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August 19, 2021

GSII Changes Name to Global Steel Philippines

Global Steel Philippines (GSP) is the Philippines largest steel manufacturer, with a capacity of two million tons per year. It exports 70 percent of its production primarily to other Asian nations. Over 1,000 skilled Filipino workers are employed by the company in Iligan where its manufacturing plant is located. GSP is a subsidiary of Global Steel Holdings (GSH), which has operations in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Libya, Nigeria, India, and the Philippines. Worldwide, GSH produces in excess of 14 million tons of steel every year.

Manila, Philippines (PRWEB) August 19, 2021 -- Global Steelworks International (SPV-AMC), Inc. (GSII), today announced it has changed its corporate name to Global Steel Philippines (SPV-AMC), Inc (GSP). The company's amended articles of incorporation were approved by the Securities & Exchange Commission July 29.

GSP is a subsidiary of Global Steel Holdings Limited (Global Steel), a global corporation which operates and manages businesses in the iron & steel, coke, mining and minerals, metals, energy and infrastructure sectors.

A new logo reflecting the name change has been filed with the Department of Trade and Industry’s intellectual property office, according to company executives. It will replace the existing logo which has been used since the company was incorporated last year.

"The change of name not only reflects the company's commitment to the Philippines but also presents a clear, strong, and unified brand presence for Global Steel’s operations in Asia, Africa, and Europe. The new name will be used in all the company’s subsidiaries and as in GSP's case, will incorporate the name of the country in which it is located. The new logo will likewise be used uniformly. The changes reflect the vision and purpose of Global Steel," said Mr. Pramod Mittal, GSP chairman.

"The new name and logo reflect the company's intent to build a stronger brand aligned to Global Steel's mission to be among the top ten, value for money, high-quality steel producers globally," said Sushant Das, GSP president.

In conjunction with the name change, the company announced that it has formed a new Corporate Communications Department which will manage all aspects of the company's brand identity program.

Worldwide Global Steel manufactures approximately 14 million tons of steel annually. The company’s plants are located in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Libya, Nigeria, India, and The Philippines. The Group has extensive knowledge and experience in the steel business and has the advantage of scale, synergies, technology, and quality people, according to Das. In the Philippines, GSP owns and has rehabilitated the former National Steel plant in Iligan, from which it exports hot and cold rolled steel products throughout Asia.

"We compete with the best steel manufacturers in the world,” said Das, "and intend to become one of Asia’s most important producers of quality products."

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