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August 26, 2021

How to Cure a Heart Attack or Stroke, At Home, In 12 Minutes for One Dollar

Book teaches how to cure a heart attack or stroke at home in 12 minutes, and for cost of one dollar.

(PRWEB) August 26, 2021 -- Dr. Walker spent 3 years researching, writing, and confirming a book for poor people who have no medical insurance and can't afford to go to a physician when they get sick with so-called deadly ailment, but they must lie in bed, suffer, and die.

It teaches them how to cure a heart attack or stroke at home in 12 minutes, and for the cost of one dollar. Also, it teaches them how to virtually prevent heart attacks and strokes for less than $12 each year. The pharmaceutical toxic chemical drug Plavix costs around $2,400 each year to do the same thing. He teaches them how to cure cancer and other so-called deadly ailments, at home with no suffering or side-effects, for a few dollars. And how to restore their good health. Dr. Walker teaches how to cure heartburn (fraudulently renamed Acid Reflux Disease) at home, in seconds, for 5 cents. He teaches other proven Natural Cures.

Dr. Walker's book titled, "Holocaust American Style" is a criminal indictment against the Medical Cartel, led by FDA and FTC and supported by Congress, the Judicial System, and various corporations. They are letting over a million men, women, and children die each year when proven Natural Cures have been available for many years, but “outlawed” in the U.S.A.

His book exposes the greedy and deadly corruption in the U.S.A. that refuses to put a stop to the unnecessary high medical costs, suffering, and death that is perpetuated on Americans. Most Americans who have Medical Insurance are just one medical incident away form personal Bankruptcy. Those murderers are destroying the health of Americans and our economic system.

I have sent this message to President Bush, several top politicians, most top talk-show hosts, top newspapers and magazines, so-called activists groups, several religious leaders and many other top leaders. None of whom will answer my letters. They are not interested in helping Americans.

Let's Look at the Progress Report on The War On Cancer;

Knowledgeable people were asked, “What do you think of the War on Cancer”? They Replied

“… largely a fraud.” Dr.Linus Pauling, Ph.D., twice Nobel Laureate

“… a qualified failure." John Bailar M.D., former editor, Journal of National Cancer Institute

“… a medical Vietnam.“ Dr. Donald Kennedy, former President, Stanford University

“… a bunch of manure.“ Dr. James Watson, Ph.D., Nobel Laureate, Co-Discoverer of DNA Code

Dr. Walker is 85 years young, in good health, and as active as a frisky puppy under a leaky cow. Call Dr. Walker at 334-514-6950 to schedule him to conduct a free seminar teaching you how to cure yourself or prevent many degenerative ailments. You pay only his travel expenses.

This book written for anyone who wants to live a long and health life, and “die healthy.”

To purchase his book, log on to www.ghchealth.com. A menu will appear on the left. Click on Books and Tapes. Follow instructions and cure yourself. At least, learn something.

P.S. within the next 7 years, the” conventional “ Medical Industry, along with the “associated “ Health Insurance Industry, will collapse. At that time, if you don't know how to cure yourself, naturally, you will be in serious health trouble.

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