March 22, 2022

Hospital Grade Cream Provides a Beauty Friendly Option to Cure Skin Cancer from Sunbeds

The topical cream, Curaderm-BEC, can eliminate skin cancer caused by sunbed use. This is welcoming news for sunbed lovers alarmed by last week's World Health Organization public warning on risks associated with sun bed use and UV in general.

(PRWEB) March 22, 2022 -- Manufacturer of Curaderm-BEC, has confirmed today the product's capacity to eliminate skin cancer from UV lights attached to sunbeds. This is welcoming news for sun bed lovers, and the multibillion dollar tanning industry who are concerned by last week's World Health Organization (WHO) public health crisis warning on UV and sunbed dangers.

UV exposure in sunbeds, like sunlight, often causes tiny red dots, known as sun spots. Spots often then evolve into larger, non melanoma BCC's or SCC's.

When diagnosed, patients are usually treated by surgical excision of the cancer. Healthy glowing tanners are often subject to skin cancer treatments that cause loss of body tissue and scarring. If the cancer appears on the face, plastic surgery may be necessary to restore a normal appearance.

Dermatologists at Royal London Hospital and nine other United Kingdom skin cancer treatment centers have now confirmed that Curaderm-BEC cream can eliminate all traces of non melanoma skin cancer. Treatment is available for damage from both indoor and outdoor UV exposure.

Curaderm-BEC consists of a patented biochemical (BEC) which is extracted from plants and a specialized cream formulation. Keratolytic and other agents in the cream soften and peel of the first layer of skin allowing the anti-cancer bio-chemical BEC to reach deep into the affected skin tissue. The cream is applied topically twice a day to BCC or SCC non melanoma skin cancer lesions or sun spots.

Clinical research and over twenty years of medical research and information on the side effects of both sun bed and outdoor tanning is available online at This includes the product's coverage in prestigious medical publications such as Drugs of Today and Cancer letters.

Previously, the product was only available in Australia (skin cancer capital of the world) where over 50,000 people have used the product. Due to the rapid growth in new skin cancer cases, Curaderm-BEC is now available online for customers anywhere.

People who maintain a tan should regularly check for sunspots or skin cancers and, upon recognizing one, take immediate action. Immediate treatment virtually eliminates any melanoma cancer risk. Most Caucasians will have at least one skin cancer by age 60

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March 17, 2022

FDA Approved Temodar

The U.S Food and Drug Administration's approval of Temodar as a treatment for people newly diagnosed with glioblastoma recognizes the importance of hope. These reports signify movement in the treatment of one of the most aggressive brain tumors.

(PRWEB) March 17, 2022 -- The U.S Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Temodar as a treatment for people newly diagnosed with glioblastoma recognizes the importance of hope. A study published by Roger Stupp, MD, for the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) in last week’s New England Journal of Medicine found that adding Temodar to radiation therapy increased survival rates to 26.5% at two years (from 10.4 % with radiation alone). In an equally compelling report also published in the same journal, studies at the University Hospital of Lausanne indicate the interaction between this drug and a biologic marker called MGMT may provide important information for researchers. These reports signify movement in the treatment of one of the most aggressive brain tumors.

Glioblastoma multiforme is the most common of the primary malignant brain tumors, and is also one of the most difficult tumors to treat effectively. Each year, approximately 20% of all reported brain tumors are glioblastoma. Generally found in people forty through sixty years old, glioblastoma occurs slightly more often in males than females. This tumor tends to be found in the cerebral hemispheres of the brain that control memory, thinking abilities, personality, and movement.

The American Brain Tumor Association offers information about glioblastoma multiforme and Temodar; about other types of brain tumors and their treatments; about standard therapies as well as research treatments; and about support options for brain tumor families seeking help in living with the diagnosis of a brain tumor. Call us at 800-886-2282, or visit our web site at
Physicians available for interviews.

This week’s headlines share our hope… the hope that new knowledge brings to the quality of lives of brain tumor patients around the globe.

American Brain Tumor Association
2720 River Rd.
Des Plaines, Il 60618

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March 13, 2022

Signal Expands Power Isolation Transformer Offering to Include Units Optimized for Medical Equipment

Signal Transformer today announced the expansion of their M4L Series of International Power Isolation Transformers to include the 450 VA rated M4L-1-4, M4L-2-4, and M4L-3-4

Inwood, NY (PRWEB) March 13, 2022 -- Signal Transformer, a subsidiary of Bel Fuse Inc. (NASDAQ: BELFA & BELFB), today announced the expansion of their M4L Series of International Power Isolation Transformers to include the 450 VA rated M4L-1-4, M4L-2-4, and M4L-3-4. These transformers are for use in providing reinforced isolation between Mains supply and sensitive electronic equipment. The new parts join the Company's comprehensive offering of standard and custom power transformers for worldwide applications, and are in full compliance with the leakage and insulation requirements as stipulated by the IEC 61558-1-2 and UL safety standard 60601-1. Signal’s chassis mount devices feature a non-concentric winding platform to provide reinforced isolation and superior dielectric performance. The high efficiency, laminated transformers furthermore boast a vertical-mount configuration to minimize their footprint, and a modular “touch safe” terminal assembly to prevent shock hazards.

Signal’s newest transformers are ideally employed in a broad range of such medical and dental instruments as EEG monitors, electro-surgical equipment, hospital beds, portable lab cabinets, sterilizing equipment, medical grade linear power supplies, data processing isolation, and ultrasonic devices.

The entire M4L transformer series is dielectric strength tested to 4.0 kV, offers an extremely low, less than 30 microamp, leakage current, and incorporates a UL Recognized class F (155 degrees C) insulation system. Rated @ 50/60 Hz, the series provides operational voltages of 115 V, 230 V and 100-115/200- 230 V. These highly efficient transformers utilize low-loss magnetic steel and UL 94 V0 flame rated polymers. Measuring 4.5” (114.3 mm) L x 4.33” (109.9 mm) W x 4.5” (114.3 mm) H, and weighing 11 lbs. (5.0 Kg), Signal’s power transformers for medical applications feature quick-connect/screw type terminals.

In 100 unit quantities, pricing on the M4L series ranges from $59.50 to $62.45 each depending on operational voltage. Delivery is from stock to 6 weeks.

About Bel
Bel ( and its subsidiaries are primarily engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of products used in networking, telecommunications, high speed data transmission, automotive and consumer electronics. Products include magnetics (discrete components, power transformers and MagJack(R) connectors with integrated magnetics), modules (dc-dc converters, integrated analog front end modules, custom designs), circuit protection (miniature, micro and surface mount fuses) and interconnect devices (passive jacks, plugs and cable assemblies). The Company operates facilities around the world.

Information contained in this news release (including information regarding Signal transformers optimized for medical applications) may constitute forward-looking statements, which involve risks and uncertainties. Among the factors that could cause actual results to differ materially are the following: the effect of business and economic conditions, the impact of competitive products and pricing; capacity and supply constraints or difficulties; product development, commercializing or technological difficulties; the regulatory and trade environment; and the risk factors reported from time to time in the Company's SEC report.

Signal Transformer Inc.
500 Bayview Ave.
Inwood, NY 11096
866/239-5777; Fax: 516/239-7208

Editorial Contact:
Donna Marganella
858/676-9650; Ext. 108

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March 12, 2022

Pain Treatment Center Patients Relieved from a Lifetime of Pain with the FDA Approved 'Pain Pump'

'Pain Pump' targets site of pain and allows more relief to patients. Arnold Feldman, M.D. of the Pain Treatment Centers of Baton Rouge and Natchez is now performing this procedure on a limited release basis.

Baton Rouge, LA (PRWEB) March 12, 2022 -- Arnold Feldman, M.D., of The Pain Treatment Center of Baton Rouge has been using the Medtronic SynchroMed II implantable pump since April 2004, as part of Medtronic’s limited market release, during the recent FDA study. The pump proved itself to be a life altering option for patients with chronic pain, many with a history of unsuccessful surgeries and procedures. Outcomes have been excellent, and for patient Heather Englehart, the result is relief from two decades of chronic pain.

In 1982, Englehart was 104 lbs of strength and resolve. Her job on a horse farm required her to lift hay bails that weighed almost as much as she did. She developed a shooting pain in her back, but ignored it as long as she could. Soon she found herself in complete, constant pain. After two failed back surgeries, she was certain she would never ride a horse again.

Englehart was one of the 40 million people in the United States who are affected with musculoskeletal pain. To make matters worse, a large percentage of chronic pain sufferers have undergone multiple failed surgeries and will experience a lifetime of pain, relieved only by pain medications.

“The oral medications took the edge off, but they didn’t make me comfortable,” said Englehart. “Now I can stand for a long time without running home to lie down. My friends have even noticed that I’m a happier person. For the first time since my failed surgery, I am hopeful I may ride again.”

Oral pain medications have long been the primary treatment option for patients with chronic pain, intractable pain or severe spasticity. These drugs cannot target the exact origin of pain and carry several adverse side effects. With Medtronic’s SynchroMed II implantable pump, specially formulated medications are delivered directly to the intrathecal space, the fluid-filled area surrounding the spinal cord. This site-specific delivery targets the medication’s site of action in the spinal cord, thereby minimizing the dose requirements and side effects compared to oral administration of the same drugs.

“Patients require programs specific to their needs,” said Feldman, Chief Physician at The Pain Treatment Center. “There are times when pain cannot be resolved through traditional treatments and medications. In these cases, the ‘Pain Pump’ maximizes the patient’s quality of life.”

The Pain Treatment Centers: Arnold Feldman, M.D., a Harvard trained anesthesiologist specializing in pain management, is dedicated to bringing new technologies and procedures to his state-of-the-art facilities in Baton Rouge, La. and Natchez, Miss. The Pain treatment Centers offer relief from chronic and acute pain relating to back and neck injury, migraines, sports injuries, arthritis, cancer and many other disorders.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 225-201-0950 or visit

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March 09, 2022

World Financial News Network Favors Provectus, Which Develops and Markets Over-the-counter Drugs

Dr. Joseph de Beauchamp of World Financial News Network started coverage and gives favorable analysis to Provectus. Provectus develops and markets over-the-counter products for certain skin diseases, including psoriasis and a variety of other skin conditions.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) March 9, 2022 — Dr. Joseph de Beauchamp of World Financial News Network started coverage and gives favorable analysis to Provectus, which develops and markets over-the-counter products for certain skin diseases, including psoriasis and a variety of other skin conditions.

WFNN consistently outperforms established industry benchmark indicators. Based on in-depth research and analysis, their analysts recommend securities worldwide showing the highest probability for stock price appreciation. With constant vigil, WFNN looks for economic opportunities in the private and public company sectors.

Dr. Joseph de Beauchamp, WFNN's Chief Independent Analyst, said, “Provectus shows a robust pipeline of prescription drug candidates and target markets for its OTC products that exceed $1 billion annually. Several significant milestones have been achieved including filing of an Investigational New Drug (IND) application and FDA clearance of the application for the Company's oncology product Provecta(TM) to proceed with Phase 1 human clinical trials.

"Provectus also plans to launch Phase 2 clinical trials for its Psoriasis drug Xantryl(TM). New patent applications have been filed and new patents allowed, increasing the value of the proprietary portfolio. Over-the-counter sales have started and the Company is now selling its Pure-ific(TM) Antibacterial Hand Spray in over 1,000 stores nationwide. WFNN sees the stock moving up to the $3.00 range with these recent developments."

For brief information of this new, dynamic company, examine: displaying in the search engine section.

About WFNN:
World Financial News Network provides a unique blend of data, timely information and today's technologies to assist with up-to-the-minute investment and economic values on markets and investments around the world.

About Provectus Pharmaceuticals:
Provectus Pharmaceuticals (OTC Bulletin Board: PVCT) is a pioneering pharmaceutical company actively engaged in the design, development and marketing of a diverse portfolio of leading pharmaceutical technologies for the treatment of melanoma, breast cancer and liver cancer. In addition, Provectus is developing treatments for certain skin diseases, including psoriasis and a variety of other skin conditions. Provectus also has a division that develops and markets over-the-counter products.

Peter Culpepper, CFO
PVCT -- Provectus Pharmaceutical, Inc.
7327 Oak Ridge Highway
Suite A
Knoxville, TN 37931

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March 07, 2022

Baxa Introduces New Amber Oral Dispenser Packaging for Ward and Bedside Applications

Baxa Corporation announces the release of new packaging configurations for its amber Exacta-Med(R) Oral Dispensers. Oral dispensers are syringe-like devices designed specifically to provide safe and accurate delivery of oral liquid medications, without the possibility of wrong-route administration through a patient’s IV or epidural line. Their amber coloring promotes further differentiation of oral dispensers from standard hypodermic syringes.

Englewood CO (PRWEB) March 7, 2022 -- Baxa Corporation announces the release of new packaging configurations for its amber Exacta-Med? Oral Dispensers. Oral dispensers are syringe-like devices designed specifically to provide safe and accurate delivery of oral liquid medications, without the possibility of wrong-route administration through a patient’s IV or epidural line. Their amber coloring promotes further differentiation of oral dispensers from standard hypodermic syringes.

The new products include Ward and Bedside packaging of the Baxa amber dispensers in 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20 mL sizes. Ward packs offer dispensers with attached tip caps for ease of use on nursing wards. Bedside packs are bags of ten dispensers each for convenient access when oral medications are drawn up and delivered in the patient’s room.

Baxa Exacta-Med Dispensers were the first alternative to a syringe designed with a special tip that prevents accidental injection of oral medications. These dispensers are widely recognized as the safest means to deliver oral liquid drugs. Because they cannot accommodate a hypodermic needle or actuate a needless IV access port, The Institute for Safe Medication Practice and the UK National Health Service, among other recognized authorities, recommend the use of oral dispensers for all oral liquid doses.

Baxa Corporation introduced the Exacta-Med Oral Dispenser in 1975. These dispensers are more accurate for drug delivery than teaspoons or graduated cups and safer than using luer syringes for oral medications. The wider tip design of the Exacta-Med Dispensers was developed in cooperation with representatives and customers from large children’s hospitals. The first to recognize the need for a dedicated oral dispenser, Baxa is still the market leader today.

Latex-free Baxa oral dispensers fit the needs of pharmacy, nursing and outpatient caregivers for safe medication administration. Specially designed tip caps seal oral unit doses in the oral dispensers until administration.

Adapta-Cap(TM) Bottle Adapters fit standard pharmacy bottles to allow mess-free medication withdrawals into the dispensers.

About Baxa Corporation
As a leading provider of devices and systems for the preparation, handling, packaging, and administration of liquid medications, Baxa manufactures and markets a wide range of healthcare products for use in hospitals, critical care units and alternate-site pharmacies. Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, Baxa has subsidiaries and sales offices in Canada, the United Kingdom; Denmark, and Germany; and distribution partners worldwide. Further information is available at

Marian Robinson, Vice President, Marketing
Baxa Corporation: 800.567.2292 ext. 2157 or 303.617.2157

Maggie Chamberlin Holben, APR
Absolutely Public Relations: 303.984.9801 or 303.669.3558

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March 01, 2022

Health Enterprises Introduces Three Innovative First Aid Produ

Health Enterprises, Inc. a leading manufacturer of niche health care products is pleased to announce the introduction of three new and innovative first aid products (Finger Buddies, Finger Injury System, Universal Splint) for the treatment of finger injuries.

N. Attleboro, MA (PRWEB) March 1, 2022 -- Health Enterprises, Inc. a leading manufacturer of niche health care products is pleased to announce the introduction of three new and innovative first aid products (Finger Buddies, Finger Injury System, Universal Splint) for the treatment of finger injuries.

The Finger Buddies offer consumers a better way to ‘buddy-tape’ injured fingers. The Finger Buddies help protect and support jams and sprains that do not require a finger splint. In comparison to tape the Finger Buddies are easy-to-use, adjustable, reusable, and comfortable.

The Finger Injury System is the only product that treats the two stages of finger injuries. In Stage#1 a custom designed finger gel pack provides cold therapy to reduce swelling and relieve pain. In Stage#2 a comfort splint protects the recovering finger while immobilization is needed. Additionally, the finger gel pack can be warmed to provide targeted relief for arthritic fingers.

The Universal Splint is the only splint that adjusts to fit all fingers and injuries. Unlike other splints on the market, the Universal offers a customized fit for better protection.

“This is an exciting time for Health Enterprises. Our Acu-Life brand is the #1 Finger Splint, Finger Cot, and Tubular Gauze brand based on IRI data, and we look forward to expanding our leadership with these new and innovative products,” commented Glenn Leman, President of Health Enterprises, Inc.

Health Enterprises, Inc. is a worldwide leader in niche healthcare products including Medical Compliance, First Aid, Medical ID’s and Lice Care. Health Enterprises’ products are sold at pharmacies and supermarkets, including: CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, Meijers, Brooks, Eckerd, and Stop & Shop. For more information about Health Enterprises and its complete product line, please visit

Brendan Leonard
Health Enterprises, Inc.

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February 28, 2022

Plastic Manufacturing Experts Launch Consulting Business for the Medical Supply Industry

As a niche consulting firm, Austoah Manufacturing provides targeted solutions and support for pharmaceutical and medical device companies looking to outsource their project management needs.

Matthews, NC (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) February 28, 2022 -- Austoah Manufacturing announced the launch of their new plastic’s consulting business for the medical and life sciences industries. Founded by Marc and Shannon Norman, Austoah offers pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers a comprehensive package of consulting services to meet their project management needs. "Our experience in this industry has taught us that a quality plastic product must be supported with knowledgeable and dedicated management."

Austoah provides consulting services in all areas of plastics covering everything from idea, design, development and production. Their experts can assist with material specification and analysis, failure analysis and reliability, part design and analysis, tooling design and analysis, process development and analysis, training and troubleshooting. Having this broad area of expertise ensures that Austoah can meet the comprehensive needs of all their clients.

Meeting those needs includes offering project evaluation and leadership services. Companies who purchase large quantities of a particular plastic product may be able to save thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in purchasing costs by manufacturing the product themselves. Austoah can evaluate the existing product, perform the necessary research and then lead the production process for the company. According to Mr. Norman, "Most of the time small modifications can be made to the product to allow independent manufacturing of the item. When spending millions of dollars on such products, we can assist in identifying cost-saving options."

As project team leaders, Austoah ensures that supplier errors are kept to a minimum. Monitoring implementation of first-articles or standard operating procedures, data acquisition, measurements, documentation tracking, sampling data, tool validation, and revision control are critical activities that Austoah oversees as part of its project management process. This promotes a smooth transition for the overall manufacturing process and supports their client’s need to get accurate and cost-effective results.

The principal consultant, Marc Norman, has over 15 years of experience in the plastic manufacturing industry covering the areas of injection molding, product sampling, verification of automation, material research and testing, and training of suppliers. Mr. Norman has the hands on experience, education and resources that are demanded of an expert in this field. His proven success record includes managing projects for clients such as Schering Plough, Baxter Medical, Medtronics, Gelman, Abbott, Eli Lilly, Johnson and Johnson, Hufriedy, Glaxo, 3M. Carbomedic and many others.

In addition to consulting services, Austoah has also launched the first of its own products for the medical and life science industry. They are offering high quality, polypropylene boxes for storage of 15 ml and 50 ml laboratory tubes. The storage boxes are ideal for storing and transporting tubes in the laboratory or hospital setting. The storage boxes can be maintained under refrigeration or freezing conditions. They can also withstand autoclaving conditions without any damage. These storage boxes can be used to replace the standard cardboard box utilized in many laboratories today. According to the Normans’, "Cardboard boxes can cause particulates and higher mold counts in lab environments. These plastic storage boxes alleviate this contamination problem." Moreover, when cardboard boxes become wet, they break down and lose their shape eventually requiring them to be thrown out. This means that labs are continuously purchasing new cardboard boxes to replace the worn out ones. This expense and wasted time can be avoided by using Austoah’s plastic storage boxes. For more information on these storage boxes, visit

About Austoah Manufacturing
Founded in 2004, Austoah Manufacturing, Inc. provides consulting services specifically for medical plastic manufacturing. Their clients include pharmaceutical and medical device companies who outsource plastic components as part of their product development and manufacturing processes. For more information, please visit

Contact Information:
Marc Norman
Austoah Manufacturing, Inc.

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February 25, 2022

Complete Personal Medical History to be Contained on Device the Size of a Keychain

Aside from all the other benefits, the most basic and essential element of the product is that it is a step towards creating the most accurate and reliable system for storing, organizing and sharing medical record information across the entire Healthcare Continuum.

(PRWEB) February 25, 2022 -- A new product offers relief from the burdens of dealing with medical records and the hassles associated with them. Patient Practitioners, a company out of Chipley, Florida has developed a medical record system that allows for your complete medical history to be contained on a device the size of an average keychain.

This new medical record system can be accessed by any desktop or laptop computer as well as ambulances, making the owners records instantly available. The value of having up-to-date information at a moments notice is almost incalculable in an emergency situation. A Paramedic or EMT would be able to access a patient’s entire medical history before even leaving a crash site. A doctor in the emergency room would be able to quickly treat a patient with their full record at his or her fingertips. This feature would be particularly beneficial to those who are need of specialized treatment, such as diabetics or those unable to take certain medications. For these patients a simple mistake may not be so simple, and the use of such a system can be more than helpful.

Aside from emergency situations the Portable Medical Record System also makes standard doctor visits easier on both parties. The medical record system can be read by almost any medical facility, cutting down on time spent retrieving patient records and allowing for doctors to spend more time with the patient themselves. The patient also doesn’t have to worry themselves with keeping track of numerous medical records as they as can access their records using the system. The program presents the information in a simple and easy to read format that allows for doctor and patient alike to read and understand the information with no confusion. This is also the case for when adding information to the system.

The system is able to store basic medical record information as well as the patient’s family medical history. The system also can hold the patient’s dental records, immunization history, blood type, organ donor information, next of kin contacts, known allergens, and genetic test results. All the information on the unit can be translated into 3 different languages. At the click of a button the records on the unit will be available in English, Spanish, or French. This feature is very useful for those who travel, offering a degree of security when in a foreign land. The products small size makes carrying your records an easy task. You can carry the device on your keychain or wear it as a necklace.
The company is also planning a line of jewelry integrating the device.

The benefits of this product extend past just accessibility and convenience. The product is also useful in cases of malpractice, fraud, and insurance matters. The product utilizes bio-metric security using encryption technology to secure the patients privacy, as well as preventing any unlawful access of the medical records contained on the unit. The product can also provide accurate photographic identification of the patient in addition to the medical information.

Since cost is always an important factor in any person’s consideration it is useful to know that the medical record device and program used to read it are inexpensive and will aid the patient in saving money on future medical expenses. Use of the product and system helps reduce the cost of delivering healthcare and speed up the insurance claim process.

The advantages of the system extend beyond just the patient; use of the system can also be very useful to medical facilities themselves. Aside from eliminating unnecessary time spent on acquiring records the system also makes compliance with government regulation a much more simple process.

Aside from all the other benefits, the most basic and essential element of the product is that it is a step towards creating the most accurate and reliable system for storing, organizing and sharing medical record information across the entire Healthcare Continuum.

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Altimate Medical Introduces the New EasyStand Evolv

Altimate Medical is proud to introduce the new EasyStand Evolv. The EasyStand Evolv is the next generation of the current EasyStand Series. Altimate Medical’s Product Development Team has made significant improvements to the EasyStand based on feedback from customers around the world.

(PRWEB) February 25, 2022 -- Altimate Medical is proud to introduce the new EasyStand Evolv. The EasyStand Evolv is the next generation of the current EasyStand Series. Altimate Medical’s Product Development Team has made significant improvements to the EasyStand based on feedback from customers around the world.

The EasyStand Evolv’s most noteworthy change is in the lifting design which mimics the body’s natural pivot points, minimizing shear. The Evolv’s redesigned modular base allows various options like the sit-to-stand desk, self-propelled mobility, or the “Active Standing” Glider to be added at anytime. Alan Tholkes, President & CEO of Altimate Medical points out, “Previously, our customers had to choose between ordering the EasyStand 5000 and the EasyStand 6000 Glider. With the EasyStand Evolv, our customers can order the Glider option at a later date.”

Transfers into the EasyStand Evolv are easier because of its wider seat and open base, which allow the user’s wheelchair to be positioned closer to the stander. The open base also allows lifts to be used when transferring a person into the stander. Tholkes adds, “The new design and modular options of the EasyStand Evolv will make standing achievable for more people.”

Altimate Medical manufactures standing technology that focuses on health and independence for kids and adults with disabilities. For more information on the new EasyStand Evolv contact Altimate Medical at 800-342-8968 or visit our website at

*Note to Editors: Other Altimate Medical press releases, background information, and photos are available at

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February 24, 2022

Stopping Catheter-Related Urine Infections with Waterfall D-Mann

The product known as 'Waterfall D-Mannose', an extract of fermented larch wood produced by Sweet Cures of York, is proving to be very effective at treating and preventing catheter-related urinary tract infections.

(PRWEB) February 24, 2022 -- After a former staff nurse, Fiona Richardson, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, wrote an article for New Pathways Magazine, [ about how Waterfall D-Mannose has changed her life, Sweet Cures has been inundated with self-catheterising customers, some of whom have been plagued with bladder infections for years, despite ongoing antibiotic treatments. Almost all of the customers have reported complete alleviation of symptoms, and are now using Waterfall D-Mannose to prevent new infections.

According to Anna Sawkins, a partner in Sweet Cures, the results have astonished both patients and doctors, and have proved that Waterfall D-Mannose works both to cure catheter-related infections, and prevent reinfection, even in a hospital environment. For example, consultants in Stoke Mandeville Spinal Injuries unit were surprised that a patient who was in for six weeks treatment, and had previously been plagued with bladder infections, had no E.coli or Klebsiella infections during his stay. He had refused antibiotics, since they had previously proven ineffective, and was self-dosing with Waterfall D-Mannose. They have since recommended the product to other patients.

John Bremner, the other partner in Sweet Cures, reinforces the point, “We have doctors passing our leaflets to their patients rather than providing antibiotics, and we have long-term results from many customers who appear to have permanently cured antibiotic-resistant cystitis problems. Our product has been recommended by consultants, gynaecologists, and family doctors, and has proven itself in the real world.”

He quotes a damning Bandolier study of hospital related cystitis:

“About a quarter of hospital patients have a urinary catheter some time during their stay, and an average of 5% (range 3-10%) will acquire a urinary tract infection every day. Clearly, then, almost all patients will have an infection after about a month. This can extend hospital stay by about three extra days, and patients with a urinary tract infection are three times more likely to die. The case-fatality rate from urinary tract related bacteraemia is 13%.” - Bandolier [

Since Waterfall D-mannose stops urinary tract infections in over 90% of cases, and almost 100% where E.coli is the bacterium concerned, it seems clear that a lot of unnecessary deaths could be prevented if hospitals switched to using Waterfall D-Mannose instead of antibiotics for E.coli related UTIs.

John Bremner points out that it is important to achieve a high enough concentration of the product in the urine. “For catherised patients on constant drain, it may be necessary, when using Waterfall D-mannose, to interrupt the flow of urine for an hour or so by valving the catheter if this is possible. This allows the d-mannose in the urine long enough to interfere with the attachment mechanism of the bacteria. This is not a bad thing, since the bladder shrinks if it never gets the chance to fill, and that can cause its own problems.”

The average treatment dose is 1.6 grams, taken preferably with a warm drink. Trials have shown that an effective concentration in the urine is around 5.5 mg of mannose per millilitre of urine, so it’s better to take the product with 100 to 150ml of fluid, then to wait an hour before drinking another 200 to 300ml

It is particularly interesting to the medical profession that Waterfall D-Mannose works as well on antibiotic-resistant recurrent E.coli infections as it does on fresh infections. “This is because Waterfall D-Mannose works in a completely different way from antibiotics,” Mr Bremner points out.

Effectively, instead of killing the E.coli as antibiotics do, the product uses one of E.coli’s greatest strengths – the ability to attach to the mannose receptors in our cells, as a weapon against it. When you take Waterfall D-Mannose, (it’s a pleasant tasting powder that can be dissolved in a drink), over ninety percent of the mannose consumed is in the urine within an hour. The E.coli latches onto the most easily accessible mannose – the mannose in the urine, rather than the cell walls, bio-molecularly filling up the lectins (the molecular attachment points) that it normally uses to attach to the bladder and urinary tract. Since the mannose attachment is crucial to E.coli and some other bacteria’s ability to attach to cells, the bugs are then flushed away with normal urination. The E.coli that has already managed to attach to the bladder is gradually teased away, providing a full bladder cleanse. This allows the bladder to heal naturally, and since there are no bacteria actually killed in the process, there is no resultant thrush – a common side-effect of using antibiotics.

Interestingly, Waterfall D-Mannose also flushes away ‘debris’ – the broken and empty shells of dead E.coli – one possible cause of the painful bladder syndrome commonly known as interstitial cystitis.

John Bremner explains, “E.coli are bio-molecularly attached to tissue cells in the urinary tract and bladder, so when you kill them with antibiotics, the molecular bonds are not broken – it’s not as if they can consciously let go. Waterfall D-Mannose has the ability to break these bonds, and release the debris into the urine where it will be flushed away along with the live E.coli that have their mannose receptors filled with the free mannose in the urine.”

A six month clinical trial conducted by Michael Blue, a Urologist in Oklahoma, has shown good evidence to support this theory.

“Of the 18 PBS females who were treated daily with two scoops of D-Mannose, 17 (94%) reported symptom improvement, the lone exception being a subject unable to be contacted, but also not returning for treatment. Eighty percent became totally symptom free.” [

Meanwhile, Sweet Cures has gone from strength to strength. An Italian version of their website was recently released, and they are working on a Dutch translation next. They also have a major distributor in Austria, and they send the product worldwide to individuals, therapists, health clinics, and doctors.

“The fact is,” says Anna McNamara, “that we have a product that is considerably more effective than antibiotics or any other treatment for E.coli and Klebsiella related UTIs and bladder infections, and also for painful bladder symptoms or interstitial cystitis. No doctor is really happy with giving out antibiotics unnecessarily, but until now they had no choice. Waterfall D-Mannose provides a better, safer, more effective option, and more and more doctors are starting to get behind us, often as a result of their own patients telling them of this quick solution to antibiotic-resistant urine infections.”

Contact Details: Sweet Cures, Raveloe House, 101 Foxwood Lane, York, YO24 3LQ Tel: 01904-340916

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Medical Device Industry Experts Partner in Twin Cities Coalition

MDRG Appoints DDL Package Testing Engineer as New VP
Scott Levy, DDL Package Testing Engineer has been appointed Vice President of Twin Cities Based Medical Device Resource Group (MDRG), to build and foster the MDRG’s reputation as a leading industry resource.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) February 24, 2022 -- - The Medical Device Resource Group (MDRG), a Twin Cities-based coalition of service providers to medical device companies, has appointed Scott Levy, DDL Inc. Package Testing Engineer, as its new vice president.

The Medical Device Resource Group is a coalition of Twin Cities-based companies that together offer the broad expertise needed to successfully develop and market a medical device. The MDRG helps medical device developers, manufacturers and marketers to find the right partners in order to deliver their medical device to market on schedule.

As a medical device industry expert and MDRG member since the coalition's inception in 2001, Mr. Levy is delighted to have been unanimously elected as vice president.

"I believe in the potential of the MDRG and the powerful direction in which it is heading," said Mr. Levy. "There is enough horsepower and expertise in this group to bring a medical device all the way to market."

As package testing engineer at DDL Inc. testing services, Mr. Levy recognizes the massive growth occurring in the medical device industry. Medical device package testing currently constitutes 80% of DDL's overall package testing business.

"With the implementation of stricter regulations, many medical device manufacturers are struggling to understand what they have to do to validate their packaging," said Mr. Levy. "The MDRG is exactly the resource that medical device manufacturers need in order to grow their awareness of package testing, validation and other industry procedures."

DDL Inc. testing services will be partnering with fellow MDRG members, WebLabel and Quality Tech Services, at the upcoming Healthpack 2005 Tradeshow, where they will be debuting their "don't gamble with your packaging" promotion.

HealthPack 2005, March 23-24, San Antonio,Texas at the Hilton Palacio del Rio. Register here -

About DDL Inc.
DDL offers expert product testing, package testing and material testing services including: Shock testing, vibration testing, tensile testing, leak testing and validation. DDL testing services maintains full service testing labs in Minnesota and California.

Contact DDL at or call Scott Levy at 952-941-9226 ext.115

About MDRG
The Medical Device Resource Group (MDRG) is a coalition of Twin Cities companies that together offer the broad expertise you need to get new medical devices to market - and support them once they're launched. For more information, visit

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February 22, 2022 Forms Strategic Alliance To Offer Medical Alert Products

Medical Alert Products For Dangerous Medical And Allergic Conditions
Provider of medical alert products selects primary suppliers.

(PRWEB) February 21, 2022 --, an online supplier of medical alert jewelry and devices, has strategically aligned itself with two primary suppliers for products. After extensive review the company has selected and to be its exclusive suppliers of medical alert items.

"We feel that and can provide the types of medical alert products that will best serve our customers," says Terry McDermott, president of "These companies offer outstanding variety and excellent quality. Plus, between the two companies, the jewelry items can satisfy almost any budget."

Many medical conditions require some form of identification indicating that such a condition exists and must be considered in the case of an emergency. Thus, millions of people with hundreds of medical conditions must advertise that fact simply to protect themselves. For many, jewelry is the chosen medium.

Fact: Up to 15% of the population of the United States could experience a life-threatening reaction to foods, drugs, insect bites or latex.

Fact: Many diabetics suffering from hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) have been mistakenly identified as being drunk.

Fact: Over 400 Americans die annually from an allergic reaction to penicillin.

Given these and many more related statistics, the need for proper medical identification is critical. But in an image conscious society, clunky bracelets or dog tags may offend the fashion sensibilities of some while the overt labeling of medical conditions may be threatening to others. That is why manufacturers of medical jewelry are looking for a balance between the necessity of clear communications and a desire for attractive accessorizing.

Says Mr. McDermott, "We pride ourselves in offering the most attractive and affordable medical alert jewelry. Just because a person has a potentially dangerous condition does not mean that they have to be stigmatized. Our products allow these individuals to look stylish while adequately protecting themselves."

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February 17, 2022

DISA Vascular’s Small-Vessel Heart Stent Receives European Approval

Medical device company receives CE Mark approval for the cobalt chromium ChromoFlex Micro.

Cape Town, South Africa (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) February 17, 2022 -- Medical device company DISA Vascular (Pty) Ltd today announced European CE Mark approval and market launch of its ChromoFlex Micro stent system for small coronary vessels. This follows CE approval of the large-vessel version, the ChromoFlex, in September 2004

Coronary stents are tiny metallic tubular mesh-like structures which are used to re-open coronary arteries after they have become obstructed by the build-up of plaque. A certain percentage of patients who are treated with stents return with a condition called “restenosis,” a build-up of scar tissue within the stent.

The ChromoFlex range is marketed as a competitive treatment alternative to drug-eluting stents to reduce restenosis.

Similar to the large-vessel ChromoFlex, the new Micro version has ultra thin struts. This feature has been shown to reduce restenosis dramatically in various independent clinical studies. This is made possible by the use of a special cobalt chromium alloy offering numerous advantages over the more conventional stainless steel because of its increased strength and radiographic visibility.

“Since the launch of the ChromoFlex stent in Europe and elsewhere, this product has performed extremely well,” said Dr. Starke, CEO of DISA Vascular. Starke noted that there are currently no cobalt chromium drug eluting stents on the market. DISA Vascular’s own program uses the ChromoFlex as the platform stent. Starke said he felt confident that properly designed cobalt chromium stents used for local drug delivery, such as the ChromoFlex & ChromoFlex Micro, will be markedly easier to deliver and have better clinical outcomes than the stainless steel drug eluting versions currently available.

According to Starke, the new Micro stent, for vessels 2.5 - 3.0mm in diameter, will have even better deliverability features than the large vessel version because of its extremely low profile and high flexibility. Smaller vessel stents are in high demand in Asian and Middle Eastern markets where DISA Vascular has strong market interests.

DISA Vascular (Pty) Ltd is a medical device company, focused on innovative vascular devices for the treatment of heart and peripheral vascular disease.

Dr. Gregory Starke
+27 21 4480923

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February 15, 2022

MedicTag, LLC Announces Expansion and Acquisition of Distributors for its New Medical Alert Product

MedicTags increased sales spurs expansion and optimistic outlook for this new company challenging the established medical alert industry.

(PRWEB) February 15, 2022 -- MedicTag, LLC a newly formed company in Deposit, NY is producing and distributing a patent pending USB (Universal Serial Bus) device that stores personal emergency information. The innovative device has the capacity to store and display critical information used by emergency personnel and can be carried on a key ring.

MedicTag was created by Edward Ricci, a disabled Vietnam veteran, to provide his elderly mother with a way to carry all her emergency information, medical conditions, medications and emergency contacts with her at all times. It proved so popular with everyone who saw it that he partnered with Mark Tucker, a prominent local business owner to form a company, patent and distribute the device.

The company originally unveiled the product last October at the National EMS Expo in Atlanta, Georgia to an overwhelmingly positive response from EMS professionals and will be on display again this March at the EMS Today conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The company began selling the device, simply called MedicTag, last fall and has been pleased to experience steadily increasing sales from the very beginning. The product uses a USB flash drive to store emergency information such as identification, existing medical conditions, medications, doctors, surgeries and emergency contacts. MedicTag uses a simple software menu that makes it very user friendly and the device will work with any USB-capable computer.

Medical bracelets, ID tags and jewelry are routinely looked for by EMS personnel and first responders to determine a patient's special medical needs. MedicTag is hoping that its USB device will establish a leading presence within the industry because unlike the bracelets that offer just an alert of a medical condition, the new product will provide detailed emergency medical information a patient. Information that is essential to rapid diagnosis and proper treatment of a patient in a life threatening situation.

The company said the device will be of particular value to first responders because they will be able to insert the USB drive into any computer, many EMS units now have laptop computers in their vehicles, and immediately gain access to a person's emergency information even if the patient is unconscious. Changes to the information stored on the device can be made quickly and easily, whenever necessary, allowing the information to always be kept up to date.

Since many of those that have the greatest need for this device are on limit or fixed incomes, the company has made every effort to keep the price to a minimum. At $39.95, available locally and through on-line stores, they provide safety and security at an affordable price.

MedicTag has recently acquired new distributors in the US and is negotiating with distributors in Canada and the UK. The company has plans to translate the software for distribution in predominantly Spanish speaking counties and hopes that continued increases in sales will allow it to expand, providing what may be a life saving service to people worldwide. The company said expansion would increase its work force requirements, providing sorely needed jobs in the upstate New York area.

MedicTag, LLC is a privately held company located in Deposit , New York.

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February 12, 2022

Renowned Surgeon and Author Named as Medical Director for ReNu Medical

ReNu Medical, a leader in medical device reprocessing, announced today that Robert Landerholm, MD has accepted the position of Medical Director.

Everett, WA (PRWEB) February 12, 2022 -- “We were looking for the most qualified individual to manage a very important position in our company, and I believe we found him. As our new Medical Director, Dr. Landerholm is a fantastic fit and will play an integral role as our company continues to expand operations in the US and worldwide,” said Randy Long, CEO of ReNu Medical.

“I have a responsibility as medical director to insure ReNu employees are working in the safest environment possible and our reprocessed devices continue to be the safest available for the patient, as well as the hospital staff,” said Dr. Landerholm.

“When I first heard about ReNu Medical and toured their laboratory I was very impressed. ReNu is ahead of the curve, with a progressive technology and approach that is essential in our present medical environment. ReNu continues to prove its attention to detail which is supported by their recent FDA inspection in January 2005,” Dr. Landerholm said.

“ReNu has always been a clinically based operation. The safety of the patient, hospital staff and our employees are the foundations of ReNu,” said Bruce Pierson, COO.

Dr. Landerholm said, “I look forward to the opportunity of educating my peers, the healthcare community and the public on the advantages of high-level disinfection versus toxic EtO sterilization. It is important to understand High-level disinfection reprocessing of single use devices (SUD’s), when compared to current sterilization practices, increases hospital savings in an environmentally responsible manner, while reducing medical waste.”

“Dr. Landerholm brings to ReNu a caliber of expertise not found in other companies. Hospitals now have another reason to implement medical device reprocessing with ReNu Medical,” said Loren Timmons, VP of Marketing and Business Development.

Dr. Landerholm completed undergraduate studies at Washington State University (Summa cum laude) and received his Medical Doctorate from the University of Washington, School of Medicine. Dr. Landerholm is certified by the American Board of Surgery, and is a Fellow, American College of Surgeons and SAGES. He is currently in private surgical practice and serves on numerous hospital committees including, Infection Control, Utilization and Management, Pain Management Ethics and Cancer Control. He has been a key note speaker and his last article, Changing Experience with Primary Hyperparathyroidism was published in the American Journal of Surgery.

About Renu Medical
ReNu Medical is the leading reprocessor of non-invasive single use medical devices (SUD’s). ReNú’s unique services focus on providing the safest product for the patient, reducing medical waste and significantly reducing supply costs by maximizing available savings.

ReNú’s unique focus on non and semi critical (single use) medical devices provides a significant source of cost savings with very little associated risk. These devices go ON the body not IN the body. High Level Disinfection (HLD) offers significant cost saving advantages over sterilization methods. For example, ReNú's non-toxic method of HLD has the proven ability to turn an individual medical device 2-3 times more than a sterilizing reprocessor. This equates to a 2-3 times cost savings. Additionally, with our quick turn around time, two weeks compared to 8-12 weeks, less inventory is required thus saving you even more money. Finally, ReNú has the proven lowest discard rate in the industry (less than 10% on average) allowing you to get more devices back. These advantages offer significant savings far above other reprocessors.

High-Level Disinfection technology is 100% non toxic, environmentally friendly and a safe gentle alternative for non and semi critical (single use) medical devices. HLD offers twice the life span and double the saving of toxic Ethylene Oxide Gas (EtO) utilized by sterilization reprocessor’s. No harmful air emissions are released into the environment and no chemical residue is left on the device. HLD is supported by the CDC, APIC, and other healthcare organizations.

ReNu Medical is a supporter and Champion of Hospitals for a Healthy Environment. We recommend you visit their website ( to learn more about how to reduce hospital medical waste.

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February 05, 2022

BodyLinx Bracelets “Irresistibly Magnetic” to Shoplifters Suffering from Arthritis

"Irresistibly Magnetic" is the tagline used to describe BodyLinx, a line of budget-friendly magnetic jewelry. The bracelets are turning out to be irresistible to shoplifters who are looking for relief from the pain of arthritis.

Beaverton, OR (PRWEB) February 5, 2022 -- According to Tom Frost, who lists himself as the company’s “magnetic conductor,” the bracelets are being stolen from some urban stores among the over 350 retailers featuring the line. “Ever since that British Medical Journal report came out about the benefits of magnetic bracelets, we’ve been swamped with orders,” says Frost. “But retailers are telling us stories about the bracelets being stolen by those who don’t have access to medication for their arthritis.”

According to the BMJ report, magnetic bracelets can significantly reduce the pain of arthritis. One in three American adults suffers from some form of the disease, and Vioxx, a widely-prescribed pain medication, was recently removed from the market after reports indicated it may lead to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Arthritis sufferers are left looking for alternative ways to deal with their discomfort.

Some retailers have taken measures to protect the bracelets from those who might be tempted to try them without paying. “Managers are setting them up behind the counter or inside a glass case, but that’s not how we envisioned the bracelets being sold,” says Frost, who describes his product as “just a fun jewelry item” without emphasizing the possibility of health benefits. He’d prefer to have the bracelets out so customers can try them on and play with them.

Because BodyLinx jewelry is made up of individual magnets that can be rearranged to form new styles, Frost opted to sell his bracelets in blister packs to keep the magnets together and prevent the bracelets from sticking to other metal items nearby.

“We thought we’d anticipated the challenges of selling magnets,” says Frost. “Honestly, we expected the biggest issue to be kids playing with them at school. We never thought people suffering from arthritis pain would be stealing them.”

Frost is now considering new packaging and display options for his jewelry. “I’m glad that so many people are finding the bracelets therapeutic, but frankly, this is giving me a headache.”

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Medical Indicators Inc. Promotes Mercury Reduction

Makers of NexTemp® and TraxIt® join the fight to dispose of toxic thermometers.

Pennington, NJ (PRWEB) February 5, 2022 -- Medical Indicators Inc., makers of the mercury-free disposable thermometers NexTemp® and TraxIt®, has joined the nationwide movement to eliminate glass thermometers in the home, to reduce the risk of mercury contamination.

“NexTemp® and TraxIt® Thermometers are the Next Generation in Clinical Thermometry” according to John Romano, VP of Sales for Medical Indicators. “They are accepted around the world as accurate, safe, non-toxic thermometers and a perfect alternative to glass mercury and electronic thermometers.”

Medical Indicators has produced custom thermometers for organizations such as the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Marquette County Solid Waste for distribution at mercury exchange programs held across the United States. These programs encourage residents to hand in their old mercury thermometers in exchange for a brand new replacement thermometer.

Medical Indicators now offers a non-mercury, reusable thermometer for home use.

NexTemp® Reusable and Disposable Thermometers are accurate and easy to use. They are convenient, versatile and require no special storage conditions. NexTemp® Reusable and Disposable Thermometers are non-toxic, hygienic and economical.

For more information or samples of the NexTemp® Thermometers please contact Chris Illuminati at (888) 930-4599 Ext. 202

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February 02, 2022

Galvanon Adds Three MediKiosk™ Way Finding Software Solution Customers

Hospital kiosks will provide new customers unequaled patient self-service capabilities.

Maitland, FL (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) February 2, 2022 -- Galvanon, the patient experience company, today announced the future placement of hospital kiosks in three quality healthcare institutions across the nation. John C. Lincoln Health Network (Phoenix, Ariz.), Methodist Hospital of Southern California (Arcadia, Calif.) and Riverside Regional Medical Center (Newport News, Va.) have selected the MediKiosk™ Enterprise Way Finding software solution as part of their system-wide initiatives to improve satisfaction and enhance the patient experience.

“We chose Galvanon because their technology provides us with a strategic roadmap for providing the best possible experience for all of the individuals that use our facilities, including patients, their families and their friends, both now and in the future,” said Robert Israel, chief information officer at John C. Lincoln Health Network. “Our organization understands the value of building long-term relationships with our customers, and the added convenience that this technology provides puts us one step closer to achieving this goal.”

Powered by Galvanon’s state-of-the-art software, the self-service hospital kiosks will allow visitors to view and print directions to locations within the hospital’s multiple facilities. This information can also be accessed on PCs by volunteers and staff to print easy-to-read directions. When the kiosks are not providing directions, they can be used to communicate the organization’s key messages and other content.

“By teaming with Galvanon, we’re introducing the next generation of care to our community,” said Kelly Linden, vice president of Methodist Hospital of Southern California. “In a competitive market like ours, having state-of-the-art equipment and world-class physicians is critical, but not always enough. We believe the next generation of care will require us to extend beyond the traditional boundaries of hospital services. Galvanon allows us to deliver the type of patient experience that will truly differentiate us in the local marketplace.”

Galvanon’s MediKiosk Enterprise Way Finding solution is part of a comprehensive suite of products that allows hospitals and clinics to provide patient self-service capabilities such as check-in, on-line BillPay and pre-registration via the Web.

“We are pleased to add these health systems to our growing list of clients,” said Chakri Toleti, president of Galvanon. “Our self-service solutions are a perfect complement to their existing patient satisfaction initiatives.”

About Galvanon, Inc.
Galvanon helps healthcare organizations enhance the patient experience at home, in the hospital and in the physician’s office through innovative solutions such as hospital kiosks, Web self-service applications, software and technology that streamlines everyday interactions and improves patient flow through the healthcare process. For more information, visit

Press contact:
Cathi Hilpert

Sales Contact:
Gary Anthony

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Probiotic Sore Throat Treatment Leads to Bad Breath Cure

New probiotic treatment stops bad breath.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) February 2, 2022 -– A clinically-proven probiotic treatment that prevents sore throats has surprisingly provided a long term cure for bad breath. Researchers at Otago University in New Zealand, using a patented strain of Streptococcus salivarius (strain K12) found that subjects in several clinical studies supporting the benefits of using “good” bacteria to fight the “bad” bacteria causing sore throats, also discovered that they no longer had any bad breath.

The probiotics, known as Atkiv-K12, produce a simple protein called BLIS (Bacteriocin-Like Inhibitory Substance) that prevents certain bad bacteria from growing in the same environment. In the U.S., Dr. Harold Katz, founder of The California Breath Clinics, has recently completed studies on roughly 1,000 subjects with a 97% success rate in eliminating bad breath, as well as dry mouth, and taste disorders in even the most severe cases of Halitosis.

Test subjects first created a “level playing field” by rinsing with an oxygenating oral rinse (AktivOxigen Serum) followed by a mouthwash made with Aktiv-K12, daily for 30 days. The Aktiv-K12 rebalanced the oral micro flora preventing anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria from overtaking the tongue, throat, and tonsils, where most bad breath originates. In order to maintain a healthy oxygenated oral environment, allowing the good bacteria to thrive, simply required rinsing and brushing with oxygen-releasing oral products (TheraBreath brand). However, those subjects returning to alcohol based mouthwash or toothpaste, containing sodium lauryl sulfate, did not maintain a healthy population of the good bacteria.

Katz, who holds both a degree in Bacteriology and Dentistry (both from UCLA), states that Aktiv-K12 therapy may preclude surgery or other invasive therapies for oral problems. He and his associates are close to finding cures for tooth decay and gum disease using Bacteriotherapy.

The TheraBreath brand of Aktiv-K12 Probiotic System, classified as "an all-natural" approach to long-term fresh breath and oral health is now available directly to the public worldwide, through Dr. Katz’s clinics and website or or by calling 1-800-973-7374.

Detailed scientific information about Aktiv-K12, bad breath, dry mouth, and oxygenating TheraBreath home therapies are available at or

Mark Fiala
Dr. Harold Katz, LLC
Phone Number: 323-933-7225

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February 01, 2022

Announcing the Spazz-G, by Colours Wheelchairs: No Compromise Necessary

Colours 'N Motion announces a 'breakthrough' wheelchair: The Spazz G. Designed to be lightweight, stylish and affordable, the Spazz G is the next innovation by Colours.

Corona, CA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) February 1, 2022 -- Ultra-Light, Ultra-Hip, Ultra-Adjustable, Ultra-Durable, Ultra-Affordable, Ultra-Stylish, Ultra-COLOURS. The thought of a stylish and affordable wheelchair has been considered by many to be beyond dreams. Now Colours has changed this. The new SPAZZ-G is not only a totally adjustable and stylish wheelchair, but with a suggested retail price of only $1,450.00 in the USA and approximately euro1450 in Europe (final price to be determined) it is priced to be fully covered by most world-wide health payment plans.

The SPAZZ-G features expandable seat width and depth, as well as adjustable positioning. The contoured frame is designed to be not only stylish, but also practical since it is easy to pull into the car and over the steering wheel. At 19 lbs (8.6 kg), including wheels, it is sleek, lightweight and easy to lift.

The SPAZZ-G has a main rigid axle tube that gives durability, rigidity and support. It has positive locking adjustable backrest, offering a full range of infinite backrest angle settings.

But best of all, it is not one of those mass produced, ordinary wheelchairs. The SPAZZ-G is different, because it's a Colours Wheelchair. Celebrate life in a Colours Wheelchair.

About Colours:
Colours is a leader in the rehabilitation industry for its design of innovative everyday, sport and pediatric wheelchairs. Colours' wheelchairs are lightweight, adjustable and customizable. At 14.5 pounds (6.6 kg) the custom-designed Zephyr ( is one of the lightest wheelchairs on the market. The Boing! ( is the first wheelchair with four-wheel independent suspension. For more information: Colours is now expanding in Europe. European distributors interested in distributing Colours Wheelchairs are encouraged to contact Med Services Europe, Colours’ European representative.

About Med Services Europe:
Med Services Europe B.V. is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and conducts Sales, Marketing and Business Development services for the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic and Medical Equipment Industry. Med Services' specializes in building and managing distribution networks for medical manufacturers in Eastern and Western Europe. We are Colours' Representative in Europe. European Wheelchair distributors are invited to contact us.
Telephone: +31648566707

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January 30, 2022

Amersin Announces 30% Increase in Ribavirin Production to Meet Market Demand

Amersin is a public company listed on the US OTCBB under the trading symbol AMLS and in Germany on the Frankfurt Exchange under the trading symbol HUQ. Its subsidiary is increasing production of the antiviral Ribavirin in response to market demand created, in part, by recent human cases of avian influenza (H5N1)

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 30, 2022 -- Amersin Life Sciences Corporation (OTCBB: AMLS), announced today that its subsidiary, Hubei Tongji Benda Ebei Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (HBPharma), will increase production of Ribavirin injections by 30% in response to market demand.

Ribavirin is a systemic antiviral sold under the brand names Copegus®(1),and Rebetol®(2) in the United States, under the brand name Virazol®(3) in the United States and Canada and as Tribavirin in other parts of the world. It is has been used to treat severe viral pneumonia in infants and young children and, in combination with other agents such as Interferon alfa-2b or Peginterferon alfa-2b, to treat hepatitis C, a viral liver infection.

“Our Ribavirin injection is used by hospitals in China as a front line viral defense” said Mr. Yiqing Wan, President of the Amersin subsidiary, “This increased demand for Ribavirin seems to result in part from concern regarding the high mortality rate associated with recent human cases of Avian flu in the region. We do not yet have an approved treatment regimen specifically for H5N1 so hospitals will rely in the interim on agents that have proven effective at treating other viruses.”

Lethal outbreaks of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) were reported in poultry by several Asian countries last June including: Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. This was followed by renewed sporadic reports of human cases in Vietnam and Thailand. The World Heath Organization (WHO) confirmed 52 cases of H5N1 resulting in 39 deaths between January 28th, 2004 and January 21st, 2005.
According to Professor Wei Sheng Mao, speaking at a WHO press conference during the 55th session of the Western Pacific Regional Committee, ‘unless an enormous prevention effort is mounted very quickly, the threat of avian influenza may be greater than that of SARS’. He went on to emphasize that prevention and cure will be a long-term task.

“Our subsidiary has one of the largest injection production facilities in China and the capacity to rapidly increase production further should it become necessary” commented Amersin CEO, Mr. Reid Li. “We have increased its R&D; effort in an attempt to develop new pathogen specific antiviral agents to meet the challenges that lie ahead and are committed to strengthening its position as a major player in treating anti-viral respondent diseases in China and abroad.”

About Amersin Life Sciences Corporation:
Amersin is engaged in the acquisition and vertical integration of operating subsidiaries and controlling joint venture interests in China to include all facets of pharmaceutical life sciences from research through raw materials and dosage form production to distribution. Its recent acquisition of a controlling interest in the profitable HBPharma subsidiary is a cornerstone in its plan to expand through strategic acquisition and vertical integration to become one of the leading American corporations to profit from the burgeoning life sciences sector in China. Additional information is available via the web at

"Safe Harbor” Statement:
This news release contains certain "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results may differ materially from forward-looking statements. Information about many risk factors is set forth in Amersin’s periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission including, but not limited to, those risks and uncertainties listed in the sections entitled "Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements” and “Management’s Discussion and Analysis” in Amersin’s most recent Quarterly Report available through the EDGAR filing system at Amersin is under no obligation, and expressly disclaims any obligation, to update or alter its forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

(1)(2)(3) - trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective mark holders
For more information, please contact:
Howard Milne, Corporate Communications
Amersin Life Sciences Corporation
Voice: 604-881-2899 ext 220
Fax: 604-881-2892

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“Understanding USP 797” and “Environmental Controls for Sterile Compounding”

Two technical papers produced by Baxa Corporation – “Understanding USP 797” and “Environmental Controls for Sterile Compounding” are now posted for media and professional access on Since the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) released USP 797 in January 2004 and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) published its 2004 alert on the health risks posed to those working with hazardous drugs, there has been a renewed focus on safety within the hospital pharmacy environment. These papers address the various issues under discussion.

Englewood, CO (PRWEB) January 30, 2022 -- With hazardous drug handling brought to the forefront of public scrutiny in 2004 by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) USP 797 and a related National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Alert, Baxa Corporation has published two related technical papers: “Understanding USP 797” and “Environmental Controls for Sterile Compounding.” Both papers are now posted on for both professional and media access (click either the ASHP USP 797 tab or the compounding tab if accessing from the home page), according to Greg Baldwin, Chairman and CEO of Baxa Corporation. Baxa is the US distributor of PhaSeal®, the only closed system that prevents the workplace contamination threats as delineated in the NIOSH Alert.

“Understanding USP 797” is found at This paper is authored by Baxa Corporation’s Michael Hurst RPh, MBA.

Hurst worked for 18 years at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA, in operational management, including positions as IV Supervisor and Assistant Director of Pharmacy. His implementation of a syringe infusion system in 1984 had national implications. For the next nine years Hurst wrote, spoke, consulted and acted as a reference site for syringe infusion installations across the country.

Moving to industry full time in 1994, Hurst joined Baxa Corporation as Vice President of Infusion Systems. His job duties have included customer support for syringe infusion system installations, new business and product development roles, and professional services support for various Baxa pharmacy and nursing product lines. Hurst is currently consulting with a hospital system in the development of a comprehensive USP 797 compliance template that can be applied in other hospital pharmacies.

“Environmental Controls for Sterile Compounding” is found at

Baxa Corporation, as previously mentioned, offers the only closed system for safe handling of antineoplastic and other hazardous drugs. This system, PhaSeal®, uses dry connections and a built-in expansion chamber to prevent drug aerosol leakage and subsequent transfer into the work environment. As a closed system, it contains hazardous drugs throughout the entire process of drug transfer, preparation, transport, administration and disposal - eliminating the risks of environmental and occupational exposure. The PhaSeal System is currently in use for handling hazardous drugs in more than 200 leading cancer hospitals in the US. The system is also used in progressive hospitals throughout Europe.

A leading provider of devices and systems for the preparation, handling, packaging, and administration of liquid medications, Baxa Corporation manufactures and markets a wide range of healthcare products for use in hospitals, critical care units and alternate-site pharmacies. Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, Baxa has subsidiaries and sales offices in Canada, the United Kingdom; Denmark, and Germany; and distribution partners worldwide. Further information is available at

The PhaSeal System is manufactured in Sweden by Carmel Pharma ab of Göteborg, Sweden. Introduced in Europe in 1994, the PhaSeal System is now used in most Swedish hospitals, with its benefits documented by a significant body of scientific research on the health risks associated with the preparation and administration of cytotoxic drugs. The PhaSeal System is protected by a comprehensive patent portfolio in the U.S., European Union and Japan. For more information on Carmel Pharma, please visit

Marian Robinson, Vice President, Marketing
Baxa Corporation: 800.567.2292 ext. 2157 or 303.617.2157

Maggie Chamberlin Holben, APR, Absolutely Public Relations
303.984.9801, 303.669.3558

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January 21, 2022

Products and Applications Proliferate in the Growing Market for Surgical Sealants, Glues and Wound Closure

Clinical experience with sealants, hemostatic agents, glues and a variety of novel wound closure technologies is coinciding with increased caseload in many different specialties including orthopedic, cardiovascular, dermal, surgical, neurology, and others. These multiple opportunities are driving an $11 billion market by 2014

(PRWEB) January 21, 2022 -- The market potential for products in the surgical securement field is driven by a combination of new technologies coming to market and expanding application caseloads. The potential for these products will grow steadily over the coming decade as surgical practices improve and the benefits of new products address the requirement for fast and effective closure.

MedMarket Diligence forecasts that approximately 70 million procedures around the world might benefit from sealants, glues, and other wound closure products in this group. Select products and applications will grow at rates near 20% annually.

In the next few years, we will see strong penetration of new therapies into new procedure areas, and some new introductory techniques for treatment of orthopedic, cardiovascular and neurological procedures, particularly in the second half of this decade, when several new products and procedures will appear in all of these categories.

A number of market leaders have consolidated their positions within the surgical closure and securement markets through successful internal development programs and through technology partnerships with innovative vendors of next generation technologies. For example, U.S. Surgical and Ethicon are major suppliers of cyanoacrylate products in the USA; with dominant sales resource to sell these products these companies lead the market, although they will face competition from the Canadian company Glustitch, the UK-based MedLogic and others. Synovis has targeted cardiovascular and other procedures, and has a range of closure products and has recently partnered with GEM to develop and exploit GEM’s internal high strength glue product (Glubran) in the USA.

The market remains replete with competitors, including Focal (Genzyme Biosurgery), Angiotech BioMaterials (Cohesion Technologies), Fusion Medical, Confluent Surgical, CryoLife, Medchem (C.R. Bard), Tissuemed, Surgical Sealants, Ethicon/Closure Medical, U.S. Surgical (Tyco Group), Haemacure, MedLogic Global (Advanced Medical Solutions), GEM srl, Chemence, Glustitch, Berlin Heart, and many others.

The "Worldwide Surgical Sealants, Glues and Wound Closure Market, 2004-2014" report, published January 2005, covers sealants, glues, tapes, sutures, staples, hemostats, fibrin sealants/glues, and medical adhesives. The report details the clinical and technology developments underlying growth and opportunity in the market, detailing products on the market and under development, with detail on market size and forecast, competitor market shares, competitor profiles and market opportunity. Details of the report, including table of contents and list of exhibits, are available at

MedMarket Diligence provides tactical decision-making solutions on medical technology to the medical products and investment industries. The company publishes the “MedMarkets” newsletter, a monthly analysis of the market implications of new medical technology and dedicated reports on technology markets. For more information on MedMarket Diligence, LLC, contact Patrick Driscoll at (949) 859-3401, email ( or visit

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January 20, 2022 Launches New Website for Revitacil, a New Formula for Wrinkle Reduction and Stretch Mark Repair to Offer Revitacil, a Blemish Cream that Offers Effective Treatment for Wrinkle Reduction and Stretch Mark Repair

Loganville, GA (PRWEB) January 20, 2022 -- announced the launch of their new website, a website that distributes’s new formula for stretch mark removal, wrinkle reduction, and blemish cream. Revitacil also helps improve the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles and scars. Revitacil has assisted expecting mothers, weight lifters, and people with wrinkle reduction, stretch mark repair and scar removal.

Stretch marks occur because an area in the skin becomes deficient in collagen and elastin. Revitacil works to restore collagen and elastin to normal levels using two different kinds of ingredients - collagen fractions and herbal extract.

Collagen fractions are designed to increase the skin's thickness, which makes it easier for the skin to be nourished properly. As a result, it will look younger and healthier. The skin naturally gets thinner as aging occurs, and collagen fractions can help combat this problem.

Revitacil stimulates collagen production, and also improves elasticity, normalize scars and wrinkles, and reduce inflammation. Revitacil’s effectiveness stems from the use of four key herbal substances. Emblica is a powerful antioxidant extract which has been shown to increase skin hydration and skin lipids. Siegesbeckia Orientalis Extract has been in use for thousands of years as a skin inflammation soothing agent as well as a wound healing balm. Biopeptide-CL is a synthetic protein which makes collagen more lipophillic and more compatible with the human skin. Palmitoyl Tetrapepdtide-3 is a synthetic peptide that has been shown to make a substantial difference in the appearance of stretch marks. In one study, 93% of the subjects who participated showed a marked improvement in the length and depth of stretch marks and wrinkles.

No topical cream can completely eliminate all skin damage but the ingredients in Revitacil work together to support the health of the skin, wrinkle reduction and stretch mark repair.

About provides its customers with quality health supplements at reasonable prices and offers them exceptional, personal customer service. is built on the principle that if it provides its customers with honest information, they will trust with their health. Vitabase’s brand supplements are made exclusively for the company and are scientifically backed products also offers other popular health supplements ranging from vitamins and herbs to skin care enhancers.

Revitacil is available at

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World's First Contoured Electric Heating Pad Solves Problems Caused By Old Flat Pads

No longer a need to use duct tape to secure the old flat heating pad to your shoulder, elbow or knee. New, curved heating pad is a hit.

(PRWEB) January 20, 2022 -- Jan Halderman of Memphis had not slept well in years. The pain from the bursitis in both her knees had kept her awake. That is, until she discovered a new product, the first 'non-flat' electric heating pad, made especially for the shoulders, elbows and knees – which is called JointHeat.

The inventor, Daniel Lewis of Jacksonville, FL, said his father had been suffering with an arthritic shoulder for several weeks. He had watched him use duct tape in attempts to 'fix' the flat heating pads to the round shape of his shoulder.

He did a bit of research and found that heat was indeed a major factor in the healing process of most all body ailments – especially joint pain. Heat causes the blood vessels to expand, which allows more blood to the affected area, which delivers greater numbers of white corpuscles and other healing elements. The medical term for that describes this process is 'vasodilation'.

He learned it was necessary to apply constant, steady heat to the ‘entire’ joint – whether it was the shoulder, the elbow or the knee – for extended period of times in order to receive the benefits of the heat. However, it was obvious to him that it is not possible to get a flat electric pad to envelop one of these curved joints. Therefore, they allow much of the heat to escape.

Lewis claims JointHeat ‘silhouettes’ these three joints and traps as much as 90% of the heat, which allow the user to use the device on the low heat setting for a longer period of time.

Dr. Mary Soha, a pediatrician who practices pediatric sports medicine in Jacksonville agrees, she said “You can conform it to many joints – shoulder, knee, elbow – and get a more even heat dispersal for the area.”

Soha’s patient have been using the device for six months and find it more comfortable than standard heating pads.

The first ‘in-store’ market test at a Walgreens store in Memphis was a phenomenal success. The entire inventory was sold out within an hour. They then sold out the restocked shelves within 30 minutes. Disappointed buyers filled up three pages with their names and phone numbers, asking to be contacted as soon as a new shipment was delivered.

Because of its instant popularity, a web site was established so that anyone can simply click on to order this innovative new product, the “World’s First Contoured Electric Heating Pad”. According to Lewis, an additional benefit is that in buying directly from the manufacturer, you can purchase JointHeat for $29.99, a savings of 40% off the suggested retail price of $49.99. - William Parrish, GMI Publishing.

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Kawasumi America Recieves Medical Device License from Health Canada to Market Medical Disposables

Kawasumi Laboratories America, Inc. announced today the receipt of Class II medical device licenses from Health Canada, enabling the company to commercially sell and distribute their Kawasumi branded oncology, hematology and hemodialysis products in the Canadian marketplace.

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) January 20, 2022 -- Kawasumi Laboratories America, Inc. has announced the receipt of Class II medical device licenses from Health Canada, enabling the company to commercially sell and distribute their Kawasumi branded oncology, hematology and hemodialysis products in the Canadian marketplace.

"Kawasumi is pleased to receive this medical device licensure from Health Canada as it supports our strategic direction for expanding our sales and market coverage. This demonstrates that we are truly growing our global company," said Ron Lamb, president of Kawasumi Laboratories America.

Scott Horowitz, marketing manager for Kawasumi added, "we’re excited to offer the Canadian market the same safety products we currently offer in the U.S., which include non-DEHP gravity I.V. sets and our newest K-Shield™ needle safety technology. Just as in the U.S. market, patient safety has become a such a growing concern that Canadian health care facilities and clinicians are now looking for safer IV sets and needle stick prevention alternatives."

Kawasumi’s products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485:1996 and the company’s quality systems have been certified by TUV America. Kawasumi’s Class II medical device licenses will cover a portfolio of products including the following:

Non-DEHP Gravity I.V. Administration Sets (License #66630)
Non-DEHP sets are for both fluid administration of chemotherapy and routine infusion applications. Key pharmaceutical applications include Taxol, Taxotere, Remicade and Erbitux. Gravity IV sets are available in both needleless access and standard injection sites as well as filtered (.22 micron) and non filtered sets.

Port Access Infusion Sets (License #66633)
Port access infusion sets are used for accessing patients that have surgically implanted subcutaneous ports. Port access infusion sets have a non-DEHP fluid path and the needle hub and wing design offers secure and accurate needle placement. As an added measure of safety, a K-Shield needle safety accessory device is available.

K-Shield Winged Blood Collection Sets and Small Vein Infusion Sets (License #66631 & #66634)
Blood collection sets ("butterflies") with multiple sample luer adapter and small vein infusion sets are available in both K-Shield safety and non-safety versions. K-Shield provides a safe collection environment for both clinician and patient. The fast and easy to use integrated K-Shield safety device reduces accidental needle sticks. Equally important, the needle point is immediately covered upon removal from venipuncture site, ensuring a clinician’s confidence in safety.

Blood Drawing Kits and Phlebotomy Sets (License #66629 & #66635)
Since Kawasumi’s 600 mL blood drawing kits do not contain unnecessary anticoagulant solution, it makes an economical choice for therapeutic phlebotomy applications. Additional features include a pre-attached 16G venipuncture needle with backeye to optimize blood flow, sample port, and pinch clamp for easy prevention of backflow. Kawasumi also has available two types of low-cost phlebotomy sets with pre-attached needles for accessing all vacuum bottles.

Arterial Venous Fistula Sets (License #66632)
For hemodialysis applications, Kawasumi will be offering a complete line of ultra thin walled and silicon coated arterial venous fistula needles which reduces patient discomfort and minimizes tissue damage at the puncture site. Additional attributes consist of textured finger grips that improve grip during placement and pliable, extremely elastic tubing that resists kinking when bent. The fistula sets come in a variety of needle gauges and lengths as well as with either fixed wing without backeye, fixed wing with backeye or rotatable hub with backeye.

Kawasumi is actively seeking top distributors located in Canada to carry some or all of the Kawasumi brand product line.

For more information on Kawasumi America’s complete line of oncology, hematology and hemodialysis products, or how to become a distributor, call 1-800-KAWASUMI (529-2786) or visit Kawasumi

Founded in 1954, Kawasumi Laboratories, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the company is listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Kawasumi Laboratories America, Inc., based in Tampa, Fla. since 1991, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kawasumi Laboratories, Inc.

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January 19, 2022

Tooth Whitening Product Innovations: Texas Dental Firm Offers Novel Tooth Whitening Product Line

Ultra-White Products, Inc., a tooth whitening product manufacturer in Texas, now offers an attractive alternative to marginally effective over-the-counter tooth whitening product lines and costly dental treatments. The company’s novel tooth whitening product affords users the ability to obtain custom application trays and whitening gels at a fraction of the cost normally associated with professional cosmetic dentistry and are far more effective than over-the-counter solutions. The company has a worldwide following with over 30,000 clients and is owned an managed by a practicing dentist.

Plano, TX (PRWEB) January 19, 2022 - Consumers frustrated by marginal results and the discomfort caused by the one-size-its-all tooth whitening gel application trays provided with over-the-counter tooth whitening products, may want to consider taking advantage of a unique tooth whitening product line offered by, a Plano, Texas dental lab. The company currently has over 30,000 satisfied clients.

“Traditionally, consumers have had but two choices when it comes to brightening their smiles,” says Tim Huckabee, the company’s founder and a practicing cosmetic dentist. “They could see a cosmetic dentist like myself who charges upwards of $500 to make a custom application tray and then pay an addition $200 or $300 for on-going treatment, or they could take advantage of any number of over-the-counter solutions, the vast majority of which produce marginal results.”, his company’s internet portal, offers consumers an affordable and effective alternative. “When a consumer orders our tooth whitening system, they receive all the materials they need to make the same molds we fabricate in our lab on behalf of our local clients. Once made, molds are returned to our dental lab where a custom application is made right next to the one’s we are charging our client’s $500 to make and at considerably less cost,” Huckabee says.

A tooth tray is necessary to hold the whitening gel against the user’s teeth. According to Huckabee, custom fit trays are not only decidedly more comfortable, they are far more efficient. “One-size-fits-all applications are not only uncomfortable, they are pretty much hit and miss,” he says. “A custom made tray can be worn without discomfort and for an extended period of time. In addition, custom trays are more efficient because less gel is needed and they whiten teeth much faster.”

The company’s offering is not limited to custom trays. It offers a tooth whitening gel that is probably the biggest reason the company continues to prosper. “Ultra-White 16% and 22% gel solutions use carbamide peroxide as the whitening agent. When used, the carbamide peroxide breaks down to hydrogen peroxide which is what ultimately whitens the teeth,” he says.

The company offers two solutions. “Individuals with sensitive teeth prefer our 16% gel. While whitening more gradually, it causes less tooth sensitivity. The 22% gel whitens quickly but can cause a temporary sensitivity to extremes in temperature. Used on a daily basis, the 16% gel has to be applied for two weeks to achieve maximum whiteness,” Huckabee says. Normally, the 22% gels normally takes about 10 days.”

The company which has been offering its tooth whitening product on-line for five years, has an enviable reputation in the industry and was recently awarded Yahoo’s Five Star rating for customer satisfaction. The reason is simple enough. The company stands behind its products. “If during or after using our products a client isn’t satisfied with her or his results, he/she can return the kit and get an instant refund,” Huckabee says.

Since the company went on-line in 1999, less than 2% of the company’s customers have requested a refund. Huckabee is very proud of that. “Not only are our clients satisfied with our tooth whitening product line, they routinely recommend our products and services to others and that’s a source of great personal satisfaction,” he says.

Ultra-White Products, Inc. is located in Plano, Texas. Dr. Huckabee can be reached via the company’s web site, by phone at (800)460-3081 or via the email hyperlink located in the right hand column.

Ron Scott
Fast Track SEOP
Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 784-2274

Global Distribution: Tooth Whitening Product and Tooth Whitening Gel

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Soothing Pain Relief Product - Nasa's Spinoff Magazine Features Unique Heating Pad Invention

An amazing invention, the ThermiPaq(TM), a heating and cooling pad that utilizes a clay based, thermal ceramic compound to provide reusable and soothing pain relief, has been featured in NASA's most recent "Spinoff 2004" magazine which details the steps taken to discover this remarkable heating/cooling pad and the influence NASA provided in the discovery.

Springfield, IL (PRWEB) January 19, 2022 -- While employed at NASA as a systems engineer, Tom Hughes gained valuable knowledge and expertise in microwave technology as well as packaging materials. This experience led to the development of Hughes' amazing invention, ThermiPaq(TM), a heating and cooling pad that utilizes a clay based, thermal ceramic compound to provide reusable and soothing pain relief.

Hughes patented the material as Thermal Ceramix(TM) and teamed up with four partners to form Thermionics Corporation, now based in Springfield, IL.

In NASA's most recent "Spinoff 2004" magazine, Hughes, Thermionics Corporation, and ThermiPaq(TM) are featured, detailing the steps taken to discover this remarkable heating/cooling pad and the influence NASA provided in the discovery.

The article details the superior qualities and characteristics of the ThermiPaq(TM) products which set them apart from their competitors. Radiant energy, produced by the ceramic materials produces a deep, penetrating relief from pain and discomfort.

ThermiPaq(TM) has been proven highly effective in the relief of pain caused by arthritis, sports injuries, sinus/stress headaches, joint stiffness, and chronic back pain.

The technology utilized to create the clay based materials unique to ThermiPaq(TM) products produces superior, high quality

- Environmentally safe
- Re-usable
- Heat/cold lasts longer than gel/liquid-based products
- Temperature levels can be adjusted according to the
patient's needs
- Cools in the freezer and heats in the microwave
- Maintains its flexibility at freezer temperatures
- Even product distribution - no "saddlebagging"
- Even temperature distribution - no "hot spots"

To read the NASA Spinoff 2004 magazine article or to learn more about ThermiPaq(TM) and other Thermal Ceramix products, please visit the followng web address:

For an interview or more information, contact Gregg Harwood at 3501 S. 6th St., Springfield, IL 62703, or by phone at 217-529-4280

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January 18, 2022

New Generation Thermometer Increases Comfort and Accuracy

Auto Control Medical, a Canadian distributor of home health care products, introduces the latest innovation in thermometry, the MyHealth™ dual-mode TempleTemp® Thermometer.

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) January 18, 2022 -- The MyHealth™ TempleTemp® Thermometer, a truly "touchless" thermometer is finally available to Canadians! This unique dual-mode thermometer utilizes infrared and ambient temperature compensation technology to scan for accurate and fast temperature of the temple, liquids, objects, ambient air etc.

The MyHealth™ TempleTemp can be used on people of all ages and is faster, safer and easier to use than ear thermometers and traditional digital and glass-mercury themometers. For more accurate readings, while gently scanning the temple, the thermometer must be kept at a distance of no more than 0.5 cm without touching the skin. When taking the temperature of liquids, objects or ambient air, the thermometer can scan once for one temperature
reading or continuously for continuous readings. Results are displayed on its large LCD screen.

Temperatures can be measured in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. TempleTemp offers the ability to store up to 25 temperature readings in its memory and is truly non-invasive. Measurements can even be taken while the young child is sleeping, to test the temperature of its bath water, its bottle or its food. Older people with little or no feeling in their extremities can also benefit from TempleTemp by measuring their coffee or tea, food and bath or shower water to avoid getting burnt.

The MyHealth Dual-Mode TempleTemp provides:

- Readings in Celcius and Fahrenheit
- Fast, accurate readings in seconds
- Fever alarm warning
- Storage of up to 25 readings in memory (temple readings only)
- Automatic power off
- 3V lithium battery and wrist strap included
- One-year warranty

Due to its unique shape and size, the TempleTemp allows for easy portability and can fit into just about any purse or bag.

The MyHealth Dual-Mode Infrared TempleTemp Thermometer is distributed in Canada by Auto Control Medical, a leading Canadian distributor of home health care products. The TempleTemp is the latest addition to Auto Control Medical's product line. More information about the MyHealth TempleTemp is available at

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December 29, 2021

MD&M; West 2005

December 29, 2021

FlexLink to exhibit at MD&M; West 2005, Anaheim, CA, USA.

MD&M; West is the world’s largest trade show for medical manufacturing, featuring 1500 exhibiting companies. Over the three-day, full-facility show, the world’s leading suppliers to the $94 billion medical device market will connect with 14,000 medical OEM decision makers from the nation’s most successful industry sector.

The show will take place January 10-12, 2005, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. MD&M; West takes place every year in Anaheim.

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