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August 23, 2021

BRUGO™ Travel Mug Revolutionizes To-Go Coffee Packaging, Improves Consumer Experience

Announcing the new travel mug that keeps your coffee at the perfect tempature longer. Allows you to drink piping hot coffee right away without burning your mouth.

Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) August 22, 2021 -- It's been more than a few years since lawsuits involving scalding cups of "to-go" coffee made front-page news, but the ongoing problems experienced by those consuming hot beverages away from home have remained fresh on the minds of the innovators at Jolex, Inc.

This month, Jolex unveils the answer to optimal flavor and unsurpassed convenience with the introduction of the BRUGO™ travel mug, an elegant, patented accessory that allows coffee and tea enthusiasts to enjoy every sip of their hot beverage in the "Perfect Temperature Zone," while eliminating the spills, spatters and burned lips that are a familiar part of the "to-go" coffee experience.

Fresh coffee is brewed at 200 degrees or more, but its vibrant flavors are most distinguishable and pleasing at around 150 to 170 degrees. By using a simple "tip and sip" motion, BRUGOTM owners transfer sip-sized amounts (one fluid ounce) of their hot beverage to the temperature control chamber, where it immediately reaches this "perfect temperature zone." Only the liquid in the chamber is cooled and only this liquid exits the sip opening. A tight seal keeps the remaining coffee at its hottest and most aromatic. This inventive system eliminates the need for coffee drinkers to blow on their beverage, add ice to it, or wait for it to cool. Instead, they have immediate access to their hot beverage, and they can enjoy it longer at its peak freshness and flavor.

The BRUGO™ lid has three options: LOCK, TIP & COOL, and SIP. The LOCK setting seals the mug completely and is perfect for transporting the beverage without spilling. TIP & COOL gives the consumer the full benefits of the temperature control chamber.

Once the beverage in the mug has cooled to a palatable temperature, users simply turn the dial to SIP and drink the beverage directly.

Spero Pavlopoulos, Jolex' president, anticipates strong demand for the BRUGO™ mug. "I love coffee but I don’t love waiting for it to cool down," Pavlopoulos says.

"BRUGO™ is a truly unique product that delivers maximum enjoyment of any hot beverage. In addition, it eliminates accidental spills, reduces burns to the mouth, and provides coffee sellers with a powerful way to enhance the customer experience."

BRUGO™ is an especially attractive option for drivers who know what it's like to spill coffee on themselves or stain their vehicle's upholstery. As Americans spend more time commuting to work, their choice for drinking coffee on the go becomes increasingly critical. For those concerned about appearances, BRUGO™ will find its way into discriminating coffee drinkers' accessory wardrobes with its sleek design and array of stylish colors.

BRUGO™ carries a lifetime-limited warranty. Further details about the product can be found at www.brugomug.com.

Jolex, Inc., is a Chicago, Illinois-based company dedicated to developing new and innovative products. Visit www.jolexusa.com to learn more.

Robyn Konlon
Jolex, Inc.

Posted by Industrial-Manufacturing at August 23, 2021 12:38 AM