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August 08, 2021

Lone Star Aerospace Selects EMF’s Dashboard and Database for Prime Contractors and Government Clients

Lone Star Aerospace, an advisor to senior level military, aerospace and prime contractor executives on management process, software utilization, and technology has announced its use of Embedded Market Forecasters’ (EMF) Executive Dashboard and database to determine design outcomes, testing processes, methodology use and best practices for a range of vertical market utilizations.

Dallas (PRWEB) August 8, 2021 -- The database includes all 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit, and 128-bit processors as well as DSP and FPGA use – in addition to a comprehensive list of operating systems, programming languages, etc., it is possible to perform cross tabs and regression analysis to determine the correlation between design outcomes, resulting systems functionality, methodologies used and developer defined best practices.

Lone Star and EMF are collaborating on advisory programs with several military, government and prime contractor users of systems, software, hardware and development tools to suggest efficiencies, strategic utilizations, and competitive advantage. .

Steve Roemerman, Chairman of Lone Star Aerospace, said “Dr. Jerry Krasner complied a data base that is a national resource. To our knowledge it is the only source of objective information about product development. EMF offers a unique tool for measuring and predicting the performance of development teams, tools, and environments. We are very pleased to have a relationship with a company possessing such an asset. In addition, Jerry’s personal reputation for objective advice and uncanny foresight is without peer. We are delighted that EMF has agreed to work with Lone Star.”

About Lone Star Aerospace: Lone Star delivers defense solutions. LSA clients include many defense and aerospace firms of all sizes from the US and allied nations. LSA delivers strategy consulting, simulation and modeling, leading edge product development, and critical subcontracting.

LSA executives, analysts and technologists have contributed to the most challenging and critical efforts in aerospace and defense. Their successful contributions have included concept development, product development, testing, and deployment. They have contributed to force transformation, corporate strategic change, success in major competitions, teaming and partner selection, mergers, acquisitions, product development, and strategic technology decisions.

LSA is based in Dallas, Texas, and is an Incucomm company.

www.lonestar-aerospace.com .

About EMF: The premier market intelligence and advisory firm in the embedded technology industry. Embedded technology refers to the ubiquitous class of products which use some type of processor as a controller. These products include guided missiles, radars, and avionics as well as robots and medical electronics.

Embedded Market Forecasters (EMF) is the embedded market research division of American Technology International, Inc. EMF has extensive experience providing both multi-client and custom research on topics including systems with embedded boards, buses, software, hardware and development tools markets as well as embedded technology applications including embedded systems, digital signal processors (DSPs), FPGAs, single board computers, communications/IT, and multimedia. EMF clients range from startups to Global 100 companies worldwide.

Founded by Dr. Jerry Krasner, a recognized authority on embedded markets, product development and channel distribution, EMF is headquartered in Framingham, Mass.


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