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August 24, 2021

Electronic Power Conditioner Combats Blue Screens, System Freezes and Logic Errors

Electronic power conditioners provide “computer grade” power to network equipment

(PRWEB) August 24, 2021 -- When network or IT personnel think of preventing data loss due to power supply problems, they typically consider an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or a surge suppressor. Recent studies by Bell Laboratories, however, indicate that less that 4 percent of power-related problems would be addressed by such devices. Thus even networks and computer systems that are well protected by UPS and surge protectors are at serious risk.

“Power problems caused by small surges, spikes and sags in the electricity supply can wreak havoc on computer or networking equipment,” says Bahram Mechanic, CEO of SmartPower Systems (www.smartpowersystems.com), a maker of power conditioning equipment. “Servers, workstations and networking gear are best protected by using transformer-based filters. Whereas old style power conditioners were large and expensive, a new breed of inexpensive electronic power conditioner is being deployed today in the computer room.”

Two major studies of power quality have been completed in recent years. The first one, by Bell Labs, found the following areas accounted for most power-related issues:
· Blackouts – 1.4%
· Surges higher than 200 volts – 2.4%
· Sags – 14%
· Surges less than 200 volts – 82.2%.

These results are confirmed by a similar study performed by IBM, which found:
· Blackouts – 0.5%
· Surges higher than 200 volts – 2%
· Sags – 10%
· Surges less than 200 volts – 87.5%

As the two studies demonstrate, blackouts and large surges account for less than 5 percent of all power problems. The other 80 to 90 percent of all surges under 200 volts are usually not disastrous, but generate all kinds of mischief, consume end user time, result in data loss and generate a torrent of help desk traffic.

Protection Options

Surge Protectors
Surge suppressors or surge protectors are relatively inexpensive and offer excellent protection against catastrophic high-voltage spikes. However, they fail to handle the relatively small over and under-voltages that occur.

UPS is a backup power supply used when the main electrical feed has failed or drops to an unacceptable voltage level. UPS should clearly be part of any power protection strategy. However, blackouts comprise only one percent of power quality situations.

Isolation Transformers
Isolation transformers (line conditioners) have gained popularity recently. These devices filter out high and low voltage spikes. Unfortunately, they are heavier and more expensive (approximately $1000 per unit with adequate server protection) than modern alternatives.

Transformer-Based Filtering (ElectronicPower Conditioner)
Recent technological advancements in power conditioning have yielded devices that provide “computer grade” power at the same price as surge protectors and a fraction of the price and size of isolation transformers. Known as transformer based filtering (TBF) devices, the latest circuits include transistors, thyristors, capacitors, and relays in tandem with a small transformer.

TBF power conditioner units provide basic protection against massive spikes up to 6000 volts as well as small spikes and surges. In addition, they constantly monitor the line power. If voltage goes too high for more than 5 cycles (80 milliseconds), the TBF power conditioner cuts the power to prevent damage.

SmartPower Systems (www.smartpowersystems.com) offers a wide range of UPS with TBF products. For those with UPS already, a TBF power conditioner (model Smart Cord) can be added inexpensively.

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