June 29, 2021

New Air Compressor Design Helps Agricultural and Food Processing Industries Stay Competitive

Direct-drive air compressors allow high-output and fail safe production so American packers can stave off foreign competition.

(PRWEB) June 29, 2021 -- More a matter of survival than patriotism, general managers and operations personnel of American peeling, packaging and other food processing plants must maintain maximum product throughput, without fail, in order to stem the increasing tide of imported agricultural products. As pneumatic actuators and direct-air blasts perform the bulk of processing duties in most plants, packers find themselves turning to a new, direct-drive air compressor design to ensure maximum output and reliability.

No where else is this more the case than in the garlic industry, as garlic from China now accounts for two-thirds of the world's supply and threatens to snatch an even greater market share from American producers.

Sequoia Packing of Coalinga, California—with the second largest fresh-garlic packing capacity in the U.S.—provides an example of one peeling/packing plant that is successfully fighting back by utilizing direct-drive, industrial air compressors throughout their process to maximize output and avoid breakdowns.

"Compressors are used extensively throughout our plant," says Tony Villalobos, operations manager for Sequoia Packing. "We use the air for peeling garlic and discarding the waste; in our optical sorters to keep out unwanted cloves; in the actuators of our package sealer; and for the weight scales in our packing room."

"Up until about four years ago we had older, chain drive air compressors that kept breaking down and couldn't keep up with demand," continues Villalobos. "One broke down within a year's time, and when a compressor goes down I am out of business until the machine gets fixed. Since these models were too expensive to repair, I went out and bought a new Sullivan-Palatek unit. It had a great warranty, which impressed me. Once we used the first one, there was no doubt as to where the second air compressor was coming from. We got the other Sullivan-Palatek in 2003."

Sullivan-PalatekÒ, of Michigan City, Indiana, manufacturers a line of direct-drive rotary-screw, industrial air compressor systems that allow agricultural and food-processing industries to profit from greater reliability and energy savings in their pressurized-air operations. The increased reliability and output of this design stems from the use of larger air-end assemblies, which results in slower turning rotors that yield extended service life and higher pressure using lower horsepower. Extra efficiency results from use of a direct-drive rotary screw that eliminates unnecessary moving parts such as belts, gears and pulleys—thus reducing the parasitic losses attributed to belts (4-8% loss) and gears (3-5%).

"We run these machines pretty hard, and they stand up to it," comments Villalobos.

"There are no breakdowns. That's the important thing. I'd have no problem going out and buying another Sullivan-Palatek. In fact, right now I'm working on getting another one because we're getting so big that I need more. These air compressor systems are helping us to put China in its place."

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Digitech’s New Uni-Mux Brings Improved Technology to Door Alarms

New applications of proven techniques improve the effectiveness, installation efficiency, and the reliability of hard-wired individual unit door alarms as Digitech International introduces its Universal Multiplexer. Known as Uni-Mux, the device manages the many and various signals that bring security communication to an even more sophisticated level for property protection.

(PRWEB) June 29, 2021 -- “Individual Unit Door Alarms still rank as one of the most appealing amenities that customers look for in evaluating which neighborhood storage store they will chose to give their business, according to various industry surveys,” says Steve Cooper, Director of Marketing for Digitech, a premier security vendor to the self-storage industry. “The good news is that Uni-Mux will make installation of a hard-wired door alarm system easier and quicker than ever. The better news is that it will cost considerably less than any other version on the market. In addition, the device will act as a host for many other control functions that can be programmed into Digitech’s System Controller for the input/output and data driven switching that fit within the software’s capabilities.”

Featuring the latest techniques in manufacturing efficiency, board-based optical isolation as a circuit safeguard, an on board testing and diagnostic aid with a 4 x 20-character LCD, and telephone-style connectors; the device will increase installation efficiency significantly, according to Digitech. “Our engineers worked long and hard to combine the design of the device and available installation techniques and materials that take advantage of the latest technology,” says Cooper. The device also features the option to include alarms in sections of 22, 44, 66, 88, and 110 units, the most in the industry per device, which adds cost-saving options to system planning. “With the new design, installers will be using accepted industry practices that will shorten the learning curve and make the installation easier overall.”

Digitech’s Uni-Mux is in full production and is available now for use in configuring the access control and security systems that provide property protection and make management’s job easier. “The various plug-in units will help site planners use Digitech’s electronics for lighting controls, elevator control circuits, and other data-driven security components manufactured specifically for the self-storage industry,” concludes Cooper. “Our staff will be working with architects, site engineers, and owners to create the best possible scenarios in today’s world of security challenges.”

Digitech manufactures its World Class Security Solutions for distribution through a network of independent factory-trained resellers and installers. The company can be contacted through its web site at www.digitech-intl.com or toll-free at 800.523.9504.

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Sensaphone® Offers Remote Monitoring and Alarm Notification Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

Leading manufacturer of remote monitoring and alarm notification systems announces availability of products for pharmaceutical manufacturing applications

Aston, PA (PRWEB) June 29, 2021 -- Sensaphone®, a pioneer in the design and development of remote monitoring systems for businesses and industry, announces the availability of remote monitoring and alarm notification solutions for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

The Sensaphone line of systems remotely monitors environmental conditions and process parameters critical to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, including power, temperature, humidity, flow rates, timers, and more. The system also detects unwanted water on the floor.

When unfavorable or dangerous conditions exist, the Sensaphone system automatically issues alarm notifications through custom voice messages, alphanumeric pages, and text messaging.

About the Sensaphone Product Line
Sensaphone’s technology includes the latest in remote alarm notification, flexible programming capabilities, and voice alarms. There is a Sensaphone model for any manufacturing or industrial requirement. The Sensaphone product line includes:

· Sensaphone SCADA 3000 – the first low-cost, integrated SCADA monitoring & control system. It features both Ladder Logic and C-programming capabilities; flexible communication capabilities; and data logging; and it is expandable up to 144 I/O points. Ideal for the most demanding of applications.

· Sensaphone 2000 – features eight universally configurable inputs and data logging for advanced monitoring needs.

· Sensaphone 1104 and Sensaphone 1108 – monitor power, temperature, and other important conditions in controlled environments and processes. The most popular Sensaphone in use today offers a cost-effective and efficient method of monitoring.

Other Sensaphone remote monitoring and alarm notification systems include the STATIONSitter™, designed exclusively for the water and wastewater industry, and the FarmSitter™, designed to protect agricultural facilities.

About Sensaphone
Sensaphone stands at the forefront of remote monitor and control solution design, setting industry standards for advancements in technology. The Sensaphone family of products provides a comprehensive line of feature-rich, flexible technology for monitoring equipment, safeguarding property, and reporting critical data. Sensaphone serves a broad range of applications/industries, including telecommunications, information technology, oil and gas, water/wastewater, HVAC & refrigeration, science/health labs, agriculture, greenhouses, and vacation homes. For information, call toll free 877-373-2700 or visit www.sensaphone.com.

Sensaphone® is a registered trademark of Phonetics, Inc. d.b.a. Sensaphone

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June 28, 2021

Arco Electronics Offers Full Line of Ceramic Disc Capacitors

Arco Electronics manufacturers and delivers full line of capacitors that meet the highest industry standards.

Camarillo, CA (PRWEB) June 28, 2021 -- Arco Electronics, an industry leader of passive components, announced today it is distributing its full line of ceramic disc capacitors. The full line of ceramic disc capacitors meet the highest standards achievable in today's circuits and tomorrow's state-of-the-art products. Arco Electronics boasts the widest variety of ceramic disc capacitors available from a single manufacturer.

“Our recent move to a larger facility has enabled us to manufacture and distribute a wider variety of products,” said John Drake, CEO, Arco Electronics. “We are proud to offer the ability to deliver our ceramic disc capacitors with next day delivery to virtually anywhere in the world.”

Arco Electronic’s ceramic disc capacitors are typically used for the development of electronic toys and games, intercom radios and musical instruments. A necessary component for each of these industries, Arco Electronic’s capabilities enable manufacturers of these products the ability to meet the needs of their customers.

Arco Electronic’s ceramic disc capacitors are designed to exhibit a level of performance and reliability well above industry standards. Reliable performance is built into each capacitor through the use of proper dielectric formulation, precise preparation of the conductive pastes, automated manufacturing and strict process control.

About Arco Electronics
Based in Camarillo, California, Arco Electronics has been a leading manufacturer of passive components for over 50 years. Able to offer same-day service and delivery, Arco Electronics prides itself in the highest customer service capabilities. Arco Electronics currently manufactures a full line of mica capacitors, chip mica capacitors, ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, polyester and metallized polyester film capacitors, and band pass filters for Bluetooth, LAN, WAN, GPS and other applications.

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May 25, 2021

Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Elscint Vibratory Bowl Feeders are the most reliable, low cost and long lasting Vibratory Parts Feeders avialable

(PRWEB) May 25, 2021 -- Elscint Automation, the leading ISO 9001 (RWTUV Certified) certified Vibratory Bowl Feeder manufacturer from India manufactures 5 models of Vibratory Bowl Feeders, i.e. 100, 160, 250, 400 and 630. The Elscint Vibratory Bowl Feeders are having CE Marking, thus conforming to the stringent European Safety Norms for Machinery Safety, Low Voltage Directive as well as the Electro Magnetic Compatibility.

Bowls: The Bowls have many distinct tooling features built into the basic bowl designs, with tracks varying in width and shape to accommodate different types of components. These inherent features of the bowl are of great assistance, when bowl tooling is being developed to fulfill a specific tooling application. The Bowls are made in either Cast Aluminum or Stainless Steel. In Stainless Steel various types of Bowls are available like Conical, Step Design, Cylindrical and Outside Taper Bowl.

Drive: All drive units are correctly engineered to give stable performance at high speed with minimum maintenance. Totally Encapsulated Type coils with adequate power for particular models, are used. A removable Guard / Cover is provided for safety. All Drive Units are for FULL WAVE Operation and hence the energy consumption of Elscint Vibratory Drive Units is 40% less than its competitors who offer HALF WAVE Operation.

Control Unit: Every drive unit is supplied with separate control box, with which, it is possible to control the speed of the feeder infinitely. Standard units are suitable for electrical supply of 230 volts, 50 Hz. Soft Start controllers are available. In case of requirement, units suitable for 110 V / 60 Hz can also be offered.

Accessories: Elscint offer various types of stands, X-Y Tables, Z Adjustments, Hoppers, Level Controllers, Silos and Sensors for all the models. This makes Elscint the one stop solution for your complete part feeding needs.

Application: Elscint Vibratory Bowls are suitable for feeding components for subsequent operations on special machines in cosmetic, electrical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, optical, bearing and many other industries.

The components can be plastic caps, spouts, capsules and electrical connectors, bearings as well as heavy parts such as anchor bolts, bearing races and metal sockets. Even oily parts!

Durability and performance are guaranteed due to our extensive in-house testing. Elscint offers total design, tooling, and manufacturing services for custom Vibratory Feeders.

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May 18, 2021

Acnodes Introduces New Sun Compatible 1U Rackmount Monitor Keyboard Drawer

17/19-inch 1U Rackmount Monitor Keyboard Drawer - LCD monitor supporting resolutions 1280x1024 and 1152x900, 101-keys keyboard with built-in Sun keys and 3-buttons track ball. Available for 8/16 port USB KVM switch.

(PRWEB) May 18, 2021 -- Walnut, CA based Acnodes Corp. today introduced a new line of 1U rackmountable drawers with monitor, keyboard and pointer designed to be compatible with Sun computers.

The keyboards have Sun layouts, including special Sun keys, and feature 3-button trackballs and 10-key keypads. The LCD screens run at the Sun standard resolution of 1152 x 900.

The units are available with 17 or 19-inch LCD screens and are available with 8 or 16-port USB KVM switches. The KVM units come with 6-foot-long cables that have a proprietary connector that plugs into the KVM switch and both VGA and USB connectors at the other end that go into the video adapter.

All units come with external AC power adapters.

Additional details can be found online at:

to see another rackmount monitor keyboard drawer can be found

To discuss your special needs in your industrial computer solutions, please contact Acnodes Corporation at (909) 598-7388, via fax at (909) 598-0218. Please visit our website for this and other great products at www.acnodes.com or email us at e-mail protected from spam bots

About Acnodes:
As a quality provider of industrial computing solutions, Acnodes serves various industries in industrial control, automation, and military. Acnodes manufactures and delivers various products as rack-mount LCD monitors, monitor keyboard drawers, panel PC, or other data storage devices. Acnodes works only with well-known suppliers and validates its rigorous manufacturing process for quality and performance.

Company Information:
Name: Acnodes Corporation
Address: 20947 Currier Road Unit H
City: Walnut
State: CA
ZIP: 91789
Country: USA
Phone: 909-598-7388

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April 21, 2022

Self-cleaning Filters: A Bottom Line Boosting Alternative for Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

With the hidden, ongoing costs of disposable filter media (industrial bags and cartridges) as significant as they are, the trend in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry is now toward self-cleaning filtration with minimal need for labor.

(PRWEB) April 21, 2022 -- With the hidden, ongoing costs of disposable filter media (industrial bags and cartridges) as significant as they are, the trend in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry is now toward self-cleaning filtration with minimal need for labor.

Variations of this, such as disc-cleaned filters (DCF), and magnetically couple filters (MCF), are helping producers of fine chemical products improve profit and worker safety while reaching waste minimization goals, as operations become more efficient.

Though an up-front capital expense, manufacturers of fine chemical-based products and their engineers are now realizing the extent that self-cleaning filters add to the bottom line. To start, a self-cleaning filter system automatically cleans itself while in use, allowing:

- Single piping arrangement
- Minimal valving
- Fewer connections, instead of complex, redundant systems.

This translates into lower total system cost and reduced waste.

e-mail protected from spam bots
+1 269 323 1313.

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March 24, 2022

AMCI Releases SSI Interface Module For Rockwell Automation's CompactLogix and MicroLogix PLC

Advanced Micro Controls Inc (AMCI) releases the 7662 SSI interface module for the Rockwell Automation CompactLogix and MicroLogix PLC. The 2-channel module is the third Synchronous Serial Interface that AMCI has designed for Allen-Bradley PLCs, and benefits from years of research and development experience. Competitively priced and recognized by the Rockwell Automation Encompass program, the AMCI 7662 is considered the industry standard for SSI sensing applications.

Terryville, CT (PRWEB) March 24, 2022 -- Advanced Micro Controls Inc (AMCI), a Connecticut based industrial controls company, has released another interface module for the Rockwell Automation CompactLogix and MicroLogix PLC platform. The 7662 module is a 2-channel Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI), widely used to connect intelligent SSI sensors to industrial automation systems.

“This module is easily configured for a variety of sensors and their unique data interface requirements,” explained Dave Johnston, an AMCI sales representative. This module compliments the family of SSI and resolver interface modules already available for all the other Allen-Bradley PLC systems.

Leveraging over eighteen years of experience in the design, development, and manufacturing of automation controls, AMCI boasts one of the industry's most comprehensive offerings of PLC module solutions for position sensing, high-speed output control, and stepper motor control.

AMCI is also partnering with Rockwell Automation in their esteemed Encompass program to advance the marketing and sales opportunities for the 7662 product. The Encompass program provides any Rockwell Automation customer a quick and concise way to locate compatible products that offer unique automation solutions.

In addition to SSI applications, AMCI also specializes in resolver interfaces and resolver-based limit switch controls. "Industrial automation customers who require heavy-duty rotary position sensors and interfaces, look to our complete line of brushless resolvers and resolver transducers. Manufactured in popular industry standard sizes, at competitive prices, AMCI offers one of the largest selections of resolver sensors available on today’s market. By designing and manufacturing our own resolver electronic interfaces and resolver-based electronic limit switches, AMCI has earned the trust and respect of Machine Builders and System Integrators - we are expert on everything resolver" explained Matt Tellier, sales engineer.

The SSI interface products that AMCI designs and manufactures are available for today's most popular PLC systems, including plug-in modules for Allen-Bradley, GE Fanuc, and Modicon. Customers requiring an SSI interface for their industrial networks can explore AMCI's NEXUS solution; a network ready unit that can be configured for EtherNet IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, or Profibus communication.

Beyond manufacturing the specialized PLC module products, AMCI sales technicians provide every customer with the guidance and consulting necessary to confidently specify any of their control products. Customers interested in PLC interface modules, resolver sensors, resolver interfaces, and/or limit switch controllers are encouraged to speak with an AMCI representative who can walk them through the specifying process.

For additional information on AMCI and their products or pricing, visit their web site at http://www.AMCI.com or contact them by phone during regular business hours at (860) 585-1254.

Contact: Leo Brennan, PR
Telephone: (860) 585-1254 ext.114
e-mail protected from spam bots

Advanced Micro Controls Inc.
20 Gear Drive
Plymouth Industrial Park
Terryville , CT 06798 USA
Telephone: (860)-585-1254
Facsimile: (860) 584-1254

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March 17, 2022

Kulicke & Soffa Releases The New Advanced Technology (AT) Premier Stud Bumper

Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: KLIC) has just released a new advanced Stud Bumping Machine. The ATPremier offers many technology advancements specifically designed for the growing flip chip market.

(PRWEB) March 17, 2022 -- “Many of our global customers have been asking for greater stud bumping speed, lower impact force, and finer pitch capability, in a platform with wafer specific productivity enhancements,” states Christian Rheault, K&S; Vice President, IC Ball Bonders. “The new ATPremier delivers them all.”

Using new hardware and software technology, this next generation, high-speed stud bumper provides greatly reduced cost-of-ownership compared to existing stud bumping products. Offering the fastest bumping speeds in the market along with the smallest footprint, ATPremier maximizes the use of resources and clean room space. Currently, the ATPremier bonds 36 standard bumps/second at 60 µm pitch. This represents an 87% speed improvement over our previous platform the Wafer Pro Plus. As stud bumping does not require under bump metallurgy, bonding can be performed in a single step. Competing technologies use many process steps to bump a wafer.

Customers will see cost savings using the new Wafer-Mapping interface by bonding only known good die. Current practices process the entire wafer, consuming materials and time on chips that are known to be bad from previous testing steps. Developing programs for the machine is shorter than ever with Step-and-Repeat teaching. This keeps the bonder producing product, rather than teaching programs.

Jack Belani, Senior Vice President of K&S;’ Wire Bonding Division and
Corporate Marketing, explains, “The quantum leap in productivity offered by ATPremier takes K&S; to a whole new plateau, enabling greater range of applications that were previously limited to more expensive flip chip interconnect. We are very excited about this revolutionary higher bump speed capability and plan to target new market segments for our stud bumper.”

The new ATPremier Stud Bumper will be engaged in customer qualifications in April, and will be ready for production shipments by June 2005. For more data on the new K&S; Stud Bumper, visit our web site at: http://www.kns.com/Templates/showpage.asp?TMID=164&FID;=277&PID;=3298

About K&S;
Kulicke & Soffa (NASDAQ: KLIC) is the world's leading supplier of semiconductor wire bonding assembly equipment. K&S; is the only major supplier to the semiconductor assembly industry that provides customers with semiconductor wire bonding equipment along with the complementing packaging materials and test interconnect products that actually contact the surface of the customer's semiconductor devices. The ability to control all of these assembly related products is unique to Kulicke & Soffa, and allows us to develop system solutions to the new technology challenges inherent in assembling and packaging next-generation semiconductor devices. Test interconnect products include a variety of wafer probe cards, ATE interface assemblies, and ATE boards for wafer testing, as well as test sockets for all types of packaged semiconductor devices. Kulicke & Soffa's web site address is http://www.kns.com

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Trim Technologies LLC Introduces a New Green Stucco Trim System

A new breakthrough system that replaces lumber and petroleum based foam used for stucco enhancements. Faster cheaper last for the life of the stucco which is centuries

Santa Maria, CA (PRWEB) March 17, 2022 -- Dan Rodlin, founder of Trim Technologies, LLC, has invented a system that replaces the need for lumber and petroleum based foam used for stucco enhancements. This new green technology is environmentally friendly. The system is patented and has received high ratings from a nation wide market study. Trim Technologies has truly invented a breakthrough product.

Trim Tech products are attached around windows, doors and bellybands, right after the lathing process. Portland cement Plaster is then applied to fill them out to the desired shape or style. Says Rodlin; “I have replaced 150,000 linear feet of lumber and foam in the last year in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. Anybody interested in saving time, saving money and saving the Earth, will want to learn more about Trim Tech”. The results leave a rock hard surface strong enough to stand on, and it lasts the life of the stucco which is centuries. Mike Walker, Field Supervisor for Centex Homes, says, “I like Trim Tech because I can lean a ladder against it.”

Dan Rodlin has acquired three patents over the last ten years. In 2003 he established Trim Technologies, LLC and acquired his third patent. Trim Tech is the manufacturer of this system and it’s the best available product for stucco enhancement trims.

For more information, contact Dan toll free at 866-487-4695

PO Box 6168
Santa Maria CA 93456
(805) 348-1907 phone
(805) 348-1908 fax

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March 16, 2022

Falken Industries Ltd – Clean Plus® Product Group Launches Handyman®, a New Exciting Consumer Product Line for the Do-It-Yourself Market

Falken Industries Ltd - Clean Plus® Product Group today announced the launch of its new Clean Plus® product line; Handyman®. Handyman® is targeted to the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast market.

Paris, France (PRWEB) March 16, 2022 -- This product group initially features Handyman® Heavy Duty Hand Cleansing Wipes and Handyman® Heavy Duty Pumice Hand Soap. Both products are of the highest quality and offer high performance convenience to the consumer. The Handyman® product line is represented by the mascot handyman that is featured on all packaging and promotional material. The Handyman® packaging is truly exceptional and will play an important role in the product group’s expected success.

Handyman® is targeted to be sold in Do-It-Yourself stores (DIY), marinas, garden centers, hyper markets etc.

Executive Vice President Helle Madso stated “we are currently in a strong position with our Clean Plus® Auto care line for the consumer market but feel that this line will strengthen the company’s position as a consumer goods company even further. We believe that we can sell the Handyman® products into our existing markets as well as opening completely new ones.”

The primary objective with the Handyman® product line is to meet the needs of any given domestic “handyman” who needs a product that gets the job done and values convenience and quality.

The two products currently offered are only the beginning of the Handyman® product range. Several other exciting products are in the pipeline.

About Falken Industries LTD:
Falken Industries Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer of innovative wet wipe products. Its core product group is the leading Clean Plus® brand of high performance products - www.cleanplus.com through which it ensures the development and commercialization of specialty cleaning and maintenance products for consumer and industrial applications.

Through subsidiaries in St Pierre les ElBeuf, Falken also pursues the development of its non-competing private label business which contributes materially to economies of scale in raw materials costs.

Clean Plus® Auto Care® is a recognized success by both clients and competitors due to its unique market positioning, high quality, and price advantage.

Distribution is ensured through Falken’s unique “Super Distribution” concept. Super Distribution Agreements provide large and successful distributors with a contractual exclusivity for a given geographic area and market segment.

Currently, the Clean Plus® and related product lines are sold throughout Europe in approximately 5,000 retail locations. The products are currently sold in France, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, South Africa and Turkey. The Company’s clients include: the largest distribution networks in the automotive sector, major gasoline station chains, one of the most exclusive retail auto aftermarket chains in Europe with 260 stores in six European nations; and a distribution network in the cleaning and health sectors in France. The Company regularly sells products to government agencies and a large number of national and multinational firms.

All products are sold in 11 languages and are manufactured to service the whole of the European market. Consumer products are manufactured in different editions, i.e., NE Northern European; CE Central Europe; SE Southern Europe; and the Americas.

The Clean Plus® line of products is divided into 2 segments, the consumer line and the professional line.

This press release includes statements that may constitute "forward-looking" statements, usually containing the words "believe", "estimate", "project", "expect" or similar expressions. These statements are made, to the extent relevant, pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements inherently involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements. Factors that would cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to, acceptance of the Company's current and future products and services in the marketplace, the ability of the Company to develop effective new products and receive regulatory approvals of such products, competitive factors, dependence upon third-party vendors, and other risks. By making these forward-looking statements, the Company undertakes no obligation to update these statements for revisions or changes after the date of this release.

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Plastic Cooling Towers Slash Downtime and Service Costs

An engineered-plastic cooling tower offers significant advantages over metal, providing optimum service with minimal maintenance and little or no water treatment costs.

(PRWEB) March 16, 2022 -- There is considerable science to the subject of cooling tower design and operation, but fundamentally there are three essential issues about performance are often considered by plant engineers: First, is the cooling capacity sufficient to the demands of the operation?; Second, do the towers require maintenance that is interrupting business?; and third, are the towers costing a fortune in water treatment?

To address these concerns, cooling towers have evolved significantly from the simple heat exchangers of the 1890s. Yet, only in recent years has the design advanced with the availability of corrosion-proof polyethylene-plastic cooling towers.

These new-generation plastic towers are not only leak-proof and impervious to weather and chemicals, but they are now more applicable to the majority of commercial and industrial applications because of recently expanded cooling capacities that reach and exceed 2,000 tons. These gargantuan capacities are made possible by a new modular-construction design -- where a group of smaller towers can be combined into one massive cooling unit.

Furthermore, engineered plastic towers will not rust, chip, flake, or peel -- unlike metal. Nor does engineered plastic require the application and periodic re-application of paint or other protective coatings. High-density polyethylene also stand up better to harsh chemicals that eventually prove fatal to galvanized towers.

The inherent and design advantages of the latest engineered-plastic towers also allow easier installation (especially on rooftops) because a lightweight plastic shell weighs as much as 40% less than a steel tower. Additionally, the induced-draft, counter-flow design seen in some towers allows improved cooling efficiency for the size, allowing a smaller footprint to fit where there are locating constraints.

Taken together, the design improvements offer several benefits over their metal counterparts for companies across a broad range of industries.

“When you spend $3 million on a piece of equipment, you have to be sure you can keep it working,” says Hector Bas, Maintenance Director for Aluminio del Caribe in Puerto Rico.

“We have two hydraulic extrusion presses, which are cooled by copper loops in the presses that function as heat exchangers. We must keep the hydraulic oil temperature below 130 degrees F at all times. If the oil gets too hot, we have to shut down the press. That would mean losing four hours or possibly an entire shift and it would make us push orders back, which would mean delayed shipments. It’s a domino effect.”

To meet these challenges, Aluminio del Caribe installed a Delta 200-ton plastic cooling tower in January 2001. A second unit was installed when the second press became operational in April 2002

Founded in 1971, Delta Cooling Towers (www.deltacooling.com), Inc. is a leading innovator of high-density, polyethylene plastic cooling towers. Delta offers a full line of factory assembled and modular plastic towers in capacities up to 2,000 tons for a wide range of applications. They also warrant the casing or shell for 15 years.

The reliability of the engineered-plastic cooling towers translated directly into ensured productivity.

“With a cooling tower like [Delta], you can keep going all day long,” explains Bas. “That means I can keep my production rate up. I can schedule orders without worrying about whether the press is going to overheat.”

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Leak-proof, Blowout-proof Gaskets Provide Major Savings for Utilities and Industrial Powerhouses

Major utilities and industrial power plants are adopting blowout-proof, leak-free mechanical gaskets to improve productivity while minimizing maintenance requirements.

(PRWEB) March 16, 2022 -- In the face of spiraling fuel costs as well as safety, regulatory and green issues, the power industry naturally looks to new technologies and systems integration for solutions. While utilities and industrial powerhouse engineers and maintenance supervisors focus on major power generation systems, they may overlook subassemblies, where improved technologies and products can have a substantial impact on operations.

Once such subassembly is gaskets, where failures can have expensive and even hazardous consequences. In fact, the “science” of gasket sealing is a popular subject of trade association conferences. Yet blowouts and chronic failures continue to plague utilities and industrial power plants.

Such failures give rise to a litany of related problems, ranging from loss of productivity, untimely shutdowns and dangerous leakage problems, to tedious, repetitive replacement and costly inventory of a wide variety of replacement gaskets.

“For a power utility or industrial power plant to be able to install flange gaskets and not worry about blowouts and leakage would represent a major savings of time and money,” says Wayne Boyd, a field specialist with A.W. Chesterton Company. “However, using gasket systems of the latest mechanical design, it is possible to achieve very substantial savings on maintenance and also reduce inventory investments.”

Because gasket applications involve many complex factors – application conditions, friction, materials, mechanical design, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and so on – one might suppose that a huge range of materials and configurations are necessary. However, technological advances made in the development of fighter aircraft for the U.S. Air Force have led to the design of a leak-proof mechanical gasket system that can be used with a wide thermal cycle and control range.

Using this technology to develop a leak- and blowout-proof gasket “system,” the Selco Seal produced by Sealing Corporation (www.selcoseal.com) offers inherent advantages over the traditional spiral-wound type of gasket for critical power plant applications. These include heat exchangers, steam crossovers, manways, soot blowers and many types of flanges, applications found in many utilities and industrial power systems.

“Up to 70 percent of gasket cost is in installation,” says Mel Lowry, Sealing Corporation General Manager. “By using gaskets that create leak-proof flanges and will last for years, users will enjoy very substantial gains on maintenance cost as well as productivity while eliminating potentially hazardous emissions. Plus, the ‘one-size fits all’ design also means sizable savings on inventory costs.”

OEM suppliers can realize substantial manufacturing savings and added sales by purchasing components or subassemblies based on orders for their own products. “For our operation that means very quick turnaround with a well-engineered product that can be used reliable in applications with working pressures up to 6,000 PSI,” says Robert Davenport, Vice President of Cornerstone Valve. Cornerstone Valve produces control valves for the power, oil & gas, and petrochemical sectors as well as various NASA- and Navy-related services.

“We use Selco seals in our bonnet-to-valve body seals because we can get very fast turnaround on orders,” says Davenport. “Plus, the seal design provides multiple sealing along potential leak paths, so it is very efficient and very reliable.”

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PRONTO ERP Receives Dino Sacchetti Endorsement

EndorsementAlfagomma America, Inc. (www.alfagomma.com), manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic hose assemblies for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) selected ERP (enterprise resource planning) leader PRONTO North America (www.PRONTOerp.com) to efficiently monitor the U.S. operation.

(PRWEB) March 16, 2022 -- Alfagomma America, Inc. (www.alfagomma.com), manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic hose assemblies for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) selected ERP (enterprise resource planning) leader PRONTO North America (www.PRONTOerp.com) to efficiently monitor the U.S. operation. With several other worldwide locations of Alfagomma successfully utilizing PRONTO since 2003, Alfagomma America objectively reviewed and select PRONTO-Xi based on its broad functionality for both the manufacturing and distribution markets.

Dino Sacchetti, Financial Controller and Systems Manager, insisted that, “PRONTO suits the needs of a typical Alfagomma branch, that is, a mid-size assembly or distribution operation.” Sacchetti continued, “PRONTO has continued to enhance the system over the years, both functionally and technically.” Sacchetti also noted the PRONTO competitive pricing made the decision easy.

Other benefits Alfagomma realized during the PRONTO-Xi implementation included rich functionality, flexibility, and strong integration with the Microsoft desktop tools.

PRONTO North America, based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is the North American Master Distributor of PRONTO-Xi, a comprehensive software system allowing manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to effectively manage all phases of the supply chain. Far beyond just another Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, PRONTO-Xi’s financial and distribution applications are unique and have provided maximum return on investment for a wide variety of organizations since 1976. From PRONTO Planning to PRONTO Production; from PRONTO Forecasting Management to PRONTO Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP); from PRONTO Advanced Warehousing to PRONTO Quality Management System (QMS), the cross-section and breadth of integrated elements addressed by PRONTO-Xi is unmatched in the marketplace and justifies the company’s natural leadership role as the best fully integrated business software solution for more than a quarter century. PRONTO North America is quickly emerging as the distribution sector ERP leader.

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March 14, 2022

AML Announces Integrated GSM/GPRS Radio Option for the M7100 Wireless Terminal

The M7100 wireless handheld with optional GSM/GPRS radio technology supports wireless wide area network (WWAN) data collection.

Euless, TX (PRWEB) March 14, 2022 -- AML, a leading developer and manufacturer of wired and wireless automated data collection products, today announced the availability of an integrated GSM/GPRS radio option for the AML M7100 wireless handheld terminal. The M7100 terminal with the optional GSM/GPRS wide area network radio supports access to an IP address on the Internet for instant connections to send or receive data immediately as the need arises. Potential applications for GSM/GPRS wireless wide area network technology include route accounting, delivery and other field service data collection applications.

“ AML is pleased to announce the availability of the GSM/GPRS wide area network (WWAN) radio option for the AML M7100 family of wireless handheld terminals”, said Teresa Stone, AML Director of Marketing. “The M7100 with the optional integrated GSM/GPRS radio (and customer supplied SIM card) enables mobile workers to scan data in the field and then transfer the data back to the enterprise via an IP address on the Internet. Updates are made in real-time – resulting in improved timeliness and quality of information. The M7100 with the integrated GSM/GPRS radio option is very favorably priced and can help companies of any size realize the competitive advantages of real-time data transfer in their route accounting, delivery and other field service applications.”

The M7100 wireless terminal with the WWAN GSM/GPRS radio is available for immediate shipment from AML.

AML M7100 Wireless Terminal with GSM/GPRS
To utilize M7100 GPRS technology, users will need a customer supplied SIM (Subcriber Identity Module) card issued by a cellular networks Access Provider*, knowledge of how to send and/or receive GPRS data, and an Internet address (IP address) to send and receive information through GPRS. The M7100 with the GSM/GPRS radio option supports data transfer only and does not support dual WWAN and WLAN connectivity. For additional information, call 1-800-648-4452 or visit http://amltd.com/pdf/M7100_specifications.pdf.

*This card must be installed prior to using the M7100 GSM/GPRS system.

About AML
AML is a leading manufacturer of reliable, high performance bar code and data collection products. Since 1983, AML and its partners have helped companies worldwide to optimize business efficiencies, enhance productivity, and reduce costs – in manufacturing, warehousing, retail, health care, finance, government and education. Information about AML can be found at www.amltd.com

For press information:
Teresa Stone: (800) 648-4452, Ext. 109

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March 12, 2022

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Manufacturer Julien® Inc. Expands with the Home Refinements™ Collection

Inspired by Professional Chefs - Required in Exceptional Kitchens
When people have friends over to entertain, where does everyone always end up? The Kitchen. It has become the place for friends and family to gather, socialize and nibble while preparing an amazing meal. An important part of any kitchen is the sink, and now more than ever, it must be aesthetically pleasing, equipped with all necessary accessories to make its functions easier. That is why designers, architects and kitchen specialists are recognizing and choosing models from Julien®’s Home Refinements™ Collection, a group of top-of-the-line stainless steel sinks and workstations developed exclusively for residential kitchens and entertainment areas.

Quebec City, QC (PRWEB) March 12, 2022 -- Julien®’s Home Refinements™ Collection offers sinks that are designed to make usual tasks more efficient, including special extras that make things like food preparation and cleanup easier. These functional and eye-catching sinks and workstations consist of apron and farmhouse sinks, worktop and under-mount sinks, a full service AquaCentre workstation and kitchen islands. All collections also offer coordinating accessories. Because Julien®’s heritage is based on “one of a kind” fabrication, any of the core product offerings in the Home Refinements™ Collection can be modified and designed to accommodate any size, shape and configuration.

Lloyd Leblanc, Residential Director of Sales explains the inception of the Home Refinements™ Collection, “When we set out to develop our residential product division, we had no pre-determined design agenda and did not look at existing manufacturers’ offerings as our guide. Our focus was to create a kitchen collection that was highly designed, extremely functional, and absolutely a reflection of our dedication to the craft of precision stainless steel fabrication. And because we specialize in custom fabrication, anything is possible. Architects and Kitchen Design Specialists embrace our ability to be able to say, ‘Yes, we can do that!’”

Leblanc adds, “At Julien®, we are aware that today’s savvy consumers are seeking extreme quality products for their home, and the kitchen is no exception. Our company first started out as a custom commercial manufacturer, and the same high-grade fundamentals and implementation are used in our residential division.”

Julien®’s manufacturing process has also given them a reputation as “Masters of Stainless Steel Fabrication.” Although many other companies claim to make fine stainless steel sinks, most of their sinks are “stamped” and not scored, cut and formed into sculptured bowls – and not many can boast that they only use high-quality, 16-gauge stainless steel that is hand welded and polished. These high-grade materials and attention to detail provide unparalleled distinction in design and functionality; the result is easy-maintenance, long-term value and an uncompromising quality. In fact, every sink by Julien® comes with a lifetime guarantee.

For almost sixty years, Julien® has been designing and installing kitchens for five-star resorts, universities, casinos, restaurants and sport stadiums around the world. Recognized for its high-quality professional grade commercial kitchen equipment, Julien® is an acclaimed leader in stainless steel fabrication. Their philosophy is centered on five principals: design, functionality, uniqueness, quality and customization.

Masterworks of Distinction.
Julien® has been perfecting the art of stainless steel equipment for professional kitchens around the world for almost 60 years. Several years ago, the company created an industrial division, which supplies parts and components for luxury appliance manufacturers. Two years ago, they launched the Home Refinements™ Collection, an offering of top-of-the-line kitchen sinks and accessories for custom residential kitchens.

With a 170,000 square foot production facility in Quebec City, Julien® Inc. has over 400 employees, including engineers, computer specialists, designers, technicians, welders, and polishers. Julien® products are sold in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

David Schlocker
DRS and Associates
tel. (818) 981-8210
fax. (818) 981-8220

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March 10, 2022

Hermetically Sealed Optical Window Technology by Tekna Seal and FloMet

Hermetically sealed optical window technology delivers revolutionary results - developed through a new combination of Metal Injection Molded materials coupled with superior glass to metal sealing process.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) March 10, 2022 -- http://www.teknaseal.com – Tekna Seal LLC, a custom manufacturer of glass to metal seals and ceramic to metal seals, and FloMet LLC today announce a new joint capability to make hermetically sealed optical windows using glass designed specifically for optical applications. The significance of this new process is that for the first time manufacturers of optical systems can now create hermetically sealed packages using the highest quality optical glass. The new process eliminates the compromise between the reliability of the seal or degrading the image quality due to thermal expansion mismatches between the bonded materials.

Tekna Seal’s oxide-free glass sealing process delivers improved optical windows that are used to protect cameras, photo detectors and imaging semiconductors such as CCD, CMOS and optical MEMS devices used in applications such as high definition television -HDTV. The helium leak rates of the hermetically sealed optical windows are well below current industry standards. Low leak rates are obtained using the Tekna Seal oxide-free process and provide the best protection available from contamination such as hydrocarbons or moisture thus extending the life of such optical window devices.

Until now, optical designers were faced with the choice between using substandard glass or tolerating stresses induced by the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatch between the glasses and metals available. FloMet has leveraged its ability to create custom Metal Injection Molded (MIM) feedstocks designed with a specific CTE matching the glass selected for desired optical properties. This capability, in conjunction with Tekna Seal’s oxide-free glass sealing process, allows for a wider range of glass materials to be sealed as compared to conventional glass to metal sealing processes.

“While controlled expansion alloys have been commercially available for more than 100 years, the key benefits of using MIM controlled expansion alloys are that they can be tailored to accurate and repeatable CTE specs and made in smaller batch sizes unlike conventional wrought alloys. This allows us to be flexible and responsive to the development of new material combinations for optical windows,” said Arlan Clayton, president of Tekna Seal and FloMet.

The direct glass-to-MIM seals provided by Tekna Seal and FloMet have considerable cost advantages as well as significantly lower helium leak rates when compared to conventional hermetic sealing methods. The windows are optically configured after the sealing process which, in combination with CTE matched MIM alloys, provides the absolute lowest stress joint in a true hermetically sealed window.

To find out more about Hermetically Sealed Optical Window Technology please visit http://www.teknaseal.com/optical_windows.html or contact Tekna Seal at 763-574-1613

About Tekna Seal LLC
Tekna Seal, located in Minneapolis, is a custom manufacturer of glass to metal and ceramic to metal seals used for vacuum tight electrical feedthroughs used in sensors, battery terminals, and electronic packages. A proprietary hermetic sealing process provides seals with lower leak rates than industry standards, and a wider range of material choices that can be sealed. http://www.teknaseal.com

About FloMet LLC
FloMet, headquartered in DeLand, FL, is a custom manufacturer of precision specialty alloy components utilizing their proprietary metal injection molding technology. Major markets served are orthodontal appliances, disposable medical devices, soft magnetic parts, fuel cell components, and hermetic package system hardware. www.flomet.us

The information contained within this document has been disclosed in a pending patent filed by Tekna Seal LLC with the U.S. Patent Office.

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Eco-friendly Red Ridge Fine Furniture Delivers the “Three R’s” – Rustic, Recycled, and Resort Quality

Red Ridge Fine Furniture’s distinctive offerings are a crossover breed between rustic and luxurious, which simultaneously makes a house a home, and makes that home’s interior a showpiece. Because of the furniture’s versatility and authenticity, these pieces are certain to become the treasured antiques of tomorrow. What's more, in this time of global deforestation and depletion of natural resources, Red Ridge has continued to seek out vendors who harvest either dead standing trees, use recycled barn wood, or replenish cut plantation wood. Their environmental awareness has translated into customer awareness.

(PRWEB) March 10, 2022 -- There are few furniture companies who can deliver what Michael Brill of Red Ridge Fine Furniture can: Rustic, Recycled and Resort quality. These three R’s allow the consumer to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of handmade log home type décor, in an upscale, Park City-like style. An added bonus is that a majority of his furniture uses only recycled barn wood or dead standing trees from the forest floor.

Brill’s dedication to this one of-a-kind furniture is apparent – his focus is on providing every consumer with a quality product. His distinctive offerings are a crossover breed between rustic and luxurious, which simultaneously makes a house a home, and makes that home’s interior a showpiece. From dining room tables to massive log beds – every item is handmade with an individual customer’s needs in mind. With an impeccable eye for the details, Brill incorporates leather accents and wooden carvings to add personality and rich texture.

Whether you reside in an apartment in Manhattan or a sprawling resort in the Rockies, this furniture will welcome you home each day. Red Ridge Fine Furniture’s durability and timelessness boasts a versatility and authenticity that makes these pieces certain to become the treasured antiques of tomorrow.

What's more, in this time of global deforestation and depletion of natural resources, Brill has continued to seek out vendors who harvest either dead standing trees, use recycled barn wood, or replenish cut plantation wood. His environmental awareness has translated into customer awareness, which has, in turn, helped to generate a rapidly expanding presence within the rustic furniture market.

Brill formed Red Ridge Fine Furniture in 2002, and has approximately 30 different product lines, including award winning teak and log furniture, traditional American and European lines, forged steel and hand dyed leather furniture and accessories, as well as slate and copper fountains.

To learn more about Red Ridge Fine Furniture, please contact:
Mike Brill, Owner
Phone: 847-438-3659
Fax: 847-438-4809
Website: www.redridgefurniture.com

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What’s So Amazing About the LatchTool PowerCylinder™?

The Latchtool Group Hosts Contest to Find Hot Applications for its New Force Amplifiers.

Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) March 9, 2022 -- The LatchTool Group invites experts involved in new product development to discover new and exciting uses for its PowerCylinders™, a new force amplification technology, and will award prizes for suggestions leading to commercial applications. Additionally, LatchTool plans to donate PowerCylinders™ to engineering schools pioneering applied mechatronics and research laboratories developing advanced robotics, automated systems and assist devices for the elderly and infirmed.

PowerCylinders™ are a new category of mechanical force amplifiers that leverage pounds into tons. Dr. Josh Hoyt, LatchTool’s SVP-Technology, says PowerCylinders are based on encapsulated hydraulic circuits made possible by ingeniously small check valves that permit large unrestricted fluid flows.” “We’ve got some pretty good ideas of where our technology can make a difference, but what we really want to know is where product developers and design engineers see an immediate fit.” He stresses a PowerCylinder™ “is a complete system; it requires neither hydraulic nor pneumatic service. Activate it manually or hook it up to a servo and you are set to go.”

“Who could have dreamt something as fundamental as the PowerCylinder™ would wait until the 21st century to be invented”, says LatchTool’s president, Bob McPherson. “What we are doing now is making up for lost time. Once, the early adopters realize the contributions the PowerCylinder™ can make to their field, the excitement begins.”

Contest details are available at latchtool.com along with technical descriptions, animations and a forum for communications with the company.

LatchTool Group designs and manufactures PowerCylinders™, mechanical force amplifiers with the speed and power of hydraulics. The Company also manages its portfolio of intellectual properties through active licensing.

Media Contact:
Bob McPherson
LatchTool Group

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March 09, 2022

Speedline Technologies to Highlight Leading Dispensing

Reflow and Stencil Printing Systems at SEMICON China 2005
Speedline Technologies, Asia, will highlight leading Camalot dispensing, Electrovert reflow soldering, and MPM stencil printing systems at its exhibit, in booth number 3305, throughout SEMICON China 2005

FRANKLIN, MA (PRWEB) March 9, 2022 -- Speedline Technologies, Asia, will highlight leading Camalot dispensing, Electrovert reflow soldering, and MPM stencil printing systems at its exhibit, in booth number 3305, throughout SEMICON China 2005

Speedline’s exhibit at the show – to be supported by a team of technical experts and an array of equipment demonstrations and information – will spotlight the company’s unique value to electronic manufacturers as the world leader for single source process solutions for the PCB assembly and semiconductor packaging industries.

Speedline will demonstrate its innovative Camalot XyflexPro HVB dispenser – and the system’s dramatic process improvement and cost of ownership benefits – throughout the show. The highest throughput underfill solution available, the system utilizes a proprietary, patent-pending, conveyorless material handling system, and dual dispense heads. Its typical performance is three-to-five times faster than conventional single lane systems. The system features the firm’s leading Camalot DU (Dispense Unit) pump technology, with patented positive shut-off auger technology and a continuous flow multi-piston pump with increase flow rates and improved repeatability.

Speedline will also feature its patent pending, self-cleaning Electrovert Flux Extraction System. Available on Electrovert OmniExcel lead-free capable reflow ovens, the system reduces maintenance intervals – and delivers a significant gain in uptime. The system consists of multiple, multi-stage collection units strategically located within the heating sections to continuously scrub process gas for unwanted particulates. The system automatically collects flux into easy-to-exchange jars and notifies users when maintenance is required.

Speedline will also highlight the availability of Auer Boat print processing on two of the company’s most popular stencil printers: the MPM AccuFlex and the MPM AP Excel systems. Demonstrations will be featured on the AccuFlex stencil printer.

The AccuFlex stencil printer is ideally suited for moderate volume, high-mix printing at a cost-effective price. Combining accuracy and unparalleled flexibility in a compact footprint, the printer provides only what is needed for efficient and precise printing, while offering a range of future expansion options. The system is designed for production of about 8,000 boards per week, with two or more product changeovers per shift.

The AP Excel printer – the industry’s fastest – embodies the characteristics of speed, reliability, and accuracy. Its impressive throughput, uptime, and functionality are ideal for demanding, high-volume printing applications. Its standard minimum base cycle time of 6 seconds using MPM's SpeedMax™ high-speed package is the industry’s best. With the addition of Auer boat printing capabilities, the AccuFlex and AP Excel is now poised to satisfy even more customers in the semiconductor industry.

All of the featured solutions are immediately available from Speedline distributors and representatives. For more information, visit Speedline Technologies during SEMICON China 2005 in booth number 3305, or contact Speedline Technologies Asia Pte Ltd, Shanghai Representative Office, Room 1809B Shenergy International Bldg, 1 Fu Xing Road, Central, Shanghai 200021, China, Tel: 86-21-5358 0637, Fax: 86-21-5358 0635

SEMICON China 2005 will be held March 15-17, 2005, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center - SNIEC, in Shanghai, China.

About Speedline Technologies
Speedline Technologies is the global leader in process knowledge and expertise for the PCB assembly and semiconductor industries. Based in Franklin, Massachusetts, U.S.A., the company markets five best-in-class brands — Accel microelectronics cleaning equipment; Camalot dispensing systems; Electrovert wave soldering, reflow soldering, and cleaning equipment; MPM stencil and screen printing systems; and Protect global services, support, and training solutions. Speedline was named as the “2005 Surface Mount Technology Company of the Year” by Frost & Sullivan.

For more information, visit us at http://www.speedlinetech.com, or contact us at:

USA: Speedline Technologies, 16 Forge Park, Franklin, MA 02038 USA, Tel: 1-508-520-0083, Fax: 1-508-520-2288,

Europe: Speedline Technologies GmbH, Im Gefierth 14, 63303 Dreieich, Germany, Tel: +49 (0)6103/832-0, Fax: +49(0)6103/832-299

Asia: Speedline Technologies Asia Pte Ltd, 150 Kampong Ampat, #05-08 KA Centre, Singapore 368324, Tel: 65-6286-6635, Fax: 65-6289-9411

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UV Process Supply Unveils The 375nm UV-LED Cure-All

UV Process Supply announces the next major advancement in UV curing: the release of the 375nm CON-TROL-CURE UV-LED CURE-ALL. This new, lower wavelength enables this revolutionary UV curing system to cure opaque inks utilizing an array of UV LEDs.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 9, 2022 -- UV Process Supply announces the next major advancement in UV curing: the release of the 375nm CON-TROL-CURE UV-LED CURE-ALL. This new, lower wavelength enables this revolutionary UV curing system to cure opaque inks utilizing an array of UV LEDs.

The patent-pending UV-LED Cure-All is instant on/instant off requiring no mechanical shutters, emits no heat and has a consistent output lamp life of tens of thousands of hours. The unique design allows it to be scalable so it can be sized exactly to the end user’s specifications. The extremely low energy consumption combined with the absence of costly replacement parts greatly lowers the long-term operating cost for this innovative system.

The UV-LED Cure-All is available in 5 standard configurations including 3 linear arrays (375nm, 395nm and 415nm) and 2 spot units (390nm and 415nm.) Such a wide variety of selections, including “safe UV” models, mean that there is an appropriate selection for nearly every user. All of the wavelengths, except for the new, powerful 375nm, are considered in the safe UV range for both eye and skin exposure. This key feature enables even untrained workers to take advantage of the power of UV curing, previously a risky proposition.

Since 1979, UV Process Supply has provided goods and services for the UV curing market. These products reinforce UV Process Supply’s position as the complete source for all your UV curing needs.

For more information on the UV-LED Cure-All, contact UV Process Supply at their toll-free number 800-621-1296 or 773-248-0099. UV Process Supply is also accessible via fax at 800-99FAXUV or 773-880-6647, via email at e-mail protected from spam bots, or via the internet at www.uvprocess.com

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March 07, 2022

Winegard Company Awaits Issuance Of Another US Patent For its Best Selling Off-Air Antenna, The Squareshooter™

The United States Patent Office has approved the Applied Technology for this outdoor High-Band VHF/UHF Digital/Analog/HDTV antenna system and issued a notice of allowance.

Burlington, IA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) March 7, 2022 -- Winegard Company announced today that an important step in protecting its new products and technologies has occurred in the patent process for the SquareShooter™ SS-1000 and SS-2000 series of digital Antenna Platforms. Bob Howell, Director, Distribution Systems/Off-Air Antenna Business Group for the Winegard Company said, "The formal examination is officially over for the SquareShooter and we expect issuance of the US patent this summer. The application is on its way the US patent office to be assigned a date of issuance, so we’re well on our way to getting the patent issued."

The patent will cover both the SquareShooter™ SS-1000, selected as an Honoree in the 2004 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase and the SS-2000, a more powerful version equipped with the new Winegard digital preamp, extending the SquareShooter™ range up to 40 or 50 miles away from the transmit source.

Howell continued, "The right Off-Air DTV/HDTV Antenna is now a necessity, not an accessory. Getting the best Off-Air picture starts with the choice of the best antenna for today’s reception challenges. The single largest contributing factor to successful digital antenna installation and DTV/HDTV reception today still remains the ability of the metropolitan/suburban consumer to buy an antenna that deals with multi-path or reflected signal. This is a huge issue and significant challenge for digital antenna manufactures and professional installers."

The SquareShooter antenna platforms were specifically designed for digital reception of these reflected signals. Its primary market is in metropolitan/suburban locations where line-of-sight to the transmit tower is blocked and the only signal they can receive comes from a bounced signal, such as off a building.

With the addition of the new digital preamp to the SS-2000, the SquareShooter now delivers even more reception power to the very important metropolitan/urban market. This is the biggest segment of the HDTV market and was not currently being served well by existing digital antennas until the release of the SquareShooter™ SS-1000 last year.

Howell continued, "Although only 16 inches square, The SquareShooter™ Series was specifically designed to receive and resonate VHF and UHF transmissions from reflected broadcast signals by allowing the antenna to be pointed at another reflective source to capture the reflected signals and still be able to resonate quality DTV/HDTV signals."

There is a huge need in this market for an outdoor antenna that successfully addresses these issues. The SquareShooter Series of outdoor High-Band VHF/UHF Digital/Analog/HDTV Antenna System are the only digital antenna platforms on the market today that can do it. As evidence of this, the introduction of the SquareShooter™ SS-1000 was the only time in the 50-year history of the Winegard Company that a product was pre-sold before it was available; the SquareShooter™ SS-2000 is the second. This is a true testament to the need and acceptance of these unique and innovative new antenna platform designs.

If you’d like more information about this topic, link to a SquareShooter flash file with specs, pictures, video and text testimonials on field testing and more at: http://winegard.com/offair/s2shooter/flash/squareshooterflash.htm. To schedule an interview with Bob Howell, please call Michael Sherman at 319-754-0604, send an email to e-mail protected from spam bots or visit www.winegard.com

About Winegard Company
Winegard Company is widely considered an innovator and pioneer in product design, performance and assembly and has consistently adapted to meet the challenges of the ever-changing electronics market. It remains committed to continuous improvement in the quality, cost and delivery of its products and services to effectively meet all of its customer’s needs and currently designs and manufactures more than 1,000 different products in four product lines distributed in all states and worldwide, including:
• Satellite Antennas and Mounts: Residential antennas ranging in size from 46 cm to 1 meter.
• Mobile Television Reception Products: RV, Trucking, and Marine applications. Satellite systems ranging from manual crank-up models to automatic satellite tracking systems with GPS/DVB. Off-air antennas including bi-directional and omni-directional VHF/UHF/FM antennas. Ground Antenna Mounts and Accessories.
• Off-Air Antennas: From DC to 5.8 gigs AM/FM/VHF/UHF Antenna Systems, Distribution and Pre-Amplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories.
• Telemetry: Medical and Data Antenna Systems, Distribution Amplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories.
• Two-way Fixed/Transportable Mobile Satellite Internet Systems: offers real-time IP, video, voice, audio and data communications virtually anywhere, anytime.

Michael Sherman
Tel. 319-754-0604
Cell Phone: 901-351-9861

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March 04, 2022

Artist Uses Centuries Old Encaustic Techniques to Paint Angels and Spiritual Artwork Using Molten Beeswax

Artist and Rubber Stamp Manufacture, Jean Steele, is an encaustic artist creating pieces from molten beeswax. Among her popular Encaustic Angel paintings, she is also well known for her floral and landscape paintings. Her new art rubber stamp line follows the same themes as her artwork, and is high quality stamps.

(PRWEB) March 4, 2022 -- Jean has been painting most of her life. Her encaustic medium started more than 15 years ago in an effort to reproduce dreams and visions for family and friends. She has since been creating and selling artwork that is peaceful and illuminating using colors and light to help bring healing to others. When combined the depth of the wax, her encaustic angels invoke powerful emotions. These unique encaustic designs are created by patiently tooling molten beeswax layer upon layer, and sometimes takes weeks to finish one painting. Her uniques rubber stamp line enhances any craft and art project. (www.cjuniques.com)

Encaustic Art dates back to the Greeks more than 2000 years ago. In the 1980’s an English Artist found the old beeswax formula and created a new and exciting medium using heat as solvent. Jean has been using his technique and waxes because of durability and luminosity. She is currently creating encaustic angels and art on paper, canvas and wood. Each piece is an original ~ signed and numbered. There are no prints made of her work. These originals sell quickly to buyers and collectors world wide.

You can view some encaustic art pieces and original rubber stamp line on her web site www.cjuniques.com

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Stunning Metal Alternatives to Ceramic Tile

Metal Tile and Metal Flooring is Hot! The newest alternative to traditional ceramic tile, marble and wood flooring.

(PRWEB) March 4, 2022 -- Ceramic Tile and Marble are no longer the only choices. A Unique Floor Covering of solid metal tiles and planks is available to meet the discriminating tastes of Architectural and Design firms seeking one-of-a-kind decorative treatments in functional spaces for clients of distinguished sensibility and artistic temperament.

Carina Works, an innovative metal tile and cabinet hardware design and manufacturing company based in Austin, Texas, has developed handcrafted metal tiles that are captivatingly original, sensuously beautiful and an alternative to the classic floor or wall treatment of European ceramic tiles or fine woods.

The scientifically engineered glazing of Carina Works’ solid metal floor and wall products allows them to be installed anywhere ordinary ceramic tiles are used. Carefully calculated grinding, brushing, and color treating the solid aluminum material produces a completely handmade, individual work of art with a rich, reflective texture; tasteful, elegant and TOTALLY ORIGINAL. When installed, these pieces come alive with motion and light providing a unique visual experience in color and design that can be appreciated from any angle.

The planks are 4 feet in length and available in standard 4" and 6" widths, as well as custom widths. The tiles are 2.5", 4", 6" and 12" square, and are stunning accents for the metal floor planks. Wall products are available in gloss or matte finishes; floor products in matte. Custom logos, designs, and colors can be worked into the tiles and/or planks before glazing. For more information visit http://www.carinaworks.com

Media Contact:
Charlie Foster - VP Technical Services
Libby Fenner - President


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March 03, 2022

Dennis Barker Unveils New Technology for Rochester Carburetors

Recently, at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas, Dennis Barker of Barker Gang Garage revealed his new Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor Un-warping Tool, and Throttle Shaft Bushing Kits. Automotive industry members showed overwhelming response.

Basalt, CO (PRWEB) March 3, 2022 -- Dennis Barker builds Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, and he designed the first electric Jeep Top for Wranglers out of a four bay automotive customizing shop in Basalt, near Aspen, Colorado. It is also at the Barker Gang Garage that Dennis invented the first Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor Un-warping Tool, and the Barker Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit. After years of frustration, mechanics and other automotive industry professionals are now able to solve the vacuum leak issues associated with the Quadrajet Carburetor. This new technology does improve emission test results, and the overall performance, and will make carburetor rebuilding easier, and much more reliable.

At the SEMA show more than 250 Distributors signed up to market both these new products. "The hunger for parts and techniques to improve the defects in the Quadrajet Carburetor, which resulted in years of rebuilding problems has skyrocketed,” noted Dennis Barker, President of Barker Gang Garage. “That prompted us to offer a line of Rochester carburetor parts and tools that we have been using during the past 25 years for those who enjoy wrenching on their cars as much as driving them when the Quadrajet is working right. Simply put, all Quadrajets are warped and have loose throttle shafts, and the only chance of repairing them to work correctly is by using these new parts and tools.”

Mario Sturde, Market Development Manager for Barker Gang Garage, explains how it works, “Once a straight edge is held between the front two bolt holes on the air horn and float bowl surfaces of a Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor, the warpage is easily seen. Also a warped Quadrajet that’s mounted to an intake manifold is usually 200% more warped than when removed, due to the front two bolts applying additional pressure. Once the Quadrajet Carburetor has gone through our un-warping process, it is almost impossible to warp it again, allowing the front two bolts to be tightened upon re-installation of the carburetor to the intake manifold without the worry of warping the carburetor again.” Barkers’ five pack Bushing Kit supplies enough bushings and screws to rebuild 5 Rochester Carburetors. When these bushings are used in conjunction with the Barker Un-warping Tool, vacuum leaks and emissions will dramatically decrease, while overall performance is noticeably improved. Tests prove that the Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor works better than new when the unwarping tool and bushing kits are used during the carburetor rebuilding process.

About Barker Gang Garage Inc.
Barker Gang Garage was founded to restore and build premium classic cars for an exclusive clientele, along with designing and marketing its own designs of parts and tools. Adept in all aspects of fabrication, restoration, racing preparation and development, Dennis Barker’s 37 years of experience along with the company’s team has created trucks, automobiles and several self designed products for customers worldwide that have captured attention in many prestigious magazines and auto shows.

Additional information about Barker Gang Garage, products and services is available at http://www.barkerganggarage.com

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March 02, 2022

The Johnston MS/MT350 is Simply Rugged and Dependable

Johnston Madvac Inc is proud to introduce the newest member of its street sweeper line: The Johnston MS/MT350 Street Sweeper.

(PRWEB) March 2, 2022 -- Johnston, the world’s largest manufacturer of street sweepers, introduces the MS/MT350. Incorporating years of engineering expertise across several continents, the MS/MT350 is simply rugged. Mounted on a commercially available truck chassis with dual steering controls and operating positions, the MS/MT350 offers outstanding maneuverability.

Features of the Johnston MS/MT350:
· 60 gallon fuel system
· Available in single or twin engine
· 4.4 cubic yards hopper capacity
· Direct hydraulic broom drive
· Centralized service systems locker
· Variable height debris dumping system
· “Ergo” switch permits one-button operation for all sweeping functions

Johnston background: Johnston Madvac Inc has a worldwide customer network of 200 stocking distributors in over 70 countries. Johnston designs and manufactures vacuum, mechanical and re-generative air, street and runway sweepers. Founded in 1904, the company is the recognized and respected leader in its field. Johnston produces and provides the highest quality sweepers for airports, highways, major cities, towns & municipalities, federal & state properties, industrial & commercial complexes, landfill sites, parks, schools & universities, shopping centers & parking lots, streets and contractor applications.

Contact Information
Name: Andre Pollmueller
Tel: +1 (450) 616-8100
Tel: +1 (800) 862-3822
Fax: +1 (450) 616-8101

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March 01, 2022

Luxtron Provides Beta Release of LabVIEW Drivers for Fluoroptic® Thermometry Products

Luxtron Corporation announces the beta release of LabVIEW drivers for its Fluoroptic® temperature measurement products.

(PRWEB) March 1, 2022 -- Luxtron Corporation, a leading provider of fiber optic and optical temperature measurement solutions to industrial, medical, semiconductor, optoelectronics, and electric power industries, announces the beta release of LabVIEW drivers for its Fluoroptic® temperature measurement products.

As more of Luxtron’s Fluoroptic® Thermometry products are designed into industrial control and laboratory systems around the world, there is an increasing need for integration with the leader in virtual instrumentation, National Instruments. To meet that demand, Luxtron is releasing a set of beta version LabVIEW drivers that will allow users of Luxtron’s fiber optic sensors to link to LabVIEW’s virtual instrumentation interface.

The beta drivers support Luxtron’s Fluoroptic® thermometers built since 1995 and perform parameter setup data collection, data graphing and system calibration functions. The release includes drivers and an example interface program that demonstrates all the primary functions and data graphing capabilities. It supports up to 4 measurement channels from a single Luxtron Fluoroptic® Thermometer.

Luxtron is soliciting customers who are willing to test and provide feedback on the LabVIEW drivers. This feedback will be used to improve future versions of the software and other products. Further details on downloading drivers can be requested.

About Luxtron Corporation
Luxtron Corporation is a leading supplier of fiber optic and optical thermometry solutions for the industrial, medical, semiconductor, optoelectronics, and electrical power industries. Its products give users the ability to monitor processes and measure temperature in harsh environments with extraordinary accuracy. Luxtron headquarters, featuring ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturing facilities, are located in Santa Clara, California. More information about Luxtron Corporation may be obtained by visiting our website at www.luxtron.com

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February 26, 2022

QC Industries Introduces Three Products in One

QC Industries introduces the adjustable hopper, a new low profile conveyor accessory that includes two other products: flared side rails and end stops.

(PRWEB) February 26, 2022 -- QC Industries introduces the adjustable hopper, a new low profile conveyor accessory that includes two other products: flared side rails and end stops. Flared side rails can be used as a stand-alone accessory, or, by adding end stops, can create accessories for other applications.

Flared side rails are ideal for applications that require a drop zone wider than the width of the conveyor. These rails attach to the conveyor with adjustable guide rails, and are available in 12-inch to 48-inch lengths. End stops can be used in conjunction with the flared side rail to allow better control in directing product flow. Designed to be compatible with 1-inch and 2-inch cleats, end stops are equipped with a swing gate to help contain the product.

The greatest amount of product flow control can be obtained by adding an additional end stop to the configuration, thereby creating a hopper. The adjustable hopper is created by using flared side rails with two end stops, one on either end, that are adjustable down the length of the rail. The flared side rails, end stops, and adjustable hopper are designed with a stainless steel finish, and are compatible with 125 series standard, cleated, magnetic, and corrosion resistant conveyors, as well as 125-Z series angled frame and 250 series end and center drive conveyors.

QC Industries is the industry leader in low profile conveyors, offering standard low profile conveyors ranging from 2 inches wide up to 24 inches wide and up to 25 feet in length. QC offers a variety of styles including standard automation conveyors, cleated belt conveyors, magnetic conveyors, corrosion resistant conveyors, five configurations of angled frame conveyors, timing belt conveyors, and a broad selection of standard accessories.

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New Disposable NTC Thermistor Probes from BetaTherm

BetaTherm Sensors introduce its new range of disposable temperature probe assemblies for medical equipment and patient monitoring applications.

(PRWEB) February 26, 2022 -- BetaTherm Sensors introduce its new range of disposable temperature probe assemblies for medical equipment and patient monitoring applications.

NTC thermistors are used in disposable medical temperature products to optimise monitoring accuracy and clinical hygienic standards. BetaTherm’s NTC thermistor sensors offer a combination of electrical sensitivity, durability and interchangeability in a variety of physical configurations at low cost.

BetaTherm’s new disposable vinyl cap sensors are suitable for incorporation in catheters or invasive medical devices. The sensor is suitable for use in a variety of applications including Foley catheters, esophageal temperature monitoring, oral, rectal and fever thermometers, and temperature measurement of environments.

Features include:
• Size: 1.98mm (0.078”)
• 400 series compatible (Worldwide de facto standard for patient monitoring applications)
• Tight temperature tolerance: ±0.1°C @ +37°C
• Operating temperature range -40°C to +80°C
• Many connector types available including Molex, Phono-style and 3 Pin Din connectors
• Custom R/T characteristics, wire types, lead lengths and insulation types available

While BetaTherm’s standard product offering is based on the ‘400 series compatible’ thermistor probe configurations, the company also supports customised sensor requirements. Options for customisation include different resistance versus temperature characteristics, a selection of lead types and a variety of integral custom connectors.

Further information is available by contacting BetaTherm (+353 91 753238)

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Sensor Film Aids Gasket Manufacturer in Design Process

This story highlights Pressurex tactile pressure indicating film as a case study of one of its many applications.

East Hanover, NJ (PRWEB) February 26, 2022 -- Valeo Inc., a leading supplier in automotive original equipment manufacturing and the aftermarket, initiates ongoing quality assurance efforts throughout its hundreds of plants and R&D; facilities worldwide. Avinash Verma is an Expert Process Engineer at Valeo’s Greensburg, Indiana facility where his work requires him to monitor the durability and performance of rectangular gasket assemblies used in automobile radiators. In the past, Verma employed sensors that provided inaccurate data. Recently, Verma considered Sensor Products’ Pressurex® as a possible tool for analyzing gasket interface pressure distribution.

“Pressurex® looked like it could provide me with the data necessary to perform stress distribution analysis,” Verma said. “We cut strips to the size we needed and inserted them into the assemblies. Within seconds, we were able to determine where there was inconsistent pressure on the gaskets.” He added, “This sensor film helped us significantly improve our gasket designs.”

Based on Verma’s positive experience and subsequent recommendation, Pressurex® is now used in various other Valeo plants during the design, development and production of their automotive parts.

Pressurex® sensor film is an easy to employ NDT tool that quickly and accurately maps and measures pressure distribution and magnitude between any mating, contacting or impacting surfaces. Able to detect pressure from 2 to 43,200 PSI or .14 to 3,037 kg/cm2, Pressurex® is ideal for assessing surface contact inconsistencies in gaskets, clamps, bolted joints, heat sealing elements, lamination presses, nip rolls, welding heads, clutch and brake assemblies, tire treads, connectors, heat sinks, as well as many other industrial and medical applications.

Pressurex® comes in the form of a large, thin, clear Mylar® sheet, physically similar in appearance to a sheet of paper. When placed between contacting surfaces, the film instantaneously and permanently changes color. This color change is directly correlated to the specific amount of pressure applied. Precise pressure magnitude in PSI or kg/cm2 can easily be determined by comparing color variations to a color correlation chart, conceptually similar to interpreting Litmus paper. Sensor Products LLC is able to customize Pressurex® for any application by laser cutting the film for small or precision areas and provides encasement services allowing for use in environments where water, oil or other liquids might be present. The company provides enhanced optical imaging services for greater detail and comparative evaluation performed with their analysis system Topaq®, which is also available for lease or purchase.

For a free sample of Pressurex® and complimentary Topaq® analysis, contact Sensor Products LLC at 1.973.884.1755

About Sensor Products LLC
New Jersey based Sensor Products LLC, established in 1990, is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of tactile pressure sensing solutions. Their customized and off-the-shelf products are installed within all of the Fortune 500 industrial companies as well as thousands of smaller manufacturing firms. Their sensors are used in applications as diverse as tire testing to semiconductor manufacturing and from R&D; labs to space missions. Additionally, Sensor Products provides in-house and on-site stress and pressure mapping analysis, as well as a variety of regional technical seminars. Visit them at www.sensorprod.com

Media Contact:
Heather D. Brown
Public Relations Specialist
1.973.884.1755 x5826

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February 24, 2022

New Differential Rewind Shaft Eliminates Common Winding Issues and Perfects Precision Roll Control

Based on customer needs, Convertech's Differential Rewind Shaft design eliminates side to side core movement, core slip, and core dust. An advanced internal slip design means cores are locked firmly allowing precision tension control for different size cores on the same Differential Rewind Shaft.

WHARTON, NJ (PRWEB) February 24, 2022 -- Ease of loading and unloading has increased this shaft's capacity to remain the leader in productivity and uptime. Independent roll locks move freely when the shaft pressure is released and allow cores to slide quickly on and off the shaft. By eliminating cones, spacers, and other time-consuming loading and unloading procedures, this Differential Rewind Shaft is easier to use than other Differential Rewind Shafts.

Convertech's advanced design ensures reduced downtime and increased production. By running multiple width rolls on the same Differential Rewind Shaft you can decrease the number of times a shaft needs to be loaded and unloaded. Using a Convertech Differential Rewind Shaft can also eliminate costly shaft changes and will ensure time-senstive jobs are completed with less effort and in less time.

With a delivery time of about three weeks, Convertech can deliver a Differential Rewind Shaft in less time than competitors. Benefiting from years of research and development, these new Differential Rewind Shafts are capable of advanced tension control which ensures a perfectly concentric roll every time.

Convertech, the leading manufacturer of expanding shafts and chucks for the converting and packaging industries, now offers its new Differential Rewind Shaft in 3 inch and 6 inch diameters in both wide and narrow web lengths.

For over a quarter century Convertech has been the leader in exceptionally fast lead time with superior engineering and quality built into every shaft and chuck product. With its competitors debilitating delivery time of as much as sixteen weeks, Convertech's fast delivery time of about three weeks keeps customers up and running.

You can find out more about Convertech's new Differential Rewind Shaft at http://www.convertech.com

Interview Contact:
Larry Taitel
Telephone: 973-328-1850

Convertech Inc.
353 Richard Mine Road
Wharton, NJ 07885
+01-973-328-1850 voice
+01-973-328-7256 fax

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Electrically Conductive Materials for Pad Printing Now Available from Creative Materials Inc.

Applications include medical device and electronics manufacturing.

Tyngsboro, MA (PRWEB) February 24, 2022 -- Creative Materials Inc., a leading manufacturer of electrically conductive inks, coatings and adhesives, has announced the availability of new electrically conductive materials for use in pad printing applications. Pad printing is an innovative printing technology that makes it possible to print on curved, uneven or recessed surfaces, while producing a high quality ink transfer.

Asked why pad printing was better, Silvio Morano, President of Creative Materials explained, “Pad printing has been around for a long time, and was used primarily for decorative purposes; for instance, logos on bottle caps or labels on golf balls. This flexible printing process allows you to go around corners, into concave surfaces, or to print on convex surfaces.”

“With our products, you can now put an electrical circuit on many 3-D objects, not just circuit boards,” said Morano. “With pad printing, our customers can print finer lines at closer tolerances and with closer gaps between the lines. We’ve been able to do 4 mil (0.1 mm) lines with 4 mil (0.1 mm) spaces. So if somebody is developing a unique electronic device, perhaps something very compact, they are no longer limited by the need to have flat circuit board. They could print a circuit on a tube or a curved surface that fits more compactly into their device.”

Creative Materials makes a wide variety of electrically conductive inks for multiple applications. Some can be pad printed. Some inks are available in multiple formats for screen printing, pad printing, syringe dispensing, stenciling, or rotogravure printing (flexography).

“The thing that separates us from our competitors and makes us different is our customer service and our custom formulations. We have the unique ability to tailor our materials to meet the specific needs of the customer and we are able to provide technical support for a new application,” said Morano. “We have a broad base of existing materials that cover multiple applications and manufacturing techniques.”

About Creative Materials, Inc.
Creative Materials, Inc. develops and markets specialty chemical products to customers world-wide. Founded in 1986, Creative Materials has its headquarters and production facilities in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. Products from Creative Materials are used to manufacture electronic components for automobiles, computers, keyboards, and cell phones; medical electrodes and medical instruments; heating equipment; and aerospace devices. Creative Materials offers more than 1000 product formulations, and is ISO 9001 certified. For additional information please visit http://www.creativematerials.com

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February 20, 2022

Production of 128/256MB Dual Voltage RS-MMC (DV RS-MMC).

ATP Announces Mass Production of 128/256MB Dual Voltage RS-MMC (DV RS-MMC). Providing Much Needed Storage Upgrade on New Mobile Phones (Nokia 6630,6670, 6680, 6681,6682)
ATP Electronics Inc., a leading manufacturer of digital flash media products, today announced that it is in mass production of high capacity dual voltage RS-MMC (DV RS-MMC). The dual voltage (DV) feature allows for compatibility with devices running on the conventional 3.0V as well as with the dual voltage 3.0/1.8V devices. The low voltage feature translates to much lower power consumption, meaning longer battery life for both today and tomorrow’s mobile digital devices. Card capacities of 128MB and 256MB are available immediately, with 512MB available in March.

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) February 20, 2022 -- The 128/256MB card quadruples the storage capacity of videos, music, photos games, and ringtones on new mobile phones which either require or could use dual voltage memory cards such as Nokia smartphones 6630, 6670, and recently announced 6680, 6681, 6682 models.

“The demand from our customers to expand the memory storage capacity of mobile devices that require or could use dual voltage RS-MMC memory cards has been tremendous. However, higher capacity (> 64MB) DV RS-MMC availability up to date has been minimal. We are excited to be the premier flash card manufacturer to bring these new products to the market to help fulfill our customers’ need for memory card upgrade, allowing for both the longer battery life of low voltage operation as well as enhanced use of multimedia functions.” said Danny Lin, ATP VP of Sales and Marketing.

ATP’s new DV RS-MMC memory cards offer the same advanced features as ATP’s other flash card products allowing for ample protection from water, dust, ESD (electro-static discharge), and extreme temperatures ranging from –40?C to 85?C. This allows for versatility and durability rarely found today in flash memory cards.

About ATP
Founded in 1991, ATP (Advanced Technology & Packaging) Electronics, Inc. is a recognized leading manufacturer of high capacity flash digital media solutions as well as top quality memory module products. With strictly regulated ISO 9001 certified facilities and advanced technologies in memory packaging, flash card designs, testing and qualification, ATP differentiates itself from the competition, offering highly durable flash card solutions which in addition to high performance, offer protection from water/moisture, dust, static discharge, and extreme temperatures. High Speed, Weather Proof and Dependable Storage. ATP’s latest flash products feature 2GB SD and MMC, as well as 1GB miniSD, RS-MMC and Dual-Voltage (DV) RS-MMC. For more information on ATP memory products, visit http://www.atpinc.com

About RS-MMC
At 24 x 18 x 1.4mm and about half the size of the MMC, the Reduce-Size MultiMediaCard (RS-MMC) is a standard memory card format from the MultiMediaCard Association (MMCA). For more information about the MMCA, http://www.mmca.org

ATP and the ATP logo are trademarks of ATP Electronics Inc. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Press Contact:
Daphne Jang
TEL: 408-732-5859
Fax: 408-732-5055

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February 19, 2022

Revolutionay PlasmaCar Showcases at American International Toy Fair

After over two years of rave reviews from retailers and consumers alike in Canada, the revolutionary PlasmaCar will make its debut in the U.S. at the American International Toy Fair. Engineered to be safe and fun, the PlasmaCar has been described as a mechanical marvel. Designed by Chinese inventor Hongzhi Bao, this unique ride-on toy is a must-have for any active child!

(PRWEB) February 19, 2022 -- Constructed of high-quality plastics, the PlasmaCar is built to last! Its rugged durability and simplicity, along with its eye-catching design make it the perfect ride-on toy. With no pedals, gears or batteries needed, the ease of operation can be mastered by anyone. The car is propelled simply by turning the steering wheel back and forth. With so many motorized riding toys available, it’s refreshing to see a toy that promotes healthy exercise for children.

Winner of the Canadian Toy Testing Counsel’s Three Star award, the highest rating possible, the PlasmaCar has also won the NETS Gold Star Toy Award. It made Today’s Parent’s Top Toy List Wow Status and the Canadian Toy Association’s “Hot Toys of the Holiday Season”. The What’s UP Kids Family Magazine gave the PlasmaCar a Five Star rating.

Distributed by PlaSmart, an industry leader in innovative toys, the PlasmaCar can be seen and experienced at the American International Toy Fair, Javits Convention Center in New York City. Visitors to Booth 1675 can see the award-winning PlasmaCar in action as it harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity and friction. Certain to be a hit with both children and parents alike, this is likely to be the most talked about toy at the convention center!

Tim Kimber, President and CEO of Ottawa’s PlaSmart, explains some of the appeal. “The unique propulsion system is what makes it revolutionary. There are no batteries, gears or electrical parts: the energy comes from turning the steering wheel continuously from left to right.” Children will be drawn to the racecar appearance of the PlasmaCar, which comes in four colors and has a sleek, aerodynamic design. It is capable of holding up to 220 lbs. when ridden on a smooth, flat surface.

The Toy Fair runs from Sunday, Feb. 20 through Wednesday, Feb. 23. Hours are Sunday through Tuesday 9 – 6 and Wednesday 9 – 4. Don’t miss this opportunity to be one of the first to see the revolutionary PlasmaCar before it becomes a marketing phenomenon in this country.

Timothy Kimber

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February 14, 2022

Howard Ballast Expands Product Offerings to Include Sign Ballasts

Howard Ballast Products to offer its customers Sign Ballasts

(PRWEB) February 14, 2022 -- Howard Ballast Products announced today that it has added Sign Ballasts to its vast selection of product offerings. With this addition, customers will now be able to purchase Magnetic Fluorescent Sign Ballasts, Electronic Fluorescent Sign Ballasts, and HID “F” Can Ballasts from the sole US-based ballast manufacturer, a division of Howard Industries®.

“We are excited about these new offerings,” said Derral Ward, Howard Ballast Division’s Vice President of Sales, “and are confident that they will provide our customers with the same high-quality products that they’ve grown to trust from our Ballast Products Division.”

About Howard Ballast Products
Howard Industries Ballast Products is a division of Howard Industries, Inc., a diversified international manufacturing company headquartered in Laurel, Mississippi. With innovative products that include a variety of fluorescent and HID (High Intensity Discharge) ballasts and lighting components, it is an industry leader and the only ballast manufacturer with its manufacturing facilities located in the US. Like its sister divisions, Howard Transformers, Howard Computers, and Howard Medical Technologies, Howard Ballast Products is committed to manufacturing and providing superior products that meet or exceed the needs of its customers.

For more information, visit our website at www.Howard-Ballast.com or call us toll free at (800) 956-3456

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February 12, 2022

Datacraft Solutions Proves Key to Follett Ice Lean Procurement Process

(PRWEB) February 12, 2022 -- Ice plays an integral role in the foodservice, hospitality, supermarket and healthcare industries. It cools our carbonated beverages and bar drinks. It keeps supermarket fish and produce fresh and appetizing. It supports hospital patient care and rehabilitation therapies. Every facility mentioned above has at least one piece of ice making, ice storage, or ice dispensing equipment.

For over 50 years, Follett Corporation has led the industry in designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative ice storage bins, ice storage and transport systems, ice and water dispensers and ice and beverage dispensers for the foodservice, healthcare and supermarket industries. Follett’s headquarters and state-of-the art manufacturing facility are located in Easton, PA.

Jeff Craig, a Senior Purchasing Agent, with Follett Ice shared how reducing inventory was to the central to company’s operation. “During 2004 one of our major objectives was to remove excess inventory from the work cells and drive them back to a central location, where they would await demand. With the decrease in available floor space and our internal success with “pull”, it seemed to be a natural progression to seek electronic kanban pull solutions.” Craig worked with other Purchasing Agents in the organization, based on years of experience in manufacturing, planning, and procurement, to develop a comprehensive “wish list” for a kanban system.

Craig noted that, “The evaluation process of Datacraft Solutions (www.datacraftsolutions.com), e-kanban product Signum, took us about 2.5 months in all. The components of evaluation were to first understand the product. What will the product do; and just as important, what it won't do. Next, we asked the question, is this product useful to our organization? We then want to talk to an actual user. Seeing the system up and running was a major component to my recommendation. We then needed to evaluate our ability to support this implementation from a people resource perspective.

Craig saw the integration with their Epicor’s Avante ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business system as a critical component. “It is unlikely we would have moved forward without a complete integration,” according to Craig.

Product distinction in Quality Procurement/e-Kanban:
The big difference between the Datacraft system and the Follett Ice home grown system was the consistency Datacraft Solutions provides. Each time Follett Ice expanded their home grown system, the company was forced to add small tweaks that make each one unique. The ERP system being used did not communicate with the ERP system in the way that Datacraft Solutions does.

According to Jeff Craig the real ROI benefits of the Datacraft Solutions implementation are:
$150K inventory reduction = 57% IRR for 3 years and 71% IRR for 5 years. These calculations leave out the people time investment.

According to Sam Bayer, President of Datacraft Solutions, “Follett Ice using our e-kanban procurement solution represents a tremendous commitment to a lean manufacturing process.”

Sam Bayer
Datacraft Solutions

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February 10, 2022

Latex International Helps FoamSource.com

Latex International will now be supplying the 100% natural latex foam that goes into the mattresses, toppers and pillows sold at foamsource.com. The switch to Latex International will allow foamsource.com to ship 100% natural latex beds, pillows and toppers faster to customers.

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) February 10, 2022 -- Fred Hermsen, owner of The Foam Source and its online counterpart www.foamsource.com, has announced that the US based company Latex International will now be supplying the 100% natural latex foam that goes into the mattresses, toppers and pillows sold at foamsource.com. Previously, the company had used imported latex. The old distributor caused long delays in acquiring latex foam when demand was high and tended to produce uneven latex from its molds, which would interfere with selling a high quality latex topper.

Latex International has been providing the talalay latex that is used to help further reduce the cost of natural latex bedding items to foamsource.com for a number of years. By also acquiring 100% natural latex from Latex International, foamsource.com is now able to release a new line of latex mattresses and latex toppers that will provide consumers with the health benefits associated with natural latex while keeping costs lower.

The switch to Latex International will allow www.foamsource.com to ship 100% natural latex beds, pillows and toppers faster to customers. It is estimated the ship-time for latex mattresses will be reduced by several days and the wait-time if a certain type of latex foam isn't in stock will be reduced by as much as two weeks. The 100% natural latex foam is higher quality than was previously available and can be made in more firmness variations, including soft and medium soft.

The e-store foamsource.com is one of the largest online distributors of natural latex bedding in the United States, and its retail location in Boulder, Colorado has specialized in latex foam mattresses, toppers and pillows for twenty years. Latex is known for its hypo-allergenic properties and its natural resistance to mold, mildew and dust mites. Latex is a 100% natural and renewable resource harvested from the rubber trees of the world’s indigenous forests.

FoamSource.com also provides visitors with extensive information on 100% natural latex and talalay latex with its resources directory. The directory provides educational materials on everything from how latex foam is made to the benefits of its use in mattresses, pillows and toppers. The resources directory can be visited by clicking here.

The Foam Source is located at: 3201 Walnut St Boulder, CO 80301 and the website can be visited at www.foamsource.com. For more information contact: Fred Hermsen at 1-800-255-0181

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February 07, 2022

Economic Relief Just a Coupling Away

New Lovejoy LV-Torsional Coupling Designed for Small-scale Diesel Engines

(PRWEB) February 7, 2022 -- What’s the obvious difference between a Diesel engine and electric motor? It isn’t the power source as much as the vibration. California farmers in particular discovered this difference when market conditions forced a switch to Diesel engine instead of electric motors, to run the pumps that irrigate fields and orchards.

The farmers rapidly discovered how constant vibrations can damage connected equipment. A coupling helped dampen the vibrations, but the only style that fit their pumps were designed for marine applications — built for a different industry and priced out of reach for an ordinary agricultural operation.

Price is an issue no more. Introducing the LV-Torsional coupling from Lovejoy, Inc. of Downers Grove, Illinois, designed and built to offer an inexpensive, economical alternative for the agricultural market and off-highway construction equipment industry. Two different styles are available; the LV-Torsional coupling for u-joint drive systems and LV-C for direct-drive systems. Agricultural usage would attach this style coupling to diesel engines driving deep well and centrifugal pumps, while the construction industry uses this type of coupling on engines that run Diesel powered portable compressors.

The Lovejoy Torsional coupling type-LV line horsepower range is from 150 to 625 at 1800 RPM, with five available sizes. The LV-C type coupling horsepower ranges from 50 to 425 at 1800 RPM and is available in six sizes.

Most of the coupling manufacturing and assembly is handled domestically in the U.S. to ensure quality control. This style coupling also takes advantage of the strength, durability and economical manufacturing qualities of sintered technology. Lovejoy owns and operates the most technologically advanced powdered metal processing press in the country. Jim Mahan, director of engineering for Lovejoy, helped create these new couplings. He notes, “We were able to utilize our new sintered technology to achieve a balance of performance and price. We planned the available sizes and horsepower range to cover any potential use or pumping application in these industries.”

This style coupling lends automatic torsional tuning to the smaller diesel engine systems. By providing relief from vibration, the coupling helps extend the life of the machinery connected to the engine and pump, to save on expensive parts and labor due to breakdowns.

“The agricultural market doesn’t have a lot of extra money to spend on additional equipment,” says Mahan. “And the construction industry is highly competitive. Both require economical parts with a long lifespan.”

A typical application where this coupling is already proving its worth is in the almond groves in California. Almond growers utilize pumps to flood the ground at night, allowing water to seep into the ground. Grape orchards and other fruit and vegetable growers use similar irrigation methods and therefore a lot of diesel driven pumps. In the construction industry, the most common application for the Lovejoy LV-type torsional coupling would be portable compressors on-site that power jack hammers or other equipment.

Interested parties can see the new LV and LV-C torsional couplings at the Lovejoy corner booth S-14016 at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2005, March 15-19, Las Vegas, Nevada. The company will also show the parts during the international show Hannover Messe, April 11-15, Germany.

The European market uses diesel pumps to a greater extent than in the U.S. and Mahan anticipates that market also will prove receptive to this new, economical torsional coupling.

The Lovejoy /ROSTA® line for the construction/aggregate industries is only part of the many solution-engineered products from Lovejoy. Founded in 1900, Lovejoy enjoys an international reputation as the leading company specializing in flexible coupling design and development. Lovejoy products are available worldwide through distributors in North America and 55 other countries, supported by Lovejoy offices and support staff in Canada, Europe and the USA. Lovejoy, Inc. is certified under the ISO-9001:2000 International Standards for Quality Management.
For more information, visit Lovejoy’s Web site at www.lovejoy-inc.com, or contact Lovejoy, Inc. corporate offices at 2655 Wisconsin Ave., Downers Grove, IL, 60515, USA. Phone 630-852-0500; fax 630-852-2120

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January 13, 2022

CDW Named Among Best Places to Work by Fortune Magazine For Seventh Straight Year

VERNON HILLS, Ill. - January 13, 2022 - Reaffirming its coworker friendly culture, CDW Corp. (Nasdaq: CDWC) has been named by FORTUNE magazine to its prestigious "100 Best Companies to Work For" annual list for the seventh consecutive year. It is the sixth consecutive time CDW has ranked among the top 15 - a feat achieved by only one other company in the history of the list.

CDW, a leading provider of technology products and services to business, government and education, was ranked 14th on this year's list. CDW remains the list's highest-ranked FORTUNE 500 company and the highest-ranked Illinois-based company. This year's list was also sub-divided into several categories, including company size. Within these categories, CDW ranked:
Fifth in the midsize category, which includes companies with 2,501 to 10,000 employees
Seventh in overall percentage of job growth, year-over-year
Seventh among companies with the most widely-used day care

"Our culture is built on mutual respect and mutual reward," said John A. Edwardson CDW Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "Throughout our twenty years of doing business, we have held to the principle that happy coworkers correlates with the hard work, dedication and superior service we provide our customers on a daily basis. It enables us to respond with a sense of urgency to customer needs."

CDW's commitment to its coworkers is evident through its generous benefits. All coworkers receive stock options, and approximately 75 percent of coworkers receive bonuses tied to specified performance measures. In addition, CDW offers a subsidized childcare center and fitness center, a tuition reimbursement program, a paid day off for community service, dry cleaning pickup and a charitable donation match program. The company awards tenured coworkers with vacation trips when company goals are met.

In the coverage of the rankings, FORTUNE also made special mention of CDW's unique benefits for adoptive parents. CDW offers reimbursement for up to $3,000 per child for such expenses as agency and placement fees, legal fees, foreign adoption charges and related travel expenses.

CDW offers a multi-disciplinary training program called CDW University. CDWU provides courses for coworkers in all departments - everything from leadership, sales and technical training to interpersonal and professional development skills.

"This year's award is especially gratifying because CDW made significant changes in 2004," added Edwardson. "While integrating the assets we acquired from Micro Warehouse in September 2003, and adding coworkers in nearly every department and opening new offices, we maintained our culture, which is a key component to our success."

"Becoming part of CDW has been a marvelous experience," said T'omi Quigley, a CDW Account Manager Small Business and former Micro Warehouse coworker. "The corporate culture here is one of empowerment and tremendous support. You see success everywhere."

FORTUNE magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" list is based largely on an employee opinion survey of more than 46,000 randomly selected coworkers from more than 300 companies. Those companies also completed a questionnaire about their people philosophies, practices and policies. Nearly half of the coworkers surveyed also added written comments, which were also considered. The rankings appear in FORTUNE's January 24, 2022 issue, which is scheduled to be available at newsstands January 17.

About CDW
CDW® (Nasdaq: CDWC), ranked No. 376 on the FORTUNE 500, is a leading provider of technology products and services for business, government and education. CDW is a principal source of technology from top name brands such as APC, Apple, Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Sony, Symantec, Toshiba and ViewSonic. CDW distributes contracts to end users for customized and standardized on-site services supplied directly by providers such as HP Services and Unisys and for training programs provided by firms such as KnowledgeNet and Productivity Point International.

CDW was founded in 1984 as a home-based business and today employs approximately 3,700 coworkers. In 2003, the company generated net sales of approximately $4.7 billion. CDW's direct model offers one-on-one relationships with knowledgeable account managers; purchasing by telephone, fax, the company's award-winning CDW.com Web site, customized CDW@work™ extranets, CDWG.com Web site and macwarehouse.com Web site; custom configured solutions and same day shipping; and pre- and post-sales technical support, with more than 100 factory-trained and A+ certified technicians on staff.

Additional information can be found by visiting CDW.com

Media Inquiries
Gary Ross
[email protected]

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