August 24, 2021

EPA Recognizes For Atlanta Assembly Plant's Environmental Efforts

Ford Atlanta Assembly Plant is the first automotive OEM recognized by the EPA in its National Environmental Performance Track program for protecting the environment and public health.
Ford Atlanta Assembly Plant has committed to reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by more than 24 tons and water usage by nearly 14 million gallons.

DEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 24 – The Environmental Protection Agency Wednesday recognized Ford Motor Company’s Atlanta Assembly Plant for exceeding regulatory requirements, working closely with the community and excelling in protecting the environment and public health as part of the EPA’s Performance Track program.

According to EPA Regional Administrator James I. Palmer, JR., "The EPA is delighted that Ford has become a member of our national Performance Track Program. As Regional Administrator for the eight southeastern states in EPA Region 4, I am especially pleased that the Atlanta Assembly Plant was selected for this distinct recognition. This is a tremendous and exciting accomplishment, and I look forward to working with Ford to bring its other manufacturing and distribution facilities into the Performance Track Program."

Performance Track is a voluntary program designed to encourage pollution prevention at the source. Ford’s Atlanta Assembly Plant submitted its application in April 2005 and has committed to reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by more than 24 tons and water usage by nearly 14 million gallons. It is the first of Ford's facilities to join the program. Consideration will be given for additional plant participation.

“It is rewarding to have the Atlanta Assembly Plant's hard work and commitment to the environment recognized by the EPA. We are proud of the level of environmental awareness and responsibility shown by the men and women of Ford Motor Company,” said Sue Cischke, vice president Environmental and Safety Engineering.

According to the EPA, since the program's inception in June 2000, Performance Track membership has produced solid environmental results. To date, Performance Track members have collectively reduced their water use by 1.3 billion gallons and their generation of solid waste by nearly 600,000 tons. They have also increased their use of reused or recycled materials by nearly 77,000 tons, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 67,000 tons of carbon dioxide. You can read more about Performance Track at

Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn , Mich. , manufactures and distributes automobiles in 200 markets across six continents. With nearly 325,000 employees and 110 plants worldwide, the company’s core and affiliated automotive brands include Aston Martin, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln , Mazda, Mercury and Volvo. Its automotive-related services include Ford Motor Credit Company and Hertz. For more information regarding Ford's products, please visit

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August 15, 2021

Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire Announces New Addition To Blizzak Family Of Winter Tires

Nashville, Tenn. (August 15, 2021) - Does severe winter weather keep you trapped indoors? Not anymore. Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC (BFNT) has announced the newest member of the Blizzak family of winter tires, the Bridgestone® Blizzak™ Revo1 with UNI-T® Technology. The Blizzak Revo1 tires are designed for severe ice or snow conditions and allow a solid grip on wet and dry roads.

The tire contains Tube Multicell compound, which greatly improves the tire’s ice performance in most slippery conditions. Bite particles embedded in the Tube Multicell compound help grab the ice while the Tube Multicell compound cuts through and disperses the water. A cross-riblet surface provides ice traction for a new tire until the Tube Multicell compound is exposed.

Zigzag sipes contribute to upgraded traction on ice through drainage and edge effect, and 3D sipes improve dry performance while maintaining snow, ice and wet traction.

The Blizzak Revo1 is available in 11 Q-speed rated sizes and has a non-directional tread design for the 65-60 series and a directional tread design for the 55-45 series.

The new sizes, and their popular 2005 vehicle fitments, are:

Size Popular 2005 Vehicle Fitment

185/65R15 88 Q
Toyota Corolla CE(03-05), Prius(04-05)

195/65R15 91 Q
VW Golf (05)/Passat GL(05), Volvo S60(01-05)/V70 2.4(02-05), Chrysler PT Cruiser(01-05), Honda Accord DX(03-05), Mazda 3(04-05), Pontiac Sunfire(05), Toyota Corolla LE(04-05)/S(03-05)

205/65R15 94 Q
Chevrolet Malibu(04-05), Chrysler Sebring(05), Honda Accord LX(03-05), Hyundai Sonata(03-05), Pontiac Grand Am SE(04-05), Toyota Camry LE(00-05)/Solara SE(05)

195/60R15 88 Q
Hyundai Elantra GLS/GT(03-05), Chevrolet Cobalt(05), Ford Focus(05), Honda Civic EX/LX(04-05), KIA Spectra(05), Nissan Sentra 1.8(05), Saturn ION2(03-05), Toyota Celica GT(00-05)

215/65R16 98 Q
Ford Mustang V6 Deluxe(05), Toyota Sienna CE/LE/XLE(04-05), Hyundai Tucson(05), Chrysler Town & Country Limited/Touring(03-05), Dodge Grand Caravan(03-05), Volvo XC70(03-05)

215/60R16 95 Q
Mazda MPV LX(03-05), Chevrolet Malibu LT(04-05), Ford Taurus(02-05), Honda Accord Hybrid(05), Lexus ES300(04-05)/GS300(96-05), Mercury Sable GS/LS(01-05), Nissan Altima 2.5(05), Pontiac G6(05), Toyota Camry XLE(02-05), Solara SLE(04-05), Subaru Forester(03-05)

205/60R16 92 Q
Chrysler Sebring(05), Dodge Stratus(03-05), Honda Accord EX(03-05)/LX(03-05), Hyundai Sonata GLS/LX(02-05)/XG350(02-05), Mazda 6(04-05), Suzuki Verona LX/EX(05)

225/60R16 98 Q
Buick Century(05)/LaCrosse CX/CXL(05), LeSabre Celebration Edition(05)/Park Avenue Prestige package (04-05), Cadillac Deville(96-05)/DHS(00-05), Chevrolet Impala(00-05), Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS(01-05)/LT(05), Ford Crown Victoria(03-05), Mercury Grand Marquis GS(04-05)/LS(05), Pontiac Bonneville SE(04-05), Pontiac Grand Prix(05), Subaru Outback 2.5(05), Ford Freestar S/SE(04-05), Kia Amanti(04-05)

205/55R16 91 Q
BMW 325(01-05), Mercedes C240/320(01-05), VW GTi 1.8(02-05)/New Beetle(01-05)/Passat(05), Volvo S40 2.4/T5(05)/V50(05)/V70 2.5T(04-05), Acura RSX(02-05), Chevrolet Cavalier(04-05)/Cobalt LS/LT(05), Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible/Limited Platinum Edition(05), Honda Civic Si(04-05), Hyundai Tiburon(03-05), Lexus IS300, Mazda 3(04-05), Mitsubishi Eclipse(01-05), Pontiac Sunfire(05)/Vibe(03-05), SAAB 9-2X(05), Saturn ION3(03-05), Subaru Impreza RS/WRX(05)/Legacy 2.5(05), Toyota Matrix XR(03-05)

215/55R16 93 Q
Saturn L300(05), Audi A4 1.8T(03-05)/3.0 (02-05), SAAB 9-3(03-05),/9-5 2.3(05), Volvo S60 2.5(05)/S80 2.5(05)

225/45R17 91 Q
Audi TT(03-05), Jaguar X(02-05), Mercedes C230 Kompressor(05)/C320 Sport(04-05)/CLK500(05), AMG C55/CLK55/SLK55(05), Subaru Impreza WRX STi(04-05)

UNI-T is an acronym for “Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology” found only in Bridgestone, Firestone, Dayton and select associate brand tires. One of its core technologies is a Computer Optimized Component System, CO·CS, which uses a super computer to help determine an ideal combination of tread design, casing shape, materials and construction for a particular application. The use of L.L. Carbon, or Long Link Carbon, an advanced form of carbon black, produces a stronger tire, better able to resist cracking, chipping, tearing and excessive wear.

About Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC:
Nashville-based Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas Holding, Inc., whose parent company, Bridgestone Corporation, is the world's largest tire and rubber company. BFNT develops, manufactures and markets Bridgestone, Firestone and associate and private brand tires. The company is focused on wholesale and original equipment markets, supplying passenger, light truck, commercial vehicle, off-road, motorcycle, agricultural and other tires to its customers in North America.

For downloadable images of the tire, please visit:

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July 28, 2021

Honda Achieves Record Global Auto Production for First Six Months of 2005

TOKYO, Japan, July 28, 2005– Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced automobile production, Japanese domestic sales and export results for the month of June and the first six months of 2005. Honda set an all-time record during the first six months of the year with worldwide auto production of more than 1.73 million units as well as overseas production of more than 1.07 million units.

Domestic production increased 2.1% in June compared to the same month a year ago, while the total for the first six months of the year increased 7.9% from the same period a year ago. Overseas production had a major increase of 21.3% in June due mainly to increased production in the North America (up 25.3%) and Asia/Oceania (up 17.5%) regions. This is the ninth consecutive year (dating back to 1997) in which overseas production for the first half of the year increased compared to the previous year. Significantly, Honda set all-time June and 6-month records for both overseas and worldwide production. Moreover, production in Asia and North America for the first six months of 2005, also achieved all-time highs with 252,200 units and 688,131 units, respectively.

Total domestic sales for the month of June achieved a significant increase of 21.4%, while sales in the first half of the year were down slightly by 1.1%. Strong sales of the just introduced all-new Step Wagon (Step WGN) and all-new Airwave were key contributors to the increased sales in June. The Honda Life was Honda’s best-selling car for the first half of 2005, with sales of 74,195 units. The Fit and Step WGN, with sales of 68,049 and 38,167 units, respectively, were Honda’s second and third best-selling models. Odyssey remains strong and ranked as the fourth best-selling model with sales of 35,610 units. In addition, the all-new Airwave compact station wagon, introduced in April, ranked as the fifth best-selling model with sales of 13,502 units.

Total exports in June increased 4.4% compared to the same month a year ago, exceeding the previous year’s record for the tenth consecutive month, while total exports for the first half of the year increased by 13%, exceeding the previous year’s record for the fourth consecutive year. Strong sales of the Acura RL and Accord Hybrid in North America, as well as Jazz and FR-V in Europe, contributed to the overall increase in exports.


PRODUCTION June 2005 Year-to-Date Total
(Jan-June 2005) *1st Quarter
Fiscal Year 2006
Units vs.6/04 Units vs.2004 Units vs.2005
(CBU+CKD) 111,071 +2.1% 652,824 +7.9% 304,615 +6.9%
(CBU only) 192,640 +21.3% 1,078,009 +12.9% 553,546 +15.7%
Worldwide Total 303,711 +13.5% 1,730,833 +11.0% 858,161 +12.4%
*(April/01/2005 - June/30/2005)

OVERSEAS PRODUCTION June 2005 Year-to-Date Total
(Jan-June 2005) *1st Quarter
Fiscal Year 2006
Units vs.6/04 Units vs.2004 Units vs.2005
North America 119,001 +25.3% 688,131 +11.7% 345,844 +16.1%
(USA only) 81,932 +30.2% 473,284 +16.7% 237,910 +21.9%
Europe 15,968 +8.4% 97,276 -2.4% 48,366 +3.1%
Asia 49,725 +17.5% 252,200 +24.2% 137,052 +20.4%
Others 7,946 +18.3% 40,402 +11.9% 22,284 +13.7%
Overseas Total 192,640 +21.3% 1,078,009 +12.9% 553,546 +15.7%
*(April/01/2005 - June/30/2005)

SALES (JAPAN) Vehicle type June 2005 Year-to-Date Total
(Jan-June 2005) *1st Quarter
Fiscal Year 2006
Units vs.6/04 Units vs.2004 Units vs.2005
Passenger Cars
& Light Trucks 46,036 +28.1% 231,745 -1.9% 110,577 +12.4%
(Imports) 585 -20.2% 3,220 -37.5% 1,534 -29.5%
Mini Vehicles 24,112 +10.3% 134,387 +0.5% 66,995 +17.6%
Honda Brand Total 70,148 +21.4% 366,132 -1.1% 177,572 +14.3%
*(April/01/2005 - June/30/2005)

EXPORTS June 2005 Year-to-Date Total
(Jan-June 2005) *1st Quarter
Fiscal Year 2006
Units vs.6/04 Units vs.2004 Units vs.2005
North America 24,533 +1.6% 139,760 +13.5% 66,051 +7.3%
(USA only) 22,727 +2.5% 124,967 +11.3% 59,544 +4.5%
Europe 11,282 +23.5% 76,110 +11.4% 39,709 +23.5%
Asia 1,200 -51.8% 8,761 +4.4% 4,097 -23.0%
Others 10,014 +7.9% 55,953 +15.4% 31,036 +16.0%
Overseas Total 47,029 +4.4% 280,584 +13.0% 140,893 +12.0%
*(April/01/2005 - June/30/2005)

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May 16, 2022

Dorman Distributes Quick Disconnect Poster to Automotive Aftermarket

May 16, 2022 Colmar, PA – Dorman today announced the distribution of more than 300,000 Quick Disconnect Reference Posters to Automotive Parts Distributors and Service Dealers throughout North America. The poster serves as a visual reference guide for its market leading coolant, fuel, and transmission connectors and is designed to help Distributors and Service Dealers identify and order the connectors by part number.

The poster (Dorman # 2500000) was distributed in Counterman magazine in April and will be inserted into the May editions of Brake and Front End, Underhood Service, ImportCar, Tire Review, and Tomorrow’s Technician magazines. Additional Dorman OE Solutions product categories such as 100% NEW Brake Calipers, Intake Manifold Kits, Air Intake Hoses, and Air Bag Clock Springs are also highlighted to reinforce the availability of these products in the Automotive Aftermarket.

“We have had a great response to the poster,” stated Bill Hanvey, Vice President of Marketing. “Our goal is two-fold, we first want to make the Quick Disconnect transaction easier between the Service Dealer and the Parts Store by allowing both to see what the part looks like, and be able to identify that part by number over the phone. Our second objective is to constantly reinforce awareness of the new product categories that we have introduced to the Aftermarket.”

The Dorman fuel line repair kit (Dorman part # 800-300) is also prominently featured on the poster that allows Distributors and Service Dealers to replicate entire fuel lines or repair broken sections. David Cimbolo, the Product Manager responsible for the fuel line repair kit said, “Our kit features a patent pending tool and all the connectors needed to do a professional fuel line repair. By having the kit in stock, service dealers can save countless hours of labor and it eliminate the need to go to the OE dealer for a pre-fabricated line.”

To order a copy of the Quick Disconnect Poster please e-mail [email protected] or call our customer service department at 1-800-523-2492. The poster can also be viewed on our web site when you visit us at Dorman is a Division of R&B;, Inc. (NASDAQ:RBIN), and its web site can be accessed at

Contact: Bill Hanvey
VP Marketing, Motormite/Dorman
(215) 997-1800 ext. 5111
[email protected]

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June 28, 2021

Intuit Launches Corporate Real Estate Solution

Company Demonstrates the Power of Customer-Driven Invention By Teaming With Goodyear

CLEVELAND, Ohio - June 28, 2021 - Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU) today announced the availability of CRE Manager, an end-to-end real estate management solution designed to help corporations maximize profitability by reducing their real estate operating costs. As part of its entry into the market, the company also announced it has teamed with its client, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, who will play an instrumental role in shaping the direction of the product.
Distinct from other solutions, CRE Manager is designed to integrate the entire corporate real estate lifecycle from site selection to site disposition.

"Real estate is typically the second-largest expense category for large corporations, which are under tremendous pressure to reduce costs and increase operating productivity," said Robert C. Ballou, president of MRI Real Estate Solutions, operated by a wholly owned subsidiary of Intuit Inc. "The combination of our 30-year history in the real estate industry, and Goodyear's vast experience as a corporate, industrial and retail tenant gives us insight into the challenges facing corporate real estate managers. Our collective experience has resulted in a highly functional and easy-to-use product that seeks to improve the management of expenses throughout the entire real estate lifecycle."

"We currently use multiple systems to administer our real estate portfolio and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Intuit for the development of an integrated solution to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our real estate administration processes," said Steve Mikolay, manager of real estate services for Goodyear.

Client-Driven Invention At Work
Goodyear's position as a global manufacturer and supplier, operating and managing corporate facilities, manufacturing plants, distribution centers and retail outlets, makes them the ideal team member to share best practices. This collaboration will directly impact the evolution of CRE Manager. By working closely with clients, Intuit delivers solutions that improve their return on investment by increasing operating efficiencies.

CRE Manager Addresses Corporate Real Estate Lifecycle
CRE Manager includes a diverse set of features that reduce the operating cost of corporate real estate property management, including:
End-to-end workflow engine - Enables organizations to automate and standardize all processes involved in managing their real estate assets, such as how leases are routed through a company's approval process, increasing the expediency in which decisions are made.
User roles customization - Allows users to easily tailor CRE Manager to specific roles in their organization. For example, the role page for a Lease Administrator would show budget submissions due and leases that need to be renewed.
Event management tools - Proactively alerts users to important triggers they set in the system. For example, CRE Manager will give you notice of a rent increase or when a maintenance expense exceeds a preset threshold.
Real estate administration - Provides immediate access to critical information that directly impacts a company's bottom line. For example, CRE Manager protects organizations from accidental overpayments by automatically verifying invoice totals against the original lease terms.
Single real-time database architecture - The elimination of multiple databases prevents redundant data entry and errors, resulting in accurate, current data that enables better decision-making.

CRE Manager version 1.0 is available immediately. Companies can choose from an outsourced hosted service or a "behind the firewall" enterprise software version of the corporate real estate management solution. For a demonstration of the solution or to speak to an Intuit Real Estate Solutions representative, contact (800) 321-8770, ext 56596 or visit for more information.

About MRI Real Estate Solutions
MRI Real Estate Solutions business unit is operated by Management Reports, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Intuit Inc. Acquired by Intuit Inc. in 2002 as part of the company's "Right for My Business" strategy, the company offers business management solutions to corporate real estate managers as well as the global property management industry. Offering the most flexible solutions with both outsourced hosted offerings and packaged enterprise software, MRI Real Estate Solutions strives to develop long-term successful relationships with its clients. Currently, the business has more than 4,500 clients on five continents and in 38 countries. More information can be found at

About Intuit Inc.
Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU) is a leading provider of business and financial management solutions for small- and mid-sized businesses, consumers and accounting professionals. Its flagship products and services, including QuickBooks®, Quicken® and TurboTax® software, simplify small business management and payroll processing, personal finance, and tax preparation and filing. ProSeries® and Lacerte® are Intuit's leading tax preparation software suites for professional accountants.
Founded in 1983, Intuit had annual revenue of more than $1.6 billion in its fiscal year 2003. The company has nearly 7,000 employees with major offices in 13 states across the U.S. and offices in Canada and the United Kingdom. More information can be found at

About The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Goodyear (NYSE: GT) is the world's largest tire company. The company manufactures tires, engineered rubber products and chemicals in more than 80 facilities in 28 countries. It has marketing operations in almost every country in the world. Goodyear employs approximately 86,000 people worldwide. For more information, visit

Intuit and the Intuit logo, among others, are registered trademarks and/or registered service marks of Intuit Inc. in the United States and in other countries. MRI is trademark and/or service mark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and in other countries. Other parties' trademarks or service marks are the property of their respective owners and should be treated as such.

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