April 21, 2022

Mushroom Logs for Mother's Day

Actual hardwood logs impregnated with shiitake mushrooms make a unique, fun gift for Mother's Day. Shiitakes grow in room light, not in the dark, and yield organic shiitakes every 1-2 months.

(PRWEB) April 21, 2022 -- They're fun and different and they get a lot of attention: mushroom logs that grow fresh shiitakes. They're a truly unique gift for moms who love mushrooms, gardening, or cooking gourmet dishes.

The logs, from Lost Creek Mushroom Farm, are actual organic oak or similar hardwood logs impregnated with shiitake spawn. Contrary to the usual ideas about mushrooms growing in the dark, shiitakes prefer light and thrive indoors with plants or outdoors in shade.

The logs will grow shiitakes every two months with regular soaking in non-chlorinated, room temperature water. "Shocking" the log with ice water starts the mushrooms “fruiting.” They are ready to harvest within two weeks. The logs will produce for three years or more.

Lost Creek Mushroom Farm kits come in several types, including logs with their own soaking trays and a gift basket with a 5- to 6-inch log, the little 'Shroomie.

Most popular is the Ma & Pa kit, selling for $36.50, including shipping and handling. The kit contains two 8- to 10-inch logs that yield mushrooms every month by alternating the fruiting log.

All kits come with instructions and recipes and are guaranteed to produce.

Shiitakes are a favorite among mushroom lovers because of their deep flavor and meaty texture. They are high in protein and low in fat. An all-natural whole food, log-grown shiitake mushrooms are known to strengthen the immune system, help regulate blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

According to Lost Creek Mushroom Farm shiitake grower Doug Williams, "Most food stores carry only shiitakes grown on sawdust, which taste flat and don't have the same potent health benefits as log-grown shiitakes."

"People who love mushrooms and have never had natural shiitakes are in for a treat," Williams added. "It's a lot of fun to watch the little white buds pop through the bark and then fill out to become beautiful, brown shiitakes."

Information about mushroom log kits, the health benefits of shiitakes, and shiitake recipes are available online at http://www.shiitakemushroomlog.com. To order by phone or request a free brochure, call 1-800-792-0053. Brochure requests and orders by mail go to Lost Creek Mushroom Farm, P.O. Box 520, Perkins, Oklahoma 74059-0520.

Sandra Williams
Lost Creek Mushroom Farm
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Sauce2u.Com Hits Chicago

The leader in private and custom label sauce as started to expand into 20 cities by year end. The 10 year old company has picked Chicago to start the expansion.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) April 21, 2022 -- Sauce2u.com a nationally known custom label hot sauce manufacture is pleased to announce the opening its first office in Chicago. The office will be under the direction of Mr. Joe Starcher. Stracher will be managing the offices functions from sales to customer service. Stracher comes to Sauce2u.Com from a long and successful background in mortgage sales and support along with past positions in web site sales, development and support.

Starcher will launch the office by hiring a sales and support staff. Sauce2u.Com is a privately held company with sales throughout the US, Mexico and Canada.

Sauce2u.Com privately labels hot sauce as gifts with a minimum of 12 bottles to as large orders of 10,000’s of bottles, for corporate clients. Sauce2u.Com labels sauces for events, fund raisers and even party favors.

Some of the new markets that we have tapped are wedding party favors, boy scouts to fire department fund raiser items, as well as shipping pallets of hot sauce to the Middle East for military units serving there.

Some of Sauce2.Com national clients range from Howard Stern, Ron Jeremy to IBM, Porsche Automotive, dozens of radio stations, Fox TV, Sony Pictures, US Marines, and many more house hold names.
Sauce2U offers over three-hundred hot sauces and related products available to ship worldwide, as well as custom, personalized labels.

For further information, please contact Jon Yuspa at 410.727.1144 or via e-mail at e-mail protected from spam bots

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Ron Jeremy Gets Saucy

TripleXhotsauce.Com offers Adult Film Star Ron Jeremy licesed products.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) April 21, 2022 -- Long-time adult film and television star, Ron Jeremy, along with TripleXhotsauce have developed there first line of specialty hot sauce available to the general public. Manufactured and distributed by TripleXhotsauce, the six-ounce bottle with Jeremy’s likeness will be available nationally at various retail locations and online at Triplexhotsauce.com in June 2004.

These unique and innovative collectible items stems from the overwhelming request by his long-time fans, for collectable items from Mr. Jeremy at tradeshows, private parties and other appearances by Jeremy.

“We thought it would be fun to hand out a few bottles of hot sauce (with my face on it) at various events. Never did I think people would react so favorably. Men, women, young and old were so excited and delighted with the product,” said Jeremy. “So we decided to develop an entire line and get it out to the masses.”

The line will be unveiled in June during a launch party in Baltimore.

Having appeared in 1,700 films and directed 250 others throughout his 25 year career, Jeremy is generally regarded as the most influential figure in the adult film industry as well as appearing in numerous mainstream projects such as 54, Reindeer Games, “Nash Bridges’” “America’s Most Wanted” and, most recently, “The Surreal Life”. He has also starred in 14 music videos - more than any other actor.

Born in Queens NY, Ron Jeremy holds a Masters Degree in Special Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Jeremy is also a classical piano and violin player and an active member of many charitable organizations throughout the Las Angeles area.

Appropriate for any occasion, TripleXhotsauce has been producing custom labeled hot sauces for corporations and individual consumers worldwide for over five years.

TripleXhotsauce provides its customers with sole source solutions from concept and image creation through production, printing and delivery. For more information and samples on TripleXhotsauce and the Ron Jeremy Line, contact Jon Yuspa, President, at 410. 727.1144.

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The Bubonic Plague of the 1300's killed one-third of Europe's population. A 1918 outbreak of "Spanish Flu" killed 25 million worldwide. And since the outbreak of HIV, 20 million lives have been lost and fifty million are now infected.

National candy company opens headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) April 21, 2022 -- My Mom’s Toffee Factory & Sweets Shoppe®, makers of tasty and delectable treats, has opened its corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, President and CEO Kim Brownlee announced today. Complete with a 350 sq. ft. manufacturing kitchen the new office is located in the Scottsdale Airpark. The corporation’s primary manufacturing and distribution center is an 80,000 sq. ft. facility located in Chicago.

“Scottsdale is the perfect home for My Mom’s Toffee Factory & Sweets Shoppe,” said Brownlee. “Working with America West has taught me to combine service standards with business intelligence, which has gone a long way in the development of the company.”

Brownlee, an Iowa native, moved to the Valley 12 years ago to work for America West Airlines as a flight attendant. The “high flier” created the idea for My Mom’s Toffee Factory™ while serving first-class passengers on America West flights. Brownlee credits much of her success to the years of service and on the job training with AWA.

Appropriately named for a family recipe passed down for generations from mother to daughter, Brownlee raised the recipe to manufacturer standards, and then began research to create and develop a national candy brand. Brownlee created the business strictly from an idea and pieced it together over four years through self-education, research and a powerful team of experts around her.

A Toffee unlike any other, My Mom’s Toffee Factory’s secret is a unique family recipe that uses the perfect blend of ingredients and a special mixing technique that few have mastered. Its enticing flavor is very rich, yet light. The Toffee is initially crunchy and immediately melts away; a distinct difference from traditional Toffees that tend to be hard or chewy.

“I wanted to create a high-end reputable company known for the wonderful flavor of Toffee and Toffee-related products,” said Brownlee. “Since I have a passion for both Toffee and business, creating this company seemed like the logical choice.”

Since the company’s inception, Brownlee has sold over a quarter million dollars worth of stock in her company, and has been recognized for her business and corporate development most recently on the Food Channel with Al Roker Productions. My Mom’s Toffee is currently sold at AJ’s Fine Foods and baseball fans can find the toffee at concession stands in Bank One Ballpark. Other carriers of the product include, The Westin Kierland Resort, Wingate Hotel in Scottsdale, NETJETS Corp. Jet Service of Columbus, Ohio and growing upscale retailers around the United States.

Contacts: Ryan Lichtenfels
Brosseau PR
(480) 247-8090

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March 24, 2022

Health Supplement LimuPlex Featured in New York City Conference

Limuplex, an all-natural health supplement developed by NaturScience, is being featured at a health and dietary supplement conference in New York City, New York on Monday, April 18th at The Source of Life Center.

(PRWEB) March 24, 2022 -- NaturScience, the developers of the all-natural health supplement LimuPlex, is hosting a dietary conference in New York City, New York on Monday, April 18th to promote LimuPlex and raise awareness of natural health supplements.

“Our health supplement, LimuPlex, is a whole food formula containing over 500 of the most important nutrients from both the land and the sea to aid an individual’s energy and vitality, their mental clarity, and a host of other physical maladies,” said Joe Lepore, Independent Representative of NaturScience. “We want to share the great news with everyone, and this conference is a good place to start.”

LimuPlex health supplement is derived from the Limu sea vegetable, as well as extracts from cranberries, elderberries, grape and lotus seeds, and whole colostrum to promote health throughout the body’s interdependent systems. These ingredients in turn benefit the muscular-skeletal and neurological systems of the body and promote cardiovascular, hormonal, and gastrointestinal health.

“Prior to Limuplex health supplement, being constantly on the go, I was in search for a product that would give me energy, boost up my immune system and keep me free from viruses, colds and the flu, and keep me in a happy mood all day,” said Joe Lepore. “My search finally ended when Limuplex came on the seen. I didn’t know how I was living without this product all my life but now I can’t live without it.”

Rachel Ramirez, a customer from Texas, used the LimuPlex health supplement for her digestive problems. “After months of severe digestive distress, and many visits to a GI (gastro-intestinal) specialist, plus several rounds of prescription medication, I had no relief,” said Ramirez. “I tried LimuPlex and Fleximune (another health supplement developed by NaturScience), and to everyone’s surprise, including my GI specialist, I was given a clean bill of health.”

Cliff Butterworth from Idaho suffered from severe joint pain until he began using the LimuPlex health supplement. “My doctor said I would have to learn to live with the pain in my hips, knees, and feet. After a few weeks on LimuPlex, the spring is back in my step, I feel great and I greet each day with a smile,” said Butterworth.

The health supplement and dietary conference will begin at 7pm, Monday, April 18th at The Source of Life Center in New York City, New York. For further information about the conference, please go to www.PowerInAJar.com or call toll-free at 1-877-666-4752 and leave a message. Seating is limited, so please contact Joe Lepore ahead of time to reserve a seat.

Nutritional information and a detailed list of the benefits of each ingredient are also available at NatureScience.com as well as documentation of studies and research on the LimuPlex health supplement.

About NaturScience
NaturScience is built on two basic principles: that science can unlock the secrets of nature to provide tools for optimal health, and to make a financial difference in the lives of individuals and families through their distribution partners. NaturScience is partnered with Medical Doctors Research, a 28-year-old nutritional products manufacturing company, to provide the best in health supplements to the public.

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March 05, 2022

Garelick Farms Launches Over the Moon Milk Satisfying Consumer Demand for Great Tasting Milk without all the Fat

Garelick Farms introduces Over the Moon milk. For milk drinkers who have felt that choosing milk involved a compromise between the rich, creamy taste of real milk and the health benefits of less fat, this product may be a dream come true. Over the Moon milks are available in lowfat 1% milk that tastes like whole, and fat free milk that tastes like 2%

Franklin, MA (PRWEB) March 5, 2022 -- Garelick Farms introduces Over the Moon milk. For milk drinkers who have felt that choosing milk involved a compromise between the rich, creamy taste of real milk and the health benefits of less fat, this product may be a dream come true.

Over the Moon milks are available in lowfat 1% milk that tastes like whole, and fat free milk that tastes like 2%. For consumers who have resolved to have a healthier diet in 2005, Over the Moon milk means they will never have to compromise the rich, full taste of real milk to get the health benefits of lower fat milk.

“In speaking with consumers, we discovered that many whole and 2% milk drinkers are interested in drinking lower fat milk but they’ve rejected it because they are unwilling to compromise on taste”, stated Matt Samson, Marketing Director, Garelick Farms. “With Over the Moon milk, milk drinkers can finally meet both their taste and health needs. The response from consumers who’ve tried it to date has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Over the Moon milk is 100% real, fresh Garelick Farms milk from New England dairies. The rich, creamy taste comes from adding more of the calcium and protein that is naturally found in milk. In fact, Over the Moon milk has 16% more calcium and 25% more protein than regular milk.

Garelick Farms called the product “Over the Moon” because they think a great tasting, rich, creamy milk without the fat is so good, that it’s simply over the moon.

“We are so confident with Over the Moon milk, that we’ve decided to back it up with a 100% money-back guarantee,” explained Samson. “We don’t believe there is any traditional lowfat or fat free milk out there that comes close to the taste of Over the Moon milk. Over the Moon milk stands apart in this category as a wholesome, real milk with less fat and great taste.”

Over the Moon milk can be found in the specialty milk section of the dairy aisle (usually adjacent to the regular gallon and half-gallon milk section). Consumers should look for the new, bright red and blue half-gallon cartons complete with convenient re-sealable twist caps.

Over the Moon milks are sold throughout New England and upstate New York in supermarkets wherever Garelick Farms products are sold. For a complete list of retailers, to play a web game of jumping a cow over the moon, or to print a coupon good toward the purchase of Over the Moon milk, go to www.overthemoonmilk.com

Garelick Farms, headquartered in Franklin, Massachusetts, is one of the largest dairies in the northeastern United States, with a proud tradition of providing quality dairy products to New Englanders since 1931. Garelick Farms offers a broad line of products, including fresh milk and cream, flavored milk, juice, ice cream, sour cream, and cottage cheese.

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March 04, 2022

Retail Sales of Natural Pet Health Products Will More Than Double by 2009

Sales of natural pet health products totaled $45 million in 2004 and are expected to have explosive near-term growth according to findings in “Market Trends: Natural, Organic, and “Eco-Friendly” Pet Products,” a new report by market research publisher Packaged Facts.

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 4, 2022 -- Sales of natural pet health products totaled $45 million in 2004 and are expected to have explosive near-term growth according to findings in “Market Trends: Natural, Organic, and “Eco-Friendly” Pet Products,” a new report by market research publisher Packaged Facts. The report forecasts that by 2009, sales of natural pet health products will grow by 149% to $112 million in sales.

Natural pet health products include everything from botanical-based pest-control shampoos to supplements that, just as they do in humans, address stress, joint problems, oral care, and boost immune functions.

Packaged Facts reports that product marketers in this industry remain small for the most part, with most posting less than $1 million in annual sales. There are a few exceptions to the rule, of course: Larger players like Hartz Mountain, which markets general pet products, and Nutraceutical Corp., which produces human nutritional supplements, have crossed into the natural pet products arena from their mainstream product lines.

“There’s a direct correlation between consumer behavior for themselves and their pets,” said Don Montuori, Acquisitions Editor for Packaged Facts. “People are increasingly turning toward natural, organic and environmentally friendly products for themselves, and it’s a short leap to purchasing similar products for their pets.”

“Market Trends: Natural, Organic, and “Eco-Friendly” Pet Products” examines this dynamic area of the pet products industry by exploring key competitive trends in three categories—natural pet food, natural/alternative cat litter, and natural pet health products. Cross-category comparisons, unavailable from any other source, are included along with historical and future sales projections, profiles of industry players, consumer trends, and much more.

Priced at $1,995, this report can be purchased directly from Packaged Facts by clicking http://www.packagedfacts.com/pub/1006027.html. It is also available at MarketResearch.com

About Packaged Facts
Packaged Facts, a division of MarketResearch.com, publishes research reports on a wide range of consumer industries, including consumer goods and retailing, foods and beverages, and demographics. For more information visit www.PackagedFacts.com, or contact Irina Frukhtbeyn at 301-468-3650 x203

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March 02, 2022

Color Me Mine Partners with American Cereal Council

Color Me Mine Partners with American Cereal Council in a national campaign "To Bring Families Back to the Breakfast Table".

Glendale, AZ (PRWEB) March 2, 2022 -- Color Me Mine, www.colormemine.com, the world’s leader in the Paint-Your-Own-Ceramics industry announces it has joined forces with the American Cereal Council to launch a national campaign helping Mom to tackle her top 5 resolutions by painting cereal bowls with her children. Take your kids to decorate their very own cereal bowls at a Color Me Mine studio and enter photographs of their creative works to win up to $110 in prizes including a shopping spree to stock your pantry will cereal and a Color Me Mine gift certificate. Parents can enter to win at www.americancerealcouncil.org/cerealbowlcontest

According to Tara Barnett, Director of Marketing for Color Me Mine Enterprises, Inc., “We are pleased to participate in this promotion by encouraging customers to creatively paint cereal bowls that will signify their place at the breakfast table. Color Me Mine employees across the country are jumping into the excitement by painting bowls of their own, to represent their own personalities, and putting them on display in our studios. Related educational literature for Mom and Fun Activity Sheets for kids are available at any of our 88 US studios. Color Me Mine is all about family bonding so this association was a natural fit for both of our organizations. Our mission is to provide enrichment, bonding, family interaction and wholesome entertainment that counters the growing technical environment in which there seems to be shrinking opportunity for communal activities that once characterized the American family.”

According to a recent survey conducted by Bluesuitmom.com Mom’s top 5 resolutions this year are:

1) Weight Management
2) Healthier Lifestyle
3) Spend More Time With Family
4) Help Kids Do Better In School
5) Add Variety To Life & Try New Things.

Says Maria Bailey, founder of Bluesuitmom.com, "Pouring one bowl of cereal in the morning and taking five minutes each day to sit down with your kids can help you achieve multiple goals which can seem overwhelming when added to an already full schedule. Cereal provides a simple way for families to start the day together and for mom to help her family work toward getting the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. Making it fun for the whole family, each person’s one of a kind painted bowl and mixing varieties of cereal to combine different flavors, shapes and textures will add a special element to the morning tradition. Customized bowls help get everyone in the family involved in mom's goals while reaffirming that everybody has a special place in the new morning routine."

The American Cereal Council is a resource to the public and media, advocating and educating others about the positive benefits of ready-to-eat cereal.

For more information about cereal visit. www.americancerealcouncil.org. To find the Color Me Mine studio near you, visit www.colormemine.com. For local Arizona painters visit www.glendale.colormemine.com

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February 18, 2022

“Great Taste” Show to Feature Satnam Overseas Ltd.—Kohinoor Foods from India

Bringing the tantalizing tastes of Indian cuisine to countries around the world, and into people’s kitchens in easy, quick to prepare means, is the goal of Satnam.

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) February 18, 2022 -- Platinum Television Group is pleased to announce the selection of Satnam Overseas Ltd., distributors of Kohinoor foods from India, for its innovative, educational television series, Great Taste, as part of a series on “Exotic Tastes of the World.”

Basmati rice instead of hamburgers? Bringing the tantalizing tastes of Indian cuisine to countries around the world, and into people’s kitchens in easy, quick to prepare means, is the goal of Satnam. The aim of this major international exporter is “to continue to harvest nature’s purest products, process them using the most modern technology and make them available as far and wide across the globe as possible.”

Apart from its rich culture and heritage, India is known for many premium agro products, unique to its land. Basmati rice is one of these prized possessions. People everywhere savor the unique aroma and flavor of premium Indian basmati rice. And amongst the most revered names in Indian basmati, comes Kohinoor, which is appreciated for its divine aroma, supreme purity and extraordinary quality.

In India, Kohinoor enjoys more than 32% share of the branded basmati rice market, estimated at about $100 million. It is the leader in the premium segment and has emerged as the largest selling brand in the country. Kohinoor is also shipped round the globe to all the continents. Processed and packed in a state-of-the-art rice plant with the latest technology from around the world, Basmati Rice is brought to the world stage by Satnam Overseas Limited, one of the respected food companies in India.

Apart from Kohinoor, the flagship brand of the company, Satnam Overseas has other notable brands like Trophy, Charminar, Rose, Shehanshah and Falcon in its portfolio. Catering to different market segments (as per their pricing and appeal), these brands have now become popular everywhere.

Quality and focus on research to understand changing consumer preferences and cater to their requirements is what drives those at Satnam Overseas, where age-old Indian traditions merge with world class standards, ensuring fine products. Their rice processing plants are world-class state-of-the-art, with one of the largest milling capacities in India. These plants are fully automated through the entire chain of processing of rice from paddy stage to the packaging of the final product. Production is fully computer-aided, with state of the art cameras to detect impurities, maintain quality, color and size.

The company has successfully branched out into ready to eat category with ‘Kohinoor Heat & Eat’,‘Kohinoor Rice & Curry’ and ‘Kohinoor Rice & Spice’ offering a huge variety in each of these product lines. Satnam has also ventured into the snack food industry by launching ‘Kohinoor Numkeenz’, an exciting new range of authentic and premium namkeens for the Indian market. Kohinoor Heat & Eat Indian Curries are a range of ready - to - eat Indian delicacies. Created by master Chefs, each recipe in this range is an exhibition of rare and authentic Indian culinary skills. Perfected over generations, these products use the very best of ingredients and the most exotic Indian spices and herbs. Rice & Spice can be cooked in 15 minutes, either on stove-top or microwave. Kohinoor Rice & Curry is an inspiration of this unique Indian culinary tradition and brings authentic meal options with added convenience. Embracing the spirit and flavor of global rice cuisine, Kohinoor Rice Treat comes in pre-cooked form offering authentic taste with modern convenience of ready meal solutions.

Satnam has also ventured into the Australian market by supplying premium Basmati Rice to the supermarket giant Coles, which enjoys 43% of the market share. The company is aggressively exploring new markets such as China, Malaysia, Thailand and other Asian markets. Satnam is the first company to bag a prestigious order from China for the “Heat & Eat” range.

Satnam has its main headquarters in India, of course, but there are branches in New Jersey, U.K. and U.A.E. They offer a diverse range of authentic Indian food products, with offices and customers in over 55 countries around the globe. For more information, see http://www.satnamoverseas.com

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“Business & Beyond” to Feature American Dairy Inc

Milk and dairy products have become staples in the Chinese economy, once known mainly for tea, due to exposure to Western culture.

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) February 18, 2022 -- Platinum Television Group is pleased to announce the selection of American Dairy Inc. for its innovative, educational television series, Business & Beyond. The company will be featured in the Models of Excellence series on “Investment Opportunities in China.”

You may soon see Chinese people with milk moustaches in those “Got Milk?” ads that frequent publications. Milk and dairy products have become staples in the Chinese economy, once known mainly for tea, due to exposure to Western culture.

American Dairy, Inc., one of the leading producers and distributors of milk powder and soybean products in China, recently moved corporate headquarters to Beijing, China. Despite its name, American Dairy, with business offices in Los Angeles, CA, is looking to continue its strong track record of growth through expanded production facilities in China. The Chinese consumers’ demand for milk and milk-related products is growing faster than the supply. The company intends to grow its business to accommodate the demand and build its market share. “To reach our full potential and to operate more efficiently and effectively, we must equip ourselves with the best human resources available,” explained Leng You-Bin, President/CEO.

Due to this increase in demand, the production of milk has gone up from 0.6 million tons in the 1970s to nine million tons in 2000. American Dairy has experienced growth due to distinguishing its products from other dairy products, and by refining and targeting its message through both advertising and word of mouth.

American Dairy has a milk processing plant in China’s Kedong province. All aspects of production are designed to yield premium quality milk and wholesome tastes catered to the Chinese market. This facility processes 300 tons of milk a day and has one production line for processing milk, and three production lines for processing soybean milk and powders. They produce formula for babies (CPP) as well as liver treasure milk powder, soy milk powder and calcium supplement milk powders.

The company has numerous supply contacts with small local farmers and ranchers in the area. These farmers have approximately 514,650 acres of pastureland, which is about 27% of the pastureland in Kedong. American Dairy conducts operations in China through its owned subsidiary Feihe Dairy. Feihe means flying crane, and in China, the crane is a symbol of longevity. Feihe’ has recently spread its influence by being distributed in new provinces and reaching more consumers.

American Dairy is proud to stand for diversified products of quality and maintains a strong corporate reputation. Their emphasis is on producing healthy and nutritious products. Stock is publicly traded, and with expansion and a booming market in China for dairy products, American Dairy is a good investment opportunity. For more information, see www.americandairyinc.com

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February 06, 2022

Ottawa, Kansas Company Wins Major International Food Industry Awards

Results of the 2005 Scovie Awards, the food industry’s top award recognizing hot and spicy foods -- have just been announced, and Ottawa, KS. - based MyHotSauces.Com L.L.C. is among the winners. MyHotSauces.Com L.L.C., which manufactures award winning Hot Sauces and Picante Sauces, has received TWO 2005 Scovie Awards. A panel of the country’s top culinary experts sampled some of the most noted names in gourmet food, and the top scoring products each won a coveted Scovie banner.

Ottawa, KS (PRWEB) February 6, 2022 -- Monty’s Party Picante – Medium Hot won FIRST PLACE in the Hot Salsa Category, and Monty’s Party Picante – Black Beans & Corn Mild won THIRD PLACE in the Unique Category. MyHotSauces.Com L.L.C. now has 15 International Awards For Flavor! Over 600 products from around the world competed for top honors. The Scovie Awards were created by Dave DeWitt, publisher of Fiery-Foods & BBQ Magazine and founder of the National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show. The awards are named for Wilbur Scoville, who pioneered a rating scale for spicy foods, and have become the industry standard for excellence in over 60 categories of fiery foods.

Dave DeWitt, long considered the father of the fiery foods industry and the author of over 30 books on fiery cuisine, noted, “I am proud to see how the Scovie Awards have become the preeminent award for hot and spicy foods. Our entries come from every corner of the globe, and our winners hail from 33 states and four countries. This year’s Scovie winners really exemplify the diversity and quality of this industry. It is not so much about heat as about the wonderful flavors of fiery foods.”

Many of the Scovie award winning products, as well as thousands of other products, will be on display at the 16th Annual National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show, March 11-13 in Albuquerque, NM. For information on exhibiting in the National Fiery Foods Show, call 505.873.8690, or visit www.fiery-foods.com

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February 01, 2022

Facile Flexitarian Fun — Panax Publishing Releases Next Generation Cookbook

Unintimidating, user-friendly new cookbook makes healthy pasta dishes fun—for adults and kids alike

Corona Del Mar, CA (PRWEB) February 1, 2022 -- Panax Publishing has announced the release of “Grazing on Pasta,” a new cookbook designed to help streamline the feeding process. Wholesome, gourmet-style, whimsical and user-friendly, “Grazing on Pasta” sets a new standard in cookbooks.

Author Shari Rae Noyes, who shuns deprivation, is quick to point out that healthier eating does not have to mean boring. “Think delectable variety,” she says, “Who wants to feel restricted—or eat something that tastes like cardboard?”

Flexitarian for Life
“Grazing” offers a fresh take on the traditional Mediterranean diet, praised (and re-praised) for its excellent effects on health and longevity. “Grazing’s” recipes are rich in olive oil and include a plethora of herbs and vegetables, nuts and modest amounts of poultry or seafood.

Flexitarianism, the post-modern term for a diet consisting primarily of plant-based foods with moderate amounts of animal foods, reflects the traditional diet of the Mediterranean and other areas—and a wisdom that science continues to validate. Earlier this month, Mediterranean staple olive oil again starred in media reports—this time for breast cancer prevention.

Sizing up the Book
“Grazing on Pasta” serves up recipes in a convenient, 8.5” x 5.5” format, with a maximum of 10 steps in each. Other features include:
• Variety—seafood, poultry and vegetable recipes keep life zesty.
• Enticement—each recipe sports a gorgeous, full-color photo.
• Fun—whimsical recipe titles range from “Monsters and Greens” to “Purple Cords on Neptune.”
• Help—”Grazing” offers a preparation timetable, menu suggestions, cooking tips, presentation ideas and a glossary.
• Wear-and-tear power—the entire book is printed on sturdy cover stock.
• Easy access—it self-stands (on a shelf or windowsill) or mounts on a wall.

Stay Tuned
“Grazing on Pasta” is the first installment in a series of six—all in the same friendly format. With a touch of irony, Noyes has titled her series “Grazing” because the word evokes an image of leisurely consuming food—a practice in which most of us are deficient. “Slow food,” she says, “is the way to go. Eating snake-style precludes proper digestion, while thorough chewing slows down consumption—which translates to stretching out one’s satisfaction more than one’s waistline.” Noyes also teaches that taking time to feed oneself well nourishes more than body: “It sends the subconscious a message of worthiness.”

"Flexebitionist" Author
Noyes has been developing flexitarian recipes for over 15 years. Primarily self-educated, she complemented her early experience with a 15-month sojourn in Italy, where she experienced firsthand the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Going "Grazy"
Panax Publishing is offering “Grazing on Pasta” (ISBN 0-9702973-0-0), priced at $29.95, on the Web. Named after a type of ginseng, known for its vigor-inducing properties, Panax’s immediate mission is to help improve the grazing experience—especially for those interested in healthier eating—by offering this new tool.

• “Olive oil beats breast cancer,” EARTHtimes.org - Jan 10, 2022
• “Why does Mediterranean diet protect women from breast cancer? It's in the olive oil,” Medical News Today - Jan 10, 2022
• “Establishing healthy habits helps age-proof your body,” Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Jan 11, 2022
• “The Man Behind the Mediterranean,” Eating Well magazine - Mar 1997
• www.oldwayspt.org (Oldways Preservation and Trust)

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Snack Addicts Offer Tips for Super Bowl Snacking

Taquitos.net's snack reviewers have rated more than 2400 different snacks, and they've compiled a list of tips to help maximize your Super Bowl snacking experience.

(PRWEB) February 1, 2022 -- Having trouble figuring out what snacks to serve guests at your Super Bowl party? Let the snacking experts at Taquitos.net help!

The snack tasters at the "Crunchiest Site on the Interweb" (www.taquitos.net) have tasted and reviewed more than 2400 varieties of potato chips, cheese puffs, pretzels, popcorn and other treats in their quest to find the best snacks on the planet. Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, the site is offering a list of Super Bowl Snacking Tips that will make any party as reliable as an Adam Vinatieri field goal.

The full list of Super Bowl tips is online at:

"Just like the two teams on the field, if you don't think through your snacking game plan in advance, it could be a disaster," said Jeremy Selwyn, co-founder and Chief Snacks Officer at Taquitos.net.

"One small slip-up (like serving anything labeled low-fat, low-carb or sugar-free) would be like Scott Norwood going wide right against the Giants," said Keith Shaw, the other co-founder and Taquitos.net's Secretary of Snacks.

Tips for a Super Snacker Bowl include banning vegetables (unless there's a big bowl of Ranch dressing to go along with them); trying out unique flavors like pickle chips or gravy-flavored potato chips; and forgetting about cooking anything. "The only thing that should be cooked is the nacho cheese sauce that you want to pour over the tortilla chips," Shaw said.

About Taquitos.net
Taquitos.net (www.taquitos.net) is the world's most comprehensive snacking Web site, with more than 2,400 snack reviews, articles about snacking and other food obsessions. Created in 2000, the site has been featured on The Food Network, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe and The New York Times.

To the press: Both Selwyn and Shaw are available for media interviews to discuss the Web site and all things snack-related.

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January 31, 2022

Nutragon, LLC Achieves Success in Creating High Antioxidant Product from Muscadine Grape Skins

Nutragon, LLC will be holding a national press conference today (Jan 31) at 4:00pm in Kenansville, North Carolina to announce its new product

Kenansville, NC (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) January 31, 2022 -- Today, North Carolina based Nutragon, LLC announces it has been successful in creating a nutritional supplement from muscadine grape hulls that maintains a significantly high amount of resveratrol and other beneficial Polyphenolic compounds. In recent years, resveratrol has been examined by scientific researchers as an antioxidant, an anti-cancer agent, and an anti-inflammatory agent.

Resveratrol received scientific attention only a few years ago as a possible explanation for the “French Paradox” – the low incidence of heart disease among the French people, who eat a relatively high-fat diet. While resveratrol is present in many fruits and vegetables, the highest concentration in its natural state is found in the muscadine grape, particularly in the skin. The muscadine grape is a native plant found mainly in the coastal and piedmont sections of North Carolina. Until today, most attempts to capture the benefits of the powerful antioxidant resveratrol found in muscadine grapes have used a chemical extract process that destroys much of the benefits associated with resveratrol, and leaves a chemical residue.

Nutragon, LLC has developed a chemical-free process to dry the grape hull, and process into a powder form. This powder product, named Muscadine Plus, is being packaged in small packets, similar to sugar packets. It is currently available on the Internet and at designated retail outlets. This process uses a by-product of the current muscadine wine and food industry. “We are excited about the health benefits this product could have,” expressed Nutragon partner Bob Dalton. “Nutragon’s focus is on creating all natural products from the muscadine grape and other small fruits, void of any chemical processing.” Mr. Dalton indicated that Nutragon will be announcing other natural products in the near future. Additional information about Nutragon and its products can be found at www.nutragonllc.com.

With this product announcement, the demand for muscadine grapes to be grown in eastern North Carolina is expected to increase. This could result in new processing and agricultural jobs in economically distressed counties in the near future. The Duplin County Cooperative Extension Service has been working closely with Nutragon to better understand the increased demand expected for muscadine grapes, and what this could mean for the farmers and farm economy. Grower opportunities and educational information will be forthcoming.

Robert Dalton
Nutragon, LLC

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January 27, 2022

New International e-Newsletter for Fine and Rare Wine Professionals Launched by The Wine Traders Club

The Wine Traders Club News is an e-newsletter that will be distributed every Wednesday to more than 6,000 professionals dealing in fine and rare, vintage, high-end and hard-to-find wines

Montreal (PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- The Wine Traders Club and Global Wine & Spirits are delighted to announce the launch of Wine Traders Club News, an e-newsletter that will be distributed every Wednesday to more than 6,000 professionals dealing in fine and rare, vintage, high-end and hard-to-find wines. Wine Traders Club News is a unique networking tool that enables subscribers to interact and keep abreast of the latest goings-on in the fine and rare wine community. Interested in finding out more about the Wine Traders Club and its members? Then sign up now to receive your free weekly copy of Wine Traders Club News at http://www.winetradersclub.com/wxfr/en/COMM.SUBSCRIBE_INSIDER_NEWS/Action=PREP

About the Wine Traders Club
The Wine Traders Club is an international B2B exchange for dealers, brokers, negociants, importers, distributors and other professionals involved in the resale of fine and rare wines.

The Wine Traders Club features vintage, high-end and hard-to-find wines from France (mainly Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne), Italy (mainly Tuscany), Spain, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Lebanon, the United States, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other countries specializing in the fine and rare market. For more information, visit www.winetradersclub.com.

About Global Wine & Spirits
Global Wine & Spirits operates the leading e-business network for the wine and spirits trade. More than 5,000 wine and spirits companies (2,900 wine and spirits producers and 2,100 wine and spirits wholesalers, importers and retailers) in 66 countries are connected to private or public wine and spirits portals powered by Global Wine & Spirits technology. For more information, visit www.globalwinespirits.com.

About Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc.
Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc. (TSX: MDF) is a world-leading operator of e-business networks and provider of complete e-business solutions. Mediagrif’s e-business networks allow buyers and sellers within specific industries to source, purchase or sell products and to exchange documents more efficiently using the Internet. Mediagrif operates 12 networks, including industry leaders The Broker Forum ( www.brokerforum.com ) Power Source On-Line ( www.powersourceonline.com ), Telecom Finders ( www.telecomfinders.com ), Global Wine & Spirits ( www.globalwinespirits.com ) and Polygon ( www.polygon.net ) in the jewelry industry. The company also owns MERX ( www.merx.com ), the exclusive provider of e-tendering services to the federal government of Canada, and is a leading provider of government bid aggregation services and e-procurement services in the U.S. Headquartered in Montreal, Mediagrif through its subsidiaries has various offices in Canada and the United States. For more information on Mediagrif please visit us at www.mediagrif.com or call 1 (877) 677-9088.

Source and information:
Réal Wolfe
International Development
Global Wine & Spirits
1 888-255-9463 (Toll free Canada and USA)
+800-2559-4630 (Toll free International)

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Gluten-Free Baked Goods Go Gourmet – and Online

Gourmet, high-caliber gluten-free baked goods are hard to find or non-existent. To help fill this void, an alumnus of the California Culinary Arts School has helped launch Mariposa Baking -- a boutique, gluten-free baking company exclusively dedicated to crafting exceptional gourmet baked goods. Mariposa expertly honed its recipes and tested them on some of the finest palates in the San Francisco Bay Area, until their gluten-free products became indiscernible from the finest wheat-based goods.

(PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- Why gluten-free? Many of today's health problems are caused by intolerance to gluten - the protein found mainly in wheat, but also in barley and oats. The problem is, many of the current gluten-free baking companies produce average-tasting products. Gourmet, high-caliber gluten-free baked goods are hard to find or non-existent.

To help fill this void, Mariposa Baking has launched a boutique baking company exclusively dedicated to crafting exceptional gluten-free baked goods. Mariposa expertly honed its recipes and tested them on some of the finest palates in the San Francisco Bay Area, until their gluten-free products became indiscernible from the finest wheat-based goods.

The creations from Mariposa Baking come from Kyoko Hiramatsu and Patti Furey-Crane. Kyoko, an alumnus of the California Culinary Arts School had experience creating pastries in San Francisco’s La Nouvelle Patisserie and upscale restaurant Hawthorne Lane. Patti, diagnosed with gluten intolerance several years ago was unable to locate premium gluten-free products and had developed recipes of her own. Together they knew they had the expertise needed to create a small, boutique gluten-free baking company in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mariposa’s products are available at specialty stores in the San Francisco Bay Area and online @ www.mariposabaking.com. They offer three kinds of gluten-free biscotti, which are dairy-free as well: almond, ginger spice and orange walnut. Mariposa also specializes in gluten-free truffle brownies, available in choices of triple chocolate, walnut and espresso. All Mariposa products are gluten-free, wheat-free, preservative-free and contain no hydrogenated oils.

For more information, please visit www.mariposabaking.com

For further information, contact:
Margret Einhorn
Mariposa Baking
P.O. Box 11187
Piedmont, CA 94611
510 868 1639

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January 26, 2022

Grow Your Own Gourmet Shitake Mushrooms

Asheville gardening enthusiast Tom Magruder will host three spring workshops to teach home gardeners and chefs how they can grow low-cost gourmet shitake mushrooms year-round in their backyard or basement. "Imagine planting a crop once, never weeding, and reaping year-round harvests for up to a decade! That’s what you get when you grow mushrooms. It's simply awesome."

(PRWEB) January 26, 2022 -- Just in time for spring, Asheville gardening enthusiast Tom Magruder will host three workshops to teach home gardeners and chefs how they can grow low-cost gourmet shitake mushrooms year-round in their backyard or basement. The workshops will be held at the Synergy Center (6 E. Lookout Rd., East Asheville, www.synergycenter.us) from 9 am – 1 pm on Feb. 19, March 5, and March 19. To register, contact Tom Magruder at 828-296-1121 or via email. Each workshop costs $65. Attendance is limited to provide a powerful experiential learning opportunity for each participant. Advance registration is required.

Magruder, who has been gardening for over 25 years and successfully cultivating shitake, oyster, and maitake mushrooms for 4, says he loves growing mushrooms because they are a low-maintenance crop that consistently produce a high-yield harvest in small spaces that are normally too shady for other planting. He adds, “Imagine planting a crop once, never weeding, and reaping year-round harvests for up to a decade! That’s what you get when you grow mushrooms. It’s simply awesome.”

Shitake Workshop Overview
Designed for the home gardener or small-scale mushroom grower, Magruder’s 4-hour hands-on workshop will teach participants how they can easily and economically grow shitake mushrooms on hardwood logs. Participants will learn:
(1) How to select suitable mushroom strains for their climate and growing site
(2) Which trees to use and how to prepare the logs
(3) Which tools and supplies they will need to get started
(4) How to inoculate, incubate, and stack logs for optimum yield
(5) How and when to harvest ripe mushrooms for peak flavor

In addition to plenty of hands-on experience and handout materials, participants will receive a 2-foot shitake mushroom log (a $30 value). Depending on their diameter, shitake mushroom logs can fruit for 3-10 years. Over its life span, one mushroom log can produce up to 2.5 times its fresh cut weight in mushrooms. For example, a 40 lb. log can yield up to 100 lbs. of mushrooms! At up to $10 per pound for fresh shitake mushrooms, the cost savings can be immense.

Magruder is offering the workshops in February and March because early spring is the best time to start a mushroom garden. “When trees begin to leaf out, the nutrient-rich sap—the ideal food for the mushrooms—is diverted to feed the budding leaves,” he says. “It’s best to cut the logs before the sap begins to rise.”

Participants should wear suitable clothes for outdoor gardening and bring work gloves. The work area is covered for rain or shine.

About Shitake Mushrooms
Shitake mushrooms (Lentinus edodes) are highly prized across Asia and are gaining popularity in the West for their flavor and reputed medicinal value. They are a dietary source of protein and vitamins B and D, are rich in minerals, can help boost the immune system, and are even used in Japan for cancer prevention and treatment.

Shitakes are similar to portabella mushrooms in texture and flavor, and add a gourmet touch to soups or stews, or when sautéed or grilled.

Commercial vs. Home-grown
Unlike their home grown counterparts, commercially grown shitakes are usually picked early to maximize their shelf life. This is unfortunate, says Magruder, because early harvesting usually yields a smaller, denser cap. The benefit of growing shitakes as part of a domestic garden is that home gardeners can give the mushrooms the time they need to fully mature. Even an extra day or two can spell the difference between a small commercial-sized cap and a flattened, portabella-sized mushroom that is “awesome for grilling.” Home gardeners can also pick and serve their shitakes at the peak of freshness, going directly from garden to grill, with only a brief pause for a light olive oil baste or low-salt tamari marinade.

About Tom Magruder
Tom Magruder has been an avid home gardener for over 25 years. He believes that successful gardening comes from working with the essential intelligence of nature, and specializes in growing organic produce year-round. He has been cultivating shitake, oyster, and maitake mushrooms for 4 years. For more information about workshops or individual instruction, or to inquire about the purchase of mushroom logs or fresh mushrooms, please contact Tom at 828-296-1121 or via email.

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January 24, 2022

Doctor’s CarbRite Diet Introduces Sugar-Free Extra Rich & Fudgy Brownie Mix

Doctor’s CarbRite Diet welcomes a new addition to its line of sugar-free/high protein products: Extra Rich and Fudgy Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix. Doctor’s CarbRite Diet Brownie Mix tastes as good as the real thing, but is a more healthful, sugar-free alternative.

(PRWEB) January 24, 2022 -– Doctor’s CarbRite Diet welcomes a new addition to its line of sugar-free/high protein products: Extra Rich and Fudgy Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix. The most delicious brownie mix of its kind, our new Brownie Mix contains real chocolate chips. Doctor’s CarbRite Diet Brownie Mix tastes as good as the real thing, but is a more healthful, sugar-free alternative.

Doctor’s CarbRite Diet Brownie Mix has 0 grams of sugar, 5 grams of protein per serving, and 3 grams of dietary fiber that helps promote a healthy intestinal environment. Doctor’s CarbRite Diet Brownie Mix contains wholesome, quality ingredients like whole-wheat flour (not refined flour) and whey protein. Our brownie mix is not only sugar-free but is free of trans fats, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors

Doctor’s CarbRite Diet Brownie Mix has nearly 50% fewer calories, fewer net impact carbs and almost three times as much fiber than other famous name brownie mixes. It also has more than twice as much protein as compared to other brands. And once you taste it, you won’t believe it is sugar-free.

These healthful brownies are easy to make and only require an additional three large eggs, half a cup of softened butter, and one teaspoon of water. Each box makes 12 brownies, so your entire family can enjoy this guilt-free, delicious treat and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Doctor’s CarbRite Diet is line of sugar-free, high protein products perfect for those who restrict their sugar intake and need to maintain balanced insulin levels. Doctor’s CarbRite Diet line also includes delicious gluten-free high protein bars, chocolate bars, rice cakes, and smoothies. Doctor’s CarbRite Diet products also contain no hydrogenated oils or trans fats. Doctor’s CarbRite Diet bars, supplements, and bake mixes can be found at Wegman’s, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World and other fine health food stores nationwide as well as internationally. For more information, please visit CarbRiteDiet.com or call (800) 872-0101.

For Further Information:
Contact Person: Lena Kulyanda
Phone: 732-545-3130, 800-872-0101
Fax: 732-509-0458

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