March 22, 2022

Alliances and Outsourcing Having Major Impact on Pharma Industry

Evidence of the growing emphasis on alliances and external collaborations as a route to success in the pharma industry is highlighted by the fact that partnerships within the biopharmaceutical sector are currently being formed at the rate of $5 billion per year, according to Arrowhead Publishers' new report Strategies for Innovation in Pharmaceutical R&D;: Enhancing R&D; Through Biotech Alliances and CRO Outsourcing (

(PRWEB) March 22, 2022 -- The modern pharmaceutical company faces numerous challenges in its efforts to improve productivity and to strengthen the product portfolio. In an attempt to counteract the pressures of operating in a global pharmaceutical market, companies have sought to establish relationships with external partners such as biotechnology companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) as a means to remaining competitive and profitable.

Alliances and external collaborations have provided companies with the opportunity to gain access to new technological breakthroughs and novel expertise regardless of national or geographical boundaries. Evidence of the growing emphasis on alliances and external collaborations as a route to success is highlighted by the fact that partnerships within the biopharmaceutical sector are currently being formed at the rate of $5 billion per year.

This new report from Arrowhead Publishers is designed to provide information, insight and in-depth analysis of alliance and licensing activity within the pharmaceutical industry in order to identify the challenges faced by members of the pharmaceutical community; current trends in partnering activity; an understanding of the dynamics of the buyer-supplier relationship and best practices for managing external collaborations. The report is aimed at providing an appraisal of the partnering process, and insights into the current environment of pharmaceutical discovery and development.

Strategies for Innovation in Pharmaceutical R&D; includes the following features:
• A thorough market analysis of the global pharmaceutical industry, including the challenges faced by pharmaceutical manufacturers and the technological developments currently affecting innovation
• Guidelines for partnership management, with profiles of market leaders in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and clinical research
• An informative and vital source of reference that provides practitioners with easy to access case studies, tabular data, key competitor profiles and a glossary of key pharmaceutical terms and definitions, with details of alliance and licensing deals within the biopharmaceutical sector
• A review of key developments taking place in the environment of pharmaceutical R&D; and an evaluation of possible strategies for facilitating the drug discovery and development process
• Analysis of the significance of biotechnology to the pharmaceutical industry, including key trends in pharmaceutical alliance and licensing agreements
• An assessment of the importance of outsourcing to the drug development process, and an overview of the market for contract research, including key trends in pharmaceutical licensing agreements.

Sales Department

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March 17, 2022

DDL Testing Services Recruits MTS Veteran - New Materials Product Manager Grows DDL Product/Material Testing Dept.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) March 17, 2022 -- – DDL Inc., a MN-based package, product & material testing laboratory, has recruited MTS veteran Alan Gale as its new materials product testing manager, in an effort to expand its product and material testing department.

DDL recognizes that the material and product testing market is rapidly growing, particularly in the medical device industry. Since 2004, DDL has seen its medical device product testing sales rise from 5% to 15% of its total business.

“Recruiting Alan Gale is a strategic move on our part,” said John Hart, DDL President, “we are eager to take advantage of his tenured experience and product test expertise in order to further expand our product and material testing department.”

Throughout his 27-year career at MTS Systems Corporation, where he held various positions from Project Engineer, Technical Support Specialist to Inventory Manager and Product Manager, Gale was constantly recognized by management for “excellent performance, exceeding position requirements and work planning goals”.

“DDL has state-of-the-art product testing machinery in place in its laboratory, including sophisticated tensile testing systems and vibration testing machines,” said Gale. “I am delighted to lead a product and material testing department which obviously has so much potential.”

In addition to DDL materials and product testing services, Gale will be offering “PackAdvice”, complimentary pre-and-post product, materials and package testing consultation, designed to help DDL customers achieve and exceed compliance with industry standards.

About DDL Testing Services & DDL West:
DDL offers expert package testing, product testing and material testing services including Shock testing, vibration testing, tensile testing, leak testing and validation. DDL package testing clients find value through its zero-cost package testing consulting service, PackAdvice. DDL Testing Services maintains full service testing labs in Minnesota and California.

Contact DDL at or call Scott Levy at 952-941-9226 ext.115

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March 14, 2022

Mediabids, the Only Online Print Ad Space Marketplace, Saves Client, Green River Prescription Assistance, 82 Percent On Newspaper Advertising Costs

Organization saves 82 percent on newspaper advertising costs with help from online agency Mediabids

Winsted, CT (PRWEB) March 14, 2022 -– Sara Mattingly founder of the organization Green River Prescription Assistance ( came to Mediabids for help reaching people who need the services they provide; assistance to patients who are U.S. residents, low income and have no prescription insurance.’s media planner Kris Cianciolo was able to deliver newspaper advertising space and many extras at a savings of over 82 percent in a high circulation weekly newspaper. Through Mediabids, Mattingly paid $100 for over $560 of advertising space; four 3.79”w x 7” h, B/W insertions and production included.

"I can’t say how pleased I am to have found Mediabids. I started this organization three years ago with no funding and knew nothing about advertising. Now I’m promoting our services nationwide and the process of advertising has become an even more daunting task. Kris and the staff at Mediabids have made the process of planning, purchasing and designing advertising simple and cost effective. Moving forward I plan on using Mediabids for all advertising purchases. " – Sarah Mattingly, Founder,

Register your business or find more information on this easy way to purchase newspaper advertising and magazine advertising on or call direct at 866-236-2259. Registration is free, simple, and confidential.

The average savings offered to businesses needing to purchase newspaper advertising and magazine advertising is 61% on advertising rates. Advertisers are never obligated to make a purchase if they are not satisfied with the offers received from publications. There is no fee to use Mediabids services, advertisers pay only for the price of the newspaper advertising and magazine advertising space they purchase.

Mediabids has developed a better way for advertisers and publications to buy and sell newspaper advertising and magazine advertising. Mediabids, the newspaper and magazine advertising auctioneer, offers a unique opportunity for advertisers and publications to tap into new markets, increase revenues and save on costs traditionally associated with print advertising. A Connecticut-based newspaper company founded Mediabids in 1999 as a tool to streamline and enhance the relationship between advertisers and print media outlets., toll free 866-236-2259

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March 11, 2022

Apex Foot Health Industries to Change Name, Rocket into the Future with New Product Divisions

Foot Health Leader Rebrands for the 21st Century

Teaneck, NJ (PRWEB) March 11, 2022 -- After more than half a century as a worldwide leader in the therapeutic footwear and foot care industries, Apex Foot Health Industries looks to the future with a major rebranding effort that will include changing the company's name and brand structure. Effective May 1, 2005, Apex will be known as Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.

The name change partially stems from the overwhelming success of the company's Aetrex Performance Footwear line, introduced early last year to various markets. “The success of the Aetrex line became symbolic of a whole new direction for our company,” says Larry Schwartz, CEO. “In the 20th century we built a brand that represented the highest quality products for foot comfort, therapy and protection. We will continue to offer these fine products, but will also expand our casual and athletic footwear lines, introducing innovative designs that provide the utmost in comfort and performance while satisfying demands for the latest 21st century styles.”

Aetrex Worldwide will be offering three unique catalogs of products – Aetrex Performance Products, Apex Healthcare Products and Aetrex Technology & Education. The Technology & Education catalog will highlight the popular high-tech software and Internet products that Apex has introduced to the footwear industry, including iStep digital foot analysis systems and the web site, which hosts more than 200,000 visitors per month.

The company has promised that all current Apex products will remain in the lines, including Ambulators, Ariyas, Lyncos, Anti-Shox, and more. In addition, this summer Aetrex will introduce several unique new athletic styles including new running shoes, hiking footwear and athletic walkers.

“The name Aetrex was originally chosen because it means One Journey,” Schwartz continues. “Your life really is your own unique journey, filled with activities and challenges that help define who you are. The Aetrex mission is to bring to market products and technologies that enable you to continue these activities throughout your life, persevere through challenges and live the life you love.”

Apex Foot Health Industries will officially become Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. on May 1, 2005. The company is headquartered in Teaneck, NJ and currently employs 145 people, including 24 board certified pedorthists. For more information please contact Donille Perrone, Director of Marketing at 800-526-2739, ext. 325

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Six Straight Years of Double-Digit Medical Rate Increases Has Had a Significant Impact on Both Employers and Employees

Hay Group reviews how companies are turning to innovative approaches to contain ever-rising medical costs. Six Straight Years of Double-Digit Medical Rate Increases Has Had a Significant Impact on Both Employers and Employees

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) March 11, 2022 -- Company medical insurance premiums for 2005 rose approximately 10%, representing the sixth year of double-digit rate increases. These increases are sharply higher than the US Consumer Price Index that was 3.3% for 2004, and an average annual 2.7% for the last six years.

Stated in terms of payroll, employer costs for health benefits have risen steadily from 7.28% in 2000 to over 9% for 2005, according to the Hay Benefits Report, a cross-industry survey of more than 1000 US companies.

“This is a very difficult time for companies to cope with double-digit medical premium rate increases,” said Michael Carter, Vice President in Hay Group’s Benefit Practice. “In the current business environment, most companies simply cannot afford to pass these costs along to their customers.”

As a result, to maintain current levels of profitability, companies are likely faced with shifting medical costs to employees, exploring new strategies to contain rising medical costs, as well as cutting costs in other areas.

“There is no one ‘silver bullet’ solution to contain medical costs, so companies must use multiple strategies,” says Hay Group’s Carter. He adds that “the longer companies wait to address the issue, the more painful it could be for them or their employees.”

Traditional Cost Containment Measures Still Used
Companies continue to negotiate with insurers and administrators and bid coverage when necessary to get the best rates. Organizations also continue to consolidate medical plan offerings and funding.

Another traditional strategy is to shift more costs to employees. Many companies pay a fixed percentage of the premium, so when average premiums rise 10%, then employees’ costs rise 10%. In addition, companies have been increasing employee deductibles, co-payments, and the limit at which employees’ out-of-pocket expenses are capped.

One of the most striking changes in the last three years has been the increase in employee co-payment for doctor visits, with most plans having a co-pay of $15 or more in 2005 versus just under half of the plans in 2002.

Companies Look to Innovative Approaches
“Frustrated with the inability of traditional approaches to sufficiently contain medical increases, companies have turned to innovative approaches,” said Carter. These include changes to prescription drug and retiree medical plans as well as introduction of wellness and disease management programs, health savings accounts, and employee consumerism.

Prescription Drugs
Because prescription drugs have accounted for the largest portion of medical cost increases, employers have been raising plan co-payments, as they have for other medical services. In addition, they have adopted one or more of the following strategies:

- Increasing the difference between generic, brand, and non-formulary co-payments;
- Revising from employee dollar co-pays to percentage coinsurance (which automatically indexes);
- Requiring mandatory generic when available; and/or
- Requiring mail order for maintenance drugs.

Retiree Medical
For companies providing over 65 retiree medical coverage, the new 2006 Medicare prescription drug benefit will offer some relief from the high cash outlay and accounting expense of this coverage. Companies are currently determining whether they can lower their cost more in 2006 and beyond by taking the government’s payment for continuing the coverage or by reducing their plan design to supplement the new Medicare prescription drug benefit.

Wellness and Disease Management
Historically, companies have provided “wellness” programs that include preventive exams, health programs such as smoking cessation, and health club memberships -- all aimed at improving employees’ general health. Companies also have offered “case management” programs aimed at controlling costs of major illnesses.

Disease Management focuses on improving the health -- and thus controlling the costs -- of common manageable diseases. These include diabetes, asthma, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and hypertension. These voluntary programs, now in place in most companies, are designed to prevent the state of the disease from advancing, and where possible, to result in improvement.

New Health Savings Accounts
Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) along with “high deductible” plans are also emerging as cost containment strategies. These new types of plans involve a company-funded HRA or employee- or company-funded HSA that employees can use for IRS-approved health expenses -- including some items not typically covered in medical plans. Unused amounts can be carried over to the following year, in theory encouraging employees to become better healthcare consumers. Supplementing the HRA/HSA is a “high-deductible” plan, with typical annual deductibles ranging from $1000 to $3000 per individual.

Less than one-fifth of companies report offering as an option an HRA, high-deductible plan, or both. Typical employee participation in these options is reported at less than 10%. In 2005, less than 10% of companies have adopted HSAs with high-deductible plans.

Employee Consumerism
In addition to the strategies described above, “employee consumerism” is a new strategy used by some of Hay Group’s clients. This involves communicating to employees how medical cost increases affect them (e.g., higher employee costs, lower pay increases, lower staffing levels) and what they can do about it (e.g., improve health, use Disease Management, use 24-hour medical assistance services, ask questions of your provider, check insurer charges).

“Just as you would want to do your research to make an informed decision before buying a big-screen TV,” reflected Carter, “people should become better consumers of healthcare. Employers should educate and inform their employees about considering their options before blindly following their doctor’s recommendations. They should ask, for example, ‘Can I use a generic drug in place of the brand name?’ Employee consumerism enables clients to enlist their employees in the battle to control healthcare costs.”

HMOs Lose Their Edge over PPOs
Premium costs for HMO and Point-of-Service (POS) plans that require Primary Care Referrals for specialists and tests are rising as fast as the cost of PPO plans that do not have that requirement. Historically HMO and POS plan premium increases have been less than PPO increases.

“HMOs’ traditional ability to contain costs better than PPOs has disappeared in the last two years,” says Mr. Carter. “This is probably due in part to HMO and POS plans easing up on restricting referrals for care in response to litigation and consumer and government pressures.

“HMOs would rather do the easing up (on restricting referrals) themselves rather than have the government regulate it,” Carter continued. Another reason may be increased pressures on HMOs to raise provider reimbursement levels to come closer to PPO reimbursements.

According to the Hay Benefits Report, HMO and POS plans have been declining in prevalence as the primary plan offered by employers. In 2000, almost half of companies had HMO or POS plans as their primary plan. This has dropped to just a third of companies for 2005. “This shift reflects growing employer and employee discontent with the required referrals for specialists and tests in HMO and POS plans” noted Carter.

Exploring Causes for Continuing Rising Medical Premiums’ Costs
Medical costs have been rising for a number of reasons. One reason is that reimbursement rates to hospitals and physicians are on the rise. In the second half of the 1990s, HMO and PPO plans held down reimbursement rates to the point where healthcare providers took action to gain increases. For example, hospitals have been merging into larger systems, sometimes with physician networks, giving them more bargaining power in their negotiations with insurers.

Another cause of rising medical costs is continuously improving medical technology, which allows very sick people to live longer, and thus incur significant medical expenses. Prescription drug costs increasing at a rate exceeding 15% are another cause of rising medical expenses. Rapidly rising malpractice premiums have also contributed to the problem. Other factors include the aging of the workforce and the fact that Americans have become increasingly less healthy, especially in the areas of weight, diabetes, and heart disease.

What’s In Store for the Future?
Looking ahead to plan changes for 2006, more cost shifting is likely. However, Hay Group’s Carter cautioned that “there is a limit to the amount that companies can shift costs to employees, particularly lower-paid employees.” With the average annual employee premium contribution for family coverage reaching $2600 in 2005 along with increasing co-payments, companies will need to rely on strategies other than cost shifting. “Disease Management and wellness programs, which lower costs by improving employees’ health, currently are the best long-term strategies for controlling costs,” said Carter.

About Hay Group
Hay Group ( is a global organizational and human resources consulting firm that helps its clients -- Boards, CEOs, Executives, and HR Managers -- on virtually all aspects of their people-related business issues. Founded in 1943, Hay Group has over 2,200 employees working from 77 offices in 76 cities and 43 countries.

Our areas of expertise include:
- Design and analysis of organizations and jobs;
- Talent management through assessment, selection, and
development of executives, managers, and teams;
- Compensation, benefits, and performance management;
- Executive remuneration and corporate governance; and
- Employee and customer attitude research.

Hay Group works with nearly three-quarters of FORTUNE’s top-50 Most Admired Companies, as well as many mid-sized and non-profit corporations, public institutions, and governments.

For More Information
For more information, please contact:
Jeff Meyers, 215-861-2623

Hay Group | The Wanamaker Building | 100 Penn Square East | Philadelphia, PA 19107 USA

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: on behalf of the company listed above.

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March 10, 2022

Spine Surgery Technologies, Products Generating Clinical Success, Driving and Sustaining Large Markets, According to a March 2005 Analysis Report by MedMarket Diligence

The worldwide market for products in spine surgery is poised for strong and sustainable growth through the coming decades as a range of new products, from artificial discs to use of minimally invasive techniques and wealth of osteobiologics find their way into a growing medical practice comprised of an active baby boomer population. The worldwide markets for these technologies, and the opportunities emerging, are detailed in a newly published report by MedMarket Diligence.

(PRWEB) March 10, 2022 -- "The spine surgery marketplace is an arena for robust growth and market development of medical technologies," says Patrick Driscoll, President of MedMarket Diligence. "Since there is a large patient pool, numerous therapeutic alternatives possible for ameliorating spine-related problems and the advent of a very diverse range of technologies from image guidance, artificial discs, osteobiologics and others, the market will see sustainable revenue growth for well into the next few decades."

The MedMarket Diligence report on spine surgery is a worldwide medical market and technology assessment of the products, technologies, and companies in the market for spine surgical technologies for the treatment of congenital spine disorders, inflammatory and infectious diseases of the spine, degenerative spine diseases, mechancial disorders of the spine (herniation, stenosis, myelopathy, etc.), spinal trauma and tumors of the spine. Technologies addressed include the range of traditional "open" surgical procedures (fusion, corpectomy, foraminotomy, laminectomy, etc.) and minimally invasive procedures (vertebroplasty/kyphoplasty, microscoopic discectomy, disc decompression, endoscopic scoliosis surgery, minimally invasive bone grafting, etc.), as well as the full range of other device and osteobiologic technologies being applied or developed.

Companies involved in the market or pursuing technologies include: Aastrom Biosciences, AlloSource, Alphatec Manufacturing, Alphatec Manufacturing, Altiva Corporation, Arthrocare Corporation, Arthrocare/Parallax Medical, A-Spine USA,Inc., B. Braun Aesculap, Biocomposites, Biomet/Interpore Cross, Blackstone Medical, Cambridge Scientific, Cardinal Health, Cell-Based Bone Graft Substitutes, Cloward Instrument Corporation, Co-Ligne AG, Cook, Corin Group, Cortek, DePuy Spine, Disc-O-Tech Medical Technologies, Ltd., EBI, L.P., Encore Medical Corporation, Endius, Endospine Kinetics Limited, ETEX Corporation, HydroCision, Integra LifeSciences, Interpore Cross International, IsoTis OrthoBiologics, Jupiter Surgical Systems, Kyphon Inc., LifeNet, MacroPore Biosurgery Inc., Medtronic Sofamor Danek, MTF (Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation), NeuColl, NuVasive, Orquest, Ortho Development Corporation, Orthovita, Osiris Therapeutics, OsteoBiologics, Osteoimplant Technology, Osteotech, Scient’X, SeaSpine, Smith & Nephew, Spinal Concepts, Spine Vision Inc., Spineology Inc., Stryker Biotech, Stryker Biotech, Stryker Spine, Synthes-Stratec, Therics, Trimedyne, Tutogen Medical, Valleylab, Verigen, Vertebron Inc., Wright Medical Technology and others.

Details of the March 2005 report are available at

MedMarket Diligence provides tactical decision-making solutions on medical technology to the medical products and investment industries. The company publishes the MedMarkets newsletter, a monthly analysis of the market implications of new medical technology and dedicated reports on technology markets. For additional details, contact Patrick Driscoll at email or call 949-859-3401 or toll-free (in the U.S.). 1-866-820-1357

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“Misuse of USA Patriot Act Leads to Exposure of Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Scheme Costing Taxpayers Tens of Billions of Dollars”

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) March 10, 2022 -- “If not for the USA Patriot Act the Kansas City based firm Medical Supply Chain, Inc. may have never uncovered the massive fraud scheme which robbed U.S. taxpayers of tens of billions of dollars says President and CEO Samuel Lipari”. In attempting to right the wrong done to his company by U.S. Bancorp (NYSE: USB) and Piper Jaffray's (NYSE: PJC) conspiratorial, malicious and unjustified use of the USA Patriot Act to keep his company out of the health care supply market, Lipari and his legal team have uncovered a scheme that they believe spans three decades and involves just about ever major player in the U.S. Healthcare supply industry as well as at least one major bank and one major investment firm. The complaint, also filed against Novation, University Healthsystem Consortium (UHC), Voluntary Hospitals of America (VHA), Neoforma (NYSE: NEOF) and their chief executives, provides a detailed analysis of how the fraud was created and perpetrated with the help of health care Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) Novation and Premier, whose questionable business practices are surprisingly protected by a Federal Safe Harbor and supported by a number of prominent hospital CEOs.

Medical Supply’s complaint details how the defendant hospital suppliers are conspiring with competing distributors and manufacturers including General Electric’s (NYSE:GE) well known Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX), to artificially inflate hospital supplies by as much as $50 billion dollars a year in a conspiracy involving kickbacks, consulting fees to hospital administrators, extortion and commercial bribes all in an effort to limit what products can be purchased by American hospitals and who can sell them.

Medical Supply Chain's successful entry into the market for medical supplies would have surely led to lower cost for medical supplies and equipment and curtailed the profits coming from the sector and therefore the earnings generated by investment firm Piper Jaffray (NYSE: PJC), who at one time had seventy percent of its investments in health care supply stocks. To prevent this from happening, U.S Bancorp (NYSE: USB) and Piper Jaffray apparently believed they had no choice other than their malicious use of the USA Patriot Act to destroy Medical Supply Chain's ability to raise capital and launch its enterprise.

Additional companies implicated in the complaint but not charged are Premier Inc., Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems (NYSE: JNJ), GE Medical Systems (NYSE: GE), Baxter Healthcare Corp. (NYSE: BAX) Medtronic USA Inc. (NYSE: MDT), Cardinal Health (NYSE: CAH), McKesson (NYSE: MCK) and Abbott Labs, Inc. among others.

About Medical Supply Chain, Inc.
Medical Supply Chain, Inc. is a worldwide provider of web-based supply chain solutions serving health care communities and their trading partners. Privately held, the company was founded in May of 2000 with a mission to deliver enabling supply chain technology in health care. The company’s products are completely hosted and built entirely on applications and services that combine simplicity and power. These applications and services are rapidly deployed through training, management and certification programs delivering a much more cost efficient supply chain solution. To learn more about Medical Supply Chain visit:

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March 04, 2022

ReNu Medical and Hospital Shared Services Association (HSSA) Offer Help to Pacific Northwest Hospitals

ReNu Medical, a leader in medical device reprocessing and now the only medical device reprocessor in the Pacific Northwest, announced today they have signed on with Hospital Shared Services Association (HSSA)

Everett, WA (PRWEB) March 4, 2022 -- A merger and/or acquisition of a company can be a good thing or not such a good thing depending on who you are talking with. Hospitals now faced with added cost, delays in product delivery, lost savings, product quality and patient safety, are forced to accept the acquisition of a Pacific Northwest medical device reprocessing vendor.

“ReNu Medical and Hospital Shared Services Association (HSSA) will help hospitals by filling the gap left by this acquisition. Hospitals desiring to continue with the advantages of high-level disinfection, reducing their medical waste and double the savings over sterilization, all at a price equal to or less than their previous vendor is available right now through HSSA,” said Loren Timmons, VP of Marketing and Business Development.

HSSA is a non-profit organization of member facilities voluntarily joined together on a unified basis for the purpose of reducing the cost of health care delivery by the most effective use of our combined market power. Hospital Shared Services Association is a regional cooperative consisting of a network of hospitals and health services throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their members share the common goals of reducing costs while maintaining the highest level of patient care.

“Hospitals originally made the right choice to have non and semi critical single use devices high-level disinfected. We are very excited to be partnering with HSSA to bring our service, price and quality products to their members. ReNu and HSSA can provide a cost effective solution to escalating healthcare costs,” said L. Bruce Pierson, COO at ReNu Medical.

About Renu Medical:
ReNu Medical is the leading reprocessor of non-invasive single use medical devices (SUD’s). ReNu’s unique services focus on providing the safest product for the patient, reducing medical waste and significantly reducing supply costs by maximizing available savings.

ReNu’s unique focus on non and semi critical devices provides a significant source of cost savings with very little associate risk. These devices go ON the body not IN the body. High Level Disinfection (HLD) offers significant cost saving advantages over sterilization methods.

For example, ReNu’s non-toxic method of HLD has the proven ability to turn an individual medical device 2-3 times more than a sterilizing reprocessor which equates to 2-3 times the cost savings. Additionally, with our quick turn around time, two weeks compared to 8-12 weeks, less inventory is required thus saving you even more money. Finally, ReNu has the proven lowest discard rate in the industry (less than 10% on average) allowing you to get more devices back. These advantages offer significant savings far above other reprocessors.

High-Level Disinfection technology is 100% non toxic, environmentally friendly and a safe gentle alternative for the non and semi critical devices. HLD offers twice the life span and double the saving of toxic Ethylene Oxide Gas (EtO) utilized by sterilization reprocessor’s. No harmful air emissions are released into the environment and no chemical residue is left on the device. HLD is supported by the CDC, APIC, and other healthcare organizations.

ReNu Medical is a supporter and Champion of Hospitals for a Healthy Environment. We recommend you visit their website ( to learn more about how to reduce hospital medical waste.

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Jaime Gagliardi Joins Theramedix As Northern California Executive & Enzyme Consultant

Theramedix brings Jaime Gagliardi on board in key Northern California AE position. Her professional background, as well as her personal health experience, are invaluable assets for the job.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 4, 2022 -- Theramedix, a nutraceutical company that provides health care practitioners with pharmaceutical grade enzymes, announced today that Jaime Gagliardi has joined the Theramedix staff as their Northern California Account Executive and Enzyme Consultant.

“Jaime has the education as well as the personal experience with enzyme therapy to make her the perfect fit for this position,” said Kalyna Hanover, Director for Theramedix. “In addition to pursuing the study of enzyme therapy, she has successfully managed several of her own health challenges using enzymes. She will be an invaluable asset to the team in educating health care professionals about this top of the line product.”

Gagliardi is a certified Nutrition Educator, receiving her training at Bauman College in Berkeley California where she also served as a Teaching Assistant. Adding to her storehouse of knowledge and experience, she is currently pursuing certification as a Nutrition Consultant. She has worked in sales for the last several years.

She is available to train and service health care practitioners with this exciting product line.

Theramedix, a subsidiary of Enzymedica, manufactures and sells a premiere line of plant derived pharmaceutical grade enzymes to health care professionals. The product line has a proven, proprietary delivery system called Thera-blend,™ which guarantees the integrity and strength of each enzyme formula in all ph ranges. Theramedix offices are located in San Francisco. Go to to learn more.

Media Contact Constance St. John, The St. John Group at 415-454-2243

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March 03, 2022

Selkin Laser Center Opens New Facility in Greensboro, North Carolina

Patients throughout the triad area will be able to have Lasik surgery performed at the new Selkin Laser Center location

Greensboro, NC (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) March 3, 2022 -- Dr. Robert Selkin of Selkin Laser Center is opening a new Lasik surgery facility in Greensboro, North Carolina. Patients throughout the triad area will be able to have Lasik surgery performed at the new Selkin Laser Center location, headed by Dr. Robert Selkin and Dr. Tom Campen, two of the most experienced Lasik surgeons in the United States.

The Selkin Laser Center uses advanced diagnostic equipment that determines which patients are candidates for refractive surgery. The doctors at Selkin Laser Center specialize in treating people who have thin corneas or those with large pupils who have problems with halos and glares that affect night vision. People with varying eyesight prescriptions as well as those with high levels of astigmatism can be treated at this new facility.

The Lasik physicians at the new center are board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

About Selkin Laser Center
Dr. Robert Selkin trained at Harvard University Mass./Eye and Ear Infirmary and at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC. A Cum Laude alumnae from Albany Medical College in New York, he is a Neil Hellman Award recipient for demonstrating humanistic values to his patients. Having performed nearly 50,000 Lasik surgeries, Dr. Selkin is a leader in corrective vision surgery. For more information, visit or call 1-888-LASER-YOU (527-3796)

Carla Hunnicutt
Media Relations

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Inova Fair Oaks Hospital Implements eko system inc.’s Frontiers™ Perioperative Clinical Information Management System

eko systems inc. and Inova Fair Oaks Hospital announce the installation of eko systems’ Frontiers™, state-of-the art Perioperative Clinical Information Management System (PCIMS)

Fairfax, VA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) March 3, 2022 -- eko systems inc. and Inova Fair Oaks Hospital announce the installation of eko systems’ Frontiers™, state-of-the art Perioperative Clinical Information Management System (PCIMS). Frontiers™ is a comprehensive and fully integrated PCIMS solution that meets the complex electronic medical record, compliance management and management reporting needs of all clinicians (nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, perfusionists) and managers throughout the entire Perioperative (surgical) care environment.

Frontiers was deployed at 44 Perioperative points of care in including Operating Rooms, Post Anesthesia Recovery Units (PACU), and Endoscopy Suites. The system is currently being used by over 50 clinicians including anesthesiologists, nurses, CRNAs and PACU nurses.

"eko systems did a remarkable job in assisting our staff smoothly transition from paper to electronic documentation. Working with our clinicians, eko’s staff rapidly developed the clinical templates for electronic documentation in our Endoscopy Suites and Pain Center. As a result of Frontiers’, charting tools and rules-based billing logic, the hospital has realized an increase in excess of 30% in Operating Room and PACU revenue," stated Ms. Sandy Beach, Director, Surgical Services at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital.

About eko systems inc.
eko systems, inc. is a healthcare information technology developer providing Perioperative Clinical Information Management Systems (PCIMS) for hospital and free standing surgical environments. The Company’s product, Frontiers is an advanced, turnkey Clinical Information Management System (CIMS) solution that fully automates the charting of surgical patient care and associated billing processes. Founded in 1996, eko systems inc. is a privately held corporation and based in Fairfax, Virginia.

"Inova Health System has been a long standing valued client of eko systems. We are delighted Inova Fair Oaks Hospital has deployed Frontiers throughout the Perioperative process," stated Warren Guillett, CEO of eko systems, inc. "Frontiers will provide the hospital with the means to improve charting efficiency, increase revenue and enhance compliance management in its Perioperative care areas."

About Inova Fair Oaks Hospital
Inova Health System is a not-for-profit health care system including four hospitals based in Northern Virginia. Inova Fair Oaks Hospital is a 160-bed advanced community hospital that provides a full range of emergency, medical, surgical, critical care, orthopedic, obstetric and pediatric care services.

eko systems, inc.
Donald Goldberg
Chief Operating Officer
703-849-1477 x 22

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February 27, 2022

Cleanrooms: A Question & Answer Document from Baxa Corporation

Question & Answer Document from Baxa Corporation is Now Posted on for Media and Professional Access In Light of the Continued Regulatory Focus on Hazardous Drug Handling in the Workplace
"Understanding Cleanrooms: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions," authored by Pat Hynes, VP of Global Quality for Metro Denver-based Baxa Corporation is now posted for media and professional access on Since the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) released USP 797 in January 2004 and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) published its 2004 alert on the health risks posed to those working with hazardous drugs, there has been a renewed industry-wide focus on safety within the hospital pharmacy environment. The posted Q&A; is intended to provide a general understanding of what cleanrooms are and how they are monitored.

Englewood, CO (PRWEB) February 27, 2022 – With hazardous drug handling brought to the forefront of public scrutiny in 2004 by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) USP 797 and a (PRWEB) February 27, 2022 -- related National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Alert, Baxa Corporation has published a detailed question and answer document exploring the topic of cleanrooms. The Cleanroom Q&A; is now posted on (click the Cleanrooms tab) for both professional and media access, according to Greg Baldwin, Chairman and CEO of Baxa Corporation. Baxa is the US distributor of PhaSeal®, the only closed system that prevents the workplace contamination threats as delineated in the NIOSH Alert.

"The USP General Chapter 797 on compounding sterile preparations makes some specific recommendations regarding cleanliness and cleanrooms. While it does not specifically require a cleanroom for sterile compounding, the guideline does require that sterile compounding take place in a separate area that meets a defined level of cleanliness. Many pharmacists have expressed concern about cleanrooms and their requirements in an attempt to clarify the requirements for USP 797 compliance. The discussion now posted on the is intended to provide a general understanding of what cleanrooms are and how they are monitored," says Baldwin.

"Understanding Cleanrooms" is found at This paper is authored by Baxa Corporation’s Pat Hynes, VP of Global Quality.

Hynes has more than 20 year’s experience in quality assurance and regulatory affairs activities. At Baxa Corporation, he has been involved in critical strategic initiatives for adopting lean manufacturing processes and Six Sigma implementation. He is a recognized expert in cleanroom design and requirements both through his work at Baxa Corporation and with COBE Cardiovascular worldwide. Hynes’ previous employment includes positions in new product development, manufacturing management and product evaluation. He was instrumental in the development of Baxa Corporation’s current quality system and is responsible for the enforcement of Quality System Requirements (QSRs). He holds a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.

Baxa Corporation, as mentioned above, offers the only closed system for safe handling of antineoplastic and other hazardous drugs. This system, PhaSeal, uses dry connections and a built-in expansion chamber to prevent drug aerosol leakage and subsequent transfer into the work environment. As a closed system, it contains hazardous drugs throughout the entire process of drug transfer, preparation, transport, administration and disposal - eliminating the risks of environmental and occupational exposure.

The PhaSeal System is currently in use for handling hazardous drugs in more than 200 leading cancer hospitals in the US. The system is also used in progressive hospitals throughout Europe.

A leading provider of devices and systems for the preparation, handling, packaging, and administration of liquid medications, Baxa Corporation manufactures and markets a wide range of healthcare products for use in hospitals, critical care units and alternate-site pharmacies. Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, Baxa has subsidiaries and sales offices in Canada, the United Kingdom; Denmark, and Germany; and distribution partners worldwide. Further information is available at

The PhaSeal System is manufactured in Sweden by Carmel Pharma ab of Göteborg, Sweden. Introduced in Europe in 1994, the PhaSeal System is now used in most Swedish hospitals, with its benefits documented by a significant body of scientific research on the health risks associated with the preparation and administration of cytotoxic drugs. The PhaSeal System is protected by a comprehensive patent portfolio in the U.S., European Union and Japan. For more information on Carmel Pharma, please visit

Additional resources regarding this subject matter:




"What if the Cure is Also a Cause?
The Same Chemo Drugs That Save Some Cancer Patients' Lives Put Health Workers at Risk"

# # #

Marian Robinson, Vice President, Marketing
Baxa Corporation: 800.567.2292 ext. 2157 or 303.617.2157

Maggie Chamberlin Holben, APR, Absolutely Public Relations
303.984.9801, 303.669.3558

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Baxa Corporation Expands Headquarters Facilities

Baxa Corporation announces the addition of a new building to its corporate headquarters in Metro Denver. The expansion provides a 15,000 square-foot facility accommodating the sales, marketing and technical support operations for the medical device manufacturer. Two years after the company built a state-of-the-art production facility in Englewood, Colorado, unprecedented business growth constrained the office and administration space.

Englewood, CO (PRWEB) February 27, 2022 -- Baxa Corporation announces the addition of a new building to its corporate headquarters. The expansion provides a 15,000 square-foot facility accommodating the sales, marketing and technical support operations for the medical device manufacturer. Two years after the company built a state-of-the-art production facility in Englewood, Colorado, unprecedented business growth constrained the office and administration space.

“We never expected to outgrow the Grasslands facility so quickly,” says Greg Baldwin, Baxa Chairman and CEO. “Our long-term plan is to create a campus with several buildings housing the manufacturing, customer service and support and new product development activities.” Double-digit sales growth moved up the timeline for the addition of office space for the company, which was able to accomplish the planning, building and move in less than six months. “Baxa has a reputation for outstanding customer service. We were fortunate to be able to accomplish the entire project without impacting our customers. Technical support and customer service associates made a smooth transition to the new facility, while day-to-day operations were uninterrupted,” Baldwin adds.

With this office expansion, Baxa Corporation has the space for planned expansion in its hardware and software development teams. As a privately held company, Baxa invests profits in R&D; and new product planning activities, providing significant opportunity for future growth.

Note: The Baxa corporation mailing address (14445 Grasslands Drive, Englewood, Colorado 80112-7062), phone numbers and e-mail addresses remain unchanged with this expansion.

Celebrating 30 years of business in 2005, Baxa Corporation is a Denver-based manufacturer of medical devices and systems for preparing, handling, packaging, and administering liquid medications. The company manufactures and markets a wide range of healthcare products for use in hospitals, critical care units and alternate-site pharmacies. Baxa Corporation is privately held, with subsidiaries and sales offices in Canada, the United Kingdom; Denmark, and Germany; and distribution partners worldwide. Further information is available at

For More Information, Contact:
Marian Robinson, Vice President, Marketing, Baxa Corporation: 800.567.2292 ext. 2157 or 303.617.2157

Maggie Chamberlin Holben, APR, Absolutely Pubic Relations: 303.984.9801 or 303.669.3558

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February 07, 2022

Physician Micro Systems, Inc. Signs Agreement to Connect to SureScripts Network for Electronic Prescribing

SureScripts’ network to enable nearly 3,500 physician users to exchange prescription data electronically with more than 85% of US pharmacies

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 7, 2022 -- Physician Micro Systems, Inc. (PMSI), a leader in the development of electronic health records (EHR), practice management, and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) software, and SureScripts, the nation’s largest network provider of electronic prescribing services, have announced an agreement to connect PMSI’s EHR clinical solution, Practice Partner® Patient Records, to the SureScripts network.

SureScripts will work with PMSI to certify Practice Partner Patient Records for connection to the SureScripts network. The SureScripts certification process involves several important steps, including integrating the SureScripts network with PMSI’s EHR solution, extensive testing of the system to ensure the successful transmission of electronic prescriptions, and a commitment to SureScripts’ business rules that, among other things, prohibit commercial messaging at the point of care. The neutrality of the SureScripts network protects a physician’s choice of therapy and a patient’s choice of pharmacy.

Once certified, the network connection will enable the nearly 3,500 physicians using PMSI’s EHR solution, which includes an electronic prescribing module, to exchange prescription data with pharmacies active on the SureScripts network. SureScripts has already certified the software of pharmacies and pharmacy technology vendors representing more than 85% of the nation’s pharmacies.

Andrew G. Ury, M.D., President/CEO of PMSI noted, “Our agreement to connect to the SureScripts network for electronic prescribing continues our long-standing commitment to help physicians improve the productivity and quality of care by employing advanced technologies in a clinical setting.”

“It’s exciting to work with an established provider of electronic health record systems like PMSI, who recognizes the importance of true electronic prescribing in a clinical environment,” explained Kevin Hutchinson, SureScripts’ President and CEO. “By connecting to the SureScripts network, PMSI will enable thousands of physicians to increase office efficiency, save time and, most important, improve patient safety.”

About Physician Micro Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1983 by Andrew G. Ury, M.D., Physician Micro Systems, Inc. (PMSI) is the creator of the Practice Partner® line of electronic health record (EHR), practice management system (PMS), and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) software applications for ambulatory care practices. PMSI is grounded in the daily reality of providing mission-critical clinical and administrative systems for thousands of physicians and their staff. PMSI has succeeded through a strong focus on the ambulatory care market combined with technology, leadership, and vision. Practice Partner applications are used nationwide by approximately 1,300 practices of all sizes and specialties, from solo-practitioners to large, enterprise, multi-site practices. More information about Physician Micro Systems, Inc is available at

About SureScripts
SureScripts, the largest network provider of electronic prescribing services, is committed to building relationships within the healthcare community and working collaboratively with key industry stakeholders and organizations to improve the safety, efficiency and quality of healthcare by improving the overall prescribing process. At the core of this improvement effort is SureScripts network, a healthcare infrastructure which establishes electronic communications between pharmacists and physicians and enables the two-way electronic exchange of prescription information. More information about SureScripts is available at

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February 01, 2022

B2B Marketing Health and Elder Care Services

Reaching the Decision Makers of the Healthcare and Elder Care Industry

(PRWEB) February 1, 2022 -- Quality Care Options is an established company advocating for the right of all seniors to receive excellent service and product. The organization recommends Certified Senior Approved Services to its elderly clientele. Through its highly visible web sites and monthly ezines, Quality Care Options (QCO) attracts both the senior and the businesses that serve the senior population.

Barbara Mascio, Founder of QCO, has been inundated with requests from healthcare businesses for recommendations towards resources that would further promote an elder or healthcare related business. These requests include; ‘Who should I call for the best liability insurance coverage?’ ‘Who do you recommend as a resource for market analysis?’ ‘How do I start an elder care business?’ and even ‘Who can handle our maintenance and lawn care?’

“Every business serving our senior population needs resources towards recruitment, security checks, lead generation and advice on marketing how-to’s and so we’ve provided a very affordable method for businesses offering these products, services and resources to reach our web site visitors”, states Barbara. Not all advertising will be accepted. You must first submit your banner or text by following the guidelines found on

Speakers and professional networking groups are offered special low rates of just $10 per month for an ad with a hyperlink to their web. Businesses to Business advertising can be purchased for as little as $20 a month. “We’re not trying to make a living from advertising revenue, that’s not what this is all about, states Barbara. We simply want to cover the administrative costs and provide our web visitors the resources they need to further grow their business.”

For businesses marketing directly to the senior citizen, please see to review how to apply for Senior Approved Certification as no advertising is accepted for this segment of our business.

Advertising on the Internet can be a crapshoot. You should do your homework before spending any amount of money. Does the web site have enough unique visitors each day interested in the service you offer? One site to check traffic stats on line is Simply enter the url address of any web site to review certified traffic results. Obviously, you want a site to have higher web traffic than your own, or at the very least, equal to your traffic.

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January 31, 2022

Galvanon Recognized as a Finalist in the 2005 MS-HUG Annual Awards

Galvanon, the patient experience company, today announced that it was selected as a finalist for the eighth annual 2005 MS-HUG Awards in the Enabling Technologies category for its MediKiosk™ and Customer Value Management Enterprise Server technology.

Maitland, FL (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) January 31, 2022 -- Galvanon, the patient experience company, today announced that it was selected as a finalist for the eighth annual 2005 MS-HUG Awards in the Enabling Technologies category for its MediKiosk™ and Customer Value Management Enterprise Server technology. The honors are awarded by MS-HUG, a membership community of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), and recognize independent software vendors that develop solutions on Microsoft technology for the healthcare industry. Award contestants are evaluated on the extent to which they provide significant business benefits to healthcare organizations and improve patient care.

Galvanon’s MediKiosk is a patient self-service kiosk that automates patient registration and check-in processes. Hospitals and physician practices use MediKiosk to identify patients at check-in, gather necessary forms and signatures and collect co-payments and outstanding balances. By using this self-service kiosk solution, healthcare organizations realize shorter patient wait times, less redundant paperwork, improved staff productivity and increased patient satisfaction.

MediKiosk operates on Galvanon’s Customer Value Management (CVM) Enterprise Server, a common platform that facilitates the seamless exchange of data between MediKiosk and Galvanon’s other solutions, including Online BillPay, Pre-Registration and Membership Manager modules.

“One of the biggest challenges that healthcare organizations face is balancing the desire to increase patient satisfaction with the need to control costs. Our self-service approach strikes this balance with technology designed to improve the way that patient information is gathered, stored and delivered throughout the care process,” said Clynt Taylor, CEO of Galvanon. “It is truly an honor to be recognized by Microsoft for our efforts, and we applaud them for acknowledging the transforming impact that technology can have on the healthcare industry.”

“Galvanon demonstrates its commitment to the healthcare industry with innovative solutions like MediKiosk, leveraging Microsoft technology to improve staff productivity and increase patient satisfaction through a more efficient and automated registration and check-in process,“ said Steve Shihadeh, general manager, Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences. “We are pleased to recognize Galvanon’s efforts to drive integrated communication and collaboration solutions that enhance patient care and help to control costs.”

Galvanon will demonstrate its products with other finalists in the Microsoft booth at the HIMSS 2005 Conference & Exhibition from February 14-17 in Dallas. Winners will be announced in the theater at the Microsoft booth (#3035) at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, February 15.

About Galvanon, Inc.
Galvanon helps healthcare organizations enhance the patient experience at home, in the hospital and in the physician’s office through innovative solutions such as kiosks, Web self-service applications and technology that streamlines everyday patient interactions and improves patient flow through the healthcare process. For more information, visit

Other product and company names herein may be the property of their respective owners.

Press contact:
Cathi Hilpert
407 667 0669

Sales Contact:
Gary Anthony

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January 28, 2022

Computerized Medical Records – Heart Sounds and Murmurs Can be Remembered Forever

Biosignetics Corporation has developed software that can store and process digitally recorded heart sounds and help to identify heart murmurs. This can be particularly useful during the routine cardiac exam known as heart auscultation. Company continues its research and currently offers educational and non-clinical research versions. Phonocardiograph Monitor software had received FDA clearance to market in October 2004. Software can be utilized to improve the efficiency and functionality of the cardiac asucultation. With Japan breathing heavily behind - God Speed Biosignetics of New Hampshire!

(PRWEB) January 28, 2022 -- President Bush is highlighting the wave of the future in medicine — computerized records to reduce cost and errors.

"We've got 21st-century medical practices but 19th-century paperwork system," G.W. Bush said Wednesday during a visit to the National Institutes of Health.

Indeed we do. For example in cardiology and family medicine there is no established practice of keeping permanent sound data from the cardiac exam (heart auscultation).

Dr. Aubrey Leatham's (Great Britain) new classification of mid-systolic ejection murmurs versus pansystolic regurgitant murmurs was based on his graphic analysis. Leatham A: Auscultation of the heart. Lancet 1958;II:702–708, 757–765. But it changed the way clinicians approached the bedside diagnosis of valvular disease and contributed to decision making for cardiac surgery. We think that computerized analysis can definitely be helpful.

"So there's a better way to enable our health care system to wring out inefficiencies and to protect our patients.", said the President who had also visited Cleveland Clinic to promote his initiative. Cleveland Clinic is internationally known as cardiology center of excellence.

Biosignetics Corporation is revolutionizing the same field - a two century old art of heart auscultation. We offer physicians to record heart sounds digitally and to process them using what we call Visual or Digital Stethoscope Software.

The recording process was perfected by the company scientists and now allows doctors to perform digital auscultation during the regular cardiac exam. Heart sounds can be recorded in parallel and can be stored, replayed and subsequently processed to identify key features and imperfections. This process can also be utilized in telemedicine. Storage format called Heart Energy Signature is currently patent pending. Company's flagman Phonocardiograph Monitor software (BSignal) has received FDA clearance for market in October 27, 2004.

Biosignetics had recently completed its research software that allows an effective noise removal from the digitally recorded sonograms or phonocardiograms (wave sound files). "Noise reduction procedure can help us to effectively deal with the practical issues that slow down electronic stethoscope acceptance by the medical community," indicated Dr. Vladimir Polyshchuk, Biosignetics co-founder. "We can work with low quality sound recordings and extract maximum amount of useful information from them," he added.

Noise removal method developed by Biosignetics is unique, because it allows keeping all the useful content of the signal and does not alter the shape of the heart sound signal. Right now company is testing this technique while using different electronic stethoscopes: Welch Allyn, Meditron, Littmann, i-Stethos, Babe Monitor.

Japaneese medical researchers are now also promoting a digital device -- a "visual stethoscope" -- that would allow doctors to see as well as hear heart sounds, with the additional advantages that the output could be stored, attached to patient records and reviewed by more than one doctor.

"This would make the information we get from heart sounds more objective," says Dr. Hiroshi Makino of Hamamatsu University in Hamamatsu City, Japan. "Now, I listen and then you listen, but we may hear different things or disagree. With this technology, we can reach a diagnosis through a consensus of many doctors."

Biosignetics Corporation is looking for additional VC funding, well recognized volunteer PR speaker and medical researchers and physicians to work on collaborative projects.
Research donations are also accepted.
God Speed Biosignetics!

Additional relevant newslinks:
A New Digital Stethoscope
Movers and Shakers
New Heart Research Poised to Help Millions
Heart Auscultation

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Seneca Medical Inc. Announces Expansion of Operations Through Acquisition of Shelby Warehousing Inc.

Tiffin, Ohio – Seneca Medical Inc. announces the acquisition of the assets and operations of Shelby Warehousing Inc., located in Shelbyville, Ind. This purchase further expands Seneca Medical’s market coverage and service capabilities to include Indiana, southwest Ohio and northern/western Kentucky.

Tiffin, OH (PRWEB) January 28, 2022 -- Seneca Medical Inc. announces the acquisition of the assets and operations of Shelby Warehousing Inc., located in Shelbyville, Ind. This purchase further expands Seneca Medical’s market coverage and service capabilities to include Indiana, southwest Ohio and northern/western Kentucky.

“This investment is intended to strengthen our regional distribution capabilities in a very important geographical service area,” said David Myers, vice president of sales and marketing for Seneca Medical.

Shelby Warehousing provides public warehousing and third party logistics services for customers in multiple market segments. The company supports customers with an 80,000 square foot warehouse and office facility in central/southeast Indiana. Shelby Warehousing will continue to operate as a third party logistics provider and service existing customers, and the company will expand its business to include manufacturers of medical-surgical products, leveraging Seneca Medical’s excellent relationship base in this industry.

Through this acquisition, Seneca Medical gains additional experienced and dedicated employees and a facility that is ideally situated to support the expansion of Seneca Medical’s core operations. Plus the purchase demonstrates the company’s commitment to the community, Myers said.

“We made a conscious decision to buy to show that we intend to stay in this market. During our planning process and customer interviews, a number of contacts highlighted the importance for Seneca Medical to demonstrate our commitment to the region. Healthcare is really a regional marketplace, so investing in the region was a fairly simple decision,” he said.

By mid-year, Seneca Medical plans to utilize part of the facility for its core medical surgical distribution business and expand with business growth. Due to previous investments in additional sales and marketing personnel, Seneca Medical’s customer base has grown in the past two years in Indiana, southwest Ohio, and northern Kentucky; Seneca Medical’s acquisition of Shelby Warehousing simply solidifies the company’s commitment to serving healthcare customers in this growth market. As customers continue to migrate to Seneca Medical’s model of distribution services, it is anticipated that the company’s work force will increase in both Shelbyville and its homebase in Tiffin, Ohio, to support its growth.

The company hopes to employ five to 10 new workers in Shelbyville by the end of 2005 with the potential eventually to have 40 to 50 workers at the facility, Myers said.

Dan Theobald, executive director of the Shelby County Development Corp., a private economic development group in the county where Shelbyville is located, helped Seneca Medical locate the warehouse facility. The SCDC is a member of The Indy Partnership, a regional economic development organization that markets the Indianapolis Region.

Seneca Medical is a full service independent, privately owned and operated regional provider of medical/surgical supplies, medical, equipment and complementary support services. Founded in 1990, Seneca Medical has consistently expanded through its dedication to a customer service-focused distribution model. Through a stock ownership plan launched in 1998, the company’s more than 280 current and retired employees own 90 percent of Seneca Medical’s stock. This employee-driven participation generates unparalleled “personalized” distribution services to Seneca’s customers.

Seneca Medical, headquartered in Tiffin, Ohio, provides a wide spectrum of product distribution and support services to the health care continuum throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia and surrounding states. From its three distribution facilities, in Tiffin, Ohio, Ripley, W.Va. and Knoxville, Tenn., Seneca Medical currently serves hospitals, surgery centers, physician offices, long-term care facilities, governmental health departments, sports medicine and industrial health services customers.

Seneca Medical has well established distribution relationships with more than 650 high-quality market-leading business partners who manufacture the following range of product groups:
•Medical Surgical Supplies
•Medical and Diagnostic Equipment
•OTC Products
•Laboratory Supplies
•Paper Products
•Office Furniture
•Sports Medicine Supplies and Equipment (available for nationwide distribution)
•And More

If more information is desired about Seneca Medical Inc., please reference our Web site at

Seneca Medical Inc. – David Myers, Vice President, Sales and Marketing (419) 447-0222

The Indy Partnership – John Walker, Communications/Media Manager (317) 464-5413

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Bob Zaloga Named Director of Emerging Technologies at Media Brokers International

Media Brokers International (, a recognized player in the Advertising related media buying and planning industry, recently named Bob Zaloga to serve as their Director of Media Services – Emerging Technologies. He will be responsible for establishing the company's strategic direction and leading the sales and marketing efforts related to emerging technology based companies.

(PRWEB) January 28, 2022 -- Media Brokers International (, a recognized player in the Advertising related media buying and planning industry, recently named Bob Zaloga to serve as Director of Media Services – Emerging Technologies. He will be responsible for establishing the company's strategic direction and leading the sales and marketing efforts related to emerging technology based companies.

“Bob compliments our team with a seasoned track record of successfully managing and developing technology based organizations”, said Ben Johnston, Media Brokers International CEO & President. “Bob's technical savvy combined with his keen awareness of the marketplace were instrumental in deciding to move forward in the emerging areas. His insight will contribute to us achieving our growth goals and getting to the next level. I am delighted to welcome him aboard”

Zaloga, based in Alpharetta, brings to Media Brokers more than 20 years of management and sales experience in the high-growth, integration, and emerging sectors. Most recently he was the executive in charge of Professional Services for an industry leading Internet-only financial services firm and has held several senior strategy & marketing executive roles in technology. His most notable accomplishment was co-developing a life-cycle management (managed services) model that grew to more than $650 MM and 2,500 employees in less than 21 months.

Prior to founding Business Process Applications (a management consulting firm specialized in Project Management) Mr. Zaloga was employed by General Electric's Industrial Power Systems group and was focused on Nuclear fuel and operations. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in General Management, Finance, and International Business from Georgia State University’s Executive MBA Program; and a Bachelor's of Science in Marine Engineering with a focus on advanced mathematics and physics from Massachusetts Maritime Academy. He is a member of several professional organizations including “Who's Who in American Business and Technology”.

“Media Brokers International is more than appealing especially from the stand-point of positioning. Given the recent rebound associated with the technology sector, MBI's ability to execute, and their relationship orientation make this an opportunity of a life-time. I look forward to helping a variety of companies reach and maintain their brand leadership while developing the technology business within MBI.”

About Media Brokers International
Media Brokers International (, founded in 1992 and based in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a full service media buying and planning agency that delivers premier media placement at significantly discounted cost. MBI currently has over 500 clients and has placed ads in over 800 magazines, billboard and transit, the major television and cable networks, and most national daily newspapers. MBI's clients maintain annual billings between $50,000 and $20,000,000, and participate in a variety of industries including but not limited to, health care, nutrition supplements, food & wine, fashion, beauty, fitness, medical products, and technology. As a value proposition, MBI expands an organization's advertising reach via a service set that provides enhanced circulation and premier placement typically at significantly discounted rates.

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January 27, 2022

Independent Review Organization: AllMed Healthcare, an Independent Review Organization (IRO) Specializing in Medical Review and Peer Review

AllMed Healthcare Management, an Independent Review Organization (IRO) providing medical review and peer review services to healthcare payers, providers, claims managers, and hospital groups, has released its Winter 2004/2005 edition of Medical Review News.

(PRWEB) January 27, 2022 -- AllMed Healthcare Management, an Independent Review Organization (IRO) providing medical review and peer review services to healthcare payers, providers, claims managers, and hospital groups, has released its Winter 2004/2005 edition of Medical Review News.

The newsletter contains the following articles of interest to Claims Managers, Claims Administrators, and Medical Directors at Health Plans, Third Party Administrators, Utilization Review Companies, and Medical Management Companies.

Outlines of the newsletter articles appear below. Click below to view and subscribe to the AllMed Newsletter .

Article #1—Cancer Treatment Claims Management / Claims Administration
* What is the difference between protocols for scientific experiments and medically accepted protocols for treatment?
* What are the 4 major types of cancer treatment?
* What is the role of an Independent Review Organization (IRO) in determining whether a cancer treatment is sanctioned or experimental?
* How can AllMed, as an Independent Review Organization (IRO) work with you in Cancer Treatment medical review situations?

Article #2-- Does Shockwave Therapy Help Plantar Fasciitis
* How is Plantar Fasciitis caused?
* What are the typical treatment options for Plantar Fasciitis?
* How would external medical review specialists, such as AllMed, view an experimental treatment such as Shockwave Therapy – medically necessary or not?
* How can an investment in a medical review for Shockwave Therapy save an organization the cost of a 5-figure treatment?

Article#3-- Managing Evidence-Based Self Insurance Plans
* What are the current trends in self-insurance for large organizations?
How can AllMed, as an Independent Review Organization (IRO), assist self-insurance plans with ERISA Mandated medical reviews?
* How can Independent Review Organizations (IRO) such as AllMed assist medical management companies in complying with their legal duties towards patients?
* What services can AllMed, as an Independent Review Organization (IRO), provide a medical management company?

AllMed provides medical opinions that quickly resolve complex problems -- saving money while protecting the integrity of patient care. AllMed will review chart notes and operative reports to render objective written opinions; help you reach the right decision while reducing legal risk; apply your plan language to the case, if appropriate, give you direct access to our physicians for questions and follow-up on reviews; and supply clear, professional and easy-to-read documentation. AllMed also applies the same high quality standards to its hospital peer review, pharmacy review, medical bill auditing, and medical director review services.

Click the link below to view and subscribe to the AllMed Newsletter .

About AllMed:
Allmed reviews claims for issues of medical necessity, standard of care, experimental / investigational, hospital quality management, code unbundling, fraud, and other issues that affect healthcare decision-making.

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January 26, 2022

Riverview Psychiatric Center Subscribes to Advanced Technology for Patient Safety and Cost Containment

Saferating Inc. announces today that Riverview Psychiatric Center(RPC) of Augusta Maine (formerly Augusta Mental Health Institute) purchased a suite of reporting tools utilizing the power of Paperless Form Technology (PFT) for 2 ambulatory clinic sites. RPC utilizes to manage pharmaceutical samples at two clinics.

Lewiston, Maine (PRWEB) January 26, 2022 – Riverview Psychiatric Center subscribed to Saferating’s Paperless Form technology for its two ambulatory clinics in Augusta and Portland, Maine. Staff now has instant web access for secure recording the receipt of sample medications received from pharmaceutical sales representatives. Regulations from both state and JCAHO require that if samples are utilized for patient care, then a method to log incoming samples must be kept. The required documentation must include lot and expiration dates for the sample drugs. Furthermore, upon dispensing the samples, the outgoing samples must be labeled by a licensed prescriber with the information typically supplied by a retail pharmacy.

RPS staff will now utilize Saferating’s PFT and a custom form to log incoming samples, and a second form which will supply staff with both a label-like document and a documented note for the patient’s medical record. Administrators will have secure access to databases for tracking and real time access in the event of a drug recall. Follow-up and analysis will utilize Saferating’s powerful query engine and report generator to enhance its system improvement and contribute to compliance with HIPAA and JCAHO standards.

Because Saferating’s PFT forms are intuitive, yet thorough, it is expected that this new technology will save extensive labor hours and the associated costs. Riverview Psychiatric Center is proud to take this step in patient safety, reporting enhancement, and cost containment. Learn more at

About Saferating Inc
A leader in Paperless Form Technology solutions for the healthcare industry, provides HIPPA compliant applications to document and report clinical activity. Saferating has developed other solutions for meeting JCAHO requirements for reporting of Adverse Drug Reaction, Medication Errors, Anticoagulation Medication Tracking, Incident Reporting, Patient Satisfaction Surveys, and Competency Assessment.’s solutions improve patient care, reduce costs by eliminated paper-based forms, and eliminated redundant data entry. is based in Lewiston Maine. For more information, please visit

About Riverview Psychiatric Center
RPC (formerly Augusta Mental Health Institute). In 1834 the Maine Legislature passed a resolve to establish the Maine Insane Hospital and appropriated $20,000 for this purpose.

The hospital was built across the river from the Capitol building. The reason for this was so that the Governor and the Legislature would never forget the hospital. Today the State of Maine has built a 92-bed civil and forensic psychiatric treatment facility to replace the existing 161-year-old state hospital, the Augusta Mental Health Institute (AMHI). The new facility opened in late 2004. The new facility, Riverview Psychiatric Center, offers a state-of-the-art treatment environment that supports healing, respect, and safety.

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January 20, 2022

Galvanon Signs Certified Premium VAR Agreement with ViewSonic

Galvanon’s eClipboard patient self-service check-in solution to feature wireless display from ViewSonic

Maitland, FL (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) January 20, 2022 -- Galvanon, the patient experience company, today announced it has signed a certified premium value-added reseller agreement with ViewSonic Corp., a worldwide visual display product leader. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will combine development resources to introduce Galvanon’s eClipboard automated patient registration and check-in utilizing ViewSonic’s V210 airSync® wireless display to the healthcare industry.

Galvanon helps healthcare organizations to enhance the patient experience through a variety of hardware and software solutions, including eClipboard and MediKiosk™, patient self-service kiosk solutions that automate patient registration and check-in processes. The ViewSonic wireless display will be sold as a part of eClipboard, Galvanon’s wireless kiosk solution.

“Galvanon’s self-service approach to patient registration and check-in opens a whole new market for our wireless displays,” said Dan Coffman, senior product manager at ViewSonic. “This potential of this opportunity is exciting because of the tremendous impact the resulting solutions can have for hospitals and physician practices.”

After patients check in electronically using eClipboard, front desk staff can also use the device to wirelessly monitor a patient’s treatment, status and location throughout the encounter as well as track workflow and check patient wait times.

“By combining our patient check-in software with ViewSonic’s wireless displays, our customers can eliminate redundant paperwork for patients, resulting in shorter wait times and increased patient satisfaction,” said Chakri Toleti, President of Galvanon. “This solution integrates with the healthcare organization’s existing systems for significant workflow improvements for the staff, including the elimination of much of the data entry and potential for errors associated with the check-in and registration processes.”

About Galvanon, Inc.
Galvanon helps healthcare organizations enhance the patient experience at home, in the hospital, and in the physician’s office through innovative solutions such as kiosks, Web self-service applications and technology that streamlines everyday patient interactions and improve patient flow through the healthcare process. For more information, visit

Press contact:
Cathi Hilpert

Sales contact:
Gary Anthony

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Mountain Park Health Center (MPHC) Subscribes to Saferating’s Technology for Patient Safety and Cost Containment

Saferating Inc. announces that Phoenix-based Mountain Park Health Center has purchased a suite of medical reporting tools utilizing the power of Paperless Form Technology (PFT) for its four sites. MPHC will utilize to report, manage, and analyze the quality and risk management systems in all four clinics.

Lewiston, Maine (PRWEB) January 20, 2022 – In November 2004, staff gained instant web access for secure reporting of medication errors, adverse drug reactions, pharmacist clinical interventions and system-wide incident reporting. Mountain Park Health Center began utilizing Saferating’s Paperless Form Technology (PFT) in its four Phoenix area health centers. Risk, Quality, and Pharmacy leadership are now notified instantly via Saferating’s automated email function upon submission by staff and have real time access to all data reported. Follow-up and analysis utilizes Saferating’s powerful query engine and report generator to enhance its system improvement and contribute to compliance with HIPAA and JCAHO standards.

Because the Saferating reporting systems are paperless and available 24/7/365, it is expected the system will save extensive labor hours and the associated costs. Mountain Park Health Centers is proud to take this step to enhance patient safety, save staff time, and contain costs. Learn more at

About Saferating Inc
A leader in Paperless Form Technology solutions for the healthcare industry, provides HIPAA compliant applications to document and report clinical activity. Saferating has developed other solutions for meeting JCAHO requirements for reporting of Adverse Drug Reaction, Medication Errors, Anticoagulation Medication Tracking, Incident Reporting, Patient Satisfaction Surveys, and Competency Assessment. SAFERATING.COM’s solutions improve patient care, reduce costs by eliminated paper-based forms, and eliminated redundant data entry. is based in Lewiston Maine. For more information on, please visit

About Mountain Park Health Center
Mountain Park Health Center operates four clinics in the metro Phoenix area which treat Medicare patients, privately insured, and uninsured patients. MPHC participates in Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) and in the Arizona tobacco tax primary care programs. Referral systems into secondary and tertiary care have established the health center as a leader for both physical and mental health. MPHC provides a vast array of services that are based upon the individual needs of the communities they serve.

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January 19, 2022

Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) Poll Results Released

Nationwide poll highlights expected GPO power notwithstanding Senate investigation or NY Times investigative articles.

Mechanicsburg, PA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) January 19, 2022 –- Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) will not only survive, but will thrive. That, according to a recently conducted nationwide poll, is the expectation of hospitals and suppliers. The positive outlook comes despite ongoing Senate investigations into GPO practices that has led to the Medical Device Competition Act of 2004 (S. 2880), as introduced by Senators Mike DeWine (R-OH) and Herb Kohl (D-WI), chairman and ranking member, respectively, of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights.

How well will GPOs partner over the next few years to suppliers and its membership? And which GPO is currently the best partner? Those are just some of the answers that’s "Voice Your Opinion!" ("VYO!") Poll determined. This "VYO!" was submitted to the entire readership of’s Supply Chain Strategies e-Newsletter during December 2004. is releasing its complete results and is making its analysis and presentation available at no cost to qualified business-of-healthcare executives via its website at:

"This "VYO!" provides an important understanding into how the market views the role of GPOs," says Patrick Michael Plummer, Founder & CEO of "The poll was broken down into three parts: Part I reports on GPO partnerships with its members (hospitals, IDNs, non-acute care, etc.); Part II reports on GPO supplier partnerships; and Part III answers the following question: 'If you could partner with only one GPO, which one would you choose?'" This poll was conducted of's Supply Chain Strategies (SCS) e-newsletter readership in December 2004.

The industry expects that GPOs are responding much more aggressively to meet its members' needs, including the IDNs. Important to these results, members are acknowledging GPOs to be a valuable business partner, and are committing more allegiance to the GPOs in return. Novation came in tops overall for being the best partner to its members.

Overall, the market perception is that relationships between GPOs and suppliers will generally stay about the same as today, with just slightly more respondents believing it will deteriorate more than it will improve. Like the best partner to its membership, Novation also came in tops.

Still, there remain significant concerns that the Senate investigation into healthcare group purchasing, along with the potential passage of the Medical Device Competition Act, poses a grave threat to GPOs.

This "VYO!" poll reports on the seven (7) national GPOs in the United States, including Amerinet, Broadlane, Consorta, HealthTrust Purchasing Group, MedAssets, Novation, and Premier.

About is an Intelligent Online Service providing hospital, IDN, and GPO databases and news for the healthcare supply chain.

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Denver PR Consultancy, Absolutely Public Relations, Announces Its Third Contract Agreement with Baxa

As of January 1, 2005, Absolutely PR embarked on its third contract with Baxa Corporation for media relations services. In 2004, Baxa Corporation’s media relations campaign yielded 50 trade press placements; approximately 4.16 per month on the average. Publications covering Baxa Corporation last year included: Denver Business Journal, Rocky Mountain News, Pharmacy Practice News, Drug Topics, For The Record, U.S. Pharmacist, Health Management Technology, Hematology Oncology News & Issues, Nursing Management, Houston Business Journal, The Manufacturer Magazine, Journal of Infusion Nursing, Pharmacy Purchasing & Products, Pharmacy Times, Packaging News (UK) and The Medical Post.

Lakewood, CO (PRWEB) January 19, 2022 -- Denver public relations resource, Absolutely Public Relations, will again provide media relations consulting services to Englewood-based Baxa Corporation. The announcement is made by Absolutely PR owner, Maggie Chamberlin Holben, APR, who says this is the third contract her consultancy has engaged in with Baxa since 2003.

"Baxa Corporation's media relations campaign has yielded an ad value equivalency exceeding $116,000 and a circulation exposure of 3.2 million thus far. We've been able to keep up the momentum of an ongoing media relations campaign and, certainly in 2004, have seen the very positive results of the consistent ongoing activity," Holben says.

Since Absolutely PR’s first contract with Baxa Corporation in 2003, exposure has occurred in the following publications:

Denver Business Journal (four placements)
Rocky Mountain News (three placements)
Managing Infection Control
RN Magazine
Pharmacy Practice News (five placements)
Drug Topics (four placements)
For The Record (two placements)
U.S. Pharmacist
Health Management Technology
Hematology Oncology News & Issues
Nursing Management
Houston Business Journal
The Manufacturer Magazine
Journal of Infusion Nursing
Pharmacy Purchasing & Products (three placements)
Pharmacy Times (two placements)
Packaging News (UK)
The Medical Post

In addition to the ongoing news release program, Absolutely PR has also posted two experts on behalf of Baxa Corporation (James Jorgenson, RPh, MS, and Martha Polovich, MN, RN, AOCN) on its "Expert Information For Journalists" website at covering the safe handling of hazardous drugs. Baxa distributes the innovative PhaSeal® closed system for the safe handling of hazardous medications. In 2005, additional postings are anticipated at either or Absolutely PR’s national newsroom ( on behalf of Baxa Corporation.

Absolutely Public Relations has been in business since April 1999 and specializes in media relations. Media relations is a combination of strategy and tactics that yield impactful editorial media placements. Holben is accredited by the Public Relations Society of America and is also a member of the organization’s Counselors Academy. The ideal client for Absolutely PR is one that needs three to ten hours per week of media relations consulting services and can sustain at least a six-month campaign, preferably 12 months, with plenty of news hooks for the media.

Your can learn more about news hooks at the website:
Holben also offers these other websites to help her clients achieve media exposure:

Results for several Absolutely PR campaigns are posted as PDF attachments to this news release for those readers curious about what to expect from a media relations program. Links are found at the column to the right detailing the following media relations campaigns:

Trade Media Campaign – New Product Environmental Remediation
Bylined Article Campaign for New Pricing Model – Military Trade Press
Denver Media Campaign – Key Executive Announcement
National/Trade/Local Campaign – 25th Anniversary in Business
Trade & Local Campaign – Community Issue Awareness
National Awareness Campaign – Innovative Contact Lens Product
National Awareness Campaign – New Product for Pain Management
Denver Media Campaign – National Expansion Into Denver Market
Trade Media Campaign – Medical Device Company

Holben recently announced that Absolutely Public Relations achieved numerous national, trade and local editorial placements in 2004. Results were recapped in a "yearend review" news release:

First quarter, a national placement occurred in the Discover Financial Services “Inside Biz” newsletter that circulates to 1.3 million recipients:

Also first quarter, Absolutely PR’s contact lens client was featured on a segment for the E! Style Network, reaching some 33 million subscribers:

Holben was interviewed about crisis management on 850 KOA Radio for the morning drive segment:

National placements were also achieved in Inc. Magazine:

Washington Times:

And, Woman’s World during the year:

Further, a Fortune 500 company using Absolutely PR services for Denver localization in 2004 achieved six placements with its Metro Denver announcement exceeding 1.4 million in circulation reach and $16,000 in ad value equivalency.

For more information about Denver PR resource Absolutely Public Relations, go to For further information about Maggie Chamberlin Holben go to Call Holben's office at 303-984-9801 or e-mail e-mail protected from spam bots.

# # #

About Baxa Corporation:
As a leading provider of devices and systems for the preparation, handling, packaging, and administration of liquid medications, Baxa manufactures and markets a wide range of healthcare products for use in hospitals, critical care units and alternate-site pharmacies. Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, Baxa has subsidiaries and sales offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Denmark; and distribution partners worldwide. Further information is available at

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