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August 17, 2021

The Newest Water Sensation--Water With Just A Hint of Flavor--No Sweeteners, Cool Flavors

Finally a naturally flavored water with no sweeteners, no added sugar, no calories. Great, flavors -- perfect for the water drinker who wants a change.

(PRWEB) August 17, 2021 -- HINT INC. continues its subtle revolution this week at the summer Fancy Food Show in New York, demonstrating to thousands of attendees that true refreshment includes no sweeteners. Pure healthy hydrating water, lightly infused with 100% natural flavors and absolutely no artificial additives or preservatives. What a treat. Finally, a drink that tastes great and finishes cleanly, not sweetly. 0 calories. 0 sweeteners. A HINT of natural flavor added to premium drinking water. Nothing else. Think fresh fruit sliced and dropped in water – just the right amount of zing. It’s H2O with a HINT.

HINT offers the most discerning individuals, and their children, exactly the flavors they’ve been craving. Current flavors include cucumber, lime, tangerine and apple. Look for pear, strawberry-kiwi, raspberry-lime, pomegranate-tangerine, grape, tropical punch and mixed berry coming later this year.

“Doctors and dieticians agree that water is the best thing we can drink, but how much plain water can you drink before craving more zing?” asks CEO Kara Goldin. “I created HINT simply because I love water with a slice of lemon or cucumber and wanted a convenient way to have that experience on the go. But I developed HINT KIDS because I wanted to teach my kids to crave more than sweetness.

“There is literally an epidemic of obesity in our country, fueled by sugar and other high calorie foods. Sugar substitutes are no answer – they just condition kids to go for the sweet stuff, and who knows what they will do to our children over time? Instead, we need to change the food environment.”

HINT is an energetic, delicious solution to all that sweet stuff. My girlfriends and my four kids, the ultimate focus group, love it. And the twisty spout is perfect for little fingers and mouths. Goodbye sticky sippy cups filled with sugar water juice. Hello HINTKIDS!

Our mission at HINT is to help change the food environment by offering a healthy alternative without sacrificing taste. Our philosophy: drink water, not sugar. HINT quietly launched in late April in New York and the San Francisco bay area in many of the best stores including Gourmet Garage, Woodlands Market, Berkeley Bowl, Cal Mart, Real Foods and Glen Ellen Market. It can also be found in museums such as The Bay Area Discovery Museum, hotels and spas such as the Kenwood Inn, and many upscale cafes and delis. HINT is currently looking for high end distribution relationships in order to take this great tasting drink across the country.

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