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August 26, 2021

Lifesaving Vegan School Halfway There Says Author

UK Authors of best selling Vegan Cookbook say another £500,000 ($1million) donated to their planned International School of Health, Nutrition & Vegan Culinary Arts will save peoples' lives. They insist their sustainable vegetarian Island development is the Wight stuff for ethical investment and will make a difference to people, the environment and animals.

(PRWEB) August 26, 2021 -- In less than only a week Tony Bishop-Weston (award winning vegan cook) and his wife Yvonne (top London nutritionist) have raised half the capital they need to buy a UK farm on the Isle of Wight and establish a Vegan culinary arts school but need another half a million pounds ($1 million) to make their dream come true.

A Good Life Showcase

Following the success of their healthy vegan cookbook (vegan by Hamlyn ISBN 0600611906 USA /0600609154 UK http://www.vegan-cookbook.com) Tony and Yvonne hope to combine their skills once again to turn a former pig farm into an education centre for nutritional health and sustainable living.

There's nothing like leading by example – they have plans for accommodation, a restaurant, café and organic farm shop, bio fuel recycling centre, 4 acres of organic Wight hempseeds, a plush therapy room, an organic orchard, and the international vegan school of culinary arts.

Raw Appeal

As well as basic academy courses for chefs to learn the basics of nutrition and alternative vegan cooking methods there will be courses on gourmet raw food techniques and celebrity vegetarian Asian chefs will be invited to reveal their techniques too.

Ten a Day Tuition

"It's all very well The World Health Organisation and Governments saying we should eat up to ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day but until someone targets the world's chefs, teaches them about basic human nutrition needs and teaches them how to adapt the way they cook – there's a big brick wall for consumers" says Yvonne, a tutor at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition.

Strategy for mass market appeal

"People are unlikely to change if it's difficult – it's easy to buy a big Mac, McDonalds are everywhere – it's much harder to find a quinoa and wild mushroom and organic herb tabouleh or even basic dairy-free ice cream. We are on a mission to convince chefs that nutritious and delicious food that everyone can enjoy makes viable economic sustainable sense" says Tony who used to own a world renowned vegan guest house in Scotland.

Soysage Sponsors

Tony and Yvonne don't get royalties from their internationally selling Hamlyn book so they urgently need backers and sponsors to fund this project. They promise big rewards with exclusive rights for manufacturers and producers of vegan products who jump on board now and support them from the outset.

TV Deal

As well as a book deal with a US publisher they are already negotiating a deal with Vegetarian Internet TV Production Company Veggievision to produce a series of free Vegan Cooking DVDs based on the courses on the Isle of Wight. They say this alone represents an excellent opportunity for mainlining straight into the foodservice industry, gaining market share and brand awareness.

The Wight stuff

"The Isle of Wight has a buoyant Tourist trade for good reason. It has everything including property prices that are far better value than the mainland that means our dream has a chance of success – we are already halfway there!" Yvonne enthuses.

Editors Notes

Yvonne worked for UK health food chain Holland and Barrett, before running the vegetarian restaurant chain Cranks. As senior nutritionist and catering consultant for The Food Doctor Yvonne sits on various catering committees for global corporations dealing with foodservice giants such as Sodexho, Aramark and Compass. Yvonne now runs her own catering and nutrition consultancy Foods For Life and is also a tutor at the prestigious Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London. She gained notoriety when she told vegetarian manufacturers from the Food and Drink Federation that they needed to try harder to make their products nutritious as well as delicious. She has written for various newspapers and magazines.

Tony grew up in a London delicatessen obsessed by fine food. After establishing an award winning vegan guesthouse in the Highlands of Scotland Nr Ullapool he joined first The Vegetarian Society and then The Vegan Society as business development officer. He is author of two vegan cookbooks and has had a diverse career from drive-time radio presenter to lifeguard and Webmaster. He has been involved with various developmental and support agencies such as STB area consultative committee and Federation of Small Businesses. Tony has helped various small businesses get started and co-ordinated the Diamond Jubilee Awards for the 60th Anniversary of The Vegan Society.

For more information contact:

Tony or Yvonne via http://www.foodsforlife.org.uk

Nutrition news http://www.news.foodsforlife.org

Vegetarian News http://news.for-vegans.co.uk

+44 (0) 7944 068432

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