March 16, 2022

CompAmerica Announces Expansion of it's Client Centric Onsite Installation Maintenance Programs for Telephony, Local Network Infrastructure and Internet Technology

At lower rates and higher success factor than competitive businesses, whether used during movement from one location to another, or for day to day services, CompAmerica's new onsite presence program exceeds expectations.

(PRWEB) March 16, 2022 -- CompAmerica, a national white box PC manufacturer and reseller, has announced it is expanding it's high standard of reliability onsite installation maintenance programs for its customers. Customers wanting installation support, can now obtain contracts for planning and onsite work services for their premises. The unusual program covers all forms of technology equipment including PC LAN networks running under Microsoft Windows or Linux, Telephone PBX systems with or without interconnect to LANs, including Lucent, Nortel, Seimans, and many other brands, networking on premises and off, and internet services, including hosting, email and programming.

Also included in the new "Umbrella Services Program"(tm) are VOIP (voice over internet) support, as well all other computational and datacommunications facilities provisioning and assistance personnel.

"We are working with customers on a one-on-one basis to integrate CompAmerica PC, Laptop and Server Technology into and with a mixed/hybrid environment. That includes support for telephone Private Branch Exchange Systems from any manufacturer, and existing Messaging, Mail Server, and Internet networking. We are also providing maintenance, updates and service work on pre-owned elements of the customer's infrastructure, regardless of brand presence," stated a spokesperson.

"We're working problem solvers, fixing problems as we encounter them, working from the inevitably short time schedule and critical plans our customers require to assure profitable use of technology and extreme levels of reliability."

"We've found our high reliability, low cost approach works best. It allows us to apply resources to repairing, programming and enhancing existing Voice, Data and Video networking technology, while enhancing the Internet Presence usable by them for greater efficiencies!" she added.

The company indicated it's personnel are cross trained on 95% of all existing PBX and Telephone Switching Systems and Central Office Equipment, and on mediation of translation issues with the mainstream common carriers such as Sprint, AT&T;, Verizon, MCI, SBC and Qwest.

The company also indicated it is providing 100% uptime service and support for any and all brands of PC, Server, Printer, Scanner, LAN Equipment and communications gear. The company indicated that it felt this capability enhanced it's ability to cross integrate pre-existing and legacy environments with it's own PC and Telephony products.

It felt this will all it to bridge different technology segments... bringing it's enormous volume of knowledge about Windows and Unix/Linux based computation to bear at the heart of customer workforce locations where communications, messaging and computation technology was highly depended upon.

"We can make an enormous difference to our customers, because we take the time to reason out the proper solution and to work with Carriers and Vendors to resolve interoperability issues, solve geographical and facilities issues, and innovate solutions that can carry our customers forward in a way that, on their own, they are otherwise impeded. The savings in elimination of waste, unnecessary duplication of work and improvement of communications and application services computationally are enormous," stated the company president, Dr. Jack A. Shulman.

Adding: "There are too many 'Pitchers' out there using TV ads and promises of mythological service by phone. Every one of them is trying to land a strike in your company's backyard, by throwing you a box full of PCs or PBX's or Cable/DSL modems with only setup instructions and a phone number. They actually expect everything to fall convincingly together enough for you to keep on buying and to think you are gaining benefit when you are not really fully benefiting from what you have invested in. What it really boils down to is personnel function and corporate form and fit. What I mean by that is: if the Corporation's form is not fit and the personnel don't function, then you, Corporate Management, are going to strike out. And in these times it only takes a couple of strike outs to get you thrown out of the game."

CompAmerica indicated it was surprised at how many company executives did not realize that the game plan of major technology America was to seriously minimize the support cost by misleading it's customers into believing you just "Set it and forget it."

"Do that, and those top five PC and top five Phone companies will simply take your money and forget you..." added Shulman. "You need a customer centric partner to make your corporate dreams come true. And after all these years, my own vision is to make it possible for our clients to have those dreams come true, by having the skilled advice of a trusted partner who is simply on your side. That's all it's ever been about, skill and trust. I believe the party paying the bill deserves the principle benefit of the work performed or equipment sold, not the party being paid for same. And that makes CompAmerica quite unique: we believe our customers have enormous potential to achieve greater and greater successes. They simply need a partner they trust to help them smooth the rough edges that go along with modern technology, to work out the flukes that inevitably show up, and to alleviate the headaches of dealing with pre-conceived solutions that fit like a slightly rounded square peg into a slightly oblique square hole."

"We make it possible to succeed at application and communication, without having to be rocket scientists, even if the customer is a firm making rockets or staffed with scientists. Use your time more productively on company business, not trying to monkey around with computers and communications systems all day long trying to make them work out. We call that kind of perpetual need to tinker with your technology to make it work at all: 'monkey business' and it's not something you want to have to pay through the nose for. Technology should support you, not the other way around."

Interestingly, the company also noted that the top vendors did not seem particularly fearful of it's unusually customer centric approach. It indicated that most of the top companies relied so heavily on sub contractors, that the idea that there was one out their to help their customers "do the job right" seemed to most of them to sound "refreshingly different."

CompAmerica, a leader in PCs, Servers and Laptops for business and private users, is located in Cranford, NJ, and maintains a general website at

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February 18, 2022

Northeast Rubber Products Inc -Launches New Website

Northeast Rubber Products Inc., a leader in the industrial rubber and metal hose industry has launched a new website at

Framingham, MA (PRWEB) February 18, 2022 -- Northeast Rubber Products Inc., a leader in the industrial rubber and metal hose industry has launched a new website at

“The launching of our new website is the first step on the first rung of our organizations ladder strategy ,” said Mike Bacon, President of Northeast Rubber Products.

Northeast Rubber Products corporate strategy called the “Ladder of Excellence” incorporates both operational and sales performance objectives. The successful launching of this new website is a positive first step of this campaign; added Bacon

Mark Lewis, Vice President of Operations, at Northeast Rubber Products Inc stated that the new website was critical to expand into new global markets and providing real-time information to our worldwide supply chain and customer base.. Lewis explained that having a fresh informative website that allows worldwide access to our supply partners and existing and potential customers is key to our growth strategy” said Lewis.

Jack Mercury, Vice President of Sales cites the new website as a backbone of information for our customers. It is this 24/7 information, that will continue to allow us to understand and meet our customers expectations. It is an additional tool to help us achieve our organizational goals; added Mercury.

“As we continue to grow globally our emphasis on customer satisfaction activities will be an advantage,” Bacon concluded.

Based in Framingham, Massachusetts, Northeast Rubber Products is a leader in the Industrial Rubber Products industry. The company provides products such as o-rings, industrial rubber hose & fittings, gaskets, die-cut parts, seals, sheet rubber, sponge, custom molded parts, as well as metal expansion joints, metal, rubber, and Teflon lined hose assemblies. Northeast rubber Products systems are global and by utilizing as resources the best personnel, equipment, and quality system it provides continued on-time delivery of world class products at the right price. Northeast Rubber is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company.

For more information on Northeast Rubber or any of its products and services, please call 1-800- 446-1182 or visit its web site at

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February 03, 2022

AJR & Partners Launches PR & Marketing Blog with a South Florida "Spin"

AJR Spin Zone is First PR & Marketing Blog by a South Florida Agency

(PRWEB) February 3, 2022 -- AJR & Partners Inc., launches the first PR and marketing blog for a South Florida agency with its AJR Spin Zone, which features commentary on PR, marketing and national trends with a South Florida perspective. The AJR Spin Zone is at

AJR Spin Zone offers cutting edge commentary with AJR’s spin on things. Recent posts include : “Patriots vs. Eagles vs. Event Marketing”, “When Bad Timing Happens to Good PR & Marketing,” and “2005 Marketing Sherpa Report,” some of which feature South Florida happenings.

“The 2004 presidential election showed us the marketing power of blogs to get individualized messages out to a wide and growing audience,” said Alec J. Rosen, managing partner, AJR & Partners. “The next trend in marketing communications is for progressive companies to carry on an honest conversation with customers on a personal level via blogs.”

AJR’s blog pulls on 15 years of PR and marketing experience working with leading South Florida and national companies ranging from local technology and healthcare firms to Fortune 100 companies with major Florida or Latin American operations. AJR has also started managing business blogs for their clients.

About AJR & Partner, Inc.
AJR & Partners is a full-service PR and marketing agency focusing on delivering Ideas - Communications - Results through a fully integrated approach, including advertising, branding, direct mail, internet and public relations. For more information please visit our website at,, or call 786.457.6680

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January 27, 2022

Directi Offers .INFO Domains for $1.11

Resellers can register unlimited .INFO domains at this low price

(PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- Directi (, a leading private-labeled Web Services Provider and one of the fastest growing ICANN Accredited Domain Registrars, recently announced the availability of the .INFO domain names, the most popular and rapidly growing new TLD, at a break-through price of $1.11. The new promotional price, effective from Jan 1st 2005, will be available for the entire year until Jan 1st 2006

According to research reports from WebHosting.Info (, the largest information and statistics portal dedicated to the Web Services industry, there are currently 3.3 Million .Info's on the Internet, up by 63% from 1.2 Million in August 2004. The growth was triggered off primarily during the promotion months of September and October, during which 300,000 and 1.1 Million domain names were registered respectively.

"Directi has built a reputation to offer the most competitive domain name prices in the industry. The availability of the low-cost .info domain is just another example of the value we provide our resellers, thereby enhancing Directi's 'economical' brand image, across the VAR segment," says Bhavin Turakhia CEO, Directi.

This promotion offers tremendous value to resellers and is a great way to boost volumes and make your customers smile! All new .INFO Registrations for the FIRST year will attract a special pricing of USD 1.11. The registrations will last for one year, and if registrants want to renew the domain after a year, they can do so for the going domain rate.

"There are more than 29 million available .info domain as against .COM domain names, thus, our resellers should be able to find great domain names for their customers," says Divyank Turakhia, President Directi. "Between the flexibility and affordability of the packages we offer, we anticipate this special New Year's offer will bring even more users into the growing Directi fold."

About Directi
Founded in 1998, Directi is a privately held Web Services company. As one of the fastest growing Domain Registrars worldwide, Directi's strategy focuses on providing competitively priced private-label solutions to resellers. Through a reseller network of over 17,000 resellers, Directi serves a client base in excess of 500,000 customers in 230+ countries. Directi's current service portfolio includes Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting Solutions, Payment Gateway Services, Managed DNS Services, Domain Forwarding, E-Mail Solutions and various other services.

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