March 18, 2022

Low Cost OEM Pressure Transducer Offers Superior Performance in Tight Spaces

American Sensor Technologies, Inc. offers a low-cost, high-quality OEM pressure sensor built to address applications with tight space restrictions and requirements for high accuracy, trouble-free operation and long life. Measuring just 0.875 inches in diameter, the AST4100 Pressure Sensor offers superior performance within the tight confines of refrigeration systems, test stands and data loggers. The stainless steel construction of the header and housing makes it ideal for use in the corrosive environments of gas panels as well as within energy/water management applications (pump and tank monitoring). The pressure sensors also serve the automotive industry as integral components of test equipment and aftermarket pressure regulators.

(PRWEB) March 18, 2022 -- Built for robust use, each AST4100 pressure sensor employs a thick one-piece diaphragm (free of internal O-rings, welds and fill fluids) that offers a strong hermetic seal against the media. Available in both 17-4PH and 316L stainless steel, units offer superior resistance to media corrosion as well as superb over range and burst protection. Manufactured with the OEM in mind, each unit holds an UL/cUL 508 approval. American Sensor Technologies also utilizes its own-patented Krystal Bond™ Technology that further enhances sensor performance with long-term stability, high output and no zero shifts.

The AST4100 sensors provide gauge and compound gauge pressure measurement in pressure ranges from 0 - 25 to 0 - 10,000 PSI. Units also are available in compound ranges as well as in bar and Kg/cm2 outputs. The competitively priced AST4100 Pressure Sensors are available in outputs of 10mV/V, 0.5-4.5 V ratiometric, 1-5V, 1-6V, .25-5V, or 4-20mA.

AST4100 Pressure Sensors are available in a variety of pressure ports. Cable is available in varying lengths. Inline connector options are also available. For more information on the AST 4100 Pressure Sensors, visit out web site at www.astsensors

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New Dual Channel Digital LVDT Readout and Setpoint Controllers Offer User-Friendly Operations, Versatile Appli

Macro Sensors introduces two new six-digit, dual channel controllers for applications involving LVDT-based displacement transducers or VR half-bridge gaging probes. Economically-priced, the DMC-A2 Dual Channel AC-LVDT Controller and DMC-D2 Dual Channel DC-LVDT Controllers perform arithmetic calculations between two channels for T.I.R. measurements or differential measurement for use in production lines to automatically gage products for quality control and product sorting.

(PRWEB) March 18, 2022 -- In the power generation and petrochemical industries, these controllers can be used to provide servo position feedback on actuated equipment such as valves and dampers, or for measuring turbine case expansion. The Nema-4 front panel allows units to be used in marine and offshore mining applications.

Offering user-friendly operations, the digital controllers incorporate a scrolling display that actively prompts users to input information into the unit during specific set-up stages. Users can also view and program data to the controller through a computer using a GUI interface via RS232 or TCP/IP communications.

Both the DMC-A2 and DMC-D2 Dual Channel Controllers feature:

- Internal signal conditioning to provide the proper voltage for operating LVDTs.
- Four independently programmable setpoints with eight selectable functions.
- Microprocessor-based logic for digital position indication, linearization and cross-channel math functions. Input averaging and digital filtering. HI/LO limit detection.
- Scalable analog output for use with data loggers, PLCs and computers.
- Six-digit, scrolling 14 segment adjustable alphanumeric display.
- RS-232 communications port standard for remote software setup and RS-232 output. Optional TCP / IP network capability.
- Four independently programmable setpoints and four five amp relays with eight selectable functions and 6 alarm status annunciators
- Power is standard 120 V AC or optional 24 V DC.

DMC-A2 Digital Controller is provided with a standard analog output of DC voltage, optional scalable mA output or dual DC voltage outputs. The DMC-D2 Dual Channel DC-LVDT Controller provides proper voltage for operating any standard DC-LVDT. The DC LVDT input module of the DMC-D2 Meters is designed to drive the signals for two DC-LVDT transducers.

Both models are single or dual 16-bit isolated programmable and offer a RS-232 communications port standard for use with data loggers, PLCs and computers. Five, four-amp relays provide automatic output to external controls. Units can be fitted on a panel or used as tabletop instruments. An optional TCP/IP network capability supports multi-channel applications by permitting the interface of multiple units within an automation system.

Priced substantially lower than competitive units, the DMC-A2 Dual Channel AC-LVDT Controllers are priced at $925 per single unit, while the DMC-D2 units are priced at $975.00 ea. Quantity discounts available. For additional information, please contact Eileen Otto at 856-662-8000 or visit our web site at

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March 02, 2022

Inpro/Seal Expands Sealing System Product Line for Powder and Bulk Applications

Articulating Seal that Handles Shaft Misalignment to Keep Equipment Running Longer
Inpro/Seal has introduced their Articulating Air Mizer™-, PS a sealing system developed to positively seal equipment where dry particulates, powders and bulk solids are handled, processed, packaged and stored. Once installed, the system helps contain powders, abrasives, liquids and toxic vapors. In addition, it handles extreme shaft misalignment and deflection, common in these kinds of applications to provide a seal that traditional methods simply cannot attain. A unique design feature uses a solid wall of air that functions as a barrier for contamination and works to retain product where it should be - in the equipment. The highest levels of performance are assured by virtue of an inherent non-contact design feature that avoids direct egress of the particulate material.

Rock Island, IL (PRWEB) March 2, 2022 -- Building on the ongoing success of their ability to positively seal equipment in dry powder and bulk process applications, Inpro/Seal has introduced their Articulating Air Mizer™-, PS sealing system.

Two Sealing Solutions
With this system Inpro/Seal now offers two sealing solutions for the containment of powders, abrasives, liquids and toxic vapors: the Air Mizer™-PS and the Articulating Air Mizer™- PS, a sealing system with upgraded design features.

Both were developed for use on equipment where dry particulates, powders and bulk solids are handled, processed, packaged and stored. Examples include: screw conveyors, gate valves, feeders, mixers, blenders, gates, clinker grinders, bucket elevators, diverters, scales, bagging machines, dust collectors, discharges, classifiers, screens, extruders, separators, shredders, sifters, metal detectors, pulverizers, crushers, coolers, augers, transfer pumps, fillers and similar dry powder and bulk processing machinery.

Result Of Continuous R & D
The result of direct customer request, input and feedback, continuous R&D; and extensive field testing and trials, the Articulated Air Mizer-PS has all the features of the original Air Mizer™-PS and adds the ability to handle extreme shaft misalignment and deflection, common in these kinds of applications to provide a seal that traditional methods simply cannot attain.

Ineffective Sealing Methods
Before the advent of the Articulated Air Mizer-PS end users had to deal with sealing methods that did not last because of shaft runout. Mechanical seals work on a contact basis and are subject to excess wear on the seal faces as they make contact. Seal faces have been known to wear out in as little as 3,000 hours.

Fibrous packings are also subject to wear and short lifetimes from runout where packing in the stuffing boxes compress and create a leak path. Packing can soften to the point where powder can leak to the outside, causing environmental problems. Tightening may renew the seal, but only for a relatively short period of time.

Successful Product At Heart Of Air Miser Seal
To counter, Inpro/Seal took their bearing isolator, a compound labyrinth bearing protection device, that they invented (and patented) in 1977 and modified it for use with dry particulates, powders and bulk solids.

A major innovation includes a unique design feature that uses a solid wall of air that functions as a barrier for contamination and works to retain product where it should be - in the equipment. The highest levels of performance are assured by virtue of an inherent non-contact design feature that avoids direct egress of the particulate material.

Latest In Non-Contact Technology
According to David C. Orlowski, President of Inpro/Seal and the holder of some 40 related patents, “Realizing the importance of what production continuity and what lost product can mean to the bottom line, several years ago, we introduced our Air Mizer Sealing System. This system has proven to help end users boost equipment reliability, reduce costs, extend sealing efficiencies and increase bottom line results, without equipment modification.”

Orlowski continued, “As time went on, more and more end users came to us with the same need. Beside the other problems they were having with contact seals, shaft deflection, run-out and misalignment was also causing seal faces to wear out and equipment to break down on a too rapid basis. Angular misalignment and mounting conditions, in particular, were hard to deal with.”

Orlowski concluded, “To solve this problem, working closely with our customers, our R & D people developed the Articulating Air Mizer™-PS, a sealing system that uses the latest in non-contacting technology with an air purge that accepts radial and angular shaft runout up to ¼”. Shaft diameters from ½ in - 36 in. No other sealing mechanism can do this.”-

No Equipment Modification, Easy to Install
The Articulating Air Mizer™-PS, sealing system is custom-engineered to suit individual applications. It is easy to install as it conforms to existing clearances, boltholes and patterns for bearings and/or stuffing boxes. Split designs allow for installation directly on the shaft without removal.

More Benefits
Additional benefits include: lower maintenance costs, reduction in lost product, unscheduled downtime virtually eliminated and meet regulatory needs. As with all other Inpro/Seal products same day shipping is available.

About Inpro/Seal
Inpro/Seal Company is the originator and the world’s number one manufacturer of bearing isolators, used to protect motor and pump bearings, machine tool spindles, turbines, fans, gear boxes, paper machine rolls and many other types of rotating equipment. Additional applications include the sealing, handling, processing, packing and storage of dry particulates, powders and bulk solids.

Over one and one half million of Inpro/Seal’s original bearing isolator designs are in operation in process plants worldwide, where end users continue to report significantly reduced operating costs with increased productivity and reliability. Documented cases show that a plant can more than double the mean-time-between failure (MTBF) and reduce maintenance costs by at least half, with users reporting an extremely high ROI.

As the recognized global leader in bearing isolator technology, Inpro products are marketed to the aerospace, automotive, petroleum, refining, nuclear, power generation, metalworking, food processing, grain processing, chemical, water, wastewater treatment, metalworking, hydrocarbon processing, HVAC, pulp and paper, mining, mineral, ore processing and general industrial markets.

Interactive spreadsheets that calculate ROI, Contact Seal Energy Consumption and other costs are available at

For more information on the Articulating Air Mizer™-PS sealing system, including a FREE brochure, contact Terri Hageman at: Inpro/Seal Company, P.O. Box 3940, Rock Island, Illinois 61204. Phone numbers are: (800) 447-0524 or (309) 787-4971. Fax number is: (309) 787-6114. Website: or

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