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January 31, 2022

InPhenix Inc. Receives ISO 9001:2000 Certification

The scope of their newly recognized Quality Management System is “The Design and Manufacture of Active Optoelectronic Components and Modules.”

Livermore, CA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) January 31, 2022 -- InPhenix Inc. announced that they received ISO 9001:2000 Certification on November 12, 2004. The scope of their newly recognized Quality Management System is “The Design and Manufacture of Active Optoelectronic Components and Modules.” Intertek, an internationally accredited and highly regarded Registrar, extensively audited all of the company’s internal processes to certify that the InPhenix Quality Management System met every requirement of the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

ISO 9001:2000 is the latest international standard for Quality Management Systems set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is recognized globally as the guideline for establishing and maintaining an effective industrial quality control program. Companies seeking certification must be able to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and regulatory requirements to the satisfaction of an independent third party auditor. The Intertek audit team thoroughly examined the company’s business processes, data and records, interviewed employees and monitored the work in process at InPhenix's state-of-the-art manufacturing and research and development facility in Livermore, California.

“ISO 9001:2000 Certification represents both InPhenix’s ongoing commitment to quality and our continued commitment to the highest levels of service excellence," said David Eu, president of InPhenix. "Certification guarantees the integrity of our processes and reinforces the confidence that our customers have placed in us. Our customers know that the products and services we provide at InPhenix are recognized as being of world-class standard,” Mr. Eu added.

About InPhenix:
InPhenix, a privately held company, is a leading developer and manufacturer of Indium-Phosphide (InP) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) based active optoelectronic chips, devices and modules for the telecom, datacom, defense, medical and industrial markets. InPhenix’s products include Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOAs), Superluminescent Light Emitting Diodes (SLEDs) and Fabry-Perot Lasers.

For inquiries regarding InPhenix products please contact:
Gene Covell, VP of Sales and Marketing
Direct: (215) 750-8088
Mobile: (215) 669-4488
Email: e-mail protected from spam bots

For general information:
Website: www.inphenix.com

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Surbaugh Midwest Buys Website from CA Company

A small strugling company in Topeka, KS buys online Recipe exchange website.

(PRWEB) January 31, 2022 -- D. Kevin Surbaugh, owner of Surbaugh Midwest (http://midwest.surbaugh.com) announced this week that his company had completed the acquisition of My-Online-Cookbook.com (http://www.my-online-cookbook.com) for an undisclosed amount. The website which was sold by Socrates Socratous, Long Beach, CA, and his Bloober Hosting Solutions (bloober.com), is a site to view, post and exchange free of charge recipes and household tips. With over 100 recipes and tips the site is growing and according to Surbaugh, he "expects it to be the premier website of its type by the end of the year," with thousands of recipes.

Surbaugh Midwest is a company based in Topeka that does a variety of things, from lite hauling services to recycling to web design. Among their other online properties are Surbaugh.com (a website that links the companies business' and creates a web portal for those with the Surbaugh name. Also the company owns KevinsView.com, which is one of the many blog sites that expresses the writers views on various busiess and political news. Surbaugh, said the company is small and struggling, but with this new acquisition, the companies online presence should become viable.

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Pragmaxis, LLC Announces Marketing Automation Readiness Assessment Service

Structured 30-45 day marketing automation readiness assessment validates a company’s suitability for marketing automation technologies – or identifies the remedial actions required to get prepared.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 31, 2022 -- Pragmaxis, LLC announced today the launch of a new marketing automation readiness assessment service that can help companies determine whether they are good candidates for emerging marketing automation technologies. The assessment uses a templated approach reflecting marketing "best practices" that is tailored to meet the specific objectives of the client organization. The assessment focuses on the clarity, scope and alignment of 6 key organizational readiness parameters:

1) Strategy & Goals
2) Core Processes
3) Organization & Management
4) IT Infrastructure & Support
5) Culture & Capacity to Embrace Change
6) Potential Financial Benefits

Depending upon the findings of the assessment, the final deliverable is either an executive-level Business Case for Moving Forward or a detailed List of Remedial Actions Required before the acquisition of a marketing automation system would be advisable. Clients typically will know which way the findings are headed by the midpoint of the assessment. The assessment process is especially designed to minimize its impact on the client organization in terms of disruption of ongoing activities and personnel time consumed.

According to Peter Balbus, Managing Director of Pragmaxis, LLC, "Marketing departments are increasingly coming under fire internally to justify their expenditures and show causality between marketing campaigns and sales. They're also being asked to embrace six-sigma techniques to gain greater efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, external pressures such as tougher privacy laws, Sarbanes-Oxley and other legislation are making it impractical to support marketing operations with homegrown solutions and simple workflow automation tools. Senior management – and not just in sales and marketing – is starting to realize that they must embrace more advanced approaches to automate marketing activities or find themselves at a real competitive disadvantage."

About Pragmaxis, LLC
Pragmaxis, LLC is a management consulting firm that specializes in assisting executives in defining and operationalizing top-line growth initiatives, eBusiness and marketing strategies for Fortune 1000 corporations. The firm helps senior executives understand how their industries are likely to change in the next 2-5 years and what steps they should be implementing today to achieve and sustain competitive advantage in the future. Industries served include manufacturing, logistics and distribution, financial services, consumer packaged goods, retail, high-tech, electronics and telecommunications.

Senior practitioners have worked for firms including Booz-Allen & Hamilton, CSC Index, Nolan Norton & Co. and KPMG Strategic Services prior to joining Pragmaxis.

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The APH Group Named as Swainsboro/Emanuel County, Georgia Joint Development Authorities’ Site Consultant for UK Companies

Through its alliance with the Swainsboro/Emanuel County Joint Development Authorities, The APH Group will be assisting UK companies setting up U.S. operations in hub of South Georgia.

Savannah, GA (PRWEB) January 31, 2022 -- The APH Group is pleased to announce its agreement with the Swainsboro/Emanuel County, Georgia Joint Development Authorities as its exclusive site consultant for companies in the United Kingdom considering entering the U.S. market

The APH Group's CEO, Susan Brod, in announcing this alliance says “While working with overseas companies, The APH Group has identified a need for companies to have more than a sales presence in the United States. They may require warehousing facilities, value-added assembly or complete manufacturing facilities. For an overseas manufacturer wanting to enter the North American market, the Swainsboro/Emanuel County Economic Development Authorities offers compelling reasons to develop their U.S. presence in Emanuel County, Georgia.

They can put together a very attractive package for companies that may include local incentives, tax abatements, free port exemptions, free job training programs and infrastructure financing programs. The Swainsboro/Emanuel County area also offers an attractive, convenient location midway between Savannah, Augusta and Macon, Georgia, a local college-educated population to meet the needs of business and industry, outstanding educational facilities from pre-school through secondary, a $10mm airport expansion, five industrial parks, outstanding quality-of-life and a low cost of living. We are very pleased to be able to work with Swainsboro/Emanuel County to assist our clients with developing their U.S. presence in Swainsboro.”

Andy Riley, President of the Swainsboro/Emanuel County Joint Development Authorities commented “Our community can offer some compelling reasons to locate a facility here. Now that the APH Group is our partner and exclusive site consultants to the UK, that message is getting out and we are very excited. We have decided to partner with The APH Group because of their ability to provide us the means to access UK and European businesses. They provide us a conduit through which we can jointly communicate the many ways a business location in Emanuel County can benefit their clients and open up the U.S. markets to them.

We just opened the first technology park in rural Georgia. BellSouth announced last week that our community is their first “BellSouth Connected Community”. Some of the advantages we offer include an ideal location, just an hour outside of the Port of Savannah and just off an Interstate highway. We have a workforce draw area of 115,000 with over 16 colleges and universities within a 100 mile radius. We qualify for local, state and federal government incentive programs to benefit companies bringing jobs here due to our higher unemployment level and lower over-all income levels.

We value our existing employers here as well and work hard to help them to expand and grow; an employer continues to be valued by us after they locate here. The natural beauty and mild climate we have is another asset we almost take for granted, but visitors always comment on it.

We want companies to come to Swainsboro/Emanuel County and see how beautiful an ideal business location site can be.

The APH Group and Mr. Riley will jointly participate in workshops throughout the United Kingdom in March 2005 to present the possibilities that Swainsboro/Emanuel County, Georgia can offer to overseas companies. For additional information about these workshops or to discuss your company’s interest in Swainsboro/Emanuel County, please contact e-mail protected from spam bots

About The APH Group
The APH Group was founded in 1996 and initiated its Sales Outsourcing Services in 2003 to overseas companies wishing to enter the United States market. They provide the Missing Link to trade in North America with their extensive experience and knowledge in developing entry strategies, hiring and managing U.S. sales forces. They provide a complete turn-key sales operation that handles sales, marketing, administration, shipping, export logistics and warehousing.

The APH Group is headquartered in Savannah, Georgia with an office in London, England and Business Developers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Israel and South Africa.

For additional information, please see http://www.aphgroup.us/ or call 912 352-1805

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Feb 1 Deadline Ahead: Employers Must Post Injury & Illness Summaries by Feb 1, Safety.BLR.com Reminds Safety Managers

Clear a space on the company bulletin board. Safety.BLR.com reminds safety managers that OSHA regulations require that OSHA’s 300A form, a summary of all 2004 workplace illnesses and injuries, must be posted prominently in the workplace between February 1 and April 30 2005.

Old Saybrook, CT (PRWEB) January 31, 2022 -- Clear a space on the company bulletin board, folks. OSHA regulations require that OSHA’s 300A form, a summary of all 2004 workplace illnesses and injuries, must be posted prominently in the workplace between February 1 and April 30 2005. Failure to comply with OSHA recordkeeping requirements could result in fines of $10,000 (some organizations are exempt because of size or type of business).

Steve Quilliam, editor at Safety.BLR.com, a website that makes safety training and compliance easier, explained some other changes in the new law, which went into effect for injuries occurring in 2003: “One of the most confusing concepts of recordkeeping has been restricted work. The new rule,” he explained, “clarifies the definition of restricted work or light duty and makes it easier to record those cases.” Restricted work activity occurs as the result of a work-related injury or illness that keeps an employee from doing the routine functions of the job or from working the full workday.

Quilliam points out another key difference: “OSHA is trying to better define work-related injuries, to ensure that cases clearly unrelated to work are excluded.” OSHA says that an injury or illness is considered work-related if an event or exposure in the work environment caused or contributed to the condition, or significantly aggravated a preexisting condition.

The 300A summary must list the total numbers of job-related deaths, injuries, and illnesses that occurred in 2004 and were logged on the OSHA 300 form. Employment information about annual average number of employees and total hours worked is also required.

Safety Meetings and Safety Talks
Business & Legal Reports, Inc.’s website, Safety.BLR.com, features hundreds of safety meetings – in PowerPoint®, outline, or talk formats — plus safety tools like checklists and clipart. Plain-English interpretations of all federal and state OSHA regulations are also provided.

Safety.BLR.com offers a free download of its members-only summary of OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements. To get the download go to http://www.blr.com/81001600/WBS560, or call 800-727-5257

About BLR
Old Saybrook, Conn.-based BLR provides plain-English compliance and training tools for safety, environmental, HR, and compensation managers. For information and a free catalog, call 800-727-5257 or visit www.BLR.com

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Going Forward With Reverse Logistics

As the desire to improve customer service intensifies, reverse logistics has assumed ever-greater importance. Reverse logistics is a very complex and specialized area of any supply chain that can facilitate companies’ competitiveness via focusing on recovering the greatest value from their returns. All of this while maintaining customer loyalty, controlling cost and gathering information that helps reduce returns in the future

(PRWEB) January 31, 2022 -- marcus evans presents the ‘marcus evans Reverse Logistics Conference’, scheduled for April 27-28th , 2005. This event is an opportunity for attendees to learn with peers and gain theoretical and practical insight into how they can improve their returns process. Attendees will hear from key speakers Nancy MacLean Director Warranty Services ,Mattel, Inc, who will discuss how companies can ‘reduce cycle time to decrease obsolescence in the reverse logistics process.’ In addition ‘How companies can determine the root causes of returns through supply chain audits to prevent against future claims and expenses.’ Gary Piwko, Director of Remarketing and Returns management will present topics focusing on potential areas for improvement, enhancing product tracking abilities, driving an internal culture change and ‘The impact of the returns process on end customer relationships’. Additional speakers and topics will highlight the useful strategies and methods that are key in establishing the smooth flow of products and information.

Specific emphasis will be in areas of logistics that have previously been identified as weak. Providing attendees with a cross-industry, case study based event, this unique conference strategy will help attendees’ benchmark their Reverse Logistics strategies against best practices in all industries and identify the root causes of their returns.

About marcus evans
marcus evans, one of the world’s leading business information companies, is dedicated to the provision of global business intelligence and information to assist in strategic and effective decision-making. Established in 1983, the company’s international network of offices creates -major sector-focused events for business learning and networking opportunities across a variety of industries and professions.

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January 30, 2022

Specialty Fabrics Industry Professionals Encouraged to Enter Projects in 2005 International Achievement Awards Competition

IFAI sponsors the International Achievement Awards photo competition designed to recognize outstanding projects in the specialty fabrics industry. The competition is for all designers, manufacturers or subcontractors of end products suitably described by one of the 27 competition categories. Entry brochures can be found by visiting the IFAI web site: ifai.com

Roseville, MN (PRWEB) January 30, 2022 -- For the 58th year, the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) will sponsor the International Achievement Awards, a world-class competition designed to recognize outstanding projects in the specialty fabrics industry.

Projects represented among the competition’s entries range from those that represent superior work on a traditional project to highly technical innovations that set industry standards. Specialty fabrics industry professionals compete to earn an Award of Excellence or an Outstanding Achievement Award in one or more of the competition’s 27 categories.

Winners of the 2005 competition will be awarded during IFAI Expo 2005, Oct. 27-29, 2005, in San Antonio, initiating significant industry exposure. Award winners receive publicity through multiple industry media outlets, as well as a display plaque describing their accomplishment.

The awards competition is for all designers, manufacturers or subcontractors of end products suitably described by one of the 27 competition categories. Project entries include photos of outstanding specialty fabric projects and descriptions of their unique and important characteristics. Entered projects must have been completed between July 1, 2021 and July 15, 2005. The deadline for submitting entries is July 15, 2005.

IFAI members may enter up to six projects at no charge if entries are received by May 1, 2005. If entries are received from May 2-July 15, 2005, IFAI members may submit up to four entries free of charge.

IFAI members and nonmembers are eligible to participate in the 2005 International Achievements Awards competition.

To request a brochure and entry form, please contact Christine Malmgren, International Achievement Awards Manager, at +(1) 651/225-6926 or 800/225-4324 For more information, visit www.ifai.com.

Contact: Christine Malmgren
+(1) 651/225-6926

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Meyer Plastics Dedicates Brown Thermoforming Machine to 40 Year Employee Lorris Brown

In a celebration at their Indianapolis facility, Meyer Plastics Inc. President Ralph R. Meyer recognized the 40 years of service by Plant Manager Lorris Brown. Employees, vendors and family alike gathered as Brown was presented a congratulatory plaque and "thermoforming machine" cake, as well as a "naming dedication" for a newly-installed rotary thermoforming machine from Brown Machine LLC

(PRWEB) January 30, 2022 -- In a celebration on January 5th in their Indianapolis facility, Meyer Plastics Inc. President Ralph R. Meyer recognized the 40 years of service by Plant Manager Lorris Brown. Employees, vendors and family alike gathered as Brown was presented a congratulatory plaque and “thermoforming machine” cake, as well as a “naming dedication” for a newly-installed rotary thermoforming machine from Brown Machine LLC

“Lorris has been instrumental to the success of our company’s growth and profitability,” stated Meyer. “His knowledge of the thermoforming process and how a contract thermoforming business is successfully operated is unmatched today.”

The new machine is now named “The L. Brown Thermoformer”—and for good reason, says Meyer. “He really felt strongly about replacing the older machine with the new technology, because it took a lot of tweaking that only his years of experience could make productive—and that worried him about our future thermoforming capacity/operation (especially in what happens after his retirement),” said Meyer. “Now, the new machine can be set-up and operated by personnel with much less experience…and gray in their hair!”

Meyer Plastics recently purchased a second rotary thermoforming machine from Brown Machine to replace a 30 year old machine, helping the company to greatly increase production rates, reduce set-up times, and provide better quality work for our contract customers, according to Meyer. The Brown R-223E-46 Rotary Thermoformer can process 4’x6’ sheet sizes, offers PLC digital control/touch screen (greatly improved analog/timer performance compared to older machine being replaced), quick-adjusting sheet clamp systems for faster set-up, infrared ovens with solid-state zone control and many other performance and safety features. (Meyer has operated a larger rotary Brown thermoformer since 1995, as well.)

On Meyer Plastics
Since 1950, Meyer Plastics has been dedicated to serving the plastics industry with material supplier (plastic sheet/rod/tube, mold making materials, adhesives/tapes/sealants, and other supplies) and contract design/fabrication/ thermoforming services. With six locations found across Indiana and Ohio, Meyer is strategically located to serve the customer. For more information contact Meyer Plastics, 5167 E. 65th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220. Phone 800-968-4131, FAX: 317-252-4687 or website: www.meyerplastics.com

On Brown Machine
As a global leader of thermoforming technologies, Brown Machine LLC engineers and builds a complete standard line of continuous and cut-sheet thermoforming equipment and related tooling/peripheral equipment. Specialty thermoforming systems suited to a wide range of markets (including automotive, recreational, packaging, appliance and various other industrial segments) can be custom built to exact customer specifications. Brown Machine fully supports the thermoforming industry (Brown Machine owners and competitive models, as well) with a full complement of 24/7/365 on-call service and parts support. For more information contact Brown Machine LLC, 330 N. Ross Street, Beaverton, MI 48612. Phone: 877-702-4142 (toll free), Fax: 989-435-2821. Website: www.brown-machine.com

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January 29, 2022

Prestigio Introduces New Notebook Line Based on Latest Intel Mobile Technologies

Just one week after the worldwide launch of the brand-new Intel® Centrino™ mobile platform codenamed Sonoma, Prestigio International announced the release of its second notebook incorporating the most advanced Intel technologies.

Seoul, South Korea (PRWEB) January 29, 2022 -- Just one week after the worldwide launch of the brand-new Intel® Centrino™ mobile platform codenamed Sonoma, Prestigio International, one of the most dynamic international manufacturers of display and mobile computer products, announced the release of its second notebook incorporating the most advanced Intel technologies.

The brand-new Prestigio Nobile 1560 is a follow-up to Nobile 1510 which was presented at Intel Sonoma launch presentations on January 19, 2005. Prestigio Nobile 1560 is characterized by fairly high performance and versatile accessories while maintaining good mobility, which is very important for a portable computer. In addition, the new notebook features the distinctive Prestigio design combining sophisticated ergonomics, noble silvery color, and exquisite curved lines.

Nobile 1560 is targeted to those private and business consumers who want to enjoy immediate benefits from the just introduced cutting-edge mobile technologies. This notebook is perfect for office data sharing, web editing, image data management, wireless data exchange, watching DVDs, listening to music CDs, digital photo editing, home accounting, and other applications.

Nobile 1560 is based upon Intel motherboard using latest Intel Centrino technology including new mobile computer chipset – Intel 915GM Express (codenamed Alviso) and Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG wireless network components. The notebook is powered by Intel Dothan microprocessors with 533 MHz FSB.

The notebook’s high performance stems from DDRII 533 MHz memory and excellent Intel GMA (Graphics Media Accelerator) graphic adapter, which along with 15” display (with 1024×768 resolution) provides perfect displaying capabilities for watching movies or working with graphics. New Intel GMA 900 graphic core offers up to double graphic performance when compared with popular graphic adapter integrated in Intel 855 GME chipset.

New Intel Centrino mobile technology also supports PCI Express graphic interface allowing top systems with standalone graphic adapter reach up to quadruple performance. Computing performance as well as graphic performance is sufficient for playing even the most demanding computer games. Intel High Definition Audio technology provides the user with exceptional experience when listening to music, playing games or watching the video.

Prestigio Nobile 1560 can be equipped with a hard drive with capacity reaching up to 120 GB and Serial ATA interface support allowing higher data transfers and performance than older ATA interface.

This new notebook is well prepared for communication with the rest of the world. It offers traditional ways of connecting to networks using modem or network adapter (10/100 Base-TX LAN) as well as wireless connection using integrated Wi-Fi technology. Integrated Wi-Fi technology allows the user to connect to all existing wireless networks – A, B and G.

Prestigio Nobile 1560 has become the second model in the newly created product line based on latest Intel Centrino platform (code-named Sonoma). This new model will be available across the EMEA region in early February. By the end of Q1'2005 Prestigio will come out with other notebooks incorporating the latest mobile technology advantages.

Prestigio Nobile 1560 technical specifications:
Display: 15”, XGA 1024 x768
CPU: Intel Dothan Support from 1.6 to 2.13 GHz or above, FSB 533/400MHz, L2 Cache - 2MB
Chipset: Intel 915GM+ICH6 (Alviso)
Memory: Two DDR-2 DIMM 400/533 MHz FSB, Max. supported RAM 2GB
Graphics & Video: UMA System share memory 32/64MB, Intel Dynamic Video Memory Technology
Audio: AC-97' Audio, Direct Sound Compatible, Sound Blaster-Pro Compatible
Communication: Built-in 10/100 based-T LAN, Built-in 56Kbps V.92 MDC modem, Built-in antenna for Mini-PCI wireless adapter (Intel 2915), supports 802.11b / 802.11b+g/ 802.11a+b+g WLAN
ODD: 24X10X8X24 Combo or above (DVD-RW optional)
Interface: 1394 port, Card Reader port (MS, MMC & SD), Cardbus type-II slot x 1, FIR port supporting remote control, RJ-11 jack for Modem, USB 2.0 Port x 3, RJ-45 jack for 10/100 BaseT LAN, S-Video TV-Out, SPDIF audio out, Support SATA-I HDD 22 pins, VGA port for the second display (CRT, TFT or projector), One Express card slot
Battery Pack & Life: 8 cell Li-Ion battery pack, 5.4 hour battery life with ACP
Weight: 2.8kg

About Prestigio
Prestigio International with headquarters in Seoul (South Korea) is one of the most dynamic international manufacturers of LCD displays and TVs, mobile computers, and plasma TVs. In 2003 the company merged with Canyon Technology Group drastically extending Prestigio’s global outreach. Today Prestigio is a well-established brand under which display and mobile products are sold in 25 countries around the world. Rigorous quality control and innovative technologies are the cornerstones of the company’s strategy. At present Prestigio is actively involved in the EMEA region operating through 3 representative offices located in Western Europe (Gorinchem, the Netherlands), Central & Eastern Europe (Prague, Czech Republic), and the CIS (Moscow, Russian Federation).

For more information please log on to www.prestigio.com .

All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Media contact:
Vladimir Nikolaev
Marketing Director CEE
Tel.: +420 272 117 403

The product press-kit is available for download here: http://files.prestigio.com/Centrino/Prestigio_Nobile_1560_Press_Kit.zip

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World Financial News Network Starts Recommending Hydracraft Shows Bright Future

Dr. Joseph de Beauchamp of World Financial News Network started coverage and gives favorable analysis to Hydracraft shows a bright future Hydracraft developed two revolutionary innovations for the boating industry.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 29, 2022 -- WFNN's consistently outperforms established industry benchmark indicators. Based on in-depth research and analysis, their analysts recommend securities worldwide showing the highest probability for stock price appreciation. With constant vigil, WFNN looks for economic opportunities in the private and public company sectors.

Dr. Joseph de Beauchamp, WFNN's Chief Independent Analyst, said, “Capital account shows comparable stock might jump ten fold in the same time period. Wfnn sees the capital account moving up with equity coming in from earnings. Although a private company, WFNN saw this private company’s business model with a solid and rapid future. Hydracraft shows great promise as a leader in this sector. This company looks to grow as a market leader with a brilliant future."

For brief information of this new, dynamic company, examine: http://wfnn.info displaying in the search engine section.

About WFNN: World Financial News Network provides a unique blend of data, timely information and today's technologies to assist with up-to-the-minute investment and economic values on markets and investments around the world.

About Hydracraft: Hydracraft developed two revolutionary innovations for the boating industry. They created a variable hull and a modular construction. The Hydracraft technology developed into various product lines including recreational, racing, commercial, and military. Through a dial on the dash, the boater shapes the hull from a deep-V to flat shaped to the catamaran multi-hull. This allows selecting the perfect hull shape to match water surface conditions or the particular sport desired. The Hydracraft boat fits together fast and inexpensive, composed of buoyant, interlocking, multi-functional modules. Modularity allows the boat owner to increase or decrease the size and the appearance of the boat as desired thus minimizing storage space eliminating the need for trailers and launch ramps. Modular construction also substantially reduces manufacturing and shipping costs.

Dr. Joseph de Beauchamp
1425 4th Avenue
Suite 505
Seattle, Washington 98101

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American Dairy Moves Corporate Headquarters to China’s Capital: Beijing

American Dairy, Inc. (OTCBB: ADIY - News), one of the leading producers and distributors of milk powder and soybean products in China, announces that they have moved their corporate headquarters to Beijing,China.

(PRWEB) January 29, 2022 -- American Dairy, Inc. (OTCBB: ADIY - News), one of the leading producers and distributors of milk powder and soybean products in China, announces that they have moved their corporate headquarters to Beijing,China.

In 2004 American Dairy relocated their corporate offices from Heilongjiang Province located in the North East region of China to Beijing. The strategic decision to move from the rural province into the urban city was motivated by one main reason; to improve the quality of American Dairy’s personnel. Beijing, the capital of China, is known for its educational resources; many of China’s top universities and high level vocational schools produce much of the country’s most valuable workforce.

“To reach our full potential and to operate more efficiently and effectively, we must equip ourselves with the best human resources available.” explained Leng You-Bin, President/CEO.

The new office is located in Beijing’s Chaoyang District. Since the 1980s, 13,000 enterprises have settled in Chaoyang. It is home to more than 60 percent of the foreign business agencies in Beijing, over 3,000 foreign companies, 167 international news agencies, and two-thirds of the 158 of the global top 500 transnational companies that have invested in Beijing. (1)

Chaoyang features highly developed culture and education. In 2000, the region registered 310 primary and secondary schools and 53 institutions of higher education. With a large number of State-class cultural facilities such as Beijing Workers’ Stadium, the National Olympic Sports Center and the Capital Library, the district boasts rich cultural resources. The China International Exhibition Center, the China World Trade Center and the National Agricultural Exhibition Center hold various kinds of exhibitions each year, turning the district into a national exhibition and cultural center. (2)

In order for American Dairy to continue growing as one of the leaders in the industry, the company must increase recognition of the ‘Feihe’ brand. Immediately following the move to Beijing, American Dairy was able to strengthen the quality and size of their marketing and distribution teams. As a result, ‘Feihe’ was able to enter into new provinces and reach more consumers.

Other related companies located in Beijing, China include: Hormel Foods, Corp. (NYSE: HRL); Kraft Foods, Inc. (NYSE: KFT); Nestle (Zurich: NESN); Siemens AG (NYSE: SI); Nike, Inc. (NYSE: NKE) and Johnson & Johnson, Inc. (NYSE: JNJ).

Certain of the statements made herein constitute forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. In such instances, actual results could differ materially as a result of a variety of factors including the risks associated with the effect of changing economic conditions in The People's Republic of China, variations in cash flow, reliance on collaborative retail partners, and on new product development, variations in new product and service development, risks associated with rapid technological change, and potential of introduced or undetected flaws and defects in products and services and other risk factors detailed in forms filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission from time to time.


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Multiple Examples of 24/7 Shift Schedules Are Now Available

Organizations looking for examples of 24/7 shift schedules have a new resource. Four different sets of widely-used schedules are now available (8 or 12-hour, fixed or rotating). This will reduce research time and improve the schedule selection process. The schedule packages are available from Shift Schedule Design, a company that specializes in the design of customized work schedules.

Novato, CA (PRWEB) January 29, 2022 -- Managers faced with the challenge of designing a new shift schedule for their work group now have a new resource. Shift Schedule Design has just released four sets of widely-used shift schedules:

• 8-hour, fixed schedules
• 8-hour, rotating schedules
• 12-hour, fixed schedules
• 12-hour, rotating schedules

Each package contains ten different schedules for 24/7 coverage with the same number of employees on every shift. Each schedule includes a spreadsheet showing the on-off work pattern, an explanation of how the schedule works, and the advantages and disadvantages from both business and employee perspectives. There is also a summary sheet listing key features of all ten schedules, such as the number of crews, average overtime, longest and shortest breaks, and the number of weekends off each year.

Until now, designing a new shift schedule was not an easy job. Information on the subject is scarce, and relevant examples are nearly impossible to find. Scheduling software programs will manage an existing schedule, but they won’t create a new one. Consultants that specialize in shiftwork issues usually provide much broader services than just schedule design, and their costs may be prohibitive for smaller firms.

Bruce Oliver, the founder of Shift Schedule Design, explains why he is offering these packages. “Few managers can afford to spend days or weeks searching for examples of different schedules, or trying to develop solutions on their own. We assembled these packages to make it easier to examine a variety of different shift schedules side-by-side. Since the packages are primarily intended for smaller organizations, we priced them to fit a limited budget.”

The schedule packages will facilitate the process of selecting a new schedule. They will reduce research time, provide multiple options to choose from, and make it easier to determine employee opinions and preferences. For more information, contact:

Shift Schedule Design was launched in June 2004 to help small businesses find the best work schedule for their situation. The company designs schedules tailored to meet an organization’s unique requirements and preferences. Mr. Oliver was previously employed by a leading shiftwork consulting firm. He has over 20 years of business management experience.

Bruce Oliver
Shift Schedule Design
(415) 717-3754

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ThomasRegister.com and ThomasRegional.com Form New Industrial Search Engine – ThomasNet.com™

"Thomasnet's industrial directory sets the gold standard when it comes to industrial search in North America." - Forrester Consulting, January 20, 2005, B2B Search Marketing Best Practices.

(PRWEB) January 29, 2022 -- On February 7, 2022 Thomas Industrial Network, Inc., a leading online provider of Internet sourcing and marketing solutions for industrial buyers and sellers, will be announcing the official integration of Thomas Register of American Manufacturers (ThomasRegister.com) into its new Website, http://www.ThomasNet.com

ThomasNet.com brings together two recognized, leading industrial sites – Thomas Register of American Manufacturers and Thomas Regional Buying Guides into one powerful industrial search engine that enables industrial buyers to find the exact products and companies they need quickly and easily, and connects sellers with qualified potential customers.

The industrial marketplace is a prime example of buyer demand for content specific web-based information. The demand for detailed product specifications, parts, drawings, and company descriptions on the Internet creates the need for an extraordinary amount of information organized and categorized in a manner that is both logical and easy to find for the potential buyer to find.

The design of Thomas Net is based on fulfilling the needs of both industrial buyers and sellers. The Website offers important features and functionality, including:
Local search – allows industrial buyers to find the right suppliers, distributors and service companies they need, whether that’s across town or across the country.
Industrial focus – the editorial content is 100% industrial including manufacturers, distributors and service providers.
In-depth content, industrial-specific, detailed technical information – over 20 million CAD drawings, access to over 650,000 distributors, manufacturers and service companies classified in over 67,000 product and service categories.
Customization – the ability to modify search results, save profiles, and e-mail potential suppliers.
The latest industrial product news, customizable by category.
An integrated search technology platform that connects buyers to the relevant and deep industrial information they seek online.

Industrial buyers benefit from the integration of these features into a single destination site for industrial sourcing and specifying where they can find exactly what they want, who can supply it, and initiate contact.

Sellers benefit because they can be discovered by large numbers of qualified industrial buyers quickly and easily, and can present the information needed to facilitate a sale. Sellers are matched to prospective customers at the critical moment these companies are making a buying decision.

About http://www.ThomasNet.com
ThomasNet.com, powered by Thomas Register® and Thomas Regional®, brings together industrial buyers and suppliers on a national, regional, and local level. For industrial buyers, ThomasNet.com™ is an industrial search engine that provides one source for finding the exact product, service, or supplier they need – at the exact time they need it. ThomasNet.com™ also gives buyers direct access to the detailed information they need to make a purchasing or specifying decision, including line-item product details, CAD drawings, and more. For industrial suppliers, ThomasNet.com is a leading provider of Internet marketing solutions. The company helps suppliers grow their business online by driving qualified industrial traffic to their Websites, and converting that traffic into customers. ThomasNet.com’s complete range of online catalog, e-commerce, and CAD solutions help suppliers deliver the detailed information buyers expect on the Web. ThomasNet.com is brought to you by Thomas Industrial Network, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Thomas Publishing Company, LLC

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Direct Mail and Editorial/Advertorial Content for Industrial Connection Magazine offered in Conjunction with Leading Mfg. PR Firm, TR Cutler, Inc.

Manufacturing publication leader, Industrial Connection (www.industrialconnection.net) has partnered with TR Cutler, Inc. (www.trcutlerinc.com), industry’s leading public relations firm, to offer discounted marketing/communication packages. Industrial Connection readers receive up to 50 percent savings on programs ranging from advertorial placement in Industrial Connection magazine, to creation and distribution of weekly press releases, to the production of catalogs and brochures, to website search engine optimization, to corporate color communication.

(PRWEB) January 29, 2022 -- Manufacturing publication leader, Industrial Connection (www.industrialconnection.net) has partnered with TR Cutler, Inc. (www.trcutlerinc.com), industry’s leading public relations firm, to offer discounted marketing/communication packages. Industrial Connection readers receive up to 50 percent savings on programs ranging from advertorial placement in Industrial Connection magazine, to creation and distribution of weekly press releases, to the production of catalogs and brochures, to website search engine optimization, to corporate color communication.

“Promotion is essential to ensure success in every manufacturing business. This innovative partnership between TR Cutler, Inc. and Industrial Connection will provide affordable access to creative and effective media outreach for readers’ products and services that in the past have not been promoted due to high costs,” said President/CEO Thomas R. Cutler.

Cutler suggests that a short-term media blitz can quickly raise the visibility of small and mid-size manufacturers. TR Cutler has written more than fifty key articles for Industrial Connection since being named Associate Editor two years ago. This is an advertising/editorial section of the magazine which showcases interesting manufacturing firms in the Southeastern United States, especially Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Florida. Senior Manufacturing executives from the region commonly use this section to figure out which manufacturers and software companies they will buy as well as converting the coverage to direct mail and marketing collateral. According to TR Cutler, “PR is not just to heighten media presence; it builds credibility and superb marketing collateral and drives incoming sales inquiries versus pro-active cold calling.”

TR Cutler, Inc is known worldwide as the leading manufacturing public relations firm having founded the Manufacturing Media Consortium of 1800+ journalists writing about trends and data in the sector. Cutler is the author of the Manufacturer’s Public Relations and Media Guide, and is published in more than 200 manufacturing trade publications annual. Cutler also serves as the Associate Editor of Industrial Connection, the editor of Manufacturing Profiles.

For more information regarding Industrial Connection and TR Cutler, Inc. cost-saving benefits for Industrial Connection readers, please call 888-902-0300

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January 28, 2022

CLRB Hanson Selected to Produce IED Warning Signs Used in Iraqi Elections

Three thousand signs with the message, "Warning: an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was Placed Here to Kill Travelers and Voters,” are being placed in voting pathways and locations during the Iraq elections. The sign informs people to contact the authorities if they see IEDs or terrorist activity.

New Hope, MN (PRWEB) January 28, 2022 -- Minnesota-based CLRB Hanson was selected to produce over three thousand signs for use during the Iraq election to warn voters and travelers of possible terrorist threat. Insurgents have placed explosive devices to kill or scare people from voting and reduce the number of voters that participate in efforts to reestablish peace in their country. Of the more than 100,000 signage companies worldwide that could have been contacted, CLRB was selected because of there unique ability to produce signs in the native languages and deliver quickly. Some of the signs feature unique "Glow in the Dark" technology.

"Certainly this adds a new meaning to the words – 'Made in America,'" said Tom Daher. "One must wonder what impact those signs will have on voter turn-out."

Each city has a special sign with numbers to call the Iraq National Army in the event of any terrorist activity or possible Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) threat. During Iraq’s first democratic election on Jan 30, 2005, these signs will be used to inform voters and others in Iraq that IEDs have been placed throughout Iraq, to kill or hurt voters while attempting to vote for a new leader of their country.

The sign has four skull bones in each corner and is written in Arabic, Kurdish and English. The warning sign is 24 inches by 24 inches printed both sides so incoming voters can read it from both directions.

Most Americans have never had to face this type of adversity at the voting booth. Americans of all race, creed and color have paid dearly over the years to maintain our freedoms. Our freedoms are not to be taken for granted when we think of the number of times US fighting men and women have fought to maintain world peace at home and abroad.

"In our small community of New Hope, MN there is truly new hope that Iraq will become a peaceful democratic country, could potentially become a free trade country and could import many products from the USA from many small businesses," said Cindy Hanson.

About CLRB Hanson
CLRB Hanson is a small specialty printing company with 20 employees that specializes in Made in The USA production. Collectors’ versions of the signs are also available as mouse pads. Media copies of the sign are available upon request.

Media Contact:
Brett Hanson

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Citrine Technologies' SOP Express Passes Microsoft Platform Test for Windows Server and Windows Client

Citrine’s SOP Express Processes Sales Orders with the Speed of Lightening SOP Express Undergoes Rigorous Testing by VeriTest to Ensure Interoperability with Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) January 28, 2022 -- Citrine Technologies, a leading provider of business management solutions with a specialization in Microsoft Business Solutions, announced its latest software innovation SOP Express has passed the Microsoft Platform Test for Windows Server and Windows Client. Citrine’s SOP Express Processes Sales Orders with the Speed of Lightening and provides better inventory control.

The testing was conducted by VeriTest, Microsoft's independent provider for Windows testing and certification. Together, both companies have established technical standards for identifying applications that run more securely and reliably on the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family of operating systems.

The testing program requires that an ISV product (independent software vendor) such as Citrine, passes one Fundamental Component Test (Windows Server or Windows Client), plus one additional component test, either Fundamental or Elective (SQL Server, Web Services + .NET Framework, or Managed Code). Citrine’s SOP Express passed both core fundamentals: Windows Server and Windows Client.

“This test is rigorous, but is endorsed for business-critical applications by analysts and enterprise customers alike because it verifies features that make ISV applications like SOP Express more robust and manageable,” said Mark Fenaughty, Partner, Citrine Technologies. “Passing Microsoft’s vigorous standards ensures high quality and interoperability of SOP Express with Microsoft Servers and Microsoft Clients.
About SOP Express
Citrine’s SOP Express (Sales Order Processing) module for Microsoft Great Plains allows sales orders to be processed within seconds and provides managerial oversight of inventory controls in real time such as the ability to search products and provide price level controls.

SOP Express allows mid-sized companies to have better control over their inventory through customized user interface. With SOP Express the order processor can quickly search items based on 10 user defined fields and easily select item quantities and pricing. Additional info on the SOP Express can be found at http://www.citrinetech.com/zone02d6.htm.

The SOP Express module also allows the user to only see the items selected and once a choice is made, line items for the sales order can be auto generated with just one click. SOP Express enables speedy data entry, summary view of sales / inventory, total quantity count and sales, improvements to the sales transaction process and a margin analysis of sales.
SOP Express is the latest business solution innovation in Citrine’s “Express” line of products which include:
• AP Express -- to increase productivity by shortening entry time of A/P Documents and related account distributions
• Serial Number Express -- to correct serial number errors in seconds and increase inventory accuracy
• Email Express -- to automate e-mail distribution of invoices
• Shipping Express -- to increase the speed and accuracy of processing sales orders by eliminating shipping method errors
• Transfer Express – to efficiently move inventory between sites
• To see these and other Citrine innovations please go to: http://www.citrinetech.com/zone02d.htm

About Citrine
Citrine Technologies (www.citrinetech.com) is a leading provider of business management solutions with a specialization in Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains and CRM deployments. Citrine's services include assisting companies in the selection process, deployment and post implementation support service. Located in South Florida, Citrine is fully staffed with professional certified consultants, developers, CPAs and MBAs ready to assist businesses in maximizing operational efficiency.

Press Contact:
Alec J. Rosen

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Retractable Screen Door Industry: Wizard Industries Seeks Retractable Screen Door Dealers

The CEO of Wizard Industries asserts that the retractable screen door industry is on the verge of a rapid expansion and this affords the entrepreneur a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a successful business. The retractable screen door is rapidly gaining a foothold in the after market home improvement industry and retractable screen door dealers are reaping the benefits.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) January 28, 2022 - “The retractable screen door business is one of the best kept secrets in the booming home improvement industry ,” says Mel Zemliak, CEO of Wizard Industries, a retractable screen door manufacturer that has experienced exponential growth the past three years, “and increasing public awareness makes for a business opportunity of a lifetime,” he goes on to say.

While retractable screen doors have been around for decades, public awareness is just now beginning to grow in leaps and bounds and this, Zemliak says, is largely because the industry as a whole has traditionally relied on its distributors and dealers to promote the product. “Five years ago, if you asked 100 consumers if they knew what a retractable screen door is, the vast majority would have given you a blank stare. Today that isn’t the case thanks in part to the exposure the retractable screen door industry has received through home shows and television programs like This Old House,” Zemliak says.

What makes the business so exciting to Zemliak is that up to two-thirds of dealership sales come from referrals. “Upscale homeowners who have had retractable screen doors installed naturally want to show their friends and their gushing endorsements account for a large number of our dealer network’s sales. Our dealers know that if they sell one, more often than not, they’ll find themselves taking measurements for the fabrication of a unit in the same neighborhood,” he says.

As a business opportunity, the retractable screen door industry is particularly attractive right now in that there aren’t nearly enough dealers to handle the growing demand. “While there are currently four major manufacturers offering high quality retractable screen doors in North America, there are still a hundred or more major metropolitan areas that don’t have a single dealer. This affords the individual looking for a business opportunity a unique window of opportunity,” he says.

Wizard Industries is but one of four major manufacturers of high quality retractable screen doors. All offer budding entrepreneurs the tools to get into the trade, but Wizard has a slightly different approach to expansion. “Most of our competitors focus on building their businesses developing relationships with area distributors. We cut out the middleman. Why should a dealer pay a premium for product when he can deal directly with the factory,” he says.

To get into the business, dealers have to make a nominal investment in training, inventory, and marketing, but the cost is not as daunting as that associated with the purchase of a home improvement franchise. “Unlike most home improvement business, one only needs $20,000 to get started and that’s a small investment considering the cost of most home improvement businesses,” he says.

According to Zemliak, the average dealer nets from $35,000 - $50,000 the first year and that is if he/she handles all installations alone. “Once a dealer gets in the flow of things, his/her growth is only limited by the number of installers he/she hires,” he says.

Dealers are provided a full week’s training at the company’s Vancouver facility because the company recognizes that the quality of installation is as important as the quality of the doors they manufacture. “Dealers learn how to fabricate retractable screen doors to fit just about any conceivable door opening. Once they have demonstrated proficiency, they are taken to the homes of local customers to measure, fabricate, and install a half dozen screens under the close supervision of our staff.

“This hands-on training program not only ensures that our dealers are in a position to start selling and installing the minute they return home, it ensures that their customers will be impressed with the high quality of the work that accompanies its installation,” he says.

The retractable screen doors solve a problem faced by many homeowners who have always sought ways to have screens on inward and outward opening doors and sliding glass doors, where conventional screens cannot be used. Retractable screen doors can be adapted to single swing-in, single swing-out and double french doors as well as on sliding glass patio doors.

Individuals interested in learning more about the industry can contact Mel at (866) 874-3007 or visit the company’s web site (www.wizardindustries.com).

Ron Scott
Internet Publicist
Fast Track SEOP
(951) 784-2274

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Sector Engineering Sales Joins Luxtron Team for Sales Representation in the Central US

Sector Engineering will represent Luxtron’s temperature measurement products in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin

(PRWEB) January 28, 2022 -- Luxtron Corporation, leading provider of fiber optic and optical thermometry solutions, announces the addition of Sector Engineering Sales to its North America sales team. Sector Engineering will represent Luxtron’s temperature measurement products in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

“Sector Engineering has a reputation for having an up-to-date, accurate overview of their customers' requirements by successfully interfacing with designers, engineers, technicians and scientists,” commented Ed Oh, Luxtron's president and CEO. “We are pleased to have Sector Engineering on board to enhance our sales team in the central US”.

“Sector Engineering Sales, Inc. is please to be selected the new representative for Luxtron Corporation,” states Ralph Sikich, Sector Engineering president. “We look forward to being a part of the Luxtron Corporation sales team, and selling their state-of-the-art temperature measurement equipment.” Sector Engineering joins HG Associates, TRI Representatives, Semitorr Associates, Alpha & Omega, and PAT Associates in representing Luxtron products within the United States.

About Sector Engineering Sales
Sector Engineering Sales, Inc. is an established Manufacture’s Representative, founded in 1978, for test and measurement equipment. Sector Engineering Sales, Inc. covers the upper Midwest, with offices in Chicago IL, Milwaukee WI, Indianapolis IN, and Minneapolis MN. Sector services the Industrial and scientific markets. More information about Sector Engineering Sales can be found at http://www.sectoreng.com

About Luxtron Corporation
Luxtron Corporation is a leading supplier of fiber optic and optical thermometry solutions for the industrial, medical, semiconductor, optoelectronics, and utility industries. Its products give users the ability to monitor processes and measure temperature in harsh environments with extraordinary accuracy. Luxtron headquarters, featuring ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturing facilities, are located in Santa Clara, California. More information about Luxtron Corporation may be obtained by visiting our website at www.luxtron.com

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Battery Operated Electric Vehicle(BOEV)To Be Used In Stonemart-2005

BOEV will be used to transport all the VIP's during Stonemart-2005 at Sitapura Jaipur, Rajasthan, India from 28th Jan -1st Feb'05. Govt. Of Rajasthan, Finance Department – Tax Division - Notification Dtd. July 12th, 2004 exempts from tax the sale or the purchase of such exclusively battery operated motor vehicles. After this notification was released this will be the 1st time such a vehicle will be presented before the Govt. of Rajasthan.

(PRWEB) January 28, 2022 -- After completing studies Lalit Ahuja started “Hydraulics & Pneumatics" (H&P;) in 1993, under the able guidance of his father Mr.V.K.Ahuja who is an Engineer from BITS, one could not find even a simple O-Ring for the Hydraulics & Pneumatics Industry in the whole state. Since then they have introduced automation in 100's of small and medium scale industries in Rajasthan.

They are now an “A-Z Under One Roof ” store for all kinds of automation related spares and provide complete automation solutions for every industry. Being the Biggest Industrial Store in Rajasthan spread over 14000 sq.ft. of built up space they carry an inventory of more than 20,000 types of Best Quality Components.Their brands – “TUFIT” and “hp” are well known in the industry for their superior quality and reliability.

Their customers include MICO, NBC, Eicher, Ericsson, Samcor, Chambal Fertiliser, RSEB, Railways, IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, ONGC, BARC, HMT, Escorts, R.K.Marbles, Shree Cement, Binani Cement and 100's of other Small & Medium Scale Industries.

A dedicated team of professionals includes Engineers, MBA's, ITI's and other highly committed and trained staff, who provides excellent Sales & After Sales Services. Customer Delight is their Motto.

Lalit Ahuja is a Governing Board Member of CDOS (Center for Development of Stones) - which is the apex stone industry association in India set up in 1998 as a non-profit making initiative of the State Government of Rajasthan and RIICO, with the assistance of the private sector. H&P; provides automation solutions to the Stone Industry in Raj.

H&P; is also life members of the Plastic Manufacturer Association of Rajasthan, Jaipur Industrial Estate Association and several other trade associations.

H&P; has been participating in Stonemart at Jaipur since its inception. In this 3rd Stonemart H&P; is displaying - 6 Seater Battery Operated Electric Vehicle which a boon to the Large Industries, Hotels & Stockyards where a In Plant Movement Vehicle is needed which is pollution free, versatile, noise less, maintenance free, cost effective and very easy to use.

This Vehicle will be used to transport all the VIP's during Stonemart-2005 at Sitapura Jaipur, Rajasthan, India from 28th Jan -1st Feb'05. Govt. Of Rajasthan, Finance Department – Tax Division - Notification Dtd. July 12th, 2004 exempts from tax the sale or the purchase of such exclusively battery operated motor vehicles. After this notification was released this will be the 1st time such a vehicle will be presented before the Govt. of Rajasthan.

Also on display at stall no. 10 in Hall A is a revolutionary concept in Hydraulic Oil Cleaning. The equipment is called Electrostatic Oil Cleaner and guarantees Oil filtration upto 0.1 Microns and a trouble free Oil Life of 15 Years!

Other things on display are Hydraulic Pallet Truck (2.5 tonnes), Hydraulic Jack for Marble Mines, Industrial Duty Heavy Vacuum Cleaner, Electronic Automation Panel, Automatic Panel for Marble & Granite Polishing Machine, Hydraulic Hoses, Fittings, FRL's, Cylinders, Pumps, Direction/Pressure/Flow Control Valves, Pressure & Temperature Gauges, Filters, Torque Wrenches, Transducers, Limit Switches, Pneumatic Tools, Hydraulic Puller & Filter Presses for Marble Gang saw etc.

Entrepreneurs like Lalit are determined to make Rajasthan one of the fastest growing states in the country, and we wish them all the luck.

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FactoryDNA Announces First Hosted Decision Support System for Lean Manufacturing

FactoryDNA, pioneers in the field of lean manufacturing software and services, today announced general availability of the company’s flagship software solution, OnDemand Enterprise. The release of OnDemand Enterprise signals a radical departure from traditional manufacturing software models; FactoryDNA’s product is the industry’s first hosted software solution for lean manufacturing decision support. OnDemand Enterprise is focused on delivering benefits through inventory reductions, increased service levels, and improved asset/capacity utilization.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 28, 2022 -- “We have been able to implement FactoryDNA’s OnDemand Enterprise in a matter of days and have created tremendous savings for our clients,” said Masaki Imai, Founder of the Kaizen Institute. “FactoryDNA’s unique lean expertise combined with a best practices platform for lean manufacturing is helping us implement lean manufacturing quicker and make the gains stick.”

OnDemand Enterprise delivers the functionality and performance of an enterprise-class manufacturing application, but can be implemented in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. OnDemand Enterprise is a feature-rich, hosted software solution that enhances the results and sustainability of lean manufacturing initiatives by empowering manufacturers with innovative lean tools. These tools include:

- Seamless Data Synchronization with Enterprise Systems – Built from the ground up to compliment existing systems, OnDemand Enterprise enables rapid synchronization with ERP, APS, MES and others.
- Policy Deployment and Modeling – OnDemand Enterprise allows companies to model their operation, create what-if scenarios, perform lean accounting, and generate scorecards to be used in establishing a lean implementation roadmap.
- Lean Manufacturing Decision Support – OnDemand Enterprise offers a powerful engine to support the analysis, design and management of different build-models using pull-based manufacturing techniques.
- Real-Time Visibility – Key metrics such as inventory turns, service levels, operating costs, and lead-times can be viewed in real-time through configurable dashboards.

OnDemand Enterprise is a J2EE application delivered via a web-hosted model. The technical architecture was carefully selected to reflect FactoryDNA’s commitment to Lean principles in every facet of modern business. This architecture allows the company to deliver a high quality product, with fast implementation times and at an extremely low price relative to traditional manufacturing software providers. Furthermore, OnDemand Enterprise allows FactoryDNA to rapidly identify and implement new product features based on customer demand rather than a developer-centric “product roadmap.”

FactoryDNA combines OnDemand Enterprise with over 20 years experience delivering world-class lean manufacturing consulting services to drive unparalleled return on investment in lean initiatives.

“FactoryDNA is revolutionizing the manner in which the food and consumer goods industry manages their factories and supply chains,” said John McCook, former executive of Unilever companies. “Corporations like Wal-Mart are quickly forcing companies to change from a push system to a Demand Driven environment with a direct connection back to the factory. OnDemand Enterprise offers companies the best tools for accelerating that conversion.”

“Our mission is to deliver lean software and services to power lean enterprises,” said Richard Lebovitz, Chief Executive of FactoryDNA. “OnDemand Enterprise is the first genuine lean software solution that was built to support lean conversions from beginning to end. Everything before it has been too expensive, taken too long to implement and didn’t provide the right tools to accelerate lean benefits and make them sustainable. OnDemand is going to change the manufacturing software market permanently.”

About FactoryDNA
FactoryDNA is a pioneer in the field of lean manufacturing software and services. FactoryDNA’s team members have implemented major lean conversions in 12 countries across multiple industries ranging from food and personal productions to automotive and heavy industry. Combining world class expertise in lean manufacturing with advances in distributed computing, FactoryDNA’s OnDemand Enterprise™ is the next generation of software to power the lean enterprise. OnDemand Enterprise is the industry’s first hosted software solution for lean manufacturing decision support. Read more about FactoryDNA and OnDemand Enterprise on the web at www.factoryDNA.com

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Sundial Time Announces RealTime™ Version 3.5

Sundial Time announces the release of their new RealTime v3.5 Time and Attendance Software System. This program addresses the massive problem of businesses that are needing more control and power within their time and attendance systems as well as from the companies that provide them. Business owners want to see stronger benefits from their software products. In a climate where the majority of a businesses costs are direct labor, discerning owners are demanding advanced tools such as biometric verification, department and job tracking, automated differential calculations and paid time off accruals. RealTime 3.5 provides these benefits, and more...

Battle Ground, WA (PRWEB) January 28, 2022 -- Sundial Announces Release of RealTime Version 3.5. The product can be viewed in detail at http://www.sundialtime.com/version35.asp

RealTime™ is a preferred Time and Attendance solution for American businesses, and today's new version will continue that great tradition. A tradition of going the extra mile for the customer. Whether it is in the thoughtful customer oriented design, the care taken to ensure that future needs are handled, or the pleasant and courteous staff, Sundial Time Systems has earned the reputation of offering more than expected.

Businesses are demanding more from their Time and Attendance systems, and from the companies that provide them. Instead of merely tracking punch data and performing accurate calculations, business owners want to see stronger benefits from their software products. In a climate where the majority of a businesses costs are direct labor, discerning owners are demanding advanced tools such as biometric verification, department and job tracking, automated differential calculations and paid time off accruals.

As the Time and attendance industry has matured, it is becoming more and more important to small and medium businesses to automate this area of their operation. Sundial Time Systems continues to meet the needs of this segment with the release of it's new RealTime™ version 3.5. Newly added capabilities include Accrual calculation and monitoring of up to 4 types of Paid Time Off, a significantly enhanced Differential component that allows for grouping of rules and application according to the day of the week that the employee works. RealTime™3.5 is further enhanced through the consolidation and simplification of user screens and work areas. These new features are in addition to the advanced feature set that RealTime™ has always been known for. Accurate calculations of hours, overtime, holidays; Easy monitoring and tracking of labor through Department and Job; Export capabilities to virtually any payroll product and numerous other benefits.

RealTime™ version 3.5, from Sundial Time Systems, brings the benefits of automation to Time and Attendance to any size company. Accurate and automated calculation of hours, determination of overtime, accumulation of accrual data, differential pay rules are just some of the emerging demands that are being met by Sundial Time Systems and RealTime™ Time and Attendance software. Demo downloads of the software can be found at http://www.sundialtime.com/edl.asp.

About Sundial Time Systems:
Sundial Time Systems is a subsidiary of Frog Hollow Software, Inc., a Washington corporation based in Battle Ground, Washington, approximately 25 miles north of Portland, Oregon.

Corporate Background:
Sundial Time Systems was founded in 1994 to develop Automated Time and Attendance systems for the clients of Professional Employers Organizations. In order to provide a broad, cross industry, solution, Sundial Time Systems has had to provide feature rich products that are affordable for small business customers. Over the years, Sundial has continually enhanced the software and time collection tools, while simultaneously lowering the cost of ownership.

For additional information please visit Sundial Time Systems on the web at http://www.sundialtime.com or contact the company toll free at 888-541-8463

Contact Information:
Gerri Coleman
Sundial Time Systems
360-737-0387 FAX

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New Kiosk From WinesandRecipes.Com Boosts Retailers Efforts to Build Repeat Business And Loyalty

WineMiner, LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of the WinesandRecipes.Com kiosk, an addition to the internet service that enhances consumers' wine-buying experience with recommendations for complementary cheeses and recipes.

(PRWEB) January 28, 2022 -- The kiosk is the first commercial electronic toolset offered to the Grocery and Wine retail community which enables them to market an entire consumer experience around wine and food pairings. The customizable configuration of this powerful merchandising tool results in a rich environment for the cross-selling of wines, cheeses, and food items. The kiosk also provides targeted promotional opportunities to retailers, distributors and wineries at point of selection.

While the popular internet version of WinesandRecipes.Com contains information on over 50,000 wines plus cheeses and recipes, the kiosk version is targeted to the retailer's inventory. For the retailer, this service increases retailer opportunity for repeat business and loyalty while increasing the average transaction amount per sale. The WinesandRecipe.Com kiosk has been in pilot with d'Vine Wine Bar and Shop in Dunwoody, Georgia since early January. "The WinesandRecipes.Com kiosk expands the unique shopping experience by allowing our clients to research potential wines during the selection process. They can then find recipes and cheeses to match the wines", said Bob Leavey, one of the owners of d'Vine Wine Bar and Shop.

About WinesandRecipes.Com. WinesandRecipes.Com is wholly owned by WineMiner, LLC, which was formed to help the consumer to learn, experience, and expand their interest in the joy of wine and food pairing. It is a one stop source for wine reviews, gourmet food, recipes, and the art of pairing wine with food and cheese. The information is compiled from various independent food and wine experts including the winemaker's tasting notes.

With over 40 combined years in both consumer and business marketing, the principles have also applied their experiences in wine collecting and food pairing to offer a unique and valuable consumer service that will allow retailers to increase their loyalty programs and increase sales at the same time.

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January 27, 2022

CanAlaska Ventures Ltd. Uranium Group Update

"We are well on our way to achieving our objective, which is simply to control one of the largest uranium exploration portfolios in the Athabasca Basin” - Harry Barr, Chairman of CanAlaska

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) January 27, 2022 -- CanAlaska Ventures Ltd "CanAlaska" www.canalaska.com (TSX Venture: CVV – OTCBB: CVVLF)

Dear Shareholders,
Our President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Peter Dasler is in New Zealand consulting with the financial sector and government authorities to determine the best course of action for CanAlaska’s gold properties in that region. These assets were the Company’s principal assets until we began our move to the Athabasca Basin last year. Mr. Dasler’s work is part of our strategic move to concentrate our focus on uranium exploration.

Since September 2004, our Company has assembled a significant land position and a competent and proven technical team. There has been a considerable amount of research done in the past on the prospective ground that our Company has acquired and assessment reports are being compiled and the data will be available over the next few months. Most of this exploration dates back to the 70’s and 80’s and has followed the classical graphite conductor model. We are considering other targets as well, in the Basin and in the basement.

Specifically our strategy will follow a three-pronged approach:
• In the East of the Basin we will explore for deposits at, and below, the unconformity, similar to Cigar Lake and McArthur River, but also like the Millenium deposit, which is deeper in the basement.

• In the West of the Basin we will explore an area that has seen very little or no exploration, but has the right geological environment to produce large unconformity uranium deposits.

• In the East we will explore for shear-hosted deposits similar to Eagle Point and other basement hosted unconformity-style deposits, in an area where many uranium showings were found in the late 70’s, but with little subsequent exploration.

In all three areas airborne and ground geophysics will be combined with summer prospecting and geochemistry to define the best targets for drilling to start in the winter 2005-2006. We have made a significant commitment to “Megatem” surveys that will be conducted by Fugro Airborne Surveys. These aerial surveys will be able to examine to depths of as much as 1,000 metres versus the historic capabilities of about 200 metres in the late 1970s.

Armed with a solid treasury and considerable prospective targets we believe that our research will attract attention from both junior exploration and producers companies. Uranium Facts include:

•Price rising steadily from under $8 per pound in the late 1990's to over $20 a pound.

•Saskatchewan produces approximately one-third of the world's Uranium mine output.

•Athabasca Basin, accounts for approximately 32% of the world’s uranium supply.

The CanAlaska Ventures map can be viewed at: http://www.canalaska.com/s/NewsReleases.asp?ReportID=96619 . The CanAlaska Ventures Uranium Group Update depicting our land position in mid January 2005, including claims that have been recorded and land for which approval is pending can be viewed at: http://www.canalaska.com/i/pdf/CVVUraniumJanuary2005.pdf. Seldom does an opportunity present itself where the market demand and supply parameters coupled with technological improvements allow for research on such a considerable scale in the areas already proven too have some of the world’s most promising uranium deposits. Our geological team is well equipped to take best advantage of these opportunities and we look forward to reporting on our progress over the next few months.

According to Harry Barr, Chairman of CanAlaska Ventures Ltd. "We are well on our way to achieving our objective, which is simply to control one of the largest uranium exploration portfolios in the Athabasca Basin. We are very pleased to have Dr. Karl Schimann, P. Geo., as Manager of our Uranium Exploration Team”.

Dr. Schimann holds a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta and has worked extensively in the Uranium industry. Dr. Schimann worked for 20 years with COGEMA, commencing in 1977, both in Uranium and gold exploration. His profile includes more than 10 years of his employment was directly involved in Uranium exploration and mine geology in the Athabasca Basin, in particular Dr. Schimann was the Project Manager at the Cigar Lake Uranium Mine, from discovery and throughout the exploration phase. He was also the Senior Mine Geologist, responsible for the Geological Control Department at the McClean Lake Uranium Mine. Dr. Schimann was COGEMA's District Geologist for the Canadian Cordillera and Head of COGEMA's Saudi Arabia exploration office. Dr. Schimann brings extensive geological and mine evaluation skills to the Company, which will further complement CanAlaska's existing exploration team. CanAlaska's Chairman, Harry Barr notes "Dr. Schimann's wealth of experience inUranium exploration will be invaluable to the Company as it positions itself as one of the larger exploration landholders in the eastern Athabasca basin of Saskatchewan. We also are very pleased to have Mr. Jim Kermeen, P.Eng., Manager of Joint Venture Development. Mr. Kermeen brings some 45 years experience in mineral exploration, and 17 years of direct uranium exploration in the Athabasca basin and surrounding areas. Mr. Kermeen's experience of the mineral industry coupled with his past direct exploration knowledge of the Athabasca area is expected to be of great assistance to the Company. We are also examining acquisitions in the United States and this effort is being led by Mr. Jack Moore who brings some thirty-five (35) years of experience with Union Carbide”.

Yours truly,
Dr. Karl Schimann, P. Geo.
Manager Uranium Exploration

Investor Contact:
Spiros Cacos
Tel: 604.685.1870
Toll Free 1-800-667-1870
Web: www.canalaska.com

The TSX Venture has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release: CUSIP#137089108.

This news release contains certain "Forward-Looking Statements" within the meaning of Section 21E of the United States Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. All statements, other than statements of historical fact, included herein are forward-looking statements that involve various risks and uncertainties. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate, and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the Company's expectations are disclosed in the Company's documents filed from time to time with the British Columbia Securities Commission and the United States Securities & Exchange Commission.

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Dr. Ernest Lader is Pleased to Announce His New Book,"Powder Coat Basics"

This new publication is a study guide for Industry that is looking to train new employees or to use as refresher information. Everything is covered from the do it yourselfer to the consumate professional shop owner. Available at the Web Site Powder Coat Secrets

(PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- The popularity and frequently used buzz words "powder paint" application has brought demand for information on the process of applying electrostatic powder paint.

Dr. Ernest Lader has written his second book in a series on the subject of powder paint application. This new book titled "Powder Coat Basics" which has just been released on the website which can be found at www.powdercoatsecrets.com/id14.html. Dr. Ernest Lader has been involved in the industry for 20 years and has personally designed numerous engineered powder application systems over this time period. He is a trainer and consultant offering his services worldwide. This is a second book in a series on electrostatic powder application technique. Powder coating today takes place in about 20 percent of paint applications and is environmentaly more acceptable as there are far less VOCs associated with the curing process.

This process has been around for a number of years however in general, no one really knows how it works. Frequently mentioned on "How To" TV shows ,there is a huge demand for information on this process. The new book describes in detail every facet of this high demand procedure.

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New Courier Service for Washington DC and New York Metro Areas

The old west's "Pony Express" is alive with same day, scheduled courier service between New York and Washington DC. Same day delivery is guaranteed by 3PM with 100% on-line ordering. Priced at $75 for packages up to 20 lbs, and a overnight service on Friday for $25 makes this the best delivery value in America !

(PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- An innovative, unique courier service is available to help squeeze an extra day out of your work week deadlines.

Designed for the ultimate in cost-effectiveness and efficiency, your package, up to 20 lbs., is dropped off at our “package portal” by 1030 AM. We guarantee it to be available for pickup by 3PM the SAME DAY at the destination portal.

Washington DC to New York City’s startup schedule will be Monday-Wednesday and Friday, and New York City's schedule is on Tues & Thursday. There is a special Friday service overnight for New York to Washington DC only for $25.00 which is available Saturday or Monday morning if you prefer.

The service is designed so that NO public transportation, airlines, or outside contractors are used to deliver your packages, significantly reducing the chance for loss or delay.

There are many uses for the service in today's post 9-11 world of airline and shipping delays.

For instance if you miss your Next Day delivery deadline, or just need an extra day to complete a bid, proposal, testing, court document, design or report, you can still get your critical delivery there on time.

You could use the service to send a last minute gift or show ticket to someone, or hold on to your cash an extra day and still get payroll and accounts payable out on time.

If you use a local courier to have your package dropped off at our portal and picked up, you still save over 400% compared to the alternatives!

For complete details and information visit: www.samedayny.com or www.samedaydc.com

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Convenient, Portable and Dust-Free Tungsten Grinding from Arc-Zone.com

Arc-Zone.com Introduces New Affordable, Dust-Free, Hand-Held Tungsten Grinder for improved arc welding.

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- The online welding and cutting accessories superstore, Arc-Zone.com introduces the hand-held Sharpie™.DXV Vacuum tungsten grinder. Based on the popular Sharpie™.Deluxe grinder with adjustable grind angle/taper collet assembly, the new Vacuum model includes a built-in dust collection system for dust-free electrode preparation to facilitate maintainence of a clean weld environment while delivering the consistent grind angle and precision diamond-ground finish required for reliable arc starting and quality welds. According to company founder and president Jim Watson, a dedicated tungsten grinder gives professional fabricators the ability to prepare tungsten electrodes consistently and without contamination, which in turn improves weld quality.

At $700 or more, purchasing a dedicated tungsten grinder was out of reach for a small weld shop, until the debut of the original Sharpie™. With the grind angle pre-set at 20 degrees, The Sharpie™ Standard retails for just $195, the Sharpie™ Deluxe, an adjustable tungsten grinder, retails for $249. “The great thing about this new hand-held Sharpie™ Vacuum model,” Watson says, “is that it offers safe, consistent tungsten grinding at an affordable price.” The new model retails for $349.

Founded in June 1998, Arc-Zone delivers proprietary, brand name and OEM replacement parts and accessories for GMAW, GTAW and Plasma, hand-held, mechanized and robotic torches for welding and allied industries. The company specializes in productivity-enhancing, high-performance torches, replacement parts, tungsten electrodes, quick-change TIG adapters, state-of-the-art coolant additives, water coolers, robotic peripherals and more.

For more information, visit the Arc-Zone.com web site at http://www.arc-zone.com, call (800) 944-2243

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January 26, 2022

Engineer-to-Order ERP Leader Encompix Selected by Two Industry Leaders

(PRWEB) January 26, 2022 -- Advanced Machine and Tool Corporation (AMT), located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has selected Encompix to integrate all areas of their business under a single system. The initial sale is for a 12-user system including APS and Shop Floor Data Collection. AMT are looking to add BOMLink in the near future to integrate their design engineering with operations and eliminate redundant data entry.

From a modest beginning with only a handful of skilled toolmakers, AMT has become a world leader as a manufacturer of stator production machines for the electric motor industry. In 2000, AMT expanded the engineering building to 70,000 sq. ft. and its organization now consists of seven offices/factories, 155 employees and average annual turnover of 24 million dollars.

CP Manufacturing is the leader in the waste management and recycling equipment industry. CP Manufacturing was incorporated in 1977 and for more than 25 years has continued to lead the industry, constantly designing and engineering the next generation of recycling equipment. CP Manufacturing has built more than 200 Material Recovery Facilities worldwide. The firm introduced the world to automated aluminum can recycling in 1976.

Initially CP Manufacturing will implement an 18-user Encompix system with BOMLink and Advanced Planning and Scheduling at their National City, California location. Subsequent plans include subsidiaries in Tennessee and Washington.

Thomas R. Cutler, spokesperson for the ETO Institute (www.etoinstitute.org) said, “The ETO Institute recognizes Encompix as the clear cut leader in the Engineer-to-Order environment. The fact that both CP Manufacturing and Advanced Machine and Tool Corporation selected Encompix confirms the continuing leadership role the Cincinnati-based firm assumes in the ETO marketplace.”
Encompix (www.encompix.com) has filled the manufacturing software requirements of Engineer-to-Order companies since 1992. The company name reflects our commitment to developing business application solutions that encompass the complex areas of project-based and job-based manufacturing.

Encompix provides ETO manufacturers with a competitive advantage by improving bottom line results.

Contact Information:
Roger Meloy
513 733-0066

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Red Cross Helps Tsunami Victims with Effective Microorganisms

The Thai Red Cross and EM Kyusei are using Effective Microorganisms™ for the control of odor and disease suppression at makeshift mortuaries in the aftermath of the tsunami.

Thailand (PRWEB) January 26, 2022 -- The Thai military has ordered the use of Effective Microorganisms™ to be sprayed on the corpses of the victims of the tsunami that hit the area on December 26, 2004.

The Thai Red Cross has been helping EM Kyusei, the organization that manufactures, sells, and trains individuals and the Thai military on the uses of Effective Microorganisms™ in Thailand, use the microbial product to control odors, flies, and ultimately the spread of disease. Efforts involving the Red Cross and other organizations that are part of EM Research Organization are starting in India, Sri Lanka, and other countries that were affected by the tsunami.

Effective Microorganisms™, a mixed culture of beneficial microorganisms used in various agricultural, environmental, and human health fields owned an licensed by EM Research Organization in Okinawa, Japan.

In the United States, contact EMRO USA Effective Microorganisms in Tucson, Arizona (520) 792-3143 and visit their website for more up-to-date information on the relief efforts. Also, please visit EM Technology Network at www.emtechnologynetwork.org.

EM•1®, EM-X®, and the EM Logo are property of the EM Research Organization, Okinawa, Japan.

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Machinery Dealers National Association to Present at Equipment Leasing Event

Industry Updates Scheduled for Machine Tool, Healthcare, Transportation, Commercial Real Estate and Technology Sectors

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 26, 2022 -- Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA), First Vice President, Joseph "JR" Kraemer has been scheduled to deliver an Industry Update presentation on the machine tool industry to an exclusive audience of senior equipment leasing & finance executives attending the Lessors Network National Funding & Syndication Showcase at the Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead hotel in Atlanta, March 30-31, 2005.

The MDNA will also be featured in the National Association Showcase forum along with other industry associations representing the healthcare, transportation, technology, construction and commercial real estate markets.

Funding & Syndication Showcase
Scheduled funding/syndication professionals alternate introducing their 2005 buy/sell investment strategies providing attendees an unprecedented opportunity to quickly identify and evaluate prospective new funding/syndication partners. Immediately following all speaker presentations, everyone moves into the Networking Suite where attendees have private access to funding/syndication representatives.

Industry Updates
Industry experts comment on the current economic and competitive environment of specific business markets traditionally financed by the equipment leasing community (e.g., healthcare, technology, transportation, machine tool, commercial real estate and business aviation).

National Association Showcase
National Industry Association executives serve as extraordinary advocates and points of access for business markets traditionally targeted by equipment lessors as they deliver presentations highlighting the current dynamics of their industries and membership.

• Healthcare - American Hospital Association
• Commercial Real Estate - CCIM Institute
• Technology - AeA - Advancing the Business of Technology
• Machine Tool - Machinery Dealers National Association

Private Placement Showcase
Scheduled speakers deliver PowerPoint presentations (generic overviews) describing asset based transactions and portfolios available for private placement. Immediately following all presentations, everyone moves into the Networking Suite where attendees have private access to all speakers distributing hard copy (detailed) Term Sheets to qualified institutional investor representatives.

Service Providers Exhibits
Service provider representatives will introduce cutting edge technology and outsourcing products designed to enhance lessor’s origination, distribution and administrative networks from exhibits at the evening Networking Reception.

Networking Golf
The showcase concludes on March 31 with a Networking Golf outing providing a recreational enhancement for newly formed relationships.

About The Lessors Network
The Lessors Network, the world's largest equipment leasing network, facilitates new business development opportunities within the equipment leasing community. From the beautiful Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead hotel in Atlanta, the Lessors Network delivers extraordinary networking events showcasing industry associations, borrowers, lenders and service providers from the asset based "equipment leasing" markets.
Web site programs and services provide member access to news, events and the promotion of important resources facilitating funding/syndication, technology and outsourcing services exclusive to the equipment leasing & finance markets. Additional information can be viewed from www.lessors.com.

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Compensation.BLR.com Reports Big Changes in Employee Benefits Landscape: Domestic Partnerships Benefits Rising, Healthcare Deductibles Increasing

Business & Legal Reports surveyed over 3,000 U.S. employers on employee benefit practices in late 2004; from health care and paid-time off programs to leaves of absence. Domestic partnership benefits are more common. Employee healthcare deductibles are rising. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are more popular. Sign-on bonuses are gone.

Old Saybrook, CT (PRWEB) January 26, 2022 -- Big changes are afoot in the benefits world. Employee healthcare deductibles are rising. Domestic partnership benefits are more common. And do you remember those sign-on bonuses to new employees? They’re gone.

Compensation.BLR.com, where compensation professionals go for reliable compensation data, conducted its annual Survey of Employee Benefits in late 2004.

“There are a number of startling changes in this year’s results,” commented Susan Schoenfeld, BLR’s senior compensation editor. “One of the most interesting is the increase of the number of companies offering domestic partnership benefits — only 13% of employers offered such benefits in 2003; in 2005 this figure increases to 19% for exempt employees,” she added. Domestic partnership benefits are offered to attract talent, for fairness, and local law. Healthcare insurance and leave benefits are most commonly offered.

Healthcare Deductibles Increasing
Schoenfeld pointed out the newest healthcare cost management strategy: “Employers are starting to combine health deductibles with Health Savings Accounts to reduce healthcare costs.” Employers with an employee deductible of more than $1,000 increased from 18% in 2004 to 27% in 2005, as employers hope employees will take more responsibility for their own healthcare, make fewer doctor visits, and help monitor costs. HSAs help employees manage these increased deductibles through a tax-exempt trust or custodial account.

Kiss that Porsche Goodbye
Remember those Porsches given away to lure new IT hires during the dot-com days? Compensation.BLR.com’s 2005 Survey of Employee Benefits shows that sign-on bonuses to new IT employees have run out of gas — companies offering them declined from 15% in 2003 to 3% in 2005. The drop comes as IT jobs have been outsourced to other countries and the market has softened. Sign-on bonuses for other job categories have also disappeared.

Executive Summary
Employers may obtain a free Executive Summary of BLR’s 2005 Employee Benefits Survey at http://www.blr.com/82008500/WBP1211

Old Saybrook, Conn.-based Business & Legal Reports, Inc. has published plain-English HR and compensation compliance and training materials since 1977. Contact BLR: 800-727-5257 or e-mail protected from spam bots.

BLR: Susan Schoenfeld
e-mail protected from spam bots
860-510-0100 Ext_2182

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Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. Celebrates Major Milestones — 1000 Units Sold, In Over 50 Countries, and Multiple Patents Issued

Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. (ASD), manufacturer of precision analytical instruments for real-time, field-based material identification and verification, today announced the celebration of major milestones — 1,000 instruments sold, and currently in use in over 50 countries, as well as the issuance of two additional patents during 2004 focused on pharmaceutical quality control. ASD’s rugged and reliable Vis/NIR instrumentation is currently in use in a variety of environments, for unique applications demanding fast response, laboratory-grade precision, portability, or a combination of these characteristics in applications requiring measurement of radiance, irradiance, reflectance, and/or transmission.

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) January 26, 2022 -- Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. (ASD), manufacturer of precision analytical instruments for real-time, field-based material identification and verification, today announced the celebration of major milestones — 1,000 instruments sold, and currently in use in over 50 countries, as well as the issuance of two additional patents during 2004 focused on pharmaceutical quality control. ASD’s rugged and reliable Vis/NIR instrumentation is currently in use in a variety of environments, for unique applications demanding fast response, laboratory-grade precision, portability, or a combination of these characteristics in applications requiring measurement of radiance, irradiance, reflectance, and/or transmission.

“ASD had two patents issue in 2004, both in pharmaceutical quality control in the areas of manufacturing and dispensing, bringing the total to four issued patents in this field thus far,” said Dr. Brian Curtiss, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder. ”An additional patent was allowed in late 2004 and we expect it to issue in early 2005.” ASD enjoys a reputation with customers for applications expertise and world-class instrumentation, along with superior customer support before and after the sale.

“ASD's success in achieving these milestones is directly attributable to our emphasis on customer satisfaction”, says David M. Rzasa, President and CEO. “Our strong application oriented solutions using the best NIR instruments in the business, combined with a high level of customer support, results in real benefits for customers. We have heard many times from customers that they like working with us. This culture of customer focus and satisfaction are key to our continuing success.”

Founded in 1990, Analytical Spectral Devices manufactures cost-effective, precision, transportable and field-portable, laboratory-quality Vis/NIR spectrometers, spectroradiometers, spectrophotometers and corresponding software and accessories. ASD’s instruments perform well in a range of environmental conditions, in and outside the laboratory, and have applications in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, analytical chemistry, mining, grain, food and dairy, remote sensing, pulp and paper industries world-wide. For more information, please contact Amanda Griffin, Analytical Spectral Devices, 5335 Sterling Dr., Suite A, Boulder, CO, 80301; 303/444-6522, 303/444-6825 (fax); www.asdi.com.

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A Full Line of Web Shafts and Chucks Priced Right and Delivered In About Two Weeks

Because demanding applications require precision engineered shafts and chucks, Convertech offers a full line of products designed and built to your exacting specifications. Priced competitively, yet manufactured from the highest quality materials, Convertech's shafts and chucks are delivered in about two weeks.

WHARTON, NJ (PRWEB) January 26, 2022 -- With 26 years of proven engineering experience Convertech has remained a prominent industry leader with its focus on reliability through simplicity of design. By reducing the number of moving parts and creating simple and innovative solutions to common issues, Convertech has created a full line of superior products which significantly reduce downtime and often outprice the competition.

Innovative engineering has maximized product quality while easing operation and repair. By streamlining production and using only the highest quality materials, Convertech has ensured the highest quality product of all manufacturers in the industry. From easy-to-use bladder repair systems to effective Air-Roll-Lock Differential shafts, Convertech products work better and last longer than the rest.

Fast delivery time does not happen at the sacrifice of quality. Each shaft and chuck is produced with only the highest quality hardened steel. Every shaft and chuck is custom engineered and produced to each customer's individual specifications. By streamlining production and simplifying design, Convertech ensures its fast delivery time.

For over a quarter century Convertech has been the leader in exceptionally fast lead time with superior engineering and quality built into every shaft and chuck. With its competitors extended delivery time of as much as sixteen weeks Convertech's fast delivery time of about two weeks keeps customers up and running.

You can find out more about Convertech's product line at http://www.convertech.com

Interview Contact:
Larry Taitel
Telephone: 973-328-1850
e-mail protected from spam bots

Convertech Inc.
353 Richard Mine Road
Wharton, NJ 07885
+01-973-328-1850 voice
+01-973-328-7256 fax
e-mail protected from spam bots

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January 25, 2022

Environmental Insurance: Is Your Company Protected?

Could environmental risk put your company in a position it is not equipped to handle? Environmental insurance policies are available and have been tailored to specifically address various environmental risks. Common types of environmental insurance that are available on the market include property transfer insurance, cleanup cost cap/stop loss insurance, and owner controlled insurance. Georgia Tech Research Institute is offering an upcoming course on Managing Environmental Compliance, March 9-11, 2005.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 25, 2022 -- Environmental Insurance is a new and important addition to the course agenda, which already contains exciting topics, such as Hazardous Waste, Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, Storm Water, Air Emissions, Legal Considerations and much more. Managing Environmental Compliance is a three day course taught by individuals with various professional backgrounds, which include consultants, lawyers, researchers, industry leaders and state and federal regulators.

Sign up today for Managing Environmental Compliance and help your company avoid costly fines for non-compliance, network with other professionals involved in environmental compliance and keep up-to-date on new and changing environmental regulations. Call 404-385-3500 to register today or go to http://www.pe.gatech.edu and click on Environmental Management under “Browse by Subject”.

Attendants for this course will earn CEUs (Continuing Education Units) and AIA, HSW Learning Units. This course can also be used for elective credits for Georgia Tech’s Hazmat or OSHA Training Certificate Program. Managing Environmental Compliance will be held at the Global Learning Conference Center on Georgia Tech’s campus in Atlanta, Georgia.

Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is the nonprofit applied research arm of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. Our approximately 1,200 employees perform or support more than $100 million in research yearly for more than 200 clients in industry and government. To learn more about GTRI, visit http://www.gtri.gatech.edu.

Katie Pyner

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Spiralock Fasteners Make Descent to Saturn’s Largest Moon

Alternative industrial fastener design lends fail-safe fastening performance to the Huygens probe in its descent to the surface of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.

(PRWEB) January 25, 2022 -- After a seven-year, two billion mile journey strapped to the side of the Cassini orbiter, the Huygens probe decelerated 12,000 mph in less than two minutes, before parachuting to the frozen surface of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, on Jan. 14th this year where it was to measure wind, pressure, temperature, and electromagnetic fields as well as take photos of the surface.

For fail-safe atmospheric measurement of both Saturn from the Cassini orbiter and of Titan from the Huygens probe, several hundred bolt fasteners have had to keep vacuum-tight sealed cavities with no thread loosening or stripping, despite shock, vibration, and temperature extremes including rocket launch, atmospheric re-entry, and the sub-zero chill of space.

Although your product may not travel the same distance as the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft in its exploration of Saturn and its moons, it must function in your marketplace with minimal failure, since your brand’s reputation and future sales depend on its reliability. Yet your product’s underlying reliability depends on how well it is physically held together by fasteners – such as nuts and bolts - which may loosen or fail under shock, vibration, or extreme temperature even if it’s not hurtling through space.

Though some earthbound manufacturers resort to adhesives, deformed threads, nylon rings, prevailing torque nuts, and other traditional means of preventing joint loosening, these methods simply don’t measure up in high load, shock, and vibration environments experienced by an industrial fastener, particularly when resistance to thermal expansion and contraction is also necessary.

“To survive the vibration and high temperatures of launch, we required the most reliable locking engagement thread,” said Dan Harpold, a NASA scientist who worked on the project. “Screws had to remain tight without opportunity for re-tightening. With conventional threading, however, screws loosened up and backed out under testing.”

In an effort to satisfy NASA’s stringent reliability requirements on the Cassini orbiter and the European Space Agency’s on the Huygens probe, an alternative thread form designed to address the problems associated with traditional fasteners was used.

With no ability to tighten or replace loose or stripped fasteners after launch, the chosen thread form, by Madison Heights, Mich.-based Spiralock Corp., would have to hold until mission completion. What makes the Spiralock thread form unique is a 30º “wedge” ramp cut at the root of the female thread. Under clamp load, the crests of the threads on any standard male bolt are drawn tightly against the wedge ramp. This not only eliminates sideways motion that causes vibrational loosening but also distributes the threaded joint’s load throughout all engaged threads, a claim supported by a research study conducted by the MIT.

In other studies, the Spiralock thread form’s load percentage on the first engaged thread was significantly lower than standard thread forms, which further reduces possible bolt failure. The thread form also allows for thermal expansion and contraction without slippage.

NASA conducted a number of tests including a series of about twelve high-temperature “bake outs,” where screws and their matching internal thread forms were heated from room temperature to 300° C to simulate temperature-induced thread loosening. According to Harpold, the fasteners held up.

“The Spiralock thread form retained a tight seal at 300° C,” says Harpold. “Once torqued down properly, the screws stayed put in the threads, which helped us meet our flight schedule. To date, not one has come loose that I’m aware of.”

Visit www.spiralock.com for more information.

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O’Neil Product Development Sales Increased 48.5% in 2004

O’Neil’s record growth is attributed to the increased need for highly reliable wireless portable printers in field mobile and route accounting applications. O’Neil’s sales growth was experienced enterprise-wide across all major geographic regions.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) January 25, 2022 -- O’Neil Product Development, Inc., manufacturer of The Most Reliable Portable Printers™, today announced that 2004 year-end sales increased 48.5% compared to the previous year. O’Neil’s record growth is attributed to the increased need for highly reliable wireless portable printers in field mobile and route accounting applications. O’Neil’s sales growth was experienced enterprise-wide across all major geographic regions.

In 2004, O’Neil continued to lead the portable printer industry in route accounting applications throughout the consumer packaged goods industry. “We have a number of extremely large national account wins among beverage and bakery customers,” stated Tim O’Neil, president and chief executive officer. “We experienced continued strong sales through our OEM partners, and we were particularly pleased with the substantial revenue contribution from our distribution and channel sales partners. We expect the channel side of the business to grow exponentially in 2005.” O’Neil continued its history of new product innovation with the release of its new label printer, the LP3, designed specifically for the retail marketplace. “We expect that sales to the retail market segment will contribute significantly toward this year’s revenue,” added O’Neil.

Over sixty percent of the company’s growth derived from wireless printer sales. “The mobile user community has become quite sophisticated regarding their applications. Through years of experience, IT departments have recognized the requirement for dependability in the mobile workspace. Our printers’ proven record of reliability offers a lasting solution such that our customers enjoy a significantly lower total cost of ownership,” concluded Jeff Osborne, O’Neil’s vice president of marketing.

Additional Significant 2004 O’Neil Growth
Increased Sales in EMEA Territories Requires Larger Facilities - As O’Neil deepened its penetration of the European, Middle East and Africa regions, larger facilities were acquired, which included a distribution center. The new building is located at 6 Joplin Court, Crownhill, Milton Keynes, MK8 OJP, United Kingdom.

AustralAsian Facilities Established - O’Neil printers extended its reach into the Australia and Asian marketplace with the establishment of a new office and distribution center. The AustralAsian facility opened in October 2004 and is located at 1/8 Railway Terrace, Dutton Park, Queensland 4102, Australia.

O’Neil Printer Supplies Group Doubles Capacity with New Facility - O’Neil Printer Supplies Group experienced an almost doubling of revenue in 2004. To accommodate the ever increasing demand for reliable quality media, O’Neil purchased a new building just miles from their international headquarters and made significant capital expenditures which will allow the group to double its 2004 capacity. The new facility opened in November 2004 and is located in Lake Forest, California.

About O’Neil
Established in 1981, O'Neil Product Development, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of reliable and rugged portable printers. The company designs and manufactures a complete line of thermal bar code label and receipt printers, dot matrix impact printers and a variety of in-stock and custom media solutions. In addition to O’Neil-brand printing solutions, the company manufactures mobile printing products in an OEM capacity for leading hand-held manufacturers, including several integrated hand-held computer and printer solutions. O’Neil printers are recognized worldwide for their legendary reliability and have the lowest mean time between failure (MTBF) rates in the industry.

O’Neil printers are used around the globe in industries that include distribution, retail, manufacturing, law enforcement, utilities, transportation and an extensive array of business services. Applications for O’Neil reliable printers include route accounting, direct store delivery (DSD), field service and a broad range of labeling, ticketing and receipt printing solutions. O'Neil is uniquely focused on providing portable printers to the rapidly emerging mobile and wireless computing marketplace. For more information, contact O’Neil at 949.458.0500 or visit http://www.oneilprinters.com.

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Engineer-to-Order ERP Leader Encompix Creates People Focus vs. Installation Process

According to Chuck Stewart, Executive VP, with Cincinnati-based ETO ERP leader Encompix, “A successful business system implementation takes more than computer hardware and software installation. It takes people.”

(PRWEB) January 25, 2022 -- According to Chuck Stewart, Executive VP, with Cincinnati-based ETO ERP leader Encompix, “A successful business system implementation takes more than computer hardware and software installation. It takes people.”

Stewart also noted, “The people of Encompix share a background of experience working with midsize manufacturers of capital equipment.” Thomas R. Cutler, spokesperson for the ETO Institute (www.etoinstitute.org) said, “Too often business system neglect to help ETO manufacturers run their business, and instead run them out of business. After careful industry investigation we discover no ETO ERP firm had the depth of experience as Encompix employees, with an average of over 16 years experience in manufacturing.” The first step is for manufacturers to understand that they are indeed ETO and there are materials on the Encompix site as well as at the ETO Institute site that will allow manufacturers to understand the nuances and specific issues facing Engineer-to-Order companies.

Encompix (www.encompix.com) has filled the manufacturing software requirements of Engineer-to-Order companies since 1992. The company name reflects our commitment to developing business application solutions that encompass the complex areas of project-based and job-based manufacturing.

Encompix provides ETO manufacturers with a competitive advantage by improving bottom line results.

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January 24, 2022

BioFit Introduces Get-a-Quote Online Resource

BioFit® Engineered Products introduces Get-a-Quote, an online resource for pricing seating and tables for specific applications. Visitors to the BioFit website (www.biofit.com) can use Get-a-Quote to determine costs of chairs, stools, sit/stands, footrests, cafeteria tables, other types of folding tables, and convertible bench/table systems that meet their individual needs. Get-a-Quote enables users to price BioFit products either with standard features or customized.

Waterville, OH (PRWEB) January 24, 2022 -- BioFit® Engineered Products introduces Get-a-Quote, an online resource for pricing seating and tables for specific applications.

Visitors to the BioFit website (www.biofit.com) can use Get-a-Quote to determine costs of chairs, stools, sit/stands, footrests, cafeteria tables, other types of folding tables, and convertible bench/table systems that meet their individual needs. Get-a-Quote enables users to price BioFit products either with standard features or customized. The user can receive quotes on any quantity of a product.

The user-friendly BioFit website makes it easy to navigate to models and options in all product lines, review product features and specifications, and select a standard product or customize a product for an application. Clicking on a product’s “Get-a-Quote” icon accesses the online form for obtaining price information by return email within 24 hours.
The BioFit website presents the seating industry’s broadest selection of chairs and stools for industrial, high-tech, laboratory, professional and educational applications. BioFit’s modular construction provides the ability to interchange parts, add options (special backrests, seats, ergonomic controls and armrests, etc.), “build” chairs to fit needs and upgrade seating to meet new requirements.

The table collection shown on the BioFit website consists of durable units that are easy to fold and move. BioFit offers an oval cafeteria table with 10 attached seats, other tables with attached seating, and mobile folding tables in a variety of shapes and sizes.

To access Get-a-Quote on the website, go to “Products” on the toolbar, and then to a product category, product series, specific product of interest and that product’s Get-a-Quote icon. The user will be asked to enter basic information required for preparing a quote.

BioFit Engineered Products, located outside of Bowling Green, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of rugged and dependable furniture products. For more information, call BioFit toll-free at 1-800-597-0246 (United States and Canada).

Press Contact: Chuck Kingdom
Company Name: Teresa M. Arnold & Associates
Phone: 734-854-1187 or 419-244-9010

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Revolutionary Jetpod Aircraft Design Advances

The Jetpod aircab, light twin-jet engined, Very Quiet Short Take-Off and Landing (VQSTOL) inner-city passenger aircraft makes positive headway in its design.

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB) January 24, 2022 --

Design update:
1. The Jetpod operating principle of using a through-wing vertical thrust component, along with its unique wing-shape, have been confirmed by City University in London. City have confirmed that the aircraft can take-off or land in a distance of less than 125 metres (410 feet). Also, that the unique wing shape is well suited to low-high speed flight. The Jetpod can cruise at 300 kts (350 mph). The Jetpod halves conventional jet noise. The Jetpod passing overhead at just 300 feet will not be heard over and above normal street traffic.

The Jetpod civil airtaxi and personal jet versions have been designed to fly fast and quietly into the heart of major cities. The Jetpod will use very short STOL landing strips that are one tenth of the size of a conventional runway. The Jetpod in any case does not require a runway and can land on grass or dirt strips.

2. Anhedral has been added to the inboard delta to improve thrust-line asymmetry and to physically isolate the engines. This anhedral also compliments the shape of the high cabin ceiling and affords structural integrity. A dorsal Kevlar wing-spline will also be added.

3. Streamlining has been added to the nose along with two forward pilot doors.

4. The operating efficiency of the aircraft has impressed the aerospace design intranet of talent currently working on the Jetpod. Thus far, the increased performance we have designed into the Jetpod means that two extra jump seats can be added (if required). The aircraft can now carry up to seven (7) fare-paying passengers in a taxi-commuter role, and at the same time, the installed thrust reduced to 2,400 lbs on each of the two engines, thereby reducing cost and improving fuel-burn.

Marketing update:
The Jetpod has received unprecedented publicity since a first Press Release was made with PR Web in early November 2004. This had a knock-on effect when we received a staggering 45 million website hits in just three days. We also carried out 27 over-the-phone radio interviews during this period, including the BBC World Service and with stations all over the world. We have appeared in over 75 magazines, several newspaper broadsheets and in over 1000 websites. Overall, the Jetpod is a name that is fast becoming synonymous with inner-city air travel.

Situation update:
Avcen is still concentrating on getting the Proof of Concept aircraft into the air as soon as possible, approximately 16 months from now. We have been approached by many potential buyers and people wanting to invest. We are not accepting deposits for the aircraft and we are not accepting investment from small-stake investors. Some potential larger-stake investors have offered us reasonably large amounts of capital but we felt that their business interests were not consistent with ours. We are still holding out for a "single" investor that may of may not be associated with aerospace. This single investor might be a private individual, a consortium, a Government, or an aerospace company. Avcen does not need investment to get to the POC flight trials, but such early investor interest would certainly accelerate this process. After the POC is completed, we know that we can raise considerable funds to take the aircraft into production. Ideally, we are keen to talk to a "partner" investor in a country interested in hosting the manufacture of as much as 80% of the Jetpod. We are particularly interested in the Gulf region, e.g. UAE. The aircraft design office will remain in Europe and the aircraft will be finished in Europe. The conceptual innovator and creator of the Jetpod is Mike Dacre and interested investors should email him at e-mail protected from spam bots.

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Concrete Paver Sales Rise in 2003 for the Fifth Year in Row

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute(ICPI) announces the release of an annual study that confirms continued growth of concrete pavers in North America for 2003.

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) January 24, 2022 -- The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute(ICPI) announces the release of an annual study that confirms continued growth of concrete pavers in North America for 2003. The survey estimated total sales for North America at 615 million sf (57.1 million m2). This is divided into approximately 530 million sf (49.2 million m2) for the U.S. and 85 million sf (7.9 million m2) for Canada. Comparing results from a similar survey last year by ICPI, the amount sold represents an 8.8% increase from 2002 to 2003.

“This growth shows the continued strength of the segmental concrete pavement market in North America…” said Steve Berry, ICPI Chairman, “especially in the residential and municipal markets.”

The 2003 residential market once again accounted for almost 75 percent of concrete paver sales. The second largest market was commercial at 18 percent, followed by municipal at 10.3 percent. The industrial/port/airport market accounted for the smallest portion, representing 0.1 percent of all paver sales.

North American cement consumption in 2003 was 1,552,947 tons (1,411,770 metric tonnes), compared to 1,421,663 tons (1,292,421 metric tonnes) in 2002. U.S. cement

consumption accounted for 1,338,312 tons (1,216,647 metric tonnes), while Canadian consumption was 214,635 tons (195,123 metric tonnes).
Industry Insights, a nationally recognized market research firm, conducted this survey for ICPI. The survey report is available from the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI). It can be ordered at www.icpi.org or by contacting ICPI at tel: 202-712-9036; fax: 202-408-0285; e-mail: e-mail protected from spam bots.

ICPI is a trade association whose mission is to increase the use of segmental concrete pavement systems in North America. Applications for “pavers” include driveways, patios, plazas, walkways, roofs, airports, streets, ports, and stadiums. ICPI members include producers, contractors, design professionals and consultants. ICPI promotes the highest product standards through ICPI product certification and installation standards through ICPI contractor certification. ICPI publishes the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine, along with marketing and technical resources for design professionals, contractors, and homeowners.

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January 22, 2022

MOCAP Announces New Division

MOCAP Inc., St. Louis MO, is announcing its Rubber Products Group has been re-named MOCAP Custom Molding Group (MOCAP CMG). In addition to Rubber Compression and Injection Molding the new division will now be manufacturing precision plastic injection molded components.

(PRWEB) January 22, 2022 -- A wide range of materials are available including HDPE, LDPE, PVC, TPE, TEEE, Polypropylene, Nylon, Fasal, DuraStar® and Santoprene®.

MOCAP CMG’s experienced Design, Engineering and Production teams will develop the most cost effective process to produce quality parts at competitive prices. They offer in-house mold department services or can use one of their allied mold makers to provide the lowest tooling costs possible.

Other services include cryogenic deflashing, punching and slicing, post-curing, assembly, RF sealing and special packaging.

Company History
MOCAP Inc., the parent company to MOCAP CMG, started manufacturing plastic caps, plugs and custom moldings in St. Louis, MO in 1982. They continue to provide solutions for companies worldwide from their locations in North America, Latin America, Europe and the United Kingdom.

MOCAP is one of the largest dip molders in the world with a cumulative experience second to none. They also have vast experience with plastic extrusions and rubber and plastic injection molding.

MOCAP has grown faster than their competition for one reason only---their customers. Leading manufacturers around the world choose MOCAP because of their confidence in MOCAP to provide superior products, competitive pricing and timely delivery. MOCAP also takes pride in investing in it’s employees, which gives the consumer the most experienced Sales, Engineering and Production staff in the industry.

MOCAP offers a wide variety of plastic and rubber products manufactured in many materials such as vinyl plastic, polyethylene, polypropylene and numerous rubber compounds. Their production facilities use the latest in injection, compression, extrusion, transfer and vinyl dip molding technology. Their manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards demonstrating MOCAP’s commitment to exceeding it’s customers expectations.

There are many options when it comes to choosing a plastic and rubber parts supplier. MOCAP’s competitive prices, professional service and exceptional quality will prove that MOCAP is the brand you should choose for your plastic and rubber parts.

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January 21, 2022

PartsRiver Expands in 2005 to Keep Up with Demand

PartsRiver, Inc., the leading provider of data quality and intelligent spend control services for the transportation industry welcomed 2005 with an expanded customer base, staff, and services.

Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) January 21, 2022 -- PartsRiver, Inc., the leading provider of data quality and intelligent spend control services for the transportation industry welcomed 2005 with an expanded customer base, staff, and services. PartsRiver’s client base includes leaders such as Ryder Transportation, Schneider National, US Xpress Enterprises, Volvo, and Freightliner.

"The demand for intelligent spend data analysis is explosive. Companies of all sizes are realizing that developing a sustainable data quality strategy is a critical part in achieving their operating goals. We're hiring the very best people in order to offer our clients the transportation industry expertise they need to realize the substantial benefits parts spend data management can provide," said Elisa Jagerson, CEO of PartsRiver, Inc.

PartsRiver welcomes new executives Sheryl Arnold, Vice President Services, Robert Camozzo, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing, and Ronald Schoenfeld, Senior Domain Specialist. PartsRiver also welcomes two new additions to the advisory board, Mitch Weseley and Gene Tyndall. Mr. Weseley is Chairman and founder of Global Logistics Technologies, Inc. (G-Log) a freight logistics software company. Mr. Tyndall served as Executive Vice President of Ryder Logistics and is now an industry consultant.

As Vice President of Services, Ms. Arnold leads a team of transportation industry specialists as well as PartsRiver’s data base quality assurance services. Arnold joins the PartsRiver team after most recently helping to create, launch and manage Saqquara Technologies. "I share in the same vision with Elisa Jagerson and the rest of the professionals on the PartsRiver team, which is delivering sound management, superior customer service and solid results to our customers," Arnold said.

Bob Camozzo has over 21 years experience in supply chain software and services; distribution network performance and event monitoring systems; as well as "Big Five" management consulting. "PartsRiver is a company on the move; you can't help but get excited about being a part of its future. There is something extraordinary about bringing solutions to transportation leaders that can have a dramatic operating impact with limited risk - that is what PartsRiver is all about," Camozzo said.

Ron Schoenfeld has over 27 years in the heavy-duty truck, bus and automotive parts industries with Mack, Peterbilt, and Blue Bird Body where he supervised Purchasing, Warehousing, Distribution, Warranty and Service Parts Sales as well as directed Field Services, Warranty, Service Engineering, Reliability Engineering and Technical Training. Ron is active in the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) VMRS program. “At PartsRiver, I am able to leverage on all my industry experience to help develop solutions that have very high value for our customers,” said Schoenfeld.

“PartsRiver has the only completely automated industry reference database that has captured over 8 million unique part numbers representing over 3000 cross-referenced vendor/suppliers. This extensive database and proven quality assurance processes enable PartsRiver to quickly deliver 100% data accuracy to its customers. Combined with our software and industry specialists, the size and accuracy or our database allows us to handle growth without sacrificing data integrity," Jagerson said.

We are very fortunate to have attracted a team of such high caliber. They are not only driving our significant growth but are also keeping the quality of our products and services unsurpassed," said CEO Elisa Jagerson. "I believe in hiring the very best people and giving them the support and flexibility they need in their work life to thrive and stay motivated to help our clients avoid costs through informed data services.”

About PartsRiver, Inc.
PartsRiver, Inc., is the leading provider of data quality and intelligent spend control services for the transportation industry. PartsRiver leverages data, technology, and industry expertise to unlock the power of the part information stored in today’s business systems. Our services provide visibility across inefficiencies in parts purchasing and inventory, where data quality is paramount. PartsRiver is a privately held corporation headquartered in Menlo Park, CA.

For further information about the company and its products visit www.partsriver.com or call Derek Berry at (408) 725-0830

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QSI Corporation Announces QTERM - Z60Economical Graphic Operator Interface Terminal

The QTERM-Z60 is the newest addition to QSI’s family of award-winning Qlarity™ human machine interface (HMI) terminals and will be available in early-March 2005. The QTERM-Z60 is a rugged operator interface terminal using touch screen graphics to interface with the user.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) January 21, 2022 -- QSI Corporation, manufacturer of rugged operator interface terminals, announces the QTERM-Z60 economical graphic operator interface terminal. The QTERM-Z60 is the newest addition to QSI’s family of award-winning Qlarity™ human machine interface (HMI) terminals and will be available in early-March 2005.

The QTERM-Z60 is a rugged HMI terminal using touch screen graphics to interface with the user. The QTERM-Z60 comes equipped with one switch-selectable serial port and can communicate via EIA-232, EIA-422 or EIA-485. The unit has a QVGA, 320x240 pixel, 256 color STN color LCD display and is viewable in most lighting conditions. Other industrial-grade features include 2 Mbytes flash / 16 Mbytes SDRAM; programmable speaker; 5 VDC / 200 mA output from the interface connector to power external devices like a Z-World single board computer. The QTERM-Z60 is ruggedized for use in harsh industrial environments (NEMA-4, CE certified housing).

The QTERM-Z60 uses an object-based graphic terminal programming language called Qlarity™ (pronounced Clarity). Designing a simple control panel interface or a complete stand-alone application has never been easier. The ability to use pre-defined objects, edit existing objects or author your own objects provides flexibility to the novice and expert alike. Qlarity Foundry™, a PC-based design tool provides a Windows® environment for screen creation, application simulation, debugging and downloading to the QTERM-Z60.

To learn more about the QTERM-Z60, visit, http://www.qsicorp.com/qterm-z60.html. Graphic images of the QTERM-Z60 can be downloaded at http://www.qsicorp.com/pressroom.html. For more information contact QSI Corporation at 801-466-8770, Fax 801-466-8792, Email e-mail protected from spam bots, Web www.qsicorp.com or www.qlarity.com.

About QSI Corporation
Established in 1983, QSI Corporation is a manufacturer of rugged handheld and panel-mount operator interface (OI) terminals for industrial OEMs and commercial vehicle integrators. QSI’s human machine interface (HMI) products include character and graphic terminals that are programmable, customizable, CE certified, and NEMA 4/12/13 rated. QSI’s vehicle products meet appropriate SAE specifications, such as J1455. Numerous interfaces are available, including EIA-232, EIA-422, EIA-485, J1708, Ethernet and Power-over-Ethernet. Custom or semi-custom terminals withstand high levels of shock, vibration, humidity, and other environmental parameters. All QSI Corporation products are manufactured in the USA at the company's headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, contact QSI Corporation at 801-466-8770 or e-mail protected from spam bots.

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About IndustrialNewsUpdate.com

1-26-05 News articles will be posted to serve industrial manufacturers and to make the industrial related news easily accessible for both the latest news and for archives of industrial news.

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January 18, 2022

WG Henschen Co. appointed a Shur-Lok full product line authorized stocking distributor & McKinnon Tools distributor

January 18, 2022 -- Shur-Lok Corporation and Shur-Lok International S.A. appointed WG Henschen, Scottsdale, Arizona to a Full Product Line distributor to stock and promote the sale of Shur-Lok products worldwide.

WG Henschen has been a product line distributor for Shur-Lok Ring Locked products since 2002 and has been instrumental in establishing Shur-Lok as the preferred source for Ring Locked Fluid Fittings and Ring Locked Studs & Inserts. WG Henschen has also been the authorized distributor for McKinnon Tools since 2002

The full product line authorization entitles WG Henschen to stock and promote the sale of Shur-Lok inserts for sandwich structure, Barrel Nuts & Retainers, Bearing Locknuts and Isolator Mounts in addition to the Ring Locked products.
The present company is the result of the strategic integration of Millipart Fasteners, Aerofast Ltd and WG Henschen, already a leader in the industry for over 20 years. The merging of these distributor specialists resulted in an organization that is a top contender in the aerospace hardware industry today.
For more information go to www.wghco.com.

Shur-Lok Corporation has been a Leader in Fastener Solutions for 53 years. This leadership position has been achieved not only by engineering fitting solutions to customer problems but by manufacturing quality products backed by unsurpassed technical support. Shur-Lok Corporation is headquartered in Irvine California. Shur-Lok International S.A. is an independent affiliate that was established over 35 years ago in Belgium to service the European Aerospace community. Shur-Lok is ISO9001:2000, AS9100 and NADCAP for various processes.

Shur-Lok's Authorized Stocking Distributor network was established in 1983 to service airline customers, aftermarket customers, and select OEMs. The network presently includes: Aero Hardware, Anixter Pentacon, Honeywell HPG, M&M; Aerospace, NYF Corp, Satair, TPS Aviation, Wesco Aircraft and WG Henschen. For more information go to Shur-Lok's website at: www.shur-lok.com

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January 18, 2022 -- Shur-Lok Corporation and Shur-Lok International S.A. appointed Anixter Pentacon, headquartered in Chatsworth, California, an Authorized Distributorship to stock and promote the sale of Shur-Lok products worldwide.

Anixter Pentacon is a Division Anixter Inc, the leading global distributor of wire, cable, communications connectivity products, and "C" Class inventory components with annual revenues of $2.6 billion. Anixter adds value to the distribution process through its cost reducing supply chain services, $500 million in inventory of more than 185,000 products, logistics network of 164 warehouses with more than 4.6 million square feet of space, and its presence in 193 cities in 40 countries. Founded in 1957, Anixter is a Fortune 500 company that trades on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AXE

Anixter Pentacon services the requirements of many of the worlds leading aerospace manufacturers. General Electric, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon are among the many companies utilizing the integrated supply chain services of Anixter Pentacon.

Anixter Pentacon’s Mission is to provide Best-In-Class products and integrated supply chain services to Original Equipment Manufacturers through tailored solutions, commitment to service excellence, continuous improvement, and a proven track record to lower total supply chain costs and continually improve operating efficiencies.

Anixter Pentacon was formed as the result of a strategic integration of seven legacy distributors; Alatec Products, Adams Supply, Aerospace Supply, Barco Aviation, Paschall International, Pollard Aviation, and Texas International Aviation. They are specifically focused to meet the dynamic needs of the aerospace, airline and defense industry, representing over 100 leading manufacturers of quality products and backed by decades of knowledge and superior customer service. They offer their customers a broad inventory consisting of over 125,000 different sku's of AN, MS, NAS, MIL, and BAC approved components.

Anixter Pentacon's quality system is registered to international quality standard ISO9001:2000 and AS9100. Additionally, they are NADCAP Level C certified, comply with FAA AC00-56, and are Boeing D1-4426 approved to supply a variety of manufacturers products. They are also listed on the Government's Qualified Suppliers List for Distributors (QSLD).

Shur-Lok Corporation has been a Leader in Fastener Solutions for 50 years. This leadership position has been achieved not only by engineering fitting solutions to customer problems but by manufacturing quality products on-time, backed by unsurpassed technical support. Shur-Lok Corporation is headquartered in Irvine California, close to John Wayne Orange County Airport. Shur-Lok International S.A. is an independent affiliate that was established over 30 years ago in Belgium to service the European Aerospace community, adding to the proud Shur-Lok heritage of exceptional support extending from product design through application maturity. Shur-Lok is ISO 9001 and D1-9000 approved.
Shur-Lok's Authorized Stocking Distributor network was established in 1983 to service airline customers, aftermarket customers, and select OEMs. The network presently includes: Aero Hardware, Anixter Pentacon, Honeywell HPG, M&M; Aerospace, Satair, TPS Aviation, and Wesco Aircraft, WG Henschen. For more information consult Shur-Lok's website at: www.shur-lok.com

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January 01, 2022

The Organic and Natural Enterprise Group (ONE Group), Creators of the World’s First Certified Organic Skin Care and Cosmetic Line, Begin Worldwide Distribution

The Miessence™ product range and MivitalityTM probiotic bear the organic seal of approval by Australia’s leading certifying body, the Australian Certified Organic (ACO), a division of the Biological Farmers of Australia Co-op Limited. The ACO sets and maintains stringent quality standards that are internationally recognized as either compliant with or exceeding all international requirements. The USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) has also issued its organic certification to ONE Group’s qualifying productsC

Queensland, Australia (PRWEB) January 1, 2022 -- ONE Group Founding Directors Narelle Chenery, John Hunter and Alf Orpen speak out on the issue of certified organics. “Education is the key to empowering consumers to see through the ‘green-wash’ of slick product marketing to recognize products for what they really are. Misleading labels and clever advertising relating to organic content often mask the use of potentially toxic ingredients, which seriously undermines the integrity of the organic claim,” Narelle reports. “We are committed to providing only certified organic products…” adds John Hunter. Alf Orpen concludes, “It is a common cry of many scientists and economists that within the next 20 years we must implement a strategy to create an ecologically sustainable world, and business is the most powerful vehicle to expedite that outcome.”

The organic industry has achieved compounded growth of 23% per year for seven consecutive years, while the natural and organic cosmetic sector grew by a massive 39% in 2001 alone. ONE Group leads the world in skin care by successfully developing the Miessence and Mivitality range; the world’s first and currently only fully certified organic probiotic, skin and body care products. Market research has shown that consumer demand for organics is growing rapidly worldwide. ONE Group, through its cutting-edge research and development, intends to progressively release dynamic, healthy, first-to-market innovations in the organic sector. Consumer sales of organic products in the US reached US$5.6 billion in 2000, a rise of 19% from 1999. If organics sustains this annual growth (and there is no indication it will not as sales in 2001 reached US$9.4 billion) the organic segment will be worth between US$13 – US$18 billion by 2005.

Committed to a vision of being an outstanding enterprise of inspiration, conviction and integrity that is a force for change towards ethical and ecological business practices throughout the world, ONE Group plans to capture a significant share of the booming organic market over the next 3 years.

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