January 30, 2022

United Shipping, Inc Tsunami Relief Fund

United Shipping, Inc announced today that the creation of its United Shipping Incorporated Tsunami Relief Fund (USITRF)has raised over Twenty Four Thousand Dollars.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) January 30, 2022 -- United Shipping, Inc announced today that the creation of its United Shipping Incorporated Tsunami Relief Fund (USITRF) only 4 weeks ago, and spearheaded by its President, Fred Hall, has raised over Twenty Four Thousand Dollars (US$24,000.00) and will be distributed equally to four charities recommended by its partners in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Thailand. “Compelled to aid those in need in many countries that we work with on a daily basis, we know that every dollar makes a difference and these funds will go a long way in realizing some positive results out of such a horrific human tragedy. United Shipping has received contributions from companies and individuals,” stated the emotionally charged President. The USITRF is still receiving donations on behalf of the victims and their families. If you would like to assist, send your contribution to:

United Shipping, Inc
7000 Broadway, Suite 204
Denver, Colorado 80221
Check Memo Line: USI Tsunami Relief Fund

“The spirit of the United Shipping family has amazed me beyond my wildest expectations. We have been in communications with our partners, those who are most directly affected by this tragedy. And yet, with all they are doing to help their fellow countrymen, with all they are doing to try and restore some sense of normality to their homelands, they have taken the time to write a note of thanks for our efforts. In the 16 years I’ve been in United Shipping, I’ve been fortunate to make many long-lasting friendships. However, the response to our call for aid to the victims of this tragedy has brought me to my knees,” said Mr. Hall.

“We are fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of people, and it’s so heartwarming when people of all ethnicities and religious backgrounds can put aside these distinctions for the common good of all,” stated Sandy Thomas, an eleven year employee with United Shipping. “This is a true testament of who we are and the value we have for human life as a United Shipping Family,” concluded Greg Treco, Director of Operations.

Thanks for your support.

For more information on the USITRF, contact United Shipping, Inc Administrative Office, 7000 Broadway, Suite 204, Denver, Colorado, USA 80221-2926, Tel: (1) 800-783-0730, Fax: (1) 303-426-7666

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January 27, 2022

New Courier Service for Washington DC and New York Metro Areas Debuts Offering Same Day Delivery for $75 Flat Rate

The old west's "Pony Express" is alive with same day, scheduled courier service between New York and Washington DC. Same day delivery is guaranteed by 3PM with 100% on-line ordering. Priced at $75 for packages up to 20 lbs, and a overnight service on Friday for $25 makes this the best delivery value in America !

(PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- An innovative, unique courier service is available to help squeeze an extra day out of your work week deadlines.

Designed for the ultimate in cost-effectiveness and efficiency, your package, up to 20 lbs., is dropped off at our “package portal” by 1030 AM. We guarantee it to be available for pickup by 3PM the SAME DAY at the destination portal.

Washington DC to New York City’s startup schedule will be Monday-Wednesday and Friday, and New York City's schedule is on Tues & Thursday. There is a special Friday service overnight for New York to Washington DC only for $25.00 which is available Saturday or Monday morning if you prefer.

The service is designed so that NO public transportation, airlines, or outside contractors are used to deliver your packages, significantly reducing the chance for loss or delay.

There are many uses for the service in today's post 9-11 world of airline and shipping delays.

For instance if you miss your Next Day delivery deadline, or just need an extra day to complete a bid, proposal, testing, court document, design or report, you can still get your critical delivery there on time.

You could use the service to send a last minute gift or show ticket to someone, or hold on to your cash an extra day and still get payroll and accounts payable out on time.

If you use a local courier to have your package dropped off at our portal and picked up, you still save over 400% compared to the alternatives!

For complete details and information visit: www.samedayny.com or www.samedaydc.com

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January 24, 2022

Young Companies Team up to Solve the Problem of “…..Sorry But You Weren’t at Home….”

Two enterprises based in the Cotswolds, UK are collaborating to solve the problem of delivering goods to a home when nobody is in.
(PRWEB) January 24, 2022 -- Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of finding a card telling you that you’ve just missed the delivery to your home? You’re then faced with driving to a collection depot to collect it yourself, or having to call and rearrange delivery, often with a fee attached? Imagine too the cost and inconvenience to the retailer and delivery companies.

Now, two enterprises based in the Cotswolds are collaborating to solve the problem of delivering goods to a home when nobody is in. Cheltenham based Ahome4it Limited chose Cirencester based HOH Limited to develop an information website as well as other associated software as part of this solution.

According to Colin Towns, Managing Director of HOH Limited, Ahome4it chose to work with HOH because of their structured and flexible approach to working with new concepts and ideas.

“I think that we were able to relate to Ahome4it’s issues given that we are a relatively young Company too. It meant that we understood the uncertainty that exists in defining the requirements for new projects and that a step-by-step approach to the design is most suitable at this stage. We also offer skills and experience much broader than just website design, again something that I think is important for Companies such as Ahome4it.”

Both companies, which are fairly new growing concerns, take advice from Gloucester Business Link and attend seminars and other events designed to bring business throughout Gloucestershire together.

Ahome4it’s patented solution removes the need for homeowners to be present to receive deliveries of goods that have been ordered by phone, mail or internet.

Using the latest internet and communication technologies, goods can be delivered to the house in a secure manner without any modifications being made to the property or the need for large, expensive ‘delivery bins’.

Ahome4it utilizes a secure electronic battery powered keysafe that is very easily installed at the customer’s home and does not need to be connected to any phone lines. There is also a remote coordinating database that releases access codes for authorized deliveries when they are needed. Customers then use a secure location for delivery, perhaps a garage, shed, porch or conservatory. This gives flexibility to the size of delivery, saves cost and removes the security and visual disadvantages of external boxes.

With the number of people in the UK who have a faster broadband connection to the internet growing faster than ever, online sales are set to increase at an exponential rate. Huge advances have been made in the ordering and logistics supply chain, but the problem of the “last mile” to the house still exists. Often at present, consumers are given a delivery date and expected to take time off of work to wait in for the delivery. Alternatively, delivery companies have to run a complex schedule for their delivery fleets resulting in costly inefficient journeys.

Ahome4it will be rolling out a Gloucestershire based/region wide pilot scheme that will enable them to further refine the system’s capabilities. To learn more about the solution or to become part of the pilot scheme, visit Ahome4it’s website at: www.Ahome4it.com

The website includes information for consumers as well as distributors and was developed by HOH using their latest Content Management System (CMS). This product allows Ahome4it to modify their website at any time without resorting to technical help and also allows the company to set up secure internet sites for clients or potential partners at the click of a button.

Colin Towns, comments: “As soon as we were approached by Ahome4it, we knew that this was a project we wanted to be involved in. With all of us at the company being keen online shoppers we could relate to the very real problem of having goods delivered to home addresses when we weren’t there. Sometimes it could take numerous return deliveries to get hold of the items or even worse they would be left on the doorstep and never be seen again.”

# # #

Background information:
HOH Ltd (www.hoh.co.uk) is an Internet Consultancy firm based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. It has specialised in the internet industry for over 3 years and has built a number of tools designed to help small and medium sized businesses benefit from using the internet as a tool.

Managing Director, Colin Towns previously worked at Zurich Financial Services where he specialized in designing and developing large-scale internet products for the financial services industry.
Telephone 08707 606 737

Ahome4it Ltd (www.ahome4it.com) is a provider of home delivery and access control systems. The Company is run by Andrew Holding who has had many years of experience bringing innovative electromechanical solutions to market in the fields of metrology, telecommunications and cash handling.
Telephone 01242 58 33 08
Mobile 07778 48 97 33

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