2022

Online Purchases Predicted to Capture $133 Billion in 2005

EasyStoreCreator helps small- and mid-sized businesses feast on their slice of the Internet pie

(PRWEB) March 8, 2022 -- Market "soothsayer" Jupiter Research predicts that in 2005, online business-to-consumer sales totals are likely to surpass $133 billion and that by 2008, total online purchases in the US will comprise 5% of all retail sales. "Small businesses, home-based businesses, and emerging online entrepreneurs continue to fuel the phenomenon," reports Melanie Black, the visionary leader at the helm of EasyStoreCreator.com, "and they're fueling our business, too."

EasyStoreCreator is a completely web-based, online store builder…a do-it-yourself ecommerce site creator that works like a paint-by-numbers kit for websites…only easier. Designed to work for businesses that sell a handful of products or thousands, ESC's customizable, all-in-one solution lets entrepreneurs of any size create unique sites that are perfectly suited to their individual needs and inventory. See http://www.easystorecreator.com for more information.

A nationwide survey commissioned by Prodigy Biz Corporation, a subsidiary of Prodigy Communications Corporation reported that 44% of small business owners felt that they do not have enough staff to maintain a website, while 41% felt they do not have time to maintain a Web site.

Overall, the study showed the likelihood of having an Internet presence declines significantly with the overall size of the company. Only 25 percent of companies with fewer than 10 employees has an Internet presence. By contrast, half of those with 10 or more employees have taken advantage of this opportunity.

"Research has shown that approximately one-third of small businesses currently maintain a web presence," says Black. Research by IDC, the International Data Corporation, found that only 19% of small businesses were online one year ago, while the Prodigy study found that 40% more small businesses expect to be on the Internet within the next eight months.

A Level Playing Field
The challenge for small- and mid-sized businesses, says Black, is to become part of the online phenomenon without busting their budget. "A small- to medium-sized company may be hard pressed to find the time, money and expertise to create an effective website," she explains. "That keeps them off the 'net and on the sidelines of the success game."

With the free ESC Basic package, it is possible to build a fully functional website in as little as ten minutes. No technical training or software is required. "At EasyStoreCreator, we believe that every business should have an equal opportunity to sell their products to the world," says Black.

For businesses in need of more than basic service, EasyStoreCreator provides a full range of affordable services, including an easy way to establish ecommerce merchant accounts. The company offers all-in-one web store services for fees starting as low as $14.95. All packages include web hosting, domain name registration, shopping cart features, and essential customer service functions like email. To signup today visit http://www.easystorecreator.com

The programming and artistic demands of website building are frequently out of reach for the average non-technical businessperson, with web design costs alone ranging from a few hundreds dollars to several thousand. "Business owners who don't fully understand the online sales environment end up with bells and whistles they simply don't need, and costs they can't afford," says Black. "At EasyStoreCreator, we help our clients buy what they need rather than try and sell them things they don't."

"Some companies charge up to $100 simply to register domain names," says Black referring to inflated "set up" fees designed to separate business owners from more of their money. Black also points to the alarming number of businesses that have outsourced this function to new companies.

"It's very common to see offers for low, low prices in domain name registration offered by companies that are entering the marketplace," says Black. The problem, she explains, is that many of those companies fold, leaving the business client without a name or place on the Internet. "EasyStoreCreator is here to stay," says Black. "We're solid, established, and our clients know we're in it for the long run."

Technology with a Human Touch
At EasyStoreCreator, making Internet technology easy-to-use and accessible is a key goal. Most web companies don’t offer a phone number and clients have no way of reaching support personnel except via email. "A business owner who isn't ''fluent' in the language of technology needs special care," explains Black, who says that providing free online support and resources is only part of the customer service picture.

"We have live operators available via 'chat' seven days a week," Black notes, but adds that Easy Store Creator goes beyond this traditional support function with live operators, on-call from eight o'clock in the morning until five o'clock at night on weekdays. "Combined with our toll-free phone number, and online help request forms, we ensure that our clients never feel 'alone' and always have someone to turn to for help, support, and guidance."

Black further notes that EasyStoreCreator's webservers are monitored 24/7 for downtime and systems are backed up once a week. "Our clients want simplicity along with their success and that's what we provide," she says. "We manage the store and technology associated with it our clients don't have to." EasyStoreCreator takes care of the technology of online businesses, "leaving clients with more to time grow their businesses," says Black.

Since EasyStoreCreator was designed as a do-it-yourself tool, "our clients can make changes as often as they wish without having to pay a web designer to do it for them," explains Black. The system allows user to control inventory and edit item listings, and provides pre-designed templates that are easy to fill in.

Easy Pay
Accepting credit cards online is imperative for successful e-commerce. "Offering a range of payment options makes it easy for customers to make a purchase," says Black, adding, "It also encourages impulse buying, reinforces your company's professionalism and increases your chance of closing a sale".

For merchants concerned about protection for online sales, EasyStoreCreator makes it easy to accept and process credit cards with a secure, affordable ecommerce merchant account. "We show our clients how to protect themselves against credit card fraud," says Black, "and we provide them with full support for some of the most popular payment gateways."

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March 04, 2022

CeBIT 2005 Hannover, Germany. Dial-up Internet Access by International Internet Service Provider

Dialer.net ISP for Exhibitors and Visitors Worldwide
Dialer.net provides global roaming Internet access in Hannover, Germany by several dial-up access points. The exhibitors and visitors for CeBIT 2005 can connect to Internet and send and receive e-mails.

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) March 4, 2022 -- ISP Dialer.net provides several access points for dial-up Internet connections in Hannover, Germany. All the exhibitors and visitors for CeBIT 2005 can connect to Internet and send and receive emails during the fair by using the services provided by Dialer.net international internet access service. All this thanks to their partnership with GlobalRoaming.com. http://www.Globalroaming.com

Dialer.net’s global network provides its customers international Internet roaming service, with connection in more than 151 countries i.e. Germany, Finland, Russia, USA, China, India, United Kingdom. Easy and reliable connections are available by local dial-up, toll-free, WiFi or broadband for PCs, Macs, PDAs and mobile phones. In addition to the GlobalRoaming Mobile Assistant features included with every account, global internet access is available with global SMTP that allows to send emails with existing accounts from anywhere worldwide, additional POP3 email account, SMS message service, global FAX service, no set-up fees, no monthly, annual or hidden charges and risk-free money back guarantee. Dialer.net uses a “pay-as-you-go” model, with billing per second of use and no minimum charges. To instantly activate an account, visit http://www.Dialer.net

With instantaneous access to the Internet from multiple global locations i.e. Germany, Finland, Russia, USA, China, India, United Kingdom, Dialer.net services enable travelers and businesspeople to remain in contact and work efficiently when away from the home or office. Special business features are available with the Global Roaming Corporate Hosted Server, allowing companies to supply their remote and mobile employees with widespread Internet access at excellent rates.

For more information, or to activate an account instantly, please visit http://www.Dialer.net

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January 23, 2022

DVR Blog Consolidates Reviews from Many Internet Sources

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Blog DVRInfoSpot.com, which provides the latest news on DVR technology, has begun the process of consolidating DVR reviews from a wide variety of sources across the internet.

(PRWEB) January 23, 2022 -- DVRInfoSpot.com (www.dvrinfospot.com), announces that it has begun the process of consolidating DVR, PVR, and related equipment reviews from around the internet. With the growing number of Digital Video Recorders hitting the market, it is important for consumers to have quick and easy access to impartial reviews. It would also be beneficial to compare multiple reviews of the same devices in order to make the most informed purchasing decision.

DVRInfoSpot.com will make this process easier for the consumer. Rather than searching dozens of sites for reviews, consumers will be able to visit just one to find the reviews they’re looking for. “Nobody has time to do all that tedious searching these days,” says blog editor Stephen Aument, “By linking to all the reviews from a central location DVRInfoSpot will allow consumers to get straight to the information they need without lots of searching. More importantly, they get their valuable time back.”

The blog listings will include highlights from the original review, a picture of the device if available, full credit to the site on which the review is found, and a link to the original review. Review links will be added weekly.

About DVRInfoSpot.com
DVRInfoSpot.com (www.dvrinfospot.com) is an official member of the AnswerBlog Network (www.answerblogs.com). The purpose of the blog is to offer up to the minute news, tips, and reviews on the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) industry as well as DVR technology.

The DVR industry is undergoing dramatic change which is why there is a great need for a central location where consumers can gather information, without any sales pressure. Niche-based Blogs are quickly becoming the best way for consumers to do online research when planning major purchases or making travel plans.

For more information on the latest DVR technology please visit:

About Stephen Aument
Stephen Aument, editor of DVRInfoSpot.com (www.dvrinfospot.com) also edits VoIPTracker.net (www.voiptracker.net), aka (www.voipinfospot.com), TheWiseSteward.com: Debt Reduction (www.thewisesteward.com) and fidesq.com (www.fidesq.com) blogs.

If you are interested in starting your own niche based blog visit: http://tinyurl.com/5mnp3

Stephen Aument, editor
Email: e-mail protected from spam bots
URL: www.dvrinfospot.com

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January 21, 2022

MSN.com Creates Own Search Engine Results

The war of the search engines has dramatically intensified. Search engine result pages from Microsoft’s www.MSN.com are now being provided by the MSN Search (beta) search engine. How will other industry players like Google and Yahoo react? Will Microsoft’s market clout allow it to take over yet another multi-billion dollar market?

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 21, 2022 – Prior to this development, MSN.com contracted with Yahoo to provide MSN’s users with search results. For months now, the MSN Search (beta) robot “MSNbot” has been rapidly spidering the web, working swiftly and efficiently to index and prioritize hundreds of millions of webpages. Search engine optimization firms have noted that "MSNbot" is very adept at progressing through the entire content of websites while not missing any subdirectories or obscure links.

If Microsoft has created such a great search property, is it destined to become the dominant search destination? The ultimate fate of the new MSN search engine will undoubtedly be in the hands of the consumers who use it. As additional search products such as desktop search, toolbars, and MSN Messenger continue to arrive, the competition will inevitably heat up.

Google and Yahoo are in for some formidable competition. Microsoft can outspend both of them combined, and still have ample money left over to purchase a small country. Although Microsoft may not be recognized as an innovator, if they decide to enter a market, their new competitors had better be prepared to wage a major battle.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft will use its dominance in parallel markets to help leverage their new search engine. Some of us may recall the former prominence of Netscape prior to the introduction of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Microsoft’s ability to include its Internet Explorer on all new Windows desktops slaughtered Netscape, and their ability to successfully compete. Will Google and Yahoo be next?

And what about advertising? As of this changeover, users of MSN.com who enter a search query no longer find advertisements from Yahoo’s search engine. Analysts agree Microsoft must have a plan in place to make money with their new search property, but how this will be accomplished remains to be seen. MSN is now losing millions of dollars in advertising revenue that Yahoo previously paid them. Sure, they can afford to do without this revenue, but the question remains, what advertising model will MSN Search use to become profitable?

Microsoft’s ability to outspend their competitors could certainly be a major factor. If Microsoft offers discounted advertising, or other advertising incentives, Google and Yahoo may find themselves with a much smaller piece of the advertising pie. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies use advertising mediums such as Google Adwords to drive business for their clients. If SEO companies do not see a profit potential for their clients when MSN rolls out their new advertising model, it could spell disaster for MSN Search.

Ultimately, the war of the search engines will boil down to a popularity contest. Microsoft has the power, money, and domination of certain parallel markets to capture a large share of the search engine market. Google currently enjoys a wide margin of market leadership. How does MSN plan to turn the tables and win the war of the search engines? The first shots have been fired, who will attack next?

About Titan SEO
Titan SEO is a search engine marketing firm specializing in search engine optimization and internet marketing. Titan SEO continually monitors search engine developments to ensure their client’s success. To learn more about our solutions and our SEO company, visit our website at MSN Search beta.

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