February 01, 2022

Packing Slips and Material Handling Automated by New Labeling Technology

Premier Print’s labeling technology makes parcel material handling easy with Auto Pack List, a patented system to automate packing slips and shipping labels while increasing shipment accuracy and workplace efficiency.

(PRWEB) February 1, 2022 -- Premier Print’s patented Auto Pack List vastly improves warehouse distribution with its automated packing slips and shipping label system. A case study on the system was recently discussed in the November 2004 Print Solutions Magazine.

The Auto Pack List is an industry breakthrough designed to dramatically increase profits while eliminating the manual bottleneck in traditional shipping methods. This innovative labeling system is ideal for high volume warehouse distribution as it can automatically print and apply packing slips and shipping labels on at least 20 variable height boxes per minute.

The Auto Pack List labeling technology improves shipping accuracy and efficiency and eliminates labor by automating manual tasks such as printing packing slips and placing them in plastic sleeves. It outperforms 10 manually operated manifesting stations, allowing labor to be distributed elsewhere.

“All I need is someone to throw a box on a conveyor,” said Bruce Raming, Inventor of the Auto Pack List and sales manager of Premier Print.

The labeling system is controlled by hardware and software that prints and applies a confidential packing list onto the box and then prints and applies a shipping label directly on top of the packing list in real time. The packing list remains confidential even though it is adhered to the outside of the box. The system then scans and verifies both the packing list and the shipping label to ensure they were affixed to the correct carton, utilizing true print and apply automation.

The shipping label has an outer-perimeter adhesive border around a non-adhesive center section that can be easily removed by pulling a die cut zipper. Once the shipping label is removed, the confidential packing slip is exposed. The packing slip is designed similarly to the shipping label and can be easily removed. Paper-only packing lists for record keeping purposes. Static Terms and Conditions can be pre-printed on the back of the shipping label and the packing slip.

The Auto Pack List labeling system intrigued a large, well-known multi-billion dollar computer manufacturer who worked with Raming’s system integrator through a six-month sales cycle. The integrator can combine the system with any end user’s existing software. After installing the system, the manufacturer was able to reassign eight employees per shift per conveyor line to other tasks. Pleased with the results, they immediately placed additional orders for more systems. Raming’s success with this major computer manufacturer has opened doors with similar large sized companies.

“Let me tell you how my life has changed,” Raming said. “Someone says to me they want to buy a million labels. That’s a small order.”

For more information on Auto Pack List packing slip labeling technology, including a six minute CD-ROM video presentation, samples, and ROI analysis, visit www.AutoPackList.com or contact Bruce Raming at 800-648-3677 extension 2713.

About Premier Print
Premier Print is a Chicago-based company that specializes in printing and distribution with unconditional commitment to high quality work and customer satisfaction. They consistently translate new technology into competitive business advantages for their clients. Premier Print has reinvented warehouse distribution with its Auto Pack List system.

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