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August 25, 2021

Sifos Technologies Introduces the Fastest PowerSync™ Analyzer, the RackPack PSA, Aimed at High Speed, High Port Count IEEE 802.3af Testing

Sifos Technologies releases the RackPack PowerSync™ Analyzer (PSA). The RackPack, a 48-port PSA, significantly reduces both the time and the cost of testing Power over Ethernet (PoE) for high port count applications such as System Test, Burn-In and Manufacturing. The RackPack can be expanded to test systems with the highest number of ports. As the port count of the system increases, the time required to test per port decreases, reducing the total cost of test.

Boston, Ma. (PRWEB) August 25, 2021 -- Sifos Technologies today announced the addition of the RackPack PSA to its PowerSync™ Analyzer family of IEEE 802.3af - Power over Ethernet (PoE) test solutions. The RackPack reduces the per-port cost of testing IEEE 802.3af compliant Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) where port counts are large (48 ports or more) and fast test speed is critical.

“RackPack is focused on applications where many PoE ports need to be tested, and testing speed and cost of testing are the most important parameters,” said David Lucia, Sifos Technologies President.

The RackPack enables fully automated measurements and analysis. Tcl/TK software scripts are optimized to fully take advantage of RackPack’s measurement resources.

“PSE manufacturers can expect average, per-port testing times on the order of 10 seconds or less per port tested given the capabilities of the RackPack,” said Peter Johnson, Sifos Technologies Technical Director.

Scripts written for any PSA can be directly used, with or without modification or editing, by the RackPack. This allows all engineers from different departments to leverage the work of others, saving significant time in the product development cycle.

The graphical user interface (GUI) software favored by R&D; engineers and the PSE Conformance Test Suite (CTS) software, that are standard with the PSA 1200, are not included with the RackPack, but are available as options.

About Sifos: Sifos Technologies (www.sifos.com) is a privately held corporation, founded in 2003, and is located in Tewksbury, Ma., near Boston. Sifos Technologies is the leader in DOCSIS (cable modems, set-top boxes, cable modem head ends) and PoE test equipment.

Chuck Koch
Sifos Technologies

Posted by Industrial-Manufacturing at August 25, 2021 06:27 AM