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August 04, 2021

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Rates Rhode Island's Scarborough Beach Top Performer in Protecting Waterways

Smart Sponge® Plus – spongy, antimicrobial filtration material – takes on health threatening bacteria before it reaches Scarborough's bathing waters.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) August 4, 2021 -- The Natural Resources Defense Council's 2004 Annual Report identified Scarborough State Beach, Rhode Island, as one of the three top performers in the nation for protecting its beachgoers from contaminated water. This recognition was a far cry from the previous season when this popular beach closed six times because of high levels of bacteria. Following those closures, Rhode Island's Departments of Transportation, Environmental Management, and Health formed a team committed to remedy the high bacteria concentrations.

In June 2004, Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri stood on Scarborough Beach at a press conference to launch the team project that was designed to protect the waterways against health-threatening bacteria. The heart of the project involves diverting the flow from stormwater outfalls that feed into public bathing waters through a filtering system using a drainage piping filled with an antimicrobial material – Smart Sponge® Plus – developed and patented by AbTech Industries.

Field tests released in April 2005 revealed the effectiveness of the Smart Sponge Plus. After testing over 200 samples in both dry and wet weather after three major storm events, the maximum removal rates for fecal coliform ranged from 89.4 to 99.6 percent. In the same sampling process for Enterococcus, the maximum removal rates ranged from 96.2 to 99.9 percent.

Glenn Rink, AbTech's President and CEO, said that Scarborough Beach's application of the Smart Sponge Plus demonstrated the tremendous versatility of the product. “The Smart Sponge Plus has proven effective for removing bacteria concentrations in stormwater runoff with the Ultra Urban Filter® Catch Basin Insert in dozens of municipalities, but this is the first time the product has been used in this way. We're excited about the success of the project and congratulate Scarborough Beach for receiving such high recognition from the Natural Resources Defense Council.”

AbTech Industries, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is dedicated to developing innovative clean water solutions to meet community and industrial needs. The company holds the patent on the Smart Sponge Plus, which is the only non-toxic, fully recyclable filtration system that destroys bacteria at the street level. AbTech filtration systems are currently filtering contaminates from urban and stormwater runoff in 27 states. The Environmental Protection Agency has included AbTech's Ultra-Urban Filter series with Smart Sponge technology as a Best Management Practice (BMP) under the federal guidelines that local governments must follow.

For more information, see www.abtechindustries.com or call 1-800.545.8999.

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