March 16, 2022

Research and Markets : Analysis of global Market Trends for IC Packages 1999-2008

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Market Trends of IC Packages and Related Products to their offering.

Dublin (PRWEB) March 16, 2022 -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Market Trends of IC Packages and Related Products to their offering.

This report provides the Market Sizes and Forecasts of IC Packages and IC Substrates by Major Type, 1999-2008(Worldwide).
The report describes Production Trends of Major IC Packages Assemblers (Substrate Material Type, Ball Pitch etc.)
Production Trends of IC Substrate Manufacturers (Package Type, Material Type, etc)
Also, the Material Markets of IC Packages (Die Attach Film, ACF/NCF, ACP/NCP, Underfill, Solder Balls) and Material Markets of IC Substrates (CCL&Prepreg;, Build-Up Materials, Solder Resist)

Topics covered in further detail include:
-Market Overview
-IC Package Market Trends
-IC Substrate Market Trends
-Material Markets of IC Packages and IC Substrates
-Material Markets of IC Packages
Die Attach Film
Solder Balls
Material Markets of IC Substrates
CCL & Prepreg
Build-Up Materials
Solder Resist
-Corporate Profiles

For more information visit

Laura Wood
Senior Manager
Research and Markets
Fax: +353 1 4100 980

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March 03, 2022

New Optimised PCs Promise Quick Start for DSP Projects

Original equipment manufacturers and embedded system designers can give their digital signal processing projects a jump-start thanks to the innovative Sundance SMTPC range of optimised PCs.

(PRWEB) March 3, 2022 -- Original equipment manufacturers and embedded system designers can give their digital signal processing projects a jump-start thanks to the innovative Sundance SMTPC range of optimized PCs.

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology is an internationally renowned supplier of high-performance processor and I/O modules for use in single and multi-processor DSP equipment. Their equipment is found in demanding applications including imaging, sonar, simulation and industrial control. A range of PCs customized to bring the best out of this world-class technology was seen as essential.

“Powerful DSP systems demand robust power supplies, adequate cooling, and space for all the hardware. Off-the-shelf PCs are rarely up to the job. Ordering our cutting-edge DSP hardware with a PC built for the job avoids any risks and saves projects leaders valuable time by providing configured, tested and ready to run systems,” explained Flemming Christensen, Sundance managing director.

The SMTPC range of optimized PCs is available in desktop, tower and standard portable platforms depending on need and user preference. Build quality is exceptional and there is even a ruggedised portable version for heavy-duty use in harsh environments. All share the same integration with Sundance’s hardware and are delivered configured to customer order requirements.

Though customised for best performance of DSP applications, the PCs are based on well-specified components throughout. They include Intel processors, DDR2-400 RAM, ATA hard disks, DVD read/writers and come complete with Microsoft Windows XP Professional.

Added features include more robust power supplies to ensure stable operation with power hungry processing systems. Multi-fan flow through cooling prevents overheating while a front panel two-channel LCD temperature display with two internal probes gives a visual assurance that all is running well. To help users start their DSP projects immediately, all Sundance hardware and software is pre-installed to guarantee a hundred percent compatibility. This allows the company to provide whole system support.

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd are based in Chesham, UK, and have offices in Italy and the USA. They specialise in providing design, manufacture and sales of DSP products and systems using the latest technology.

Full product specifications are available on the company’s website and further advice on selecting the right equipment for DSP projects is available on +44 (0)1494 793167

More information:
Justin Wheatley, Systems Manager, Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd
Chiltern House, Waterside, CHESHAM, Bucks HP5 1PS
Tel. +44 (0)1494 793293 Fax. +44 (0)1494 793168
E-mail: e-mail protected from spam bots Web:

Commercial enquiries:
Flemming Christensen, Managing Director, Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd
Chiltern House, Waterside, CHESHAM, Bucks HP5 1PS
Tel. +44 (0)1494 793298 Fax: +44 (0)1494 793168
E-mail: e-mail protected from spam bots Web:

High res image can be downloaded from:

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February 16, 2022

Semtek Partners with Noblett & Associates to Equip Financial Service ISOs with Semtek’s Mobile Card Readers

The goal of the alliance is to provide small- and medium-sized businesses with the ability to accept electronic payments via mobile/wireless devices in the most secure environment possible.

San Diego, CA and Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB via Mobilitynewswire) February 16, 2022 -- Semtek Innovative Solutions Corporation, the leading developer of mobile card-reading technologies, and Noblett & Associates, a payment industry consultancy, announced today an alliance between the two companies to better channel Semtek’s products through Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) that service financial and retail organizations. The goal of the alliance is to provide small- and medium-sized businesses with the ability to accept electronic payments via mobile/wireless devices in the most secure environment possible.

Companies with mobile business operations require the ability to accept credit card payments from remote locations. These businesses often turn toward trusted ISOs to research and recommend solutions that best meet their needs. Noblett & Associates, with its solid understanding of ISO requirements, will recommend Semtek’s card swipe products to ISOs that specialize in payments technologies.

“Our expertise in the payments industry, coupled with Semtek’s leading-edge product design, development and management will provide the industry with an unequaled mobile payments solution,” said Paul Noblett, president of Noblett & Associates. “Although there are other players in the mobile/wireless payment field, Semtek is unique in terms of its ability to provide an efficient and extremely cost-effective solution.”

Semtek’s card readers connect through wireless handheld devices, such as PDAs and cell phones, and support industries requiring mobile commerce applications, on-site lead retrieval, and immediate identity verification. The company’s mobile card readers are designed to work with top branded devices from such companies as Symbol, Intermec, HHP, PalmOne, Hewlett Packard, and Nextel. Semtek’s solutions are designed and priced to enable organizations of all sizes to be equipped with a cost-effective, secure means of accepting payments from remote locations. Competing products in the industry often require substantial investments in equipment, eliminating opportunities for small remote business operators.

“The strength of our alliance with Noblett & Associates lies in the synergy between the leader in mobile card reading technology and a trusted advisor to the ISO financial services industry,” said John Sarkisian, Semtek’s chief executive officer. “Our combined expertise will result in more powerful mobile commerce solutions channeled more efficiently to the right markets.”

About Semtek Innovative Solutions Corporation
Founded in 1998, Semtek Innovative Solutions Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of magnetic stripe card readers and software applications to empower businesses to conduct mobile commerce transactions. The company’s mission is to bring new, secure technology into the card-reader market to support growing e-commerce and financial transaction businesses. Semtek has emerged as the industry leader in Mobile Card Reading (MCR) technology for the mobile/wireless terminal market. For more information call 858-278-6003, or visit

About Noblett & Associates
Noblett & Associates is a 12-year old payment industry consultant firm primarily focused on developing and improving domestic and international electronic payment solutions. The firm provides technical, business development and business management services for large-scale payment infrastructures. The company is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and is headed by Paul Noblett who, with over 30 years of experience, was instrumental in the technical and business developments of MBNA, MasterCard and NaBanco (FFMC/FDC).

Company Contact:
Dennis Mos
Semtek Innovative Solutions

Media Relations Contact:
Kevin Doel
TalonPR, Inc.

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February 07, 2022

Physician Micro Systems, Inc. Signs Agreement to Connect to SureScripts Network for Electronic Prescribing

SureScripts’ network to enable nearly 3,500 physician users to exchange prescription data electronically with more than 85% of US pharmacies

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 7, 2022 -- Physician Micro Systems, Inc. (PMSI), a leader in the development of electronic health records (EHR), practice management, and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) software, and SureScripts, the nation’s largest network provider of electronic prescribing services, have announced an agreement to connect PMSI’s EHR clinical solution, Practice Partner® Patient Records, to the SureScripts network.

SureScripts will work with PMSI to certify Practice Partner Patient Records for connection to the SureScripts network. The SureScripts certification process involves several important steps, including integrating the SureScripts network with PMSI’s EHR solution, extensive testing of the system to ensure the successful transmission of electronic prescriptions, and a commitment to SureScripts’ business rules that, among other things, prohibit commercial messaging at the point of care. The neutrality of the SureScripts network protects a physician’s choice of therapy and a patient’s choice of pharmacy.

Once certified, the network connection will enable the nearly 3,500 physicians using PMSI’s EHR solution, which includes an electronic prescribing module, to exchange prescription data with pharmacies active on the SureScripts network. SureScripts has already certified the software of pharmacies and pharmacy technology vendors representing more than 85% of the nation’s pharmacies.

Andrew G. Ury, M.D., President/CEO of PMSI noted, “Our agreement to connect to the SureScripts network for electronic prescribing continues our long-standing commitment to help physicians improve the productivity and quality of care by employing advanced technologies in a clinical setting.”

“It’s exciting to work with an established provider of electronic health record systems like PMSI, who recognizes the importance of true electronic prescribing in a clinical environment,” explained Kevin Hutchinson, SureScripts’ President and CEO. “By connecting to the SureScripts network, PMSI will enable thousands of physicians to increase office efficiency, save time and, most important, improve patient safety.”

About Physician Micro Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1983 by Andrew G. Ury, M.D., Physician Micro Systems, Inc. (PMSI) is the creator of the Practice Partner® line of electronic health record (EHR), practice management system (PMS), and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) software applications for ambulatory care practices. PMSI is grounded in the daily reality of providing mission-critical clinical and administrative systems for thousands of physicians and their staff. PMSI has succeeded through a strong focus on the ambulatory care market combined with technology, leadership, and vision. Practice Partner applications are used nationwide by approximately 1,300 practices of all sizes and specialties, from solo-practitioners to large, enterprise, multi-site practices. More information about Physician Micro Systems, Inc is available at

About SureScripts
SureScripts, the largest network provider of electronic prescribing services, is committed to building relationships within the healthcare community and working collaboratively with key industry stakeholders and organizations to improve the safety, efficiency and quality of healthcare by improving the overall prescribing process. At the core of this improvement effort is SureScripts network, a healthcare infrastructure which establishes electronic communications between pharmacists and physicians and enables the two-way electronic exchange of prescription information. More information about SureScripts is available at

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February 04, 2022

Energizer Selects Interactive Edge’s XP3® Suite to Automate the Development of Category Management/syndicated Data Reports

XP3 Suite will allow Energizer to strengthen their leadership role with best-in-class category management insights and enhanced retail support through better usage and application of multiple data sources.

New York (PRWEB) February 4, 2022 -- Interactive Edge, a leader in data analysis and presentation software, announced today that Energizer Holdings, Inc.(NYSE: ENR) selected its XP3 Suite to better automate the generation of category management/syndicated data reports.

Energizer investigated several solutions and decided on Interactive Edge’s XP3 Suite due to its ease of use and integration with Microsoft’s Office Suite. XP3 Suite will provide Energizer with the ability to analyze data much more efficiently and improve response time to retailer requests.

“Performing analysis and creating category management/syndicated data presentations is a manual and time-consuming process,” said Jon Halpern of Energizer’s Brand & Category Development team. “We're looking to XP3 to get better insights out of our data sources and speed up presentation development. Beyond that, we want to use XP3 to truly engage our customers. To coincide with the tools capabilities, we branded the tool enGenius”

XP3 Suite from Interactive Edge allows organizations to easily manage data and build dynamic data driven reports and presentations. The resulting analysis can be easily disseminated to management, retail partners and field-based users. “Interactive Edge is very excited to add Energizer as a client,” said Jason DeRienzo, VP of Sales for Interactive Edge. “XP3 will help Energizer process, share and leverage information deeper and wider across its enterprise. “They have an experienced XP3 user base that will allow them to quickly deliver a distinct competitive advantage through better usage of data and resulting business recommendations.”

About Energizer:
Energizer Holdings, is the world's largest manufacturer of dry cell batteries and flashlights. In 2003 Energizer Holdings, Inc. purchased the worldwide Schick-Wilkinson Sword (SWS) company, adding world-class brands in the personal care category to the Energizer portfolio. Energizer employs approximately 10,000 associates who manufacture and sell 6 billion battery cells annually. Energizer associates manufacture and sell a full line of battery products, including miniature and rechargeable batteries, and an extensive flashlight line.

About Interactive Edge:
Interactive Edge delivers data analysis and presentation solutions to the world’s leading consumer goods manufacturers that drive and validate strategic business decisions. Our solutions can be quickly implemented to increase productivity and improve the depth and quality of data analysis in creating effective sales and marketing presentations which help drive sales by providing action-oriented insights.

Interactive Edge works with many of the world’s leading consumer goods companies including Anheuser-Busch, Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages, Colgate-Palmolive, Diageo, Eastman Kodak, Fisher-Price/Mattel, PepsiCo and many others.

For further information on Interactive Edge please contact us at e-mail protected from spam bots or visit us at

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