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August 16, 2021

New Affordable Wireless Market Research from WTRS; Summary Reports for Limited Budgets with Qualitative Needs

The new "thrifty" prices on "WTRS FOCUSED INTELLIGENCE SERVICES" will provide much of WTRS industry leading wireless market research available to a wider base - Champagne Services at Beer Prices. Summary reports of approximately 200 pages for $400.

Mtn. View, CA (PRWEB) August 15, 2021 -- Many rapidly expanding wireless technology companies cannot always afford the $3,000 or more needed for our mainline market research reports. Now WTRS has a solution -- a new series of products.

“WTRS FOCUSED INTELLIGENCE SERVICES” which will provide affordable market research to start-ups and other companies with a need for wireless research but limited current budgets. Value pricing is now available for the highest quality wireless market research.

1)We’re introducing new “MARKET INTELLIGENCE BRIEFINGS” on specific technologies like ZigBee, UWB, Bluetooth, Insteon, and Wimax. These major distillations of larger research are priced at only $400.00. This price can be applied to a future purchase of a full Market Report in this technology.

The first of these, the “ZigBee Market Intelligence Briefing," focuses on the potential and overall future of ZigBee, consists of 220 Pages, $400.00, and is based on pertinent material from the WTRS milestone report “Emerging Sensor & M2M Report.”

A complete and thorough analysis of the ZigBee landscape, the briefing report analyzes and forecasts 12 market segments, alliance developments, and evaluates current patent, technology and corporate developments.

The next “Briefing” in this series will be introduced shortly, covering WiMAX, followed in quick order by studies of Insteon, UWB and Bluetooth, all based on our major report sequences which are updated every quarter.

2)The second part of the new “WTRS FOCUSED INTELLIGENCE SERVICES” is a “by-the-slice” option for most of our mainstream report materials so that users can obtain what they need most now. Clients can apply the “slice” price to purchase the flagship report in the future as well.

Now available are: Executive Briefings, Forecast Databases (by sector), Corporate Positioning Profiles, and Patent Databases -- at prices starting at $200-300.00 and up depending upon technology covered.

WTRS provides flagship market research reports in many areas of the wireless application space, and for five years has been a true market leader in accurate forecasting based on proprietary macroeconomic solutions. We know wireless technologies. WTRS, for five years “the place for wireless research”.

For more information on the “WTRS FOCUSED INTELLIGENCE SERVICES”, visit our website www.wtrs.net or call 650 940 1196 or contact e-mail protected from spam bots

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