March 20, 2022

Pneumatic Leaf Shafts Provide Precise Uniform Expansion and Eliminate Core Damage

Advanced technological integration of materials in Convertech's Pneumatic Leaf Shafts ensures precise expansion and a firm grip on even the most sensitive of core walls.

WHARTON, NJ (PRWEB) March 20, 2022 -- Anodized aluminum leaves provide perfectly uniform expansion and a surprisingly strong yet non-damaging grip. A simple interlocking extrusion leaf integrates seamlessly with Convertech's reliable pneumatic shaft design and provides a reliable and strong hold. This results in perfectly uniform expansion and perfect grip.

Precision delivery of expansion pressure makes this Pneumatic Leaf Shaft perfect for use with thin-walled cores. Perfect for paper, fiber or steel cores, Convertech's Pneumatic Leaf Shafts are lightweight and efficient. Light and medium duty narrow web applications, such as printing and rewinding of narrow web products, traverse winding, corrugated products, film winding and packaging products, can all benefit from Convertech Pneumatic Leaf Shafts.

Pneumatic Leaf Shafts are also available in wide web lengths up to 150 inches. Built with the same advantages as its narrow web, Pneumatic Leaf shafts Convertech ships its wide web shafts faster than competitors, usually in about two weeks.

Convertech, the leading manufacturer of expanding shafts and chucks for the converting and packaging industries, produces a full line of shaft and chuck products in diameters up to 16 inches and face lengths up to 150 inches.

For over a quarter century Convertech has been the leader in exceptionally fast lead time with superior engineering and quality built into every shaft and chuck product. With its competitors debilitating delivery time of as much as sixteen weeks, Convertech's fast delivery time of about two weeks keeps customers up and running.

You can find our more about Convertech's Pneumatic Leaf Shafts and fast delivery advantages at

Interview Contact:
Larry Taitel
Telephone: 973-328-1850

Convertech Inc.
353 Richard Mine Road
Wharton, NJ 07885
+01-973-328-1850 voice
+01-973-328-7256 fax

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February 02, 2022

The of Cary, NC Announces the Release of

Elgin, IL based L.A. Metal Polishing Works, Inc. teamed up with of Cary, NC for the creation of a new user friendly and informative website. The new website promotes their industrial metal polishing and buffing services.

(PRWEB) February 2, 2022 -- LA Metal Polishing's new industrial website was officially launched on January 31, 2005. LA Metal Polishing had no previous website and was eager to establish a presence on the internet to help promote their company to both new prospects and to existing customers. The new website features their industrial metal polishing and metal buffing capabilities.

The new website loads quickly and the visitor knows immediately what the website offers. It gives the visitor a very quick and comprehensive view of what LA Metal Polishing is all about. The website is well optimized for search engines with good content containing pertinent and highly searchable keywords for industrial metal polishing and metal buffing. It also has good geographic keywords so it will rank well on searches using geographic indicators for the greater Chicagoland area.

For more information about L.A. Metal Polishing of Chicago, please visit

For more information about industrial websites and industrial internet marketing, please visit

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Middle Easts Largest Steel Pipe Tube Manufacturing Facility Eyes North American Marketplace

Our focus is to expand into the GCC region followed by a second phase of pushing into the North American marketplace via alliances, aquisitions, and partnerships.

(PRWEB) February 2, 2022 -- ADPICOs International Director, Feisal Hammude says his company’s plans of building this enormous, modern facility are to essentially set a new standard in the Middle East Region. Over the past few years we have been quietly building and producing the largest steel mill facility in the UAE, and with our parent group will be the largest in the Middle East Region.

The aim is for a two prong approach. First a major thrust in the GCC region followed by a second phase which consists of pushing strongly and expanding into the North American marketplace. A primary focus for us is of course the U.S marketplace considered one of the largest consumers of steel in the world, quotes Feisal who was brought on board to spearhead this campaign from his previous position as VP at Salam Ogilvy Consultants an Intl North American consulting firm.

ADPICO represents a new era in steel manufacturing. Quality is what sets us apart from the rest. We believe in producing steel of the highest quality while emphasizing employee safety and care for the environment. Feisal say’s that his company aims to set a new standard in the region. The company chairman Mr. Rastami is an industry leader with a clear and concise vision of what needs to be done. The plan is devised, we have a mandate, and we are now ready to strategically execute it says Feisal.

Profile: Company has already started production from November, 2004, ADPICO’s production facilities comprise approximately 800,000 square meters at the new Mussafah industrial park in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

With production capacity of 2 million tons, ADPICO will be amongst the world’s largest producers of steel tubes, profiles and line pipes for the oil and gas sector.

ADPICO brings over thirty years of experience as a member of the Safa Group of companies. Today Safa Group has four main production facilities: Saveh Rolling, Safa Rolling (Saveh, Iran), ADPICO (Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.) and Alpha Steel (New Port Wales, U.K.).

In the past three years Safa Group has undertaken enormous expansion plans in the Middle East and Europe. By 2006 Safa’s product lines will cover the whole spectrum of products, with the ultimate production capacity of almost 13 million tons making it the world leader in the transformation of steel.

Through decades of experience we can draw on awareness and understanding of manufacturing requirements. Our mission is to deliver superior value by providing the highest quality products at the lowest production cost, utilizing the most advanced manufacturing machinery and serving clients at every level from engineering to sales in order to meet their requirements and objectives.

Feisal Hammude
Director International Sales & Marketing
2001 Twin Towers, Banyas Street
P.O Box 6236, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971-4-222-2970
Fax: +971-4-222-3307

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