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August 08, 2021

UG Healthcare Announces the "Lano-E" Examination Glove Line

UG Healthcare annonces a new Patented process to aid the victims of dry, chapped hands in the Medical field.

(PRWEB) August 7, 2021 -- UG Healthcare is proud to announce the introduction of their Lano-E™ examination glove line. Available in both Latex and Nitrile, the patented process applies a coating of Lanolin and Vitamin E to the inside of the gloves.

This proprietary coating is absorbed by the hands replacing the natural moisture that is constantly leached from the skin through the daily regime of hand washing and the use of non-coated gloves.

Lanolin is 100% natural and created by nature to keep Sheep skin moist and protected from the harsh elements. Unlike the oily products found in most hand lotions that degrade the latex film, our patented process uses Lanolin in a Hydroxylated (dry) form so that the barrier properties of the glove film remains in tact and is not compromised. Vitamin E is then added to the formula as an additional healing and conditioning aid. The product also has an AQL of 1.5, extremelly low protien levels, and excellent gripping properties.

UG Healthcare, founded in 1986, is constantly on the leading edge of new glove technology. "We constantly hear from the current users of the product statements such as, 'I'll never use any other glove' and 'My hands haven't been this healthy and soft in years,'" says UG President Ken Stanton. "This is a very important contribution to the medical industry. Nurses who use gloves on a daily basis can now choose a high quality glove that both protects them, and one that helps maintain the natural moisture in their hands."

At UG Healthcare, the company motto is "Your Protection Is Our Main Concern." This new product greatly enhances that core philosophy.

UG Healthcare maintains a large on-hand inventory of examination gloves, latex and synthetics. Additionally the company stocks a wide range of other quality disposable products at the Torrance California warehouse and distribution center. Combined with leading edge products, the focus is always customer service, extremely low backorder rates and fast delivery times to customers nationwide.

To find out more please see us on the web at www.ughealthcare.com or call 1-800-328-7981.

Posted by Industrial-Manufacturing at August 8, 2021 02:31 AM