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August 25, 2021

How a Bread Maker Improved the Safety of Its Employees

How a bread maker improved the safety of its employees by switching to the Ronningen-Petter DCF Self-Cleaning Industrial Filter.

(PRWEB) August 25, 2021 --


A Canadian bread company was putting a new bagel boiler in its Alberta plant and required a filtering system to clean the recycled boiler water of raisins, sesame seeds, bits of dough, and corn meal. Corn meal can create water quality problems if the temperature is allowed to fall, requiring an expensive and time-consuming water change.

It is critical that the water in a bagel boiler is kept up to temperature, even as it is filtered and recycled.

The company was using duplex bag filters in its bagel boiler process at its Toronto facility. Concerned about employee safety, however, the maintenance supervisor at the company's Alberta plant wanted a filtering system that required less operator intervention than a bag system.

High water temperatures used in the process can be a serious hazard to an operator changing filter bags, especially if the operator is pressed for time during the shutdown process and opens up the filter housing while it is still pressurized.


Decision-makers at the Alberta plant wanted a filter they could count on, without the hazards occasionally associated with bag filter maintenance. Working with an RPA Process Technologies sales representative, the plant manager, and maintenance supervisor determined that the Ronningen-Petter DCF self-cleaning filter was the permanent solution to meet their business objectives.

Two Ronningen-Petter DCF-800 self-cleaning filters were installed on the bagel boiler water recycle line at the Alberta facility. DCF filters successfully removed the raisins, sesame seeds, and bits of dough that would adversely affect the final product.

Uninterrupted filtering by DCF also ensured consistently high water temperatures required to maintain bagel boiler water quality. DCF performs a self-cleaning action by mechanically scraping collected debris from the filter screen with a patented disc that moves up and down the screen, parallel to the liquid flow. Collected debris is then automatically purged from the collection chamber at the bottom of the filter. This self-cleaning action is performed without halting production, and provides the highest quality filtering under continuous demand. Because the screen is cleaned continuously, without interrupting production, a consistently high flow rate is maintained.


The Alberta facility has completely eliminated the risk of operator injury due to changing filter bags, because with Ronningen-Petter DCF filters, there are no messy bags to remove and media cleaning is automatic.

The Alberta facility's supervisors are also impressed with the unsurpassed filtering of its bagel boiler water with the DCF filters. High water temperature is maintained and water quality problems are avoided. In fact, the company is so happy with the performance of the DCF filters at its Alberta plant, the Langley, B.C. facility is also installing DCF filters on its bagel boiler system — instead of previously planned bags.


A Canadian bread company went in search of a safer filtering system and found an RPA Process Technologies solution. Ronningen-Petter DCF Self-Cleaning filters provide the company with unsurpassed filtering, automatic cleaning of the filter media, and a safer work environment for its operators.


Filter model: Ronningen-Petter DCF-800

Type of liquid: Bagel Boiler Water

Pressure: 50 PSI (3.45 bar)

Temperature: 206°F (96.7°C)

Flow Rate: 25-35 GPM (5.7-7.9 m3/h)

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Posted by Industrial-Manufacturing at August 25, 2021 06:26 AM