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August 24, 2021

Botox Basics: Relaxing Away the Years

There are technologically advanced skin-changing lasers and procedures coming on the market faster than most people can keep up with. Yet, one of the most amazing treatments on the market today is - you guessed it - Botox. Why?

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) August 24, 2021 -- There are technologically advanced skin-changing lasers and procedures coming on the market faster than most people can keep up with. Yet, one of the most amazing treatments available today is still - you guessed it - Botox. Why?

Because, in a matter of a few days, Botox will “relax” away the years, giving you a younger, calmer, friendlier and more appealing look.

“I’ve been injecting Botox since it’s arrival into the cosmetic arena. If you asked what single procedure I would keep in my practice if I had to choose only one, hands down, it would be Botox,” asserts Dr. Nissan Pilest, Board Certified Dermatologist in Irvine, Calif.

“Botox is magic. There’s nothing like it! It’s extremely popular by itself, but it’s also the basis of comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Think of Botox as a canvas smoothing agent. When you create an even surface, everything else works better. Take Thermage for instance. Used right afterward, Botox will ensure that the tight new collagen created develops on a smooth base. I use it before Fraxel resurfacing because the newly relaxed and wrinkle-free skin surface comes into uninterrupted and continuous contact with the laser. Used before wrinkle fillers, Botox allows me to target and fill the lines in the skin caused by age, not the lines caused by muscle contraction.”

“Tired of being told you look tired or worried or sad or angry? Botox takes that away. It works and it works incredibly well. Recently men in particular are discovering that a little Botox is a great way to appear more confident and in control. It’s a plus for anyone.”

Dr. Pilest doesn’t just talk Botox, he teaches it. One of a select group of Training Physicians for Allergan, makers of Botox, he instructs new doctors with his expert injection techniques. “Getting the best out of Botox requires skill, experience and proper training,” Dr Pilest cautions. “It is a toxin and needs to be respected. Injections incorrectly placed could mean you have to put up with a droopy eyelid or excessive bruising. Although both situations are temporary, they are extremely rare when the injections are administered by a skilled physician.”

Dr. Pilest addressed the concern that some people don't get much benefit from Botox. "That's the fault of the practitioner. To bring new patients in, some doctors or medical spas will advertise absurdly low prices. The problem is, those low prices are sometimes balanced out by over-diluted product and skimpy injection procedures. The end result is a patient who either gets very little response (or none at all) and they lose the effect in a matter of weeks instead of months. I won’t skimp with my patients. They know I use Botox the right way every time. And the right way still allows you to look mad if you really need to. There’s no need to go to extremes. Your kids sometimes benefit by seeing “the look”. Technique is as important as proper placement and amount, so make sure you don’t waste your time being a practice patient.”

Can anyone use Botox? “With a few medical limitations, and some minor age restrictions, the answer is 'yes'. If you can raise your brows or frown, Botox will make a difference. Crows feet? You won’t see them on your face any more...just on crows! It can deliver a respectable mini-brow lift. Those neck bands the ladies hate so much? Botox flattens them out. And one other use that is talked about very little but makes patients particularly happy is Botox treatment for Hyperhidrosis. Only someone who suffers from excessive sweating knows the level of relief that little bit of toxin provides.” http://www.totaldermatology.com/pages/botox.html

Botox is the most frequently performed cosmetic procedure in the country and along with the new Fraxel resurfacing laser and Thermage, is still one of Dr. Pilest’s top requested cosmetic procedures. Dr. Pilest is the Medical Director of Total Dermatology in Irvine, Ca. He has been in practice for over 26 years, is an assistant professor at UC Irvine Department of Dermatology and is a sought-after speaker on Laser and Light Technology. Consultations and inquiries are invited by calling 949-727-3800. Dr. Pilest offers a free monthly E-newsletter, free Educational Seminars and maintains a comprehensive educational website at www.TotalDermatology.com

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